Here's what the Microsoft Edge version numbers in Windows 10 really cover

Microsoft not only releases new builds of Windows 10, it also offers new versions of its Microsoft Edge browser around the same time. However, the people who update and support websites will need to figure out that Microsoft Edge actually has two version numbers; one for the browser itself and another one for its rendering engine.

On Friday, Microsoft released Window 10 build 10547 to members of the Windows Insider program. In today's blog post, it stated:

"In this update you'll also notice the Microsoft Edge app version has been updated to 21.10540. This version number represents feature updates to the browser application (i.e. user interface features surrounding the web page itself, such as the address bar, tabs, Cortana, Reading View or Web Notes). As in EdgeHTML, the build version simply represents the current Windows build. The major version numbers between Microsoft Edge and EdgeHTML have diverged and will continue to do so as we deliver updates to the application and underlying platform separately. "

Web developers should keep an eye out on new version numbers for Microsoft EdgeHTML, rather than the Edge browser version. In a future version of Microsoft Edge, the EdgeHTML version numbers will be visible the Settings section of the browser.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham