HDHomeRun Connect DUO+ adds a hard drive for an all-in-one cord-cutting solution

The HDHomeRun Connect is a great product for folks wanting some freedom from cable subscriptions while keeping their entire household entertained with TV. At CES 2018 the latest product in the lineup has been announced, the Connect DUO+. And the big story here is that it comes with a built-in DVR.

The continued growth of cord cutting and shaving has created a need for TV delivery solutions that give the viewer maximum flexibility and cost savings. That is exactly what SiliconDust has produced in the HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO+. This new generation product builds on a successful previous generation and has a sleek new form factor as well as the ease of in-built storage.

At the heart, the Connect DUO+ is the same as the regular Connect DUO, with two tuners allowing two streams on your network at once. That means you can watch two different channels on two different devices or you can watch one channel while recording another. The DUO+ adds 256GB of storage to the mix which is good for up to 60 hours of HD recordings.

To use HDHomeRun DVR you'll still require a subscription (everyone needs a subscription to use the service), but the DUO+ is pre-loaded with the HDHomeRun engine already so all you need to do is hook up your account and you're good to go. And because it's a HDHomeRun, you can use the DUO+ in conjunction with any other HDHomeRun product to get access to more tuners, and more channels at the same time.

One of the things we like the most about the HDHomeRun is its versatility, with support for just about every platform you could want. Android, iOS, Windows 10, Xbox, Kodi, Plex are all great ways to use this hardware, and other services like Plex DVR can be used with the DUO+ storage, too. It's also going to be a pretty simple way to add a DVR to your Xbox One.

The Connect DUO+ is scheduled to go on sale in mid-2018, pricing has yet to be confirmed.

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