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Here's what's been fixed and what still broken in Windows 10 Mobile build 10581

Today's release by Microsoft of Windows 10 Mobile build 10581 to Windows Insiders doesn't have any new features, but it does fix a number of bugs compared to previous versions. The biggest fix is that older builds can directly update to build 10581, rather than the user having to downgrade their phone back down to Windows Phone 8.1.

Here's what's been fixed, according to Windows Insider head Gabriel Aul:

  • For devices upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1 like the Lumia 930, Lumia Icon, and Lumia 1520 that had the "Hey Cortana" feature – with this build "Hey Cortana" should work again in Windows 10. To make sure it's turned on, just go to Settings > Extras > Hey Cortana.
  • You can now select photos for sharing through third party apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Beta, WhatsApp etc.
  • Battery life should be improved in this build. We fixed several bugs impacting battery life.
  • We fixed an issue where you couldn't choose some apps to show quick status on the Lock screen via Settings > Personalization > Lock screen.
  • We've made improvements to text prediction and auto-correction.
  • Video recording functionality has been improved.
  • Visual Voicemail sync should now work properly.
  • We fixed the dual-SIM issues that appeared in Build 10572.
  • We fixed the issue found with Build 10572 where the Chinese Pinyin QWERTY keyboard stopped working after upgrading from Windows Phone 8.1 that our Chinese Windows Insiders reported.

Here's what's still broken with Windows 10 Mobile build 10581, according to Aul:

  • As with previous builds, after applying this update the device may appear at a black screen for about 5 minutes when transition between the spinning gears and the final stages of update. Just be patient and it should progress past it. Exact time will vary by device.
  • You will be unable to set your default save locations via Settings > System > Storage and will not correctly reflect the current storage settings. If you are using a SD card in your phone, it will show up as a garbled name in Storage settings. Whatever you had configured for your save locations in the previous build will be the same.
  • After moving some apps to a SD card, those apps might crash. The workaround is to reboot your phone and those apps should work fine thereafter.
  • Deploying Silverlight apps through Visual Studio to your phone won't work in this build. You can deploy UWP apps to your phone without any issues.
  • If you restore a backup from a phone that had a different resolution, you may end up with a corrupted Start experience. The workaround is to go to Action Center (which won't be corrupted) then Settings > Personalization > Start and apply a different background picture.

Microsoft has more information on the default save locations issue for the phone's storage and SD cards in build 10581 in a message board post (opens in new tab).

Source: Microsoft

  • No deal breaking bugs! Good!!
  • The battery fixes sound like what I needed.  I flashed and rolled back because of Battery life on the last build. Looking forward to trying this again on my primary phone.
  • Battery life on my 1020 was supurb from the last build after a reset/no restore. Could easily go a full 24 hours of regular use
  • +1 on 1520
  • Not my experience. My 920 would go dead after about 6 hours with minimal activity. Glad they got this fixed!
  • my 1020 experience of last build was horrible. It took 10-12 hours to fully charge the battery but it drained in like 5-6 hours. This one seems better. Hoping for better.
  • Battery life had been great for me, but in the last day or two my 640XL has been getting warm and battery life was dropping like a stone. 
  • Well, on my 640 my start screen is useless, a jumbled, chaotic mess that looks like it passed amateur hour in the testing dept at MS. I wish I could attach an image.
    640 att version. Build 10581 installed today.
  • Same here, on a 1520. Go in the settings and disable the background picture and it should be back to normal. It will happen again everytime you put a background picture though.
  • Although that storage thing is weird...SD card support has always felt wishy-washy =s
  • My Photos App not showing pictures from SD card. What to do?
  • Reboot and try again.
  • SD card support has always been the best in 8.1 in my experience. However, it has had a lot of issues in 10.
  • "No deal breaking bugs! Good!!" -- That is entirely a matter of opinion. The storage issue is a pretty big deal for me on my Lumia 1520. :) That said, go install the build and I wish you the best of luck with it! I won't touch it since I cannot make proper use of my SD card.
  • I'm with you on this. This storage thing is pretty big issue for me. All my apps are saved on phone mem while photos, music and the like go to the sdcard. Not being able to control this a deal breaker for me. I guess my L1520 will have to stay on vanilla wp8.1 for a little longer. Waiting for the next build to see if I finally take the plunge.
  • Not really in my case. I have a 640 XL. I already see some apps not working great with SD card on WP8.1. With known issues listed in that category, I will stay on 8.1 until SD card support is equal or better than WP8.1
  • Is astoria still working?
  • I still cant believe that photos isn't fixed (pinch to zoom is wonky and difficult) and the loading screens.... they're still all over the place.
  • Yeah, this build is pretty A-Ok.  Experience keeps getting better and better. This is, of course, awesome!
  • This news is not exciting for that "we 're doing something that we've never done before".
  • PC and mobile builds on same day
  • Hardly exciting
  • I guess...if you're jaded... =\
  • Speak for yourself! I found this to be extremely exciting! 2x excitement!
  • "Releasing Builds for both PC n Mobile" is they have not done before. You shouldn't have expected too much.
  • winbeta has confirmed that pushing new mobile and pc build on the same day is "what they have never done"
  • Any info?
  • It's the first time they are releasing both mobile and PC build at the same day
  • :-| really that's it?
  • Welp. If that's what they were alluding to then meh! The WC article had my hopes up a bit.
  • You know, it IS possible to be excited by nothing at, "OMG, there's so much news happening right now after my lunch!" "WOW, I really suck at FPS multiplayer!" and this perennial, "Seems Faster!" =D
  • Feeling sorry for those who had expected new features when WC had reported about Aul's tweet.
  • In fairness to those that were let down, the WC article reported on what the build "will have" and asked for predictions on a feature. I think those that read the tweet more may have been less optimistic.
  • And yet the tweet didn't say any thing about features
  • There is a new PC build today too?
  • Yes, read the previous article!
  • Lesson of the day: don't get excited for anything. That way if anything exciting does happen it will he worth be excited for. He could've just told us this yesterday instead of teasing Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am being 100% honest when I say that this is what I actually guessed he meant when he said that. He said we're doing something different, it didn't sound like it had anything to do with the build, which by the way, is pretty excellent in its own right. What else could it have been? I didn't read the WC article but I can only imagine it way overhyped it or something.
  • The ability to install an Android ROM would justify that phrase, bug fixing or releasing mobile and desktop versions on the same day, is just.....well, its just another MS deception.
  • Lol wasn't w10/xb1 supposed to have the ability to patch while talking to tech support?
  • Nice.  Thanks.   Don
  • Not quite RTM ready yet, but this is the closest build yet! Will be updating as soon as possible.
  • 85%...
  • I would say probably closer to 90 or 95%. Not perfect, but the issues introduced are mostly centered around dual SIM and SD card usage, which is much more minor than previous issues. 
  • Was at 85% of the installation but fully agree the OS is between 90~95% ready. :) 
  • but it is close to RTM and probably internally already it is .. 
  • Not bad at all
  • new lumias should be out at the end of november. So should be really close to RTM now, don't know how long can they still tinker with it, 2 weeks ?  
  • Phones (And hardware in general these days) frequently have a "release day" update. So, technically they can keep refining for final release up until release week. 
  • microsoft developers are probably working on a build that is far ahead of what we have now - since they have branched codes, probably with more features and new things which MS does not want to make public now. We may suddenly see an amazingly polished build one week - at least that is what I am hoping!
  • W10M has been feature complete for months now.
  • Well, depends on your definition. E.g the previous build did add things that most would consider (small) new features. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No they are not. Windows Mobile 10 is going to be just the same damp squib we have already had to endure.
  • Basic features that existed in WP7 and WP8 would be nice. No need to hide that stuff in branches.
  • Such as?
  • Such as Cortana announcing the arrival of messages and asking if you want her to read it and after reading asking if you want to reply. Then allowing you to reply by speaking the message rather than having type.  This is the one thing that prevents me from moving fron 8.1 to 10.    
  • Some issues are 'updating' related.
  • What's the big thing everyone was talking about yesterday?
  • Nothing exciting, as expected. They are just putting some stress on their servers by releasing the non-mobile version too today...meh...
  • PC and mobile build updated on same day
  • I wiil try it to my Limia 820... 
  • I think you should try it I have l820 and it works just fine
  • Just installed 10572 today on mine, so this build will go in tomorrow :) If new build does not make sd card visible in storage settings, I may have to hard reset the phone. Bummer.
  • Apps on SD came back :) Storage shows combined used and free capacity, but list of places to save apps and images is empty. Let's see where pictures go :) Just when I "found" weather on lockscreen (and glance) as nice feature on 8.1, it's not working for me on insider. Oh well, looks good anyway ;)
  • Not many major issues. Looks good on performance edging closer to RTM.
  • What's that "never done before" thing stated by Gabriel Aul yesterday?
  • I think releasing both mobile and pc build on same day.. But I thought some new feature for phone build -.-
  • Hahaha, that's not unique thing. Let's wait if someone has that "never done before" thing.
  • They didn't say that NO ONE has done. They said THEY haven't.
  • So the I3unny is right, mobile and pc build same day. Gabriel tweeted
  • Can anybody tell me that the wifi connecting issue has been fixed or not? And anybody had installed it on Lumia 525?
  • It's just released wait for sometime for people to respond.. Use the forums there will be a lot of discussion :)
  • Would like to know if WiFi is working on the 630 dual sim?
  • Yeah! Party!
  • Looking good, less and less bugs now.
  • so, safe to assume 1-2 more builds before the 950's drop and then a couple of more before 8.1 devices start recieving updates?
  • They said they would roll it out for existing devices starting in December. (The exact date depends on the specific model and carrier, of course, so most probably sometime in 2016 for the majority of people)
  • If you're waiting for your carrier to make the approval, all guessing goes out the Window. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • My Blu Win HD is updating as well - is this expected?
  • Update for what?
  • win 10 mobile build 10581 i assume
  • Impossible. Probably gdr2
  • no, this device previously got updated to 10536 due to errors in the insider preview detection. There was no way to downgrade back to 8.1 without appropriate images from Blu. As such, it remains at 10536 until some "future date" EDIT: the update finished and appears to only be changes to the preview installer :(
  • :( this is blue fault, not Microsoft. They need to provide a way to roll back to 8.1
  • my acer m220 is stuck there too..
  • It would say under updates what's downloading.
  • Huh? To windows 10??
  • ? Are you sure? Hey windows central investigate!!!!!
  • Don't do it. Maybe there's a detectoid bug problem again, you have to flash your phone then!
  • except there is no 8.1 flash available from Blu for it...
  • Gabe has said this should only be compatible for Lumias and HTC One M8. Blue Win HD may have some problems and could brick your phone. You may be safe, but no guarantee.
  • So, should I wait or just go ahead and upgrade?! Noting new and the storage problem may bother me.
  • According to me you can upgrade for this build..
    & Presently I've 10572 in my L730 which works smoothly with very less number of issues..
    & while coming for storage issue..
    The download size may be 500 - 800 Mb which depends upon devices..
    [ Actually 777 Mb for L 730 ]
  • Oh no man. You took the wrong meaning. Storage problem refers to the Storage settings issue mentioned in the article. The download size won't have bothered me even if it had been more a GB.
  • Oh ok..
    Then don't perform a hard reset after update..
    Select the Default Storage location you prefer in the present build before installing 10581 you'll be safe..
  • Hey Cortana , remind me to update my phone when I get home
  • Productive like a boss.
  • a Chief...
  • really sweet !
  • Don't see the option for Hey Cortana in my extra settings on my 1520. Guess I will never get her back.
  • But is MixRadio available in the store?
  • Perform Hard reset after upgrading..
    Mix radio will be installed automatically by default..
  • Careful with that. In this build a hard reset van mess with your ability to save to SD card
  • No, unless it's available in the store to download, and I have a Lumia 920 so there is no SD card :/
  • To get apps that were listed in 8.1 store, but not on 10 store, re-flash to 8.1, do not restore, install missing apps, then upgrade to 10.........make sure you backup before though
  • How about the resuming / Loading lag ? 
  • I'm not seeing Loading / Resuming lag from past 2 builds..
    It depends on how many apps you've pinned for start screen & how many apps are running in background & also on Ram too .. I've L 730 & presently I'm on 10572 ..
    And I am opening number of apps in background & not seeing any Loading / Resuming issue..
  • Are you saying I still have to limit the number of pins on the start screen?
  • That's a lie. Those screens appear with enough time to do a Screen Capture. This one was made from Start screen, pressing Back button to 'Resume' Microsoft Edge, the funny thing is that I had just one open Tab. 'Resume' screens are faster to disappear but they are still there.
  • Almost non-existent in the previous build and only saw it once opening contacts which I have about 700.
  • What power plant are you using? my L928 resumes and loads still.
  • Wouldn't call my 1020 a power plant but I did reset without a restore and it does have the same specs with an extra 1GB ram.
  • Thank you, By resetting without restoring I assume you mean you choose that option thats given during to upgrade process, Right?
  • As i said, If build 10581 will be relaese no new features but bug fixes and thats enough... Installing on my Lumia 830 upgrading from version 10572...
  • I don't see the update
  • I'm not seeing it either on my Lumia 1520. Been checking the internet religiously about this build and it's finally release, however I am yet to see it on my phone.
  • Be sure that you have the Windows Insider app installed and enabled. It might have been lost depending on how you've upgraded/reset your phone.
  • Did it appear already?
  • Insider app re-installed and set to Fast ring after the last update?
  • I do wish they'd include the Windows Insider app in the Insider builds, just like they're now including the Insider Hub directly in the build.
  • there are two update btw (10.0.10581) and insider fast configuration...
  • Looks good to me. I usually hard reset after each release but since I won't be able to redo my SD card settings I'll just let it be without a hard reset. :)
  • Microsoft has became expert in making people fool
  • Truth
  • Hope podcasts download again.
  • Mine never stopped
  • ok, now waiting for this thing MS is donig that they haven't done before. 
  • PC and Mobile build on same day?
  • Yes, that's mentioned in the previous article.
  • How big is the update if you had to update from 8.1?
  • Depends upon your wifi speed... May be 30-45 min
  • 800-900 MB approx.
  • So like... fifteen minutes?
  • Well at least hey Cortana is back!
  • Can anybody tell me that 3g only option has come back or not???
  • Not until now. But it is in consideration.
  • TX buddy
  • You can select max speed connection speed in Settings/Cellular&SIM/SIM Settings between 4G/3G/2G. Is this your question?
  • Hw much celluar data will it consume to upgrade to 10581?round figure?
  • i think 500mb plus but it totally depends on your phones model. i have 830...
  • 500-600 MB
  • I've L 730 ..
    Previous build 10572 was around 777 Mb for my Mobile..
    & 10581 will also be around that..
    But it depends upon devices..
    So It May be 500 - 800 Mb
  • 736 MB, Lumia 640XL
  • I think "Hey Cortana" counts as a new feature rather than a bug fix. Even if it's just reintroducing a feature - Really glad to see it back as a 930 owner
  • I have no option to enable Hey Cortana on my 930.. Where is it?
  • What a Let Down compared to yesterdays Teasers.  Way to go Gab !!
  • Hey John. We like your background picture and tile color. Can you share?
  • I want that wallpaper from article header photo, please! Could somebody post a link?
  • OMG HEY CORTANA!!!! That makes my day.
  • Why can't they just release these new builds to Windows Device Recovery Tool? When? SOON??
  • That wouldn't allow them to test the upgrade functionality. (Which is very important.)
  • Good idea..
    But The name itself tells you..
    It's A Recovery Tool.. Not Upgrading Tool..
    Recovery tool only scans for RTM OS & not testing builds..
    If they wanna perform that kind of things then they should develop some other app..
  • Updated to latest build. Still no "Hey Cortana". Anyone else with this issue?
  • So you got 10581 installed already that was released less than an hour ago? (It is supposed to have "Hey Cortana" enabled again.)
  • Maybe its only available in special countries?
  • If you have the right phone, try setting lang/local to USA.
  • Hey Cortana shows for me at last on UK L930 but she can't hear me when trying to train... Maybe next build !!!
  • Oh
  • I think we need to dig in to see if there is something they haven't done before. Two updates in one day is not groundbreaking enough for me.
  • Yea well that's you
  • That's because the fanboys have set the bar low for quite some time now. At this point they are happy with anything they get.
  • He never said anything about it being groundbreaking.  All he said was that they are going to "do something they've never done before".  You're lack of reading comprehension is setting you up for disappointment.
  • Those of you using it, what percentage towards completion do you feel it is at?
  • The last build was very close.
  • Groove through bluetooth still needs a lot of work.
  • How large the build is
  • about 620mb
  • 500 - 800 Mb depends on mobile
  • Hey Cortana for ALL Countries (like Germany) or again just some selected like on 8.1?
  • Select countries only...
  • This will be interesting in that the storage bug will prevent a lot of users from hard reseting. This is actually a good thing. Now MS will get a lot more feedback from users who are not starting clean instead of the few like myself who never hard reset. We're really going to see what this build is made of now. I'm also glad to see for once no back breadking or ridiculous regression bugs, so hopefully they've finally fixed that nagging start screen "loading..." bug.
  • Thinking about upgrading to this build. How was the last ones performance without the hard reset?
  • I haven't tried the previous two because I didn't want to roll back my 920 but it seems like opinions were quite varied. I'd still stay away from daily driver.
  • My phone has been sat on "Downloading updates 0%" for about 25 minutes now... Anyone else having trouble downloading?
  • I was stuck at 13% for about 20 min.  It suddenly jumped to 55%.
    UPDATE: ​Just saw  Gabe's tweet: @ArizonaWillie @Chris123NT Depending on what build you're coming from, may be hitting the 0% progress bug. Keep unlocked and on DL screen    
  • Yeah, it suddenly moved onto "Preparing to install" after about 35 minutes.
  • I'm about 60% through the post restart configuration
  • +1 mine to still 0%
  • Oh ok. I thought it was because of my current (ongoing) Halo 5 download on my Xbox One. Which is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r
  • Gabe tweeted that depending on the build you are coming from there was a bug that resulted in the progress staying at 0%. He said keep it unlocked and at the download screen.
  • unlock screen means? light on or no password protect?
  • Just go for Data sense & check the Details on Phone update..
    If it is updating in background then you'll see data variations as per your network speed..
    For better downloading connect for a strong Wi-Fi network.. If you are not seeing any changes in Data Sense then try Rebooting / Soft Reset..
  •   same here, will wait for another 15 mins, then abort
  • Had that for a few minutes but picked right up and now installing.
  • Downloading from 10536 on my 730 hope it runs up to d mark
  • Still having the 1320 bricked since previous revert to 8.1 with WDRT. Sad I cannot test this build.
  • 10 min, still 0%
  • Mee too frm lst 30 min..
  • Tweet from Gabe: Depending on what build you're coming from, may be hitting the 0% progress bug. Keep unlocked and on DL screen
  • Is downloading!!!
  • Question for Verizon Icon owners:  I have yet to try any of these win10 mobile preview builds.  Just nervous about the important functions I depend on daily perhaps not working or not working as good as 8.1.  Here are the features I use the most: - Email / Messaging / Skype
    - Camera (Icon takes great photos and is fast).  Also like that photos auto synch to onedrive.
    - Microsoft Health - I have the Band v1 and need my fitness tracking to be spot on.
    - Music (Groove) - Want it to work as well as it does on 8.1 So... your opinion - should I take the leap?  Daily driver worthy?  
  • Go on its ok except you may face some problem with the camera
  • No, it's not DD worthy yet. It was marginal on my Icon (I cracked the screen). Now I'm on my old 928 and there are far too many bugs still to convince me to install it again.
  • 10572 was the first daily driver for my 920 - no issues at all but some features (e.g. Quiet Hours) not working
  • If you have a lumia 928 I would wait to see how this build goes. My 928 is useless because of loading and resuming bug.
  • What kind of probleme did you have?
  • I would at least wait till you hear from someone with an Icon that the camera on it works well.  On the 830 the camera is useless, it takes ~150 kb photos which of course look terrible.
  • Hopefully it stops changing my theme color on its own.
  • Does win10 mobile have Swipe, or word flow or whatever they call it?
  • Yes. WP 8.1 too.
  • How long does it take to install?
    I always put update when i go to sleep and wakeup with win10.
  • Almost 2 hours for me coming from 8.1, 925
  • How is the L925 with this build? I'm tempted to upgrade mine 925 from 8.1 to 10581 too. Theres anything strange beside those bugs listed? How is battery life compared to 8.1? 
  • That depends on your phone's model, number of installed apps, etc.
  • SD card management is a deal breaker, which will have to be fixed by RTM.
  • It will definitely be fixed, not a doubt about that.
  • Why is the inability to set the default save location under "Still Broken"? It was working fine in build 10572. I could always count on Microsoft with mediocre mistakes this late in the game.
  • I don't know. I was experiencing some issues with 10572 on my 640. The SD card would sometimes not be recognized and disappear. 
  • Size of update I mean mb Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Like 700-720mb for Lumia 520.. I think I would be same for rest of the devices
  • 600-800mb
  • Hey! Currently I'm on build 10512 can I get this build
  • Yes
  • When they get Driving Mode to work, then I'll install. But not until then. Doesn't seem to be a priority.
  • What's not working for you?  I've seen my phone go into driving mode, but no one has texted me while driving since I updated to confirm it is actually working properly.
  • My stereo keeps bugging me with "Phone not responding". Something is amiss.
  • Even though I have it set to reject texts and calls, they still come through, which defeats the purpose of Driving Mode. So when I drive I have to disable Bluetooth altogether and can't listen to music or podcasts from my phone. I don't like to be disturbed/distracted while driving. I know Driving Mode hasn't alwasy been around, but when you get used to it, it's pretty awesome. I know they'll fix it, but for now it's a deal breaker for me.
  • it worked fine for me under 10572
  • Gimmick
  • All the "fixed" issues listed were never any issues for me at all.
  • Great, with "hey Cortana" working I'm going to upgrade right now. Well, after I come back from the gym! LOL
  • Lumia 930 and the training of Hey Cortana fails to detect my voice. My microphone (and voice) are working because I can open Cortana and do a vocally activated search, so for me, there is a bug with the training app.
  • Visual Voicemail ?? is it the same visual voicemail that is avaleble on Iphone ??? if it is, wow nice one !!!!
  • It is closer to the one that has been on Windows phone since forever.
  • It says, "To install updates. We need your battery charged to 40%!"
    No install button! So the update cannot draw power from charger plugged in!!!?
  • You should have battery which is charged 40% or above ..
    After your battery gets enough power you'll see Install button..
    It's just to avoid your phone getting Bricked..
  • Even with mine plugged in doing the update used ~20% of the battery. (Plugged in to a slow charger.)
  • Hey guys. Does anyone know if quiet hours can automatically switch on when you have a busy calendar appointment in this build? Cheers
  • Don't know but would venture a guess: no.  Heck, I would even venture a guess that Cortana still can't turn off a single alert without first asking "which one?"... :D
  • Nope. Still not available.
  • Stuck at 22% downloading for 40 mins now
  • Check Data sense it'll be downloading in background..
    Have some patience..
    Gabe aul has tweeted abt this..
    Have a look ..
  • Going to take the plunge on my Icon! So far I've used every build for about a week. 572 made me mad as it was the first build to break texting backup... I wonder I this is fixed?
  • Is Cortana working for Canada?? Please confirm if anyone installed this already :)
  • predy shure it's not working for french canada...
  • I meant for English, but thanks
  • Busy updating; anyone notice if the app update errors have been fixed? Still stuck with a handful of apps that can't be upgraded and can't be uninstalled...
  • Yep, they are fixed.
  •  The SD card issue is a huge deal breaker for this build. Considering every time I upgraded my 640 I had to hard reset it to make apps usable!
  • Yeah, little worried myself. Had some issues with my 640 even on the 15720 build. Taking the chance though. I'll post on the forum my experience. 
  • Ok, no big deal
  • I am on build 10512...can i download build 10581 directly from this....
  • Apparently you can.
  • Ok thanx
  • OK, reached 100%.  Moved to preparing to install, reached 100% for that and got an error.  Unable to install.  Something is wrong (didn't capture the message).  It's now re-downloading.  Coming from previous build on 1020.
  • same
  • UPDATE: The update downloaded faster the second time.  But again, I'm getting an error: There were some problems installing updates, but we'll try again later.  If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x80070538)      
  • I'm getting this too on my 520
  • Just completed fine on my 1020 from Build 10572 in just under 50 minutes. No 10 minute black screen while migrating old data either.
  • I'm on my third go now.  Did you reset your phone before upgrading from 10572?
  • And same error on 3rd try after soft reset.  May need a hard reset.  Useless error code. Ugh.
  • Same Problem here on my 925 upgrading from 10572. I even did a hard reset of 10572 but still the error occurs. Only option seems to be restoring 8.1 und trying to install 10581 directly. 
  • how about microsft edge? sync work fine?
  • Same thing on my 1520 but the 920 went fine
  • Same here (i.e. 100%, unable to install, didn't capture message, re-downloading, coming from previous build on 1020).   Thanks for posting.
  • From 8.1 I m not able to download it
    Y so ?
  • Are you a windiws insider with fast ring enabled on windows insider app?
  • im installing it from 8.1 now
  • Just installed on my 930 (coming from previous latest build). Everything seems to be running ok apart from the hey cortana feature. It doesn't hear me when doing the training feature.
  • First I had 10536 I downgraded and now I m not able to download 10581 from 8.1
    Y so ?
  • Do you have the Windows Insider app installed and set to Fast Ring? (If you reset your phone after the last build you have to do it again before you can upgrade.)
  • Good to see Fix It Felix! has been busy at work, and Wreck It Ralph has mostly been behaving! :)
  • It has been stucked at 0% about 1 hour
  • MS Servers are to busy right now try after later some time...
  • OK, so I've decided this is the one, but I am unsure about the upgrade process. Way back at the beginning I enrolled in the insider program to get the little 8.1 update which got pushed out just before the first release of 10 happened. I then stopped the first release of 10 from installing to my phone as decided I was not prepared for the issues which may have been present at the time. Now my phone is still showing the update as available. When I view the details of the available updates it shows 10.12534.56. I have unenrolled from the program and unistalled the insider app, but I am still presented the option to download that old version of 10. I want to upgrade, but I was wondering if I am going to have to go through each iteration or if there is a way to go directly to the current build of 10.
  • There is a way that Aul was talking about. Either select the Slow ring, then back to the Fast. Or Unsubscribe and then re do it. It is somewhere here.
  • That's what I thought. I unsubscribed and resubscribed and that did not help. I unistalled the insider app and reinstalled and now when i try to join I get a message that they cannot configure my device because it is currently preparing for an update/ Unfortunately the upate it is preparing for is still the oldd 10.12534.56
  • Still no glance
  • Any idea if motion data is still broken?  It would be nice to get that fixed before my new band arrives.
  • Motion data doesn't seem to be working yet (at least for me)
  • Glance has started working for me on 1020 - didn't have to do anything.  Have you checked if the app will reinstall from the store?  (I didnt need to do this, however).  
  • Glance works for me. Lumia 925 & 928
  • My biggest problem has been getting glance OFF.
  • LED notifications?!
  • After moving some apps to a SD card, those apps might crash. The workaround is to reboot your phone and those apps should work fine thereafter.
    So apps won't install directly on SD, but we should be able to move them to SD card. It's not so bad after all...
  • Just upgraded from 10572 on my 640. No hard reset due to SD bug. Right off the bat, swiping up to unlock and swiping down for notifications seems a lot faster.
  • This^
    Everything seems snappier than even 10572. Update was really fast!
  • I don't know why, but the phone updated much faster compared to the previous builds. First impressions are amazing, I believe that if there is anyone who had second thoughts now is the time to upgrade. Especially if you have newer harware, I mean I have a  Lumia 925, two and a half years old and it works great.
  • I'm thinking of updating to W10M for the first time on my daily and only driver.. One quick question, do I lose all the apps I've installed on 8.1 or they gonna be migrated?
  • Migrated.
  • Nice to see that txt messages show the number of missed message in the black circle as they do with Outlook.
  • Killed my startscreen, I saw there was a fix posted about it but elected to just do a reset. Probably better.
  • I´m still having issues editing my photos on my Lumia 930. Camera360 Sigth is not working. Any idea if it´s a windows or an app bug?
    The rest looks just grate!!!!
  • Was the listening for music option in the top right corner for Cortana in a previous build or am I just noticing that?
  • Are you saying you have it there in this build? (The only way I can find to do the music search from Cortana is to ask it "What am I listening to?". I can't find any way to do it via touch.) In 8.1 Music Search was in the upper right corner.
  • Windows central doesn't work in this build too.. You should add...
  • Seems to be working fine for me.
  • A few builds back it was slow for me but the last build and this build load fast.
  • Still don't get notification sounds for emails grrr...
  • Hi.. Is it possible to share more than 100 photos or files on windows 10 mobile.. Because its nt possible on WP 8.1.. am jst curious ab that.
  • Can anyone tell me, what about GPS issue with Lumia 730 that was in windows 8.1?? Is that solved in this build...
  • new lock screen!
  • New lock screen or lock screen just not working right?
  • This build is lightning fast on my Icon, no loading...., camera autofocus is sickly fast, navigation through the entire ui seems almost rtm worthy......FINALLY!
  • Yep, it's even better than 10572, and that was fast!
  • Dido, works great for far on my icon
  • Can I update from build 10512 to the latest build
  • Yes
  • Without roll back to 8.1
  • I think battery life predictions should also be improved, because my phone was on just 20% and it said that it can last for as much as three days. (Lumia 925)
  • I literally JUST finished getting everything ready for me to roll back to 8.1 on my 1020 when I got a notification of an update available. lol. The timing. Like, I would have been in the process of rolling back if I got the notification less than a minute later.
  • Is this build ready to be used on daily basis?
  • The last one was really good as well.
  • I've been using the last build for the last weeks and it's been a great experience
  • Hey Cortana still not in Germany... so bad MS
  • Still not seeing the new build
  • Me too i have a L630 in build 10572
  • Install Windows Insider and enroll (fast ring)
  • My update is not progressing about 27% what to do
  • Ask your question in the forums with details about your device!
  • Completely borked my L920. Everything is a jumbled mess on both the start screen and app list. It looks like a kaleidoscope.    Each successive build has proven to be buggier than the previous for me. This is sad... and aggravating.    EDIT: I switched the background as per the advice to this supposedly common glitch, but I don't understand why my phone was affected in the first place. I never performed an update. I let the update start, walked away and came back to this mess. Oh well. Inching towards going back to Android until MS figures this thing out. Not too optimistic. 
  • Too bad to hear this. My experience has been the exact opposite, my confidence in W10M is at an all time high, starting from 10572 and then 10581, the speed has been insane! I literally haven't seen any loading or resuming screen and both my L920 and L640 cruise along easily!! Awesome stuff, RTM is close!
  • You just need to go to settings, from the action center, and pick a new background. (This was documented in the release notes.)
  • I meant to clarify that it did indeed fix the problem. I hadn't originally read those notes so I suppose I overreacted. I'm just frustrated that this kind of stuff continues to happen when the final release is almost here. I might be more understanding if MS was actually revolutionizing the smart phone rather than STILL playing catch up.    I understand most users were reporting 10572 was the best release yet for them but for me I was experiencing constant bugs with skype, messaging, camera, etc. I wasn't experiencing the camera and text bugs with the build before that.    Anyway, I just hope MS is really committed to this and is planning LONG term and not the play-it-by-ear, change things up every two years and make the consumer start over. 
  • How about you do a clean install and stop updating beta on beta on beta software? And don't restore a backup You should be fine then!
  • It had done the same to mine, I went ahead and reset instead of doing the fix.
  • Dual mail accounts is still fucked up when pinned to start screen. When choosing Mail1 sometimes Mail2 opens up and vice versa.
  • I have 5 pinned and don't have this issue, have you tried unpinning them and pinning back?
  • Lots of times. Hard resets too.
  • Does this fix the language download bug? I couldn't download speech for cortana.. Had to go back to 8.1 and then upgrade after the whole deal..
  • Hey Cortana still isn't working on my L930. It just keeps saying "I didn't get that, try again!"
  • My hey Cortana is missing. Should I do hard reset?
  • What happened to the announcement about something they have never done before?
  • Everyone's wondering the same...
  • No they're not. It was that they're releasing a PC and Mobile build in the same day.  
  • I can't even find hey Cortana in my settings - and then extras. It's missing :(
  • Lumia 930 and 1520 have this feature
  • Downloading 30%
  • Photos in the phone memory can't been seen.. Although the one in Sd and OneDrive are seen perfectly
  • Downloading still at 0%!
    What the hell
  • Hmm, found a new feature that I never noticed before. From the notification drop down, you can reply to a text message by hitting the down arrow... Really cool!
  • That was on previous build.  Discovered it too, but yesterday.
  • Trying to download using my phone data, doesn't seem to want to let me though i've downloaded updates this way before though
  • there is another "Fast Ring configuration" update after this build update installed....
  • The Cortana fix is GREAT but im gonna hold out to the final release.
  • Nobody seems to be worried about the storage settings issue. Damn, I cannot perform a hard reset.  
  • so we wont be able to set SD-card as default location in storage app after hard reset ??????? 
  • Yeah, you can't change them after a hard reset.
  • You will be unable to set your default save locations via Settings > System > Storage and will not correctly reflect the current storage settings. If you are using a SD card in your phone, it will show up as a garbled name in Storage settings. Whatever you had configured for your save locations in the previous build will be the same. After moving some apps to a SD card, those apps might crash. The workaround is to reboot your phone and those apps should work fine thereafter.  
     So you can install on your internal memory and then move apps to sd card. what do you think ?
  • Tried that.. I hate it when my apps crash too frequently even after rebooting so i'm back to 8.1.
  • Can anyone tell me, what about GPS issue with Lumia 730 that was in windows 8.1?? Is that solved in this build...
  • WhatsApp notifications for unread messages finally work with this build.
  • On the lockscreen?
  • I've upgraded my device to this build. It's indeed awesome than the previous one.. but except one thing.. storage settings aren't working
  • my phone (lumia 930) got stuck in migration process, step 21 / 23 for the last 30 minutes, any work around?
  • Do a soft reset. My 930 has had a couple of stops during install on both this and the last build. Soft reset makes it come to life again
  • hey Cortana work great on icon, thank you, I really missed this!
  • It looks like Windows 10 Mobile (build 10581) is already final or getting close to it, so think we can expect another build soon that will remove those minor bugs what Gabe has been listed on official Windows blog and that will be the final. If you look after the latest build installation in Settings-> System->About, there will be aready just Windows 10 Mobile not Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview. And I must say it is working PERFECTLY, SMOOTHLY AND FAST REALLY FAST. Running it on my Lumia 930.
  • It's been like that since 10572. Obviously we're getting closer now.
  • Does this build have openvpn support?
  • "Deploying Silverlight apps through Visual Studio to your phone won't work in this build. You can deploy UWP apps to your phone without any issue.​" I had issues in the previous build and issues in this build with deploying UWP. Theres no documentation to be found on the process and the error messages are totally useless at best. Considering in my previous job role I made first party apps on behalf of both Nokia and Microsoft and the fact I cannot even deploy an app from VS, is it any wonder theres not many WP devs left. To add insult to injury, theres a tonne of documentation on deploying android apps to the phone from VS.      
  • It's really looking good in my 520 testing device. I hope they really fixed the problem to deploy apps from visual studio. I'm gonna test it tomorrow. By far the quickest build till now. Feels almost like a windows phone 8.1 in my testing buddy =D  
  • They have already said that you can't deploy Silverlight apps, but you can UWP apps.
  • Great build but on my 930 I have like a pixel line of tiles at the very top of the screen?? Anyone else have this?
  • Noup, I have also Lumia 930, no such problem, evrything is OK, try reset, may be that helps.
  • Seems like 10572 and 10581 aren't playing nice with the Windows Central app. The app opens up to the old unoptimized UI.
  • I've installed the new build to my Lumia 930 and it's working well without any issues (yet) :)  The 60/120 FPS video recording is still missing. :(
  • Have they mentioned they would being high fps? Would be great to get that. But I think that would come with a camera app upgrade and not necessarily in a new build
  • It's the insider hub gone? Mine didn't launch so I uninstalled it but can't find it in the store...
  • Jumped my Lumia 1020 from 15572 to this new 15581 build about two hours ago, so far first impressions are excellent, it feels snappier and faster, while I'm sure I'll get some, so far no Loading/Resuming Loops, and Duolingo that was broken for me on 15572 is working again :) Each build to me is feeling closer and closer to a decent RTM Launch, even on older hardware like my 1020.
  • Does glance work ok on this build? Any issues with upgrading on the 1020? I want to try it but glance is a really important feature for me
  • So far Glance is working fine on my 1020, I have a pretty long timeout set on it, but every time I've looked at it on my desk in the last 2 1/2 hours since it finished it's showing me Glance Time & Calendar details I've setup. Likewise my tap to wake up is working better, and the lock screen slides out of the way faster/smoother feeling. Even the start screen for me feels smooth, not randomly jumping past where I've scrolled to. Specific to the 1020, Lumia Camera is working correctlly and taking the high res pictures for me. I went from 8.1 to 15572 last week, and then straight to this build (without going back to 8.1 or doing a wipe).  I'll probably pop my own brief 1020 specific review of this build tommorow sometime on  So far I'm liking it after sitting out the last few builds before 15572, as my 1020 is my Daily :)
  • Thanks!!
  • I think I'll stick with 10572. Anyone agree?
  • Heh, nope, on my 1020 this build is way smoother and snappier than it felt on 10572 :) Good build for me!
  • It's been on 21% forever. Sends is stuck for some reason. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I've jumped back to Android for a small year now.. Started with Windows mobile and then came back for both 920 and 1020.. I'm still updating my 1020 to see the new os unfold, but I really don't see why I should go back as a daily driver??
    I know most will say just go.. Don't comment etc if you don't like it.. But on a serious lvl here, if ms doesn't really put all efforts into the os then it will die.. It will take a long time because of the contionued economic support from Ms, but the Polish of the current w10 is no where good enough to compete in my opinion..
    I mean sure the os looks nice but it still seems nowhere near complete! For me it's not only the small bugs, it's the "use feeling" when operating the os that feels "detached".. Almost like the whole design was made by different groups and then with features build in here and there.. The apps missing for w10 isn't really a problem for me. I want my mobile OS to deliver perfect on the os experience and core features itself. THEN all the apps would be nice, but my daily driver has to deliver on os experience and the current w10 is a really long way from it..
    If this is close to RTM build then I'm gonna wait till w11m :-) I'm really let down because I truly love the idea about w8.1 and the idea behind w10 is even better, it has since the 920 always been my mobile OS of choice and have talked it up big with all friends and family.. But now they all change and I can't really blame them.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is this build compatible with Lumia 925? Is there a list of model compability somewhere ??
  • On l925 this build is a pain in the a**. Typing freezes the phone almost every time, restarts on its own. Stay on 10549, that was much better and faster. (Hard reste won't work, been there, done that)
  • Anyone try it on a 925 for TMoUS?
  • My Lumia 920 has come to a halt in Migrating (step 3 of 23) 62% for over 90 minutes - what now?
  • Further to my last - it has had a snooze and has now woken up (now70%) guess one just has to be patient?
  • I thought this would be the build that'd have 'something we've never done before' like Gabe previously said... Is it the next one, then?
  • On Lumia 1520. Upgrading from current WP10 build. Keep getting an error at 40% on install 0x01f something. Any ideas?
  • You will be unable to set your default save locations via Settings > System > Storage and will not correctly reflect the current storage settings. If you are using a SD card in your phone, it will show up as a garbled name in Storage settings. Whatever you had configured for your save locations in the previous build will be the same. Will i be able to set SD card as default location after hard reset ??????? 
  • NO. Don't do a hard reset. (It shouldn't be necessary.)
  • Did you install this build ???
  • Yes I did, on both my 640 and 521. (And I didn't hard reset either of them.)
  • Avoiding due to SD card issue. I'm on the last build which is still very good.
  • It's incredible to me, how Microsoft manages to write software that is so inconsistant with a mind of it's own. How can 1 person have a mysterious problem with battery life on a device and another person is identical setup doesn't. I have the same type of issues with Windows 10, two identical laptops built from the same ISO, one will have unexamplainable issues and the other not. For example. on my freshly build Dell E7440 I couldn't open two Windows Explorers, where as my boss could.
  • Larger Live Tiles for Facebook are back again
  • "Apps stored in the SD might crash, reboot the phone will resolve this"... Just like the last build, It got to the poing where the apps kept crashing all the time. Went back to 8.1 and have no regrets. Will go to 10 when it is actually ready.
  • Add the Glance and Lumia Help install errors. They have not been fixed. Any workaround?
  • Ca I have info from Bing Weather app on the Glance screen again?
  • Hey Cortana still not there in India.
  • Is the battery going well on Lumia 630
  • If I upgrade from 8.1, do I need to hard reset?
  • What about there tweet, "we will do something which we never did before" or something like that....
  • I cant enter q,u,s characters in edge address bar...
  • My Lumia 1320 keeps freezing since the update. It's pretty much unusable now. Was really smooth on Build 10549. Whenever I soft reset it, the message pops up "scan SD card". When I remove the SD card, it seems to run a lot smoother than 10549. So I guess the storage bug renders my phone unusable with an SD card. Such a shame. Offline maps on the SD card was what I was looking forward to most... ​
  • I cant even update from build 10536 its stuck on 0%
  • They have fixed the podcasts app in this build, in the last build you couldn't download any episodes.
  • Edge no longer has the "desktop look" with address bar and tabs on top with the small display setting
  • Does anyone have problems with glance? I see it in extras settings, but when i tap it it make screen black and than show up extras. When i click glance from sysapp pusher store says it couldnt found the app... lumia 640 lte build 10581
  • I cant type certain characters as url in Microsoft edge: If I type q,s or u nothing happens. However these characters work in every other app and also I can type here in this forum.
  • Better performance, feels a lot tighter close to rtm.
  • Cortanas Quiet Hours didnt work in 10572 - nothing saved, Id activate 'automatic' start/end time would be entered, but whenever I went back 'automatic' was switched off again. Never worked. Or was that just me? My Lumia 920?
  • Can anyone tell me what the "thing we have never done before" was?? I ain't on the beta and haven't heard any mention of it...
  • Not really a bug, but when I unlock my lock screen only the date and time move up, not the whole lock screen picture.
  • Still Broken: -Still can't swap away the Action button that has Rotation Lock (the fourth button). Sucks.
  • whatever happened to they were doing something new in this build like they have never tried before????? what was that all about do you know?
  • So fast now. I love it
  • Butting and restart I am going bored...
  • i think all lumia 535 users still remain on silence, because MICROSFT did not do anything to fix this crappy problem that weve facing off, the touchscreen sensitivity problem, if this is realy a hardware problem then i probably break this phone. Please MICROSOFT ​help us, not ignore us..
  • i think all lumia 535 users still remain on silence, because MICROSFT did not do anything to fix this crappy problem that weve facing off, the touchscreen sensitivity problem, if this is realy a hardware problem then i probably break this phone. Please MICROSOFT ​help us, not ignore us..
  • It doesn't download on my Lumia 820. I got the message that their are to updates (fast configuration and the actual build) but after hitting download it stays on 0%. Does anyone else have this issue?
  • Be patient it's downloading in background... And progress will not going to show until you turn off the data... Once it's completed it's going to ask for installation...
  • this build is fantastic.  I still have 2 issues that are bugs but they dont get ion the way.  1 i still have duplicate apps in my program menu but the second one in each duplicate is transparent and cant be selected.  2 motion app for windows built in is still in download area and still crashes when instaling and repeats in a constant cycle of failer.  My download at the app store has always had this problem with apps and it continues to have it on my lumia 930.  At least nokia account isnt there anymore lol.
  • Not showing up on my 1020. Still running the update from 2 weeks ago...
  • i really appreicate the work you have done in this built. i am using Nokia 730. Insider Hub is crashing again and again. any help appreciated. Humple request to the team. please  add zoom in & Zoom out feature using volume button for camera. & Auto call recorder functionaly. Regards Ravi  
  • You do realize that this is not an official Microsoft site, don't you? To directly address the developers you have to use official contacts.
  • Hi all, I've got sad face on process of installation on my L930. The phone is in a loop, restart, installation process and finally a sad face and again same story. How can I deal with that?
  • This is why I still haven't install the build as yet
  • my lumia 1020, 1.battery is dropping at jet speed even when phone is locked. 2.when lock button is pressed for locking or unlocking its not responding immediately. 3.applications respond time is very bad. 4.when we come back from an opened app,its still running in background leading to hanging of phone.
  • I finally got it working on my Lumia 1020.  Had to go back to 8.1 with Windows Phone Recovery Tool.  I did not install any backups or configure anything in 8.1 except WIndows Insider.  I went to the latest build from there.
    ​Battery life is very good following syncing of all content. I would suggest you perform a hard reset and see if you've solved the problem.    
  • Can someone tell me if their windowscentral app's fonts or the overall look of the app has gotten bigger, im using 640XL on the current build. Also, i can't access in app purchases to get rid of the ads that suddenly appeared..
  • WCentral has become faster. Finally!
  • (Holds down magnifiying glass) ...  Me: "Set a reminder" Cortana: "Sure, what do you want to be reminded about?" Me: "Remind me why I went back to Apple" Cortana: "Okay, remind you to 'Remind me when I went back to Apple'; when do you want to be reminded?" Me: "Daily"
  • Hi i dont know why i cant update it... Lumia 620
  • some people have to go back to 8.1 to install
  • Finally, no more eternal 'loading...'  on my Lumia 830. And now I can select one individual email account for the lock screen notification. BTW, Team Viewer app finally updated to W10M 2 or 3 days ago. I can forget 8.1 now  :)    
  •     BSoD whenever I try to play a video on my ThinkPad 8 w/ Edge. It is my impression that the ThinkPad 8 was a bad deal. Lots of outdated drivers dating back to 2014 -  
    Lenovo does not seem to give a sneeze any more for the Thinkpad 8. ​
    Although the ThinkPad 8 has been promoted heavily
    during a Microsoft event by Jon Belfiore introducing Continuum
    the ThinkPad 8 does not seem to be fully Windows 10 compatible.            
  • Is Glance supposed to be working on a 920? I found it in the "extras" category but you can't select it. Boy do I miss Glance! 
  • Got the update yesterday and it is a great improvement on my 1520! The only thing that I can't figure out is where to turn on the "Hey Cortana" feature. It is not in the extras menu or in Cortana's menu. Anyone else running into this?
  • "Hey Cortana " is not available!!
    It's not shown in settings>extras>????
  • I have updated new build Yesterday. Problem Iam facing is PHOTO aap not showing Albums in SD card. Coratana is not working even i Selected speech language "English United state". pls help
  • Previous build was much better, more stable. In 10581 if I'm typing, there's a good chance that the phone is going to restart. Almost every time. Hard reset is done. This build is slower and buggier then the previous one on l925.
  • OK, let me tell you my impressions about this upgrade I did it on my Lumia 630 which as you know is "endowed" with 4 cores and 0.5 Ram as a courtesy of MS. I read first it offers nothing new. Too bad I didn't stop right there. It only fixes bugs from current build. I did have bugs in the current build. For example when you try to reach the start screen by closing all open apps or by straight clicking on the Windows sign it didn't work. It only found itself in an infinite loop saying "Loading". As such I felt compelled to try this build as well. Bad idea. It ask for restart which I gave it and after that all that it will do was restarting, vibrating, restarting, vibrating, restarting. Infinite loop. After each showing me a nice faced down Emoji. you know the thing with colon and right bracket saying OOps, sorry. I then cabled the phone to my lappie and fired Windows Device Recovery Tool which did not detect the phone. Also many tries. I chose the route "W did not detect the phone" tried Lumia and obviously not HTC and happily it succeded to write the 8.1 code back on the phone but only of course after many tries. I am a happy 630 paired with 8.1 user again. No wish to be an Insider again. Ever. Funny thing Battery was absolutely alright on the previous 10 Build. I bate the hook that promised me eternal life...of battery. Instead of fixing real bugs like Eternal Loading of Mighty Start Screen. Best regards and take care Insiders
  • Hey guys i am using this latest build 10581 on Lumia 640 xl and i can Say performance has really improved a lot specially Microsoft edge browsing is now very fast. Some bugs of photo sharing and battery performance has also increased. Looking more matured os now.
    During update from any build if Download has stopped then restart your phone and start again.
    Overall a good alternate for daily use.
  • How can i set the sd card to default because i can't
  • I have Lumia 735, when i updated mine to 10581, i encoutered problem while it was restarting, it turned on, goes to the gears screen (it was updating) then a sad smiley appears, i dont what to do with this issue, i connected it to a charger but still the problem occurs. please help me
  • Why does screen goes blank fir a while? It was since last some updates n still hasn't fix this bug !!
  • What does "After moving some apps to a SD card, those apps might crash. The workaround is to reboot your phone and those apps should work fine thereafter" mean ? a) Just shut the phone off, and turn it back on; b) Soft reset; or c) Hard reset. WTF is "reboot" anyway.  Why not just say what is is you are suposed to do ?  There is no "reboot" option on my phone. Of course, I probably missed something obvious.  Like a clear "REBOOT" setting that I am supposed to press ... Thanks. Don (This is like an Agatha Christie mystery, where an entirely new character, apparently named Reboot, is introduced on the second to last page of the book.)
  • There is a stupid fading effect that happens when trying to unlock the phone now that looks like a glitch.
  • Battery life is less than WinPhone8.1
  • Wont update from buil 10536
  • Battery life is a lot better on my Lumia 435 on this build.
  • still i am facing problem after updated to new bulid 10581 also suddendly the mobile get hacked and no touch response . then i force to start with hard reset
  • ust asking. this version. on vedeo record have stereosound or not ? like record from wp8.1 with lumia camera ?
  • Windows 10 10581 on Lumia ICON: Cons: + Battery gone so fast and charge so slow vs. win 8.1.1 + Hey Cortana doesn't work do not setup the voice >extras>hey cortana> ... no hear any voice and do not work " hear an example" button . + Slow to open all the apps. + Problems with blue sky app + Camera star jump when push rich capture Pros: + Good Screen setup + Very good Setting view + amazing folder  + CORTANA great + better color display DON'T LIKE ... contact with a round pic look like iphone or android