Here's what the Microsoft Edge version numbers in Windows 10 really cover

Microsoft not only releases new builds of Windows 10, it also offers new versions of its Microsoft Edge browser around the same time. However, the people who update and support websites will need to figure out that Microsoft Edge actually has two version numbers; one for the browser itself and another one for its rendering engine.

On Friday, Microsoft released Window 10 build 10547 to members of the Windows Insider program. In today's blog post, it stated:

"In this update you'll also notice the Microsoft Edge app version has been updated to 21.10540. This version number represents feature updates to the browser application (i.e. user interface features surrounding the web page itself, such as the address bar, tabs, Cortana, Reading View or Web Notes). As in EdgeHTML, the build version simply represents the current Windows build. The major version numbers between Microsoft Edge and EdgeHTML have diverged and will continue to do so as we deliver updates to the application and underlying platform separately. "

Web developers should keep an eye out on new version numbers for Microsoft EdgeHTML, rather than the Edge browser version. In a future version of Microsoft Edge, the EdgeHTML version numbers will be visible the Settings section of the browser.

Source: Microsoft

  • Who cares? It's a half baked browser that keeps crashing on me. Install Firefox and get a life!
  • Building a browser isn't easy!
    + works great on my VAIO, Sony suggested not to update though
  • Agreed. I just use Firefox for being online via WhatsApp Web and doing online map navigation for projection in my office.
  • It works great on my Lenovo G70 i7. What specs do you have?
  • Intel Atom Z3740, 2GB ram.
    IE used to work brilliantly on Windows 8.1.
    Edge on Windows 10 is FOREVER freezing. It also doesn't have extensions, inline translation, or even F11 full screen mode!
    It's seriously half baked. I'm using IE again, alongside Firefox.
    MS should be embarrassed at releasing something so half-baked.
  • Im fully baked right now by the way :P
  • that's because you have a half baked cpu, lol but actual there is no official drivers for atoms yet which is the problem
  • Works for me. Greetings from Portugal
  • Works great on my wife Toshiba laptop. No problem.
  • You call your wife "Toshiba laptop"! :D
  • LOL
  • Works great on my Dell Inspiron 5548 with Intel Core i7 5500U, 8GB of RAM and AMD R7 M270 graphics which is a standard laptop configuration for 2015. You don't need more than the hardware above to get 10 or more tabs opened at same time without lagging on your machine.
  • There is no browser who can give us good work with opened 10 or more tabs. My default in start over 30 tabs. And its awful (
  • Slightly buggy but Yup works well for me for the larger part of the time.
  • Half baked? Well you have to reset your PC then. My Edge is doing well until now, even with just 4 gigs of RAM.
  • Using Edge on my Desktop and Laptop, can't recall a freeze yet. I miss favorite syncing the most, but I understand its work in progress.
  • My old ie opens faster then edge! On edge favorite bar cant even to click on favorite page - crash to closed. Where is speed of that browser i do not know. But firefox shit is too it can not work in good condition with 10 and over opened tabs! My default browser has over 30 tabs on start.
  • It works great on my PC (RTM) without any updates after.
  • I'm kinda getting sick of Firefox's full screen pop up ad. Microsoft really needs to speed up delivery of extension compatibility or strengthen the pop up blocker. I would never install Firefox anyway after they blatantly violated their last CEO's first amendment rights.
  • For me too   JavaScript Training Courses
  • I'm Web Develer and i can say Edge is Great
  • Yep, its startup speed is immersive in addition to fast updates to HTML5/CSS3/JS support, which is good for web developers like me and you.
  • Typo on the main page summary: it says "one version numbers" instead of "two version numbers"
  • Or, rather than worrying about versions, developers should use feature detection with graceful fallbacks instead.
  • Edge works great on my HP i7 laptop and Surface 3. Still, until it supports extensions, it can't be my everyday workhorse.  
  • Microsoft is destroying the reputation of Edge right from the start. They hyped it a lot and realeased a half-baked version of it. I know it would get better with time, as did Windows 8.0 after the release of Windows 8.1.1, but like IE, Windows Vista, and Windows 8.0, millions wouldn't be looking back after having a degrading experience on first use. That's what they get for giving into the pressure of them impatient noise makers demanding the release of Windows 10...
  • Its a very solid product, I use the reading mode very often to get rids of ads in long articles in most news papers, I also love the black background with white fonts, no other browser has this capability and this is great to save energy on the planet, since you should know that white backgrounds always use more power than vice-verse.  
  • Maybe off topic, maybe not, but I read an article about Ads on Internet browsers and how blocking ads could save you browsing time and I was so wrong. I made the mistake of downloading Firefox on Windows 10 to install Adblock and what a surprise I got, after navigating facebook in 20 minutes I got adware installed in Firefox and my home page was redirected to a search ad web engine, I had to download YAC to remove the spyware, but my mistake is I didn't uninstall YAC, and after I restarted my machine I got a black screen for about 20 minutes with high CPU/disk I/O going on in background. After I uninstalled YAC, and Firefox, my machine started working again. Moral of the story, Edge never caused me issues in Windows 10, I'll stick to Edge going forward. I love Edge because is fast, and even without ad blocker is very responsive.
  • Speaking of ads, I'd maybe suggesting you to use MPC's Hosts file, which is useful to be used on all browser, regardless of extension support. I use that on my laptop, and it's doing great, while making loading pages seemingly faster (TM) in Edge, especially.
  • Meh I still use Internet Explorer majority of the time.
  • My default search page has been changed to Yahoo on my edge...anyone know how to go back to bing
  • in edge, go to 3 dots at top right, then click settings, then go to advanced settings and half way down the page...... your welcome
  • Seems faster....
  • I love it.
  • for this and one for that......whooptie freakin doo.....
  • They have to fix many things on edge.
  • I like Edge, but it doesn't sync ANYTHING between my devices. Not like Chrome. So I've had Windows 10 since launch, only used Edge for the first few days to test it out. When they turn it into a real browser that syncs between their own devices then I'll give it another try. Until then... Its icon has been removed from my desktop and start menu. 
  • Indeed! Sync is a major missing feature that are standard to web browser these days, Edge feels like I'm using a web browser from 2005. It lacks so many features like Drag and Drop, Proper Tab Tearing, Full Screen, Immersive Mode like Metro IE, Tab Muting, Favorites Management, History Management, Some tiny but useful IE context-menu features, and Search Engine switcher on Addressbar.
  • Microsoft Edge is the best browser I ever used. It has been a long time since I used Google Chrome for the last time.
  • I think theres a mistake in the article. Shouldn't web developers look out for the EdgeHTML rendering engine number to make sure their websites work well instead of the browser number? What good is it gonna do them to look at the browser version, which as I understand from the article only has to do with UI ?
  • I run an intel 3.2 i3, 8GB RAM and so far Edge has never crashed on me. I found it very stable for my use.