Single-screen foldable Surface Neo idea proves popular among Windows Central readers

Surface Neo in laptop mode
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What you need to know

  • It's been over 1,000 days since Microsoft initially unveiled the Surface Neo, and the device is unlikely to be released in the form that was first shown off.
  • Microsoft could potentially release a Surface Neo featuring a foldable single screen, though that's merely speculation.
  • Almost 72% of Windows Central readers want Microsoft to bring the Surface Neo back as a single-screen foldable, according to our recent poll.

Microsoft could follow this trend by releasing a Surface Neo with a single display that folds. Based on our most recent poll, that device would be popular among our readers. Just a hair under 72% of participants want to see Microsoft bring back the Neo with a folding display.

Before we dive further into the results, make sure to check out our forum thread on the topic on our official Discord.

Last week marked 1,000 days since Microsoft first unveiled the Surface Neo. The company never released the device or the Windows 10X operating system that it was meant to run. While the official word from Microsoft is that the Surface Neo is postponed, our senior editor Zac Bowden reports that the device will never be released, at least in the form it was shown off a few years ago.

"Microsoft's official word on the status of Surface Neo is that the product has been postponed, but my sources tell me that the Surface Neo that was announced is dead and will never ship," said Bowden. "That vision, with an Intel Lakefield chip and two 9-inch displays in that exact chassis is dead, which honestly shouldn't come as much of a surprise at this point."

While Microsoft will likely not release the Surface Neo as shown off previously, it could evolve its design to fit with modern trends in computing. Foldable screens have become much more common since the Neo was announced. In addition to folding phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, some PCs feature folding screens, such as the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold.

While the voters leaned toward a single-screen foldable Neo, those that reached out on Twitter felt differently.

"No. I like it as it's original concept. The dual screen concept will always be better than a single folding screen," said Raxcental. "I don't care if they have to make adjustments or change the processor or whatever. They just need to release a Surface Pro with dual screens"

BenSM shared similar thoughts. "Regarding the question to create a Surface Neo with a single folding screen, no.  I DESPERATELY wanted the concept as presented with separate displays. I work in theatre and the ability to turn a script binder into a two-screen tablet is all I've ever wanted."

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