New Paint app arrives for Windows 11 Insiders in the Dev Channel

Ms Paint Windows
Ms Paint Windows (Image credit: Microsoft / Panos Panay)

What you need to know

  • Windows 11 features the highly anticipated refresh of the classic Microsoft Paint app.
  • The app is now available for Insiders in the Dev Channel to try out.
  • You know what that means: It's time to paint.

As decreed by the Windows Insider Twitter profile, Microsoft's refreshed Paint app for Windows 11 is now out in the wild for Insiders in the Dev Channel. If you are one of said Dev Channel members, you can check out the new app and get to work on your next masterpiece.

Some of the items that define the new Paint experience are an overhauled UI (rounded edges to bring it in-line with the overall aesthetic of Windows 11), a simplified toolbar, and new dropdown menus. There's also a new text tool.

The Paint app you experience today is set to see improvements down the line. On the docket are a centered canvas, dark theme, and updated dialogs. You can have a good look at the Paint app over on the blog post announcing everything mentioned in this post.

Be sure to follow the Windows Insider Twitter account if you want the latest scoops on when new apps and other goodies first arrive for Insiders. Insiders get all the cool stuff before everyone else, hence why we've covered them receiving Windows 11 additions like the new Clock app (with the highly touted Focus Sessions), Tips app, and more.

In the event you're not an Insider and don't care to become one, rest assured the new Paint app and other associated refreshes will find their way to you soon enough, given that the official release of Windows 11 and virtually everything associated with it is right around the corner. The big day is October 5, so mark your calendars.

Robert Carnevale

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