Here's our first look at the Windows 11 Media Player app

Media Player
Media Player (Image credit: Microsoft via Unusual-Cap4971)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has been pumping out previews for new Windows 11 app refreshes in the leadup to the new operating system's launch.
  • One app that has not received a major spotlight from Microsoft yet is the Media Player app.
  • We now have our first look at it, though the debut appears to have been incidental rather than a focus for Microsoft.

Microsoft has fed us many bowls of app porridge since it began teasing a widely refreshed slate of Windows 11 apps. For example, Windows Insiders have not only heard about, but actually received, massive content drops such as the new Clock app (with Focus Sessions, praise be) and Paint, the world's premier artisanal program.

But while those apps and others like the revamped Snipping Tool and Tips app have gotten time in the limelight, there's been one particularly glaring omission: The new Media Player. We've seen the logo for it crop up in other Windows 11 app previews, but Microsoft's been cagey about showing it off.

Could such hesitancy be a result of Microsoft lining up something big to wow people? Are we spoiling Microsoft's surprise?

We don't know. All that is known is that the new Media Player got a hype session over on Reddit after it was caught in action during the Windows Insider webcast. We can see the track bar displaying the length of the current tune, as well as a variety of controls, including the ability to skip forward or backward in a song. Nothing revolutionary, but then again, why fix what isn't broken?

We can also see that the Media Player is being paired with the new Clock app's Focus Sessions feature, which enables you to jam out while keeping the time in mind so you get work done. It's only a matter of time before the Media Player is properly shown off for all to see, but for now, make of these info nuggets what you will.

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  • "Paint, the world's premier artisanal program." :-) Take that, Adobe!
  • Adobe shareholders are shaking in their boots now that the king has returned.
  • Corel's gonna take advantage of this clash of the titans to sneak back to the top while they're distracted...
  • It would be nice if it: 1. Plays at least all the media types that old Media Player and Groove play 2. Integrates properly with Outlook so we can play attached audio clips directly in Outlook Preview w/o opening the app (this is important for those of us who receive voice mail as email attachments). Old Media Player does this, but Groove does not. 3. Still syncs media and rips CDs like the old Media Player 4. Offers an Android app so we can sync playlists (current Media Player only syncs content, where its playlist file is meaningless to everything on Android, leaving no good options for managing playlists of music you actually own, vs. streaming music you rent from services like Spotify -- I own all the music I want to listen to, so I'm not willing to pay for a streaming music service, but still use various playlists for the songs in my library)
  • 5. Integrates with OneDrive. Selectable folders and seamless integration with local music.
  • Good point on OneDrive!
  • Who wrote this? I love it. More sarcastic articles please Windows Central. :)
  • Sarcastic? How dare you. If one cannot report neutrally and honestly on the majesty and beauty of Windows 11 and all the little technological gems that comprise its azure innards, then they have no place in the field of unbiased journalism. Anyway, thanks for the comment!
  • Icon resembles Groove. They should combine both or remove groove from w11. WMP runs faster and lightweight.
  • How about it's codec support? The amount of video codec formats supported will be what will affects the most people.
  • To clear up things in the Windows Insider webcast it was video presentation. Of the clock app clock features through the media player app.🤓
  • they should remove movies & tv, photos and groove then..
    wmp can run everything those apps offer those apps are basically bloatware
  • They've fragmented their A/V CODEC engines, so they're stuck having to deal with Groove Music, Movies & TV, and Photos. Otherwise, they'd have to either port WMP to the new engine or port all the newer CODEC support to the older engine; the latter of which they would certainly be 100% opposed to. Beyond that, the Photos app and its OneDrive integration are still horrible compared to Apple Photos and iCloud Photos on macOS. Apple has replaced iTunes with disparate apps, but they are far better designed and implemented than the stuff Microsoft puts out. Honestly, the last time Microsoft released an OS with in-the-box apps that were good, consistent, and well-designed was Windows Vista - ironically. I don't think they want to go back to that. I don't think they really care about this stuff, these days. The focus on user experience and good design has basically evaporated from this company. They're like the Samsung of the PC space, now, in terms of platform development. Windows is being developed like Samsung OneUI, and shares many of the same issues as a result of that.