Microsoft's new Surface Laptop 7 FINALLY has a refreshed design, haptic touchpad, and the brand-new Snapdragon X chip

The new Arm-based Microsoft Surface
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has finally unveiled its latest generation Surface Laptop, built from the ground up with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon X chips and shipping as one of the first Copilot+ PCs on the market. It's the first Surface Laptop to feature an updated design, with thinner display bezels, a haptic touchpad, and other quality-of-life improvements.

You can preorder Surface Laptop 7th Edition starting today with a release date of June 18, 2024.

Surface Laptop 7 specs

Display: 13.8-inch / 15-inch IPS
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon X Plus / Elite
RAM: 16GB, 32GB
Storage: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB SSD
Network: Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.4
Colors: Platinum, Blue, Black, Dune
Availability: Preorder today/June 18th
Cost: From $999

The new Copilot+ PCs initiative is the next stage of the "AI PC" that Microsoft has been pushing for a number of months. Copilot+ PCs are capable of several next-gen AI experiences that are exclusive to these PCs, including a new Windows Recall feature that can remember everything you see and do on your PC, real-time language translations, and advanced Windows Studio Effects. You can learn more about these new AI experiences in our in-depth write-up. 

The new Surface Laptop is the first in its line to ship with Arm chips on the inside. Specifically, it's available with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon X Plus and X Elite system on a chip, which deliver incredible performance and true all day battery life. In fact, this laptop is more powerful than the Surface Laptop 6 for business, which ships with Intel's latest Core Ultra processors.

The new Surface Laptop is super thin.  (Image credit: Microsoft)

We're also finally getting a refreshed design, something the Surface Laptop has been in dire need of for about three generations now. This new generation has thinner bezels with rounded display corners, as well as an updated keyboard deck with a larger haptic touchpad, with haptics provided by Sensel. The laptop also has a revised selection of ports that includes one USB-A, two USB-C, an audio jack, and Surface Connect.

The Surface Laptop is available in four colors. (Image credit: Microsoft)

The device is still available in two sizes, those being 13- and 15-inch screen sizes. However, the 13-inch model has a slightly larger display compared to the Surface Laptop 5, going from a 13.5-inch panel to 13.8-inches, made possible thanks to that thinning of the bezels. The 15-inch model remains at 15-inches.

I think I'm in love. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft says the new Surface Laptop will be available for pre-order today, and is expected to start shipping sometime next month. The device will ship with Windows 11 version 24H2 preloaded, and many of the new AI features, such as Recall will be ready to use on day one, pretty impressive!

The new laptop begins shipping on June 18th, 2024, with a starting price of $999.

Surface Laptop (7th Edition) | From $999 at Microsoft

Surface Laptop (7th Edition) | From $999 at Microsoft

The 7th Edition of the Surface Laptop is designed to manage challenging tasks with strong performance efficiently, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon X processor. It brings innovative AI features that boost your device's smartness, speed, and inventiveness, in addition to providing the longest battery life among all Surface models. Windows 11 Copilot+ PCs are meticulously created to deliver cutting-edge AI experiences that enhance your daily effectiveness and productivity.

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  • Terry Blanc
    The lack of Thunderbolt support is disappointing. Even if all the new marketing claims are true. For those who’ve built up a collection of Thunderbolt 3/4 accessories, it doesn’t seem like those peripherals will be supported by this Windows on ARM wave.

    I’m aware Thunderbolt is primarily an Intel technology. The point is don’t take away all the ports and sell consumers on Thunderbolt then transition away without supporting said technology. I’m sure if there’s enough push back they’ll find a way to support it or watch as Apple creates another way to lock in its professional consumers.
  • newVariable
    Does anyone know which Snapdragon X Elite chip in the Surface Laptop?

    Snapdragon X Elite X1E-84-100
    Snapdragon X Elite X1E-80-100
    Snapdragon X Elite X1E-78-100
  • The Werewolf
    Can we PLEASE stop overusing the word "finally"?
  • Cmndr_Bytes
    The Werewolf said:
    Can we PLEASE stop overusing the word "finally"?
    Finally someone says it....