Here are the latest Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 leaked images

Samsung Galaxy Book S Review Keyboard Keys
Samsung Galaxy Book S Review Keyboard Keys (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung Galaxy Book Pro leaks keep cropping up.
  • The latest batch of leaks reveals what the laptops look like in their natural habitat.
  • The portable duo's official reveal is expected to happen as soon as tomorrow.

Some devices manage to stay secret until their launch or whenever their manufacturer wants to administer marketing materials. The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 are not those devices.

Between launch roadmap leaks, hardware spec leaks, and now leaked images of the computers literally just lying around, there's no shortage of not-so-secret Galaxy Book Pro info circulating on the internet. Today's leak comes courtesy of 91mobiles, which spotted pictures of the Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 models via SafetyKorea certification.

Though the new leaked images don't confirm or deny the hardware spec leaks that cropped up a few weeks ago, they certainly offer a good look at the devices' designs and aesthetic options. The Galaxy Book Pro looks like it will indeed be sporting the silver color scheme that it was leaked as having, while the Pro 360 seems to be white. This color option wasn't part of previous leaks, which claimed the 360 would release in navy and gold color variants.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

Source: 91mobiles via SafetyKorea (Image credit: Source: 91mobiles via SafetyKorea)

Why the Pro 360 model in the picture is white is anyone's guess, but perhaps it's a sign that not all of the leaks have been accurate. That means it's too soon to make any informed claims about the internal hardware. However, one safe bet is the inclusion of Windows as the machines' operating system, hinted at via the visible Windows keys on the Pro and Pro 360 images.

All questions regarding the Pro and Pro 360 will hopefully be answered soon. According to Evan Blass over on Voice, there's a chance Samsung will announce the two laptops on April 14—otherwise known as tomorrow. So keep it posted to Windows Central for any developments on that front, and in the meantime, consider thinking about non-Samsung devices such as the best laptops for professionals. Or perhaps you'd want to learn about the new Surface Laptop 4?

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