Here's how much the Lumia 950 and 950XL will cost in the UK

Microsoft has finally, officially unveiled the brand new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL and pricing in Dollars is useful for some, but what about across the pond? We've got the first word on how much the new phones will cost in the UK, unlocked and off contract.

The Lumia 950, the cheaper of the two phones, is set to cost £499.99 and will be available in black or white. You'll be able to buy it from the Microsoft Store, with availability currently unknown.

The larger 950 XL will set you back £549.99 and will be available in black or white. Again, you'll be able to buy it from the Microsoft Store with general availability also unknown.

The Microsoft Store won't be the only place that you can buy and as we get a bigger picture on retailers and carriers we'll be back with more. It's also worth noting the UK Microsoft Store has had a habit of being more expensive that other sources with recent phones, so there's still a chance we'll be able to get one of these for less.

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  • I just really really want Dutch prices and a release date!!
  • This.. Waiting for those as well;-)
  • The 950 will be sold at 600€ in Germany (source).
    Chances are high of Belgium/Netherlands getting the same pricings. I'm from Belgium and I was hoping for 550€ or less...
  • whoa 150 USD more than US' variant?
  • That's because of VAT + the current rates I imagine. As if the prices are without VAT they would have priced themselves way out of the market. £499 + 20% = £598.80 | £549 + 20% = £658.80. Also don't forget the prices in the US are usually listed without any taxes added.
  • Yeah, not overly happy with that. Strange exchange rate they're using (again). Must be be talking to Apple. I shall wait until the inevitable price drop because they aren't going to sell shed loads at those price points.
  • £550 includes 20% VAT, take that out and your get £458 which roughly converts to $700.. As the US en EU devices are not the same (4G bands differ) I think the price is about what we could have expected,
  • Apart from Microsoft's German twitter has confirmed the phone 950 will be €600. Which is £440. German VAT is about the same as the UK (19 vs 20). So that just doesn't float.
  • This is more than I was expecting...  
  • I've seen it available for pre order for £450, will probably wait until I can get it for £400 though.
  • I would bite at £400 too...
  • Getting shafted by there weird exchange rate again! Thanks Microsoft
  • US prices exclude taxes. So we have added VAT included.
  • Nothing weird - Tax is taken into account as standard. Easier that way.
  • I was hoping for £499 for 950xl from Microsoft store uk, I'll wait and see what other retailers sell for.
  • White 950 looks cool but I still want the XL..
  • You only live once so get what you want :)
  • Seems more expensive but factoring in VAT it makes sense, £360 + 20% = £432 (then shipping costs etc). Mobilefun hve said they're selling the 950 for £450
  • £500 for the 950? lists it at £360!
  • Not anymore! £375+VAT plus a huge disclaimer saying prices and availability TBC
  • Clove lists ex VAT
  • Not bad price compared to up front prices for iPhones and top end Androids
  • +950
  • +1050
  • I thought we were beyond taking a figure in dollars then using an exchange rate to get a pounds figure. Are we not taking taxes into consideration? When are we going to get over the fact that the cost of living in the UK is higher than the US? I'm sure the price of of the L950XL is less or about the same as the L1520 when it was released. If that's the case then that's a good price for a phone which is specced a lot higher.
  • The cost of living has nothing to do with this. Besides the UK's cost of living is actually not very high once certain factors like rent and mortgages are factored out. We have hugely competative retail sector that regularly conduct price wars which keep retail prices pretty low. The UK is also one of the worlds most open economies. The cost of doing business here is one of the lowest anywhere, certainly lower than France however I'm certain they wont be charges these exorbitant prices. Let's settle the VAT Issue once and for all. US price before tax on 950 is $649. At current headline exchange rates (the rate my business and all businesses should use) that is £359 (give or take 1p) VAT @ 20% brings that total to £430.80. Using standard industry rounding that should sell at £429.99. So what's the extra £70? Shipping? Don't make me laugh! Having screwed HMRC for decades Microsoft has decided it can still screw the UK customer out of over $100, don't tell me to be happy about that. This has become a real issue for me of US companies shafting UK consumers. Adobe are by far and away the worst culprits but MIcrosoft and Apple are pretty bad to. I'll wait and see if any other OEMs produce somethng decent and fairly priced on Windows 10, otherwise I will probably jump ship to Android soon.
  • I love how people completely dismiss VAT!
  • To be fair, some countries list prices without any tax added.
  • Luke the U.S
  • 950 still works out £70 more in the UK ($110). I wont buy at that steep a markup.
  • When you consider what the competition sells for this is an excellent price. It's only as high as it is because of your exorbitant taxing anyway. Not MSs fault.
  • Yeah.. the 20% adds hell of a lot ontop. When it went down to 15% from 17.5, it was pretty much a given it would go higher than 17.5 when it was raised again.
  • Rubbish. MS has overcharged the 950. All the working out is my comment above. Germany has a VAT rate nearly identical to the UK's amd there it is selling for 600 euro, or £440. Do your research before opening your gob.
  • I got no problem with the higher amount of tax. The NHS is great.
  • Shipping costs etc.. Was happy with the VAT bit (allowing 20% extra). I assume the US price includes shipping fees too since its not made there.
  • So the 950XL is £100 more than the already overpriced (compared to US) Nexus 6P. The new Lumia is already dead in the water...
  • The prices are inclusive of 20% VAT.
  • They are still overpriced even with VAT taken into account. This should not be a surprise. MS have overcharged UK consumers for years while avoiding our taxes. Shafted both ends as it where.
  • Hopefully around the £30-£35 price range on contract for the 650XL
  • Hoping the same too. Not biting as quickly as I dead for my 920. That £42pm still burns me. That's what you get for being guinea pig for 4G. Hopefully rumoured accessories bundles are true
  • If anything that was EE and then you have the damn 20%.
  • Pls Guys Don't Ask When In India & How much in India..
    It hardly costs about..
    Lumia 950 : 32,500 to 33,000 ₹
    Lumia 950Xl : 39,000 to 40,000 ₹
  • I really really hope 950's price doesn't go beyond your expected price range.
  • Just do the calculation yourself
    Lumia 950 : $549 * 60 = 32,940 ₹
    Lumia 950Xl : $649 * 60 = 38,940 ₹
    It's just depends on Dollar rate in India..
    As it's Fluctuating every month you can expect at +/- 1000 to 1500 ₹
  • Instead on converting $ prices, try converting UK's prices to your ruppies. USA prices are always lower and witjout taxes.
  • MS has announced the price in US Dollars value ..
    Not in Euros or any other..
    And generally Indian currency value will directly depends ( compared ) on US Dollars only..
  • You just saw announced prices in UK pounds. You'll see, just like in almost every other part of the world, prices will be higher as they are always.
  • And as per the trend in India..
    70% or more customers Loves to Shop online ( Through Flipkart , Amazon , etc )
    And always Online Price will be less than MS Store Price..
    So we don't want to include additional tax value for this... :)
  • First of all, 1 USD= 65 INRs..then add taxes,duties and blah blah..I don't think we would get the 950 below 42000 and xl below 48000 initially.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ok guys wait till November Mid week & get know the value..
  • 1usd is 65 not 60 I think Lumia 950 might cost around 37-38000 in india
  • Read my 1st ( main comment )
    That's why I've given price range..
    Not the exact price..
  • In Malaysia also, usually price at Microsoft store is higher than the local store, but its ok, as I can come to the store to see, hands on, play a little bit, ask questions and then buy the phone at onegadget or directd ;).
  • £500 haha yeah ok.. Na £450 max or no sale.
  • Done!
  • Seems fair
    I need 2. One of each. But I'm not sure which one to get for me
  •'ll have both :|
  • When you are using one lend me the other
  • Enough about US and UK markets only! We want to know in more countries around the globe for prices and availability!
  • So much this. Android Central is also guilty of the same thing when talking about availability of the new Nexus phones.
  • Well I'm based in the UK and I get UK price info. We also know how many readers from the UK we have. We don't get a blanket press release with all global prices.
  • Richard, please stop talking sense as you're going to pop their bubbles :P.
  • They'll announce prices in other countries when they know the prices in other countries! At the moment they know US and UK, so they're reporting on that. Should they not write about any prices until they know them all???
  • Apple are in a unique position of being able to charge pretty much what they like and enjoy the fruits with massive margins. However much some of you guys will say its reasonable (which it may be) at that price point it is not competitive. It should be aiming at the new Nexus devices and LG G4 as reference points. To be fair it will be available lot cheaper very soon if previous history repeats itself.
  • But its specced much better Tha the phones you quote.
  • Can we get the dual sim versions here or we're looking at an import (hope not)?
  • Yes both models are dual Sim versions
  • I'm aware but I was asking specifically if we could get the dual sim versions in the UK without having to import / buy online from overseas. As you have customs levies to pay on top the price.
  • No idea. Unlikely though. We rarely get those options.
  • Aye - they do sometimes appear on clove or expansys, and amazon, but they're usually imports. Shame as they're useful!
  • @Poirots Progeny, yup they sure are and the dual sim is even more compelling as it has band 17 support whereas the single sim does not.
  • @Richard, hmm okay... Suppose one can hope as their listed under the generic EN page...
  • Dear God i'm scared about prices here in Italy! Sure is less than Iphone but who cares about iphone eheheh
  • The only fly in the ointment - the specs are very good but the materials aren't premium and I was hoping that they would change the landscape even further by making them great value and question why you would pay £550 for a 6 - oh well I guess they aren't aiming for the masses - let other OEM's do that with other handsets set to launch ....
  • Not pemium? You mean like my mates scratched up s6???? He is already jealous. He wants one of these.
  • You can buy a third party cover because the back is removable ;)
  • Wow. Amazing pricing. Cheaper than the galaxy s6. And way better specced. Bravo Ms. I'm getting one in march.
  • The 32GB Galaxy S6 is cheaper than the regular Lumia 950 and as good as the Lumia 950 is the Galaxy S6 is better specs except in the camera which everyone knows OS known for its stellar quality. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bloody hell!
  • Im Asian BTW.
  • This was less than expected.. Interesting. Wonder what the contract price will be.
  • The price is about where I was expecting it to be to be honest. The 1020/1520 were all in that region  unlocked on launch and sure there willl be lower prices/deals a month or two after availability. Sadly it looks like it will only be single SIM from Microsoft store, really these should all be dual SIM given a high focus on businesses (espially most corporates including mine have restrictive data plans and usage guidelines).  Can anyone seeing Dual SIM models orderable from the 3rd parties for UK let us know :-).          
  • Looking myself too.
  • Australian pricing on our MS store is $1100 for the 950 and $1200 for the 950XL. $550 USD currently converts to about $770 AUD. Even after tax, shipping etc it seems a bit cheeky.
  • That's crazy. Plus than iphone.
  • Put it like this. You can pay £340 from Ms store in The UK for a lumia 2520 and on handtec for £220. I know it's old but it's definitely worth shopping around. You never know though. We may get a bundle offer for that price
  • What about AUD prices? EDIT: Answered by beggbie.
  • Also if it is that price, we still have to buy a memory card on top of that! Making it more similar to iphone prices!
  • 950 $1099 XL $1199 in Aus... No band details yet though...
  • For those prices the os had better be polished tho perfection, and apps had better be rolling in - two things not discussed at the presentation - or else this could be bad. It's a shame because even the w windows central chief was underwhelmed. And with panos. On the team for mobile... Seems like these phones are just to be in the Christmas market - I think a proper flagship, a surface, will drop early in the new year... That'll get buyers annoyed. Hmmm. What to do?!
  • The 950 is the flagship. The surface phone will be a midrange-ish enterprise device.
  • You think? I would have thought it would be the showstopper - and if it has an Intel m or atom, that continuum feature will be epic! The surface e line has always been extreme premium, I imagine the same would be for the mobile segment..?
  • Off topic, anyone know why the Surface Pro 4 Core M is lighter than the i5/i7, is it fanless?
  • You should read this article:
  • Dan seemed worryingly unimpressed by the xl.
  • He sounds unenthusiastic about both, really - can't blame him as the leaks were spot on and this really is more of the same. Not a bad thing but seeing as the market hasn't been moved thus far; really it comes down to how good the os is, and whether or not apps come. Two things not discussed yesterday. Those devices shown are still to and not finished. I guess msft had to show them as everyone knows about them, but the way the devices were rushed... Not ready for primetime yet. Nov can't come soon enough! That xl had me major intrigued!
  • wow, that is over 120 british pounds over the recommend price announced by miccrosoft. that's like buyin a 950XL and a 550 almost in the united states! Or does that 120 pounds alos include the monitor hub?
  • Most likely grabbing it on contract will get some accessories. My 930 came with wireless charging portable battery pack and a Bluetooth speaker. If this came with just the display dock I'd be happy.
  • Yea so if we go the Surface 3 route or convert those prices in Euros, in Germany the 950 will be around 700 Euros....i really wanted the phone but i am not spending 700 Euros for it   Actually in Germany they are 600 Euros....Still a little expensive
  • I really don't like the fact that everything Microsoft releases in the UK is more expensive, however, my friend bought an iPhone not long ago for about £800, and what does it have over the XL? SnapChat? Screw that, I'll have a PC in my pocket and be "productive like a boss". Still undecided if I'll get the XL or wait until next year for the Surface Phone.
  • I honestly don't care if there are more apps on iOS and Android. The 950 XL is the perfect phone for me. A phone in my hands which act as a PC is just heaven. I'm getting the 950 XL. Even if people say don't, there are better phones out there, I'm not going to listen for 2 reasons. 1: Its a flagship phone! 2: It acts as a PC when you want it to!
  • £449.99 for the 950 and £549.99 for the 950 XL? Those damn exchange rates! Drop the VAT and the price will be perfect!
  • Any news on the supposed bundle?
  • Still too expensive I can wait for an offers or bundles
  • Bit of a piss take. At current exchange rate, plus 20% vat, the xl should be about £520.
  • I agree. That is what the price should be.
  • I was sadly expecting the 'Australia tax'. Didn't you know it costs $200 to ship each device? ;)
  • Long way from Redmond ;-)
  • Down under 950 xl
    Coming soon
    AU$1,199.00 incl. GST
    Colour: Black 950 Coming soon AU$1,099.00 incl. GST Colour: Black Source: Its happening and they are coming soon...
  • They went a bit pricey with the 930 and 830 which were better built devices and now both discontinued
  • The 950XL if priced at £550 without any accessories bundled is more expensive than the iPhone 6 plus and Samsung S6 Edge on Unless I get some fantastic accessories I don't think I can justify that spend.
  • As a Windows fanboy, I know I am going to buy this phone, but they sure are making it a hard choice. That price is way too much, (I know we have huge taxes here, but not that high!). An iPhone 6S is only £539 here in the UK and that has almost the same spec, a fully populated app store, huge compatability, bonuses like Apple Pay. Windows Phone is still lacking in all those things, isn't as nice to look at, and as I already have a laptop and desktop, continuum doesn't really make up for any of that.
  • Well how much is the 6S Plus 32gb?
    That should really answer it.
    From looking at the specs it does look like the secure element for tap+pay is on the phone now; as opposed to needing a secure sim (however time will tell if that is true or not).
  • I mean, Apple stuff is expensive for the sake of mark-up and huge profit, so I'd expect to pay a premium. I don't think Windows should be chasing that margin when these new phones don't look super premium and WP only has 2-3% market share, the majority of which is low end hardware. I have a 925 still, that was supposedly ready for tap+pay, but no one ever supported it, considering most banks / shops aren'y yet really supporting Android Pay (in the UK at least), I don't think we will be seeing it actually usable on WP for a long time.
  • It's specs are nowhere near any of these Lumias, you're right about the app store, but that plays little part in the pricing of hardware, don't trust these prices, there'll be deals aplenty come release date, same as almost every phone that's ever been released.
  • I agree that the app store has no influence on hardware costs, but it is the appeal factor. Having only a few major first party apps (and those that are offered lagging behind their iOS / Android equivalents) would be hugely offset by a low entry price point. That would encourage higher sales, encouraging app development. I agree the specs are amazing, but it is a little like buying an engine without the rest of the car.
  • Sorry but I disagree I've been waiting for this kind of tech from a smartphone since they came out. I rock up to an office plug my phone into the dock and I have a pc, boom and your iPhone / android phone is where?
    Im Loving the idea of this.
  • I remember when the 930 was released and was priced at £459 or something in most places, but EE were selling them with the bundle (speaker, charger and voucher) for £350, so basically, don't buy or even take notice of Microsoft's prices
  • But you need to factor in the unlock price EE will charge you + plus the wait time for the code to arrive.
  • £20 for the unlock code. Happened with my 920. I just said "Sod it!" and went T Mo.
  • I hope to get the 950 CL bundled with the MS Band with 50$ discount. That would be awrsome. If that didnt happen, i will still get the 950 XL
  • The £549.99 includes VAT, which you can claim back if you're a business. I'm preordering mine as soon as... No jibba jabba, lol
  • Really tempted especially seeing continuum it's a high-end flagship phone so I'd expect that kind of price but... It does a shedload more than any other high-end flagship phone.
  • I honestly don't approve of this price. Take off the VAT and then the price will be worth what you are getting with the phone.
  • I'll be buying the XL, but waiting for a cashback site to post a decent rate to soften the blow of £550!
  • I've been waiting for the prices to be revealed as I was planning on a Christmas present to myself, but honestly I think they're on the high side. I'm in my fifth Lumia and was wanting to buy more, but I'd be hard pressed not to look at other options. I've always loved Lumia phones for fair pricing.....
  • I don't know if I will at that price. My 930 was £350 brand new.
  • The phones arent over priced for what you get but MS needed to be more aggressive with the pricing to tempt people on board the platform. The 950 should have been aiming for the £300 to £350 mark to compete with the likes of the G4 and new Nexus X etc.. Unfortunately I dont think they'll sell that well at those prices, Android and iOS are too well established and people arent going to pay more to try out a new platform.
  • Maybe MS is actually being as aggressive as possible - these are quite high end phones and they do still need to make a profit on each device, perhaps this is almost as low as they want to go.
  • I have read reviews and seen the launch of your 2 new phones, the 950 and 950XL, and they look really exciting - To the point where I was potentially willing to take the plunge again and order a new windows phone when it comes here to the UK (After putting my trust in Microsoft and buying the 920 about 3 years ago and being sorely disappointed after the promise of the app-gap falling away and regular system updates to quickly bridge the gap between iOS and Android - Hopefully adding BASIC functionality that should have been there from launch. Unfortunately there were no significant updates for the entire time that I had the phone - So I had to move on.   I also almost persuades my place of work to completely replace their bunch of Blackberries with Windows Phones, but due to lack of VPN support, they went Android and are unlikely to be moving to Windows Phone any time soon.   I've just looked at the list of apps that I use and compared them with the WP apps, thinking 'it can't be that bad after 3 years, can it?' It seems to be worse! Here are my list: 'Monster Legends' has never been updated so therefore never works. Facebook and Messenger are seldom updated and have fallen even further behind Android and iOS. IMDB seems to be seldom updated, and hasn't been updated in Months so everything is still old I use an app on Android called 'Trackthisforme' which tracks my workouts and bodysizes etc. - There seems to be no such app or anything similar on WP store Chrome - Obviously no Google Chrome, which is disappointing and a dealbreaker for me. After using IE/Edge on my W10 laptop, I can safely say that it's the worse browser out there currently. Banking App - No FirstDirect banking app on the store. The website shows they have an app but unable to find it from within the Store search function. HROnline - Used for work to book holiday off via an app. Doesn't exist at all on WP - Another dealbreaker for me! Timehop - Such a basic app like Timehop is missing entirely on Windows Phone Youtube - Limited. Another dealbreaker.     If these app issues were resolved, and Microsoft fully commit to getting their windows phone OS and hardware successful, then I would consider taking the risk again (as I believe it LOOKS the best of all mobile operating systems currently). Until then, I, and I'd expect MANY others will be avoiding Microsoft phones for the foreseeable future.    Their Windows Support doesn't even list Windows Phone as one of their options!! That's how damn dedicated they are to Windows Phone... Even Microsoft have forgotten about Microsoft phones.
  • People in the UK rarely buy phones outright. These will probably be £50 or even free depending on a contract. Plus, who would ever buy electronics at RRP?? By the time they hit the market, I reckon we'll start seeing prices under £400. Moreover, the 640 cost me £120 and will run W10, so...
  • Nobody wanna body wanna buy in this price
  • Prices are quite high but that is expected from phones of this caliber. The Lumia 950 XL for example beats out the Google Nexus 6P easily and even the much more expensive Apple IPhone 6s Plus as seen here . Add to that the liquid cooling that this phone has, which is probably the first of its kind, and the display pad that can be bought for it that makes it like a full-fledged Windows 10 pc. Nonetheless, it would be more awesome if it were cheaper, as always is the case.
  • ALMOST a full-fledged PC - On the same ground as the already failed Win RT.
  • The regular Lumia 950 is about £50 more expensive than the Nexus 6P 32GB. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Won't buy until 950 goes down to £400
  • Once the app gap improves then Windows 10 might be worth a look as it is much better than Windows Phone ever was. But I'm happy with Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'll pass. I'd rather wait for the first real phone built under Panos' supervision, now THAT will be something to brag about.
  • I'm considering the same but I still really like the 950XL. The problem is getting a phone now will put me out of the market for at least 18 months so if they release a new flagship in 6 months time I'll be stuck feeling like I'm living in the past!
  • The carphone warehouse will most likely be selling these as they did a small review on both phones which are available on YouTube. Hoping Three UK list these phones Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • $749 and $849 in Canada..
  • The only thing left is the new living images feature for the camera. Something like high quality gifs of 2-3 secs
  • In Germany the Lumia 950 is 599 €, the 950 XL 699€. That's about 150 € / 250 € more expensive than the Galaxy S6 Edge 32 GB. Ouch. 
  • It is a bit too much, I expected 600 for the XL. If it stays at 700, I won't be buying the phone immediately.
  • Specs and price? What about having a debate on how ugly these phones look. Especially compared to the designs made by Nokia. They complimented the OS best!!!!
  • I actually find it far more attractive than any Nokia phone... The quality of big apps and the general app-gap is what is stopping me from pre-ordering one right now :(
  • 700 € for the XL :o
  • It looks like the Microsoft UK Store has dropped the of both Lumia 950 models. Lumia 950 is now £449.99
    Lumia 950 XL is now £529.99 This makes them even more affordable, especially the Lumia 950. I'm not sure if this is to move there closer to competitors pricing.