Hear how good the Nokia Lumia 1520 sounds with this music video shot entirely by it

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is coming. It’s the next flagship Windows Phone device that you’ll be able to use. Like the Lumia 1020 before, it has an incredible camera that you’ll soon be using. How incredible? Watch this music video filmed on the Lumia 1520 and you’ll not only see how incredible the image quality is, but you’ll also be pretty impressed with the audio recording capabilities.

The song is “Bottle of Wine” from artist Niila. It’s pretty catchy, but we’re here for that camera and the technology behind it.

The image quality is certainly impressive. The 20MP PureView sensor on the device is putting those photons to work. The Lumia 1520 can capture full HD (1920 x 1080) video at 30fps.

But it’s the Nokia Rich Recording that uses 4 microphones to capture audio that has us most impressed with the music video. Put on some good headphones to really appreciate what Nokia has done with the Lumia 1520.

Bonus. Watch a behind-the-scenes video to see how the music video was shot with the Lumia 1520.

What do you think of the video recording powers? Sound off below. 

Sam Sabri