Here's our first look at the Windows 11 Media Player app

Media Player
Media Player (Image credit: Microsoft via Unusual-Cap4971)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has been pumping out previews for new Windows 11 app refreshes in the leadup to the new operating system's launch.
  • One app that has not received a major spotlight from Microsoft yet is the Media Player app.
  • We now have our first look at it, though the debut appears to have been incidental rather than a focus for Microsoft.

Microsoft has fed us many bowls of app porridge since it began teasing a widely refreshed slate of Windows 11 apps. For example, Windows Insiders have not only heard about, but actually received, massive content drops such as the new Clock app (with Focus Sessions, praise be) and Paint, the world's premier artisanal program.

But while those apps and others like the revamped Snipping Tool and Tips app have gotten time in the limelight, there's been one particularly glaring omission: The new Media Player. We've seen the logo for it crop up in other Windows 11 app previews, but Microsoft's been cagey about showing it off.

Could such hesitancy be a result of Microsoft lining up something big to wow people? Are we spoiling Microsoft's surprise?

We don't know. All that is known is that the new Media Player got a hype session over on Reddit after it was caught in action during the Windows Insider webcast. We can see the track bar displaying the length of the current tune, as well as a variety of controls, including the ability to skip forward or backward in a song. Nothing revolutionary, but then again, why fix what isn't broken?

We can also see that the Media Player is being paired with the new Clock app's Focus Sessions feature, which enables you to jam out while keeping the time in mind so you get work done. It's only a matter of time before the Media Player is properly shown off for all to see, but for now, make of these info nuggets what you will.

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