Here's how you can get an early look at Killer Instinct's upcoming story mode

Microsoft will select some Xbox One players of its free-to-play fighting game Killer Instinct to test out its upcoming Shadow Lords story mode before it's officially released on September 20.

Shadow Lords will allow players to assemble a team of Killer Instinct fighters to defend the Earth against an invasion from the alien Gargos. In a post on the site, Microsoft reveals the details on how to sign up for the early look at Shadow Lords, and what to expect:

  • Early Access for Shadow Lords is only available on Xbox One
  • Shadow Lords is not finished, and will change before it launches September 20th
  • You can stream, make videos, etc., but keep in mind you're doing so with content that isn't quite completed.

Sorry, Windows 10 Killer Instinct players; it looks like this preview won't be available for that platform, but Shadow Lords should be released for both Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of the game later this month.

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John Callaham