Say goodbye to some of Microsoft's best keyboards, mice, and accessories

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard (2019)
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft will discontinue its Microsoft-branded keyboards, mice, and webcams.
  • The company is shifting entirely to its Surface brand when it comes to accessories.
  • Surface accessories earn positive reviews, but they are generally more expensive than their Microsoft-branded counterparts.

Microsoft will stop making keyboards, mice, and webcams that are Microsoft-branded. Instead, the company will shift its accessory efforts to its Surface brand. The news comes from The Verge, who spoke with Microsoft about the company's plans.

Microsoft-branded accessories date back decades, so it's quite a move to see Microsoft shift away from them. That being said, the tech giant is not leaving the accessory market.

Microsoft will continue to make accessories; they will just be under the Surface brand rather than Microsoft-branded. The Surface family of accessories includes several great keyboards and mice, but they are generally more expensive than their Microsoft-branded counterparts. It's unclear if Microsoft will introduce more budget-friendly options under the Surface brand or shift entirely to more premium accessories.

“Going forward, we are focusing on our Windows PC accessories portfolio under the Surface brand,” said Senior Communications Manager at Microsoft Dan Laycock to The Verge. 

“We will continue to offer a range of Surface branded PC Accessories — including mice, keyboards, pens, docks, adaptive accessories, and more. Existing Microsoft branded PC accessories like mice, keyboards, and webcams will continue to be sold in existing markets at existing sell-in prices while supplies last.”

Notably, Microsoft does not make a Surface-branded webcam aimed at general consumers. The Microsoft Modern Webcam is available, but at $55 it may not line up with the Surface lineup's premium devices. That being said, Microsoft has extended its Surface family to include more budget-friendly hardware, such as the Surface Laptop SE.

Microsoft's Surface revenue, which includes the company's accessories, dropped dramatically in FY23 Q3. There's a chance that the shift in accessories is being made in an effort to bolster Microsoft's Surface revenue or to streamline its device portfolio to focus on hardware with higher margins.

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