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Here's what's fixed and what's broken in Windows 10 build 14332

As is the case with all preview builds, the latest Windows Insider update for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile includes a number of bug fixes, as well as some known issues. And since build 14332 is available for both PC and Mobile at the same time, that means there are double the fixes and issues to be aware of.

In case you're curious about what to watch out for in build 14332, here's Microsoft's full list of known issues and fixes for both mobile and PC:

What's fixed for PC

  • We fixed the issue causing some PCs to bluescreen (bug check) when entering Connected Standby after updating to the latest build from the Development Branch.
  • We fixed the issue where some large downloads may appear to get stuck at 99% completion in Microsoft Edge.
  • We fixed an issue which made it look like you couldn't drag and drop to reorder your favorites on the Favorites Bar.
  • We fixed the issue causing Groove Music to crash on launch at the splash screen.
  • We fixed an issue where adding a song to Groove Music's Now Playing list might cause the current song to stop playing and start over.
  • We fixed the issue where PCs are unable to go back to a previous Insider Preview build via "Go back to an earlier build" under Settings > Update & security > Recovery if they have BitLocker/Device Encryption enabled.
  • We've made improvements to the share UI for Cortana Reminders. The experience is much more polished now.
  • We improved reliability of the Chinese IME.
  • Going forward (from this build), apps for which you've selected "Show windows from this app on all desktops" will be remembered after you update to a new build.
  • We fixed an issue where the taskbar's overflow tray for notification area (systray) icons was not being padded correctly for certain multi-monitor setups.
  • We fixed an issue where the Game Bar would not appear if the DPI had been changed from 150% to 100%.
  • We fixed an issue where notifications with more content sometimes could not be expanded in the Action Center.
  • We fixed an issue where tiles on the Start menu might flash at the wrong size after exiting tablet mode.
  • We fixed an issue where the battery icon in the notification area might display incorrectly after a DPI change.
  • We fixed an issue where clicking on the "X" button on a window in Task View removed the thumbnail, but the title and X button would still be shown.
  • When an app is displayed in the Start menu with the name "@{}"), there will now be an option to uninstall it.
  • We fixed an issue where re-directed folder Libraries would appear as duplicate folder entries in the File Explorer navigation pane.
  • We fixed an issue for multi-monitor users, where launching a desktop (Win32) app from Start would result in the full screen video being played on the other monitor getting minimized.
  • We fixed an issue where the Settings app would crash if you tried to pin a settings page to Start.
  • We fixed an issue where opening Windows Defender from the Settings app would fail.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in blurry and/or overlapped text in Start's All apps list.
  • We fixed an issue where the touch keyboard might not come up in the password field after you switched users on the Lock screen.
  • We fixed an issue where Windows Spotlight wouldn't remember if you had already said you liked that image the last time you locked your PC.

What's Fixed for Mobile

  • We've made improvements to the share UI for Cortana Reminders. The experience is much more polished now.
  • We fixed an issue where a press and hold on the Camera Quick Action in Action Center wouldn't do anything. Now it will launch the Camera app.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the Lumia 435, 532, 535 and 540 being unable to take photos with the Camera app.
  • We fixed an issue where typed text would be invisible in Cortana when the OS was set to light mode under Settings > Personalization > Colors.
  • We fixed an issue with the Italian keyboard where certain words would get auto-capitalized after a comma (acting as it would if it was a period instead).
  • Improved the performance of opening Settings > Update & security > For developers.
  • We fixed an issue where Cyrillic characters would be lowercase in list headers (for example, in the All apps list).
  • We fixed an issue where pulling your headphones out to answer a call would result in the music playing out loud once the call had ended.
  • For phones that support adjusting the brightness automatically, this setting will now be enabled by default after a restore or hard reset.
  • You can now set the time for how long it should be for Windows to require you to sign in again via Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options with Windows Hello set up.
  • We fixed an issue that blocked you from renaming your device.
  • We fixed an issue where the Lock screen quick status numbers might appear drawn under the navigation bar.

Known Issues for PC

  • We're adding a built-in network speed test under Settings > Network & Internet > Status however it doesn't work just yet. The UI is there but we still have some backend work to get it turned on and working.
  • Feedback Hub is not localized and the UI will be in English (U.S.) only, even with language packs installed.
  • Feedback Hub takes about 20-30 minutes after updating to this build to download and hydrate itself. If Feedback Hub is not fully hydrated, if you receive a mini-survey notification it will take you nowhere in the app, search in Feedback Hub won't show results, and if you click to go to Feedback Hub from another app or setting, Feedback will not open.
  • The Desktop App Converter Preview (Project Centennial) will fail to run on the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14332. If you are a developer utilizing the converter tool to convert your desktop app to UWP, we suggest skipping this build until we can fix this issue.
  • All Tencent online games no longer work in current builds from the Development Branch.
  • The updated UAC UI breaks the ALT + Y keyboard shortcut to choose "yes".
  • You may receive 0x8004C029 errors when attempting to play Groove Music Pass (DRM) content in Groove Music.
  • Playing music in the Groove Music within 2 minutes after logging into your PC will result in 0xc10100ae playback errors. If you wait more than 2 minutes after logging in to play music in Groove Music you will avoid this issue.
  • You may see square boxes in certain apps when using some of the new emoji – we're still getting things set up, this will be resolved in a future build.
  • We are continuing to make changes to our extension datastore schema in Microsoft Edge. As a result, after updating to this build any extensions installed will be removed. You can reinstall these extensions to get them back.
  • If you are using a non-English keyboard, you can't accept Bash prompts.
  • We are investigating an issue where if you're running Insider Preview builds in certain languages, the All apps list on Start appears empty. A workaround for this is to use search to launch apps.

Known Issues for Mobile

  • Speech Packs are unable to be downloaded. However, Language Packs for keyboards should download without any issues. We have identified the issue and working to get a fix out as soon as possible.
  • Feedback Hub is not localized and the UI will be in English (U.S.) only even with language packs installed.
  • When you navigate to your camera roll directly from the Camera app, it may crash. To view the photos taken with the Camera app, go directly to the Photos app instead to avoid the crash.
  • You may receive 0x8004C029 errors when attempting to play Groove Music Pass (DRM) content in Groove Music.
  • You may encounter "Can't Play – Another app is controlling your sound right now. 0xc00d4e85" errors when attempting to play Groove Music Pass (DRM) content in Groove Music.
  • You may see square boxes in certain apps when using some of the new emoji – we're still getting support for the new emoji added throughout the systems, this will be resolved in a future build.
  • There is a bug we're investigating that prevents some apps such as Tweetium from launching.
  • Your phone will lock up and reboot when it receives a notification from an app that has "Keep notifications private on the lock screen" turned on under Settings > System > Notifications & actions. This is particularly painful if you have this turned on for the Messaging app and could result in the loss of text messages. If you have this turned on for specific apps – it is recommended you turn it off until we fix this issue.
  • The Settings app may crash when you are re-arranging Quick Actions under Settings > System > Notification & actions. If it does, it could result in one of the Quick Action spots disappearing. If you see this happen, please refrain from changing your Quick Action settings on this build. If you have been impacted by this issue, only a hard reset will revert your Quick Action settings back to default.
  • You may see square boxes in certain apps when using some of the new emoji – we're still getting support for the new emoji added throughout the systems, this will be resolved in a future build.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the Editor in Chief for Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl. Got a hot tip? Send it to

  • Moving to slow ring just as i much bugs for mobile. Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • Does that mean you are using the elusive unreleased build with multi-window? :D
  • Haha, that would be nice! Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • No serious bugs detected #1520
  • Automatic brightness option missing now from brightness quick action button... And low,medium, high wont work until you go to settings and turn off automatically adjust brightness level... Wow...
    Thank you MS for making things worse build after build...
    FM radio gone, glance screen available twice in settings yet broken etc etc... Why dont you just kill it instantly instead of this slow poisoning :'( Nokia Lumia 1520
    ~The Power of Windows 10~
  • You're an idiot.
  • You better replace the 'K' in your name to 'L'... Suits you better
  • rofl...... hahaha.... bro if u talk about the issues in Win10 mob people will mock at u.... here people are scared to learn about issues in WinMob10..... MS is only releasing Fast by Fast rings without resolving old issues, I don't know where they are aiming... the official and its cumulative updates are full of bugs..... I don't say Win10 is dead but MS first resolve the issues in its non insider versions... how come they expect someone will purchase a phone with full of bugs ? - Windows 10 L730(10586.218)
  • No, you're the one who's butthurt. Complaining about bugs with insider builds and all.
  • At least I am not a moron like you.
  • Yeah you're not... You're a special case retard who doesn't know how to argue with someone having a difference of opinion or a concern.
    Does MS pay you for being an a** hole or you give such services for free
  • Why are you using preview builds is beyond me. I am a tester for a living and it is quite normal that devs implement new stuff and break other stuff that was working. I really have no idea why are people like you using non production builds. ;)
  • I didn't whine when my phone crashed every time i received a message because i knew they implemented this keep message private thing which has broken something in messaging.. But the things i mentioned above have nothing new implemented as far as i know... I cant figure it out why something got broken that was not even supposed to be touched...Ok i am not a dev, someone who is could've told me this happened because of that. Instead of people calling me moron and idiot and taunting me to leave the insiders... Is that the way ?
    Has complaining become a sin in insiders ?
    I agree my words were harsh but those replies weren't fairy tales as well. Kenswiss thinks his 1520 is now bug free so everyone else having a 1520 whining about a bug is a moron Nokia Lumia 1520
    ~The Power of Windows 10~
  • Living images is still broken on 1520 and What's New doesn't work on The people hub.
  • Why are you even explaining this to morons, probably they will never understand. You will see them here again after the next build complaining that something was fine and now has been broken.
  • If Microsoft paid me to silence foolish people on the internet I wouldn't have wasted my time on you.. you are broken up there
  • Stop complaining mæn, this is not the final build.. Well the problems you've mentioned are not that bothering and will eventually be ironed out.
  • Complaining aint a sin... The things i mentioned were just better and didnt need changes unless new feature was being added...MS ruined them for nothing. Had they been updating them to something more interesting I'd understand that things went wrong while playing around.. But you can clearly see, they broke the things that were perfect... Nokia Lumia 1520
    ~The Power of Windows 10~
  • Ladies, please be classy ;) Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • I surrender Nokia Lumia 1520
    ~The Power of Windows 10~
  • I called you an idiot because you clearly know nothing about software development. You join a pre release is, then complain that something's broken, why would you expect it to work perfectly? Software development is incredibly complex, you can break an entire feature by simply changing a single line of code in a block completely unrelated to said feature. If you don't know simple things like this then you have no reason being on the insider program.
  • When did I complain about anything?? Quote me please
  • Seems to be a bit of confusion, I wasn't referring to you ken Swiss, I was referring to echen3
  • so as per ur logic, a non-insider can complain about issues in windows 10 ? Official OS update is full of bugs the version .218, battery backup sucks... has to charge my mobile twice a day.... lol... stopped using 2nd SIM and paying higher data charges in 1st SIM which Is primary for me, if I activate both SIMs battery drains in 10 hrs..... Navigation bar still doesn't hide in most of the apps which released in 8.1 and u expect them to develop a 10 UWP app ? common, it took years for them to develop an app in win8.1.... leave about the app gap, atleast make all 8.1 games, apps available in win10 MS instead of resolving existing issues in its .218 build keeps on releasing fast builds..... - Windows 10 L730(10586.218)
  • Like Wise1: Yes, complaining about bugs in produiction builds is much more acceptable than opting into pre release software and complaining that its buggy. All of your complaints aobut the current release builds are quite valid. And I'm not sure whats with your attitude exactly..
  • Sometimes phone app crashes when entering numbers in the dial pad, anyone else? Seems relatively stable apart for that.
  • How many times should I try before the app crashes? I can't make mine to crash yoh
  • I don't know, seems kinda random.  I just typed something like '9999' then it crashes, but other times, it's fine.  Maybe a bug with the the smart dialer, so it may not affect everyone.
  • ive had a lot of apps crahs at complete random on the current build, seems like its a more widespread issue then isolated to that one app
  • I've already had these issues in the previous two builds (mobile), are the just confirming them now?
  • No. They are persisting. Though they have fixed a lot of existing bugs between builds.
  • Still cannot type a, w, y on Edge's address bar on a multilingual keyboard/system. However they have made a visual change in Edge, as I see on my 950 XL: There is no longer a button bar when you tap the three dots. The buttons for favorites, downloads and so on have been integrated as list entries on the menu instead. Send from Bikini Bottom via my ShellPhone 950 XL
  • Some known issues come up between builds and they don't always add newly found issues to the blog posts, they can include them in a future post though if the issue is then considered common enough and known to them. Seen some people already mention the issue around the crashes with private apps on the lock screen. Sometimes I never see some of the known issues come up once, like the Space and Enter keys stopping working...never had it happen. It's normal to find problems in 1 build that wasn't in the known issues, for it to then be a known issue in the next build.
  • People hub broken now? Not showing Facebook feed
  • Glad they finally acknowledged the private notifications bug. Been there since build 14322. Lost some texts from trying to figure out why my phone crashed every time I got a text with the phone locked.
  • Seems to have affected people who have the Messaging app as private (specifically), I only have Messenger (Facebook) as set to private and it hasn't caused any issues, few people have posted recently about their phone mysteriously crashing when the screen is locked which I think is due to this issue of private notifications
  • i know what you mean; my camera was was not working and they hadn:t mentioned it in the known issue list; they fixed it now ; hope next time you wont be having trouble with private notification bug :)
  • And theres the infamous incomplete list
  • Hopefully they fixed Living Images. It stopped working on the last build.
  • It still works for me on my 950XL, but I did notice you need to go into the camera settings and toggle it to on. It was off by default.
  • Did that but it didn't work. Updating now. 1520.
  • Still not working for me.......ugh
  • Same here its not working for me (on L1520) ever since i have upgraded to Windows 10.
  • Well i noticed living images mostly dont work when focus is manually set... Try taking pictures suddenly without manual focus so that the phone spends some seconds in auto focus., after taking a pic wait for a few seconds when the camera says adding finishing touches.. Open pic from photos app and click 3 dots to see if the option of show as living image is there or not... Select it if there Nokia Lumia 1520
    ~The Power of Windows 10~
  • There's an awful lot of side effects to this build..... Like, I think Ambien has less side effects haha. I'm particularly annoyed with the groove music issue "another spp is controlling the sound"
  • And still the removal of the skype integration with no alternative. I tried to use the 8.1 app, but it straight up didn't work. It wouldn't give notifications and would only sync messages like once a day. Broken groove, unreliable notifications and this are just deal breakers for me.
  • I am glad they acknowledge the Groove issues.
  • My sentiments exactly. Not sure if they acknowledged it before but glad they are now. This was killing me at the gym. Side note, has anyone noticed if this bug a: persists with a soft reset, and b: breaks other music apps in the process - Pandora won't work if I encounter this bug.
  • I've been getting the error that "Another application is controlling the volume. Groove Music cannot play at this time" and it being the only app open. Groove just scrolls through all the artists in the playlist. Super annoying.
  • Soft reset didn't fix it for me. Neither did the software recovery tool and reinstallation of that build. Unfortunately.
  • The cell data bug isn't listed as fixed or in the bug list. Hmmmm...
    Now the potential Groove DRM bug is my showstopper.  I wish it was easier to roll back on Mobile builds.
  • Have you tried updating to this build? Is the bug still presented? I may skip this build until one where the bug is fixed. This is really anoyng and major bug.
  • No, I haven't. I'm staying Slow Ring for now. I use cell data and Groove Music Pass, a lot.
  • Did they fix the duplicate app issue in the store? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • They did it one or two builds ago. It's even mentioned in the blog post. Posted from my laptop
  • "Your phone will lock up and reboot when it receives a notification from an app that has "Keep notifications private on the lock screen" turned on under Settings > System > Notifications & actions. This is particularly painful if you have this turned on for the Messaging app and could result in the loss of text messages. If you have this turned on for specific apps – it is recommended you turn it off until we fix this issue." That was the most horrible bug ever! My 950 and 950XL rebooted like crazy, I lost text messages, couldn't properly contact my wife or my clients. I have other phones so I switched to them but wow, painful is the word. I sen't Microsoft feedback with those exact instructions after trying to figure it out for a half day and providing diagnostics. I am not saying I was the one that figured out the workaround but it was the ONLY way I figured out how to stop the freezing and reboots for each text message and I didn't read about it online. That was actually the most painful bug I have ever experience as I didn't know who was contacting me or if they contacted me at all. I am not complaining as I decided from the beginning of the Insider program to use my main devices on Insider builds to provide real world feedback. Painful bugs like that are just a part of the process. It did cause some real world pain though as my wife and I had some serious discussions about a lunch time mix up due my 950s not getting texts, losing texts, restarting almost every minute and more while I was driving and sitting at my desk. It was crazy, I had about 60 restarts that day before simply deciding to put both devices away and switch to my HTC One M8 that is on the latest TH2 build. Oh how I missed that premium metal chassis of the One M8! Give me a One M8 with Continuum and better cameras and I will buy it!
  • People around here only see how fast builds are coming...what they don't see is how much bugs it carried from build to build. For them everything is butter smooth. Don't try to whine, they smell it from miles away and will downvote you to hell. Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • LOL!
  • Some of us are using beasts for phones, for instance my 1520 runs these insider builds like they were wp8.1
  • 1520 and 930 have the same internals. Go figure :/ Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • 930 is a half-cast/ u will see something close to 1520s engineering with the Surface Phones #did I lie too much?
  • I doubt it, the Surface phone will probably look more like the tablets than the 930 or 1520
  • I didn't mean the looks.
  • Exactly. If you raise your concern and show your unhappiness they say you whine and start downvoting... WTH.. D.O.o Nokia Lumia 1520
    ~The Power of Windows 10~
  • That Groove problem where it says "sound is controlled by another device" is soooooooo infuriating. I pretty much can't play music through my bluetooth speakers anymore, because as soon as I connect and want to switch a song it stops :/:/:/
  • yeah it's driving me nuts too.  Also, when using continuum, the music cracklers and jitters ewhen switcing between apps
  • Thank you! I thought it was just me. Lamest bug ever. Makes Groove essentially worthless in the car.
  • I created a thread in the forums on this issue last week.
  • Luv my 10586 build. Have fun, all you Fast Ringers. Muahaha! Reading the list of bugs makes me SMH. I'll just sit back and enjoy the "stable" life. But I AM waiting eagerly for you guys to work out all the bugs on these cool new features. So get back to work, Fast Ringers!!
  • That tis a funny comment. Posted from Pornhub
  • There is little doubt in my mind... That YOU are a Microsoft employee.
  • I am whatever you want me to be... Posted from Pornhub
  • LOL, no, I meant that for coolj
  • 1520 users should be excluded from these tests, it is bypassing bugs... Ironically most of 950/XLs are getting slaughtered by the insider bugs
  • Instead of waiting for others to work things out for you, why not join in and help work it out? Look at the owners of previous generation devices, they got left behind because the few that did participate, weren't enough to highlight the positives.
  • I've been fast ring on my daily driver that I use for work for several builds now.  Its far from perfect, but its manageable.
  • glad camera app now works on lumia 535 i hope the flash button is there too :3 and they should add FM app back too...
  • Can anyone answer if the current insider build has fixed the issue of phone numbers not showing as links in the Mail and Calendar app?
  • For what it's worth, I've never seen that issue
  • Your numbers in both the mail and calendar apps are links that open the phone dialer??? In the insider build or the production build????
  • What's frustrating is when things like the Band sync bug are still present and it's routinely left off the list as a persistent issue.  Maybe they need to add a "persistent issues" section for "Known Issues". I'd also like to know what is in the code that keeps breaking a random assortment of apps? Every build it's a lottery as to which apps will succomb to crashes.
  • Totally agree about the Band2 although mine worked fine in every respect except Cortana was not functioning
  • Still scared to move from production. Way too many bugs. Proud of MS for moving this along tho. Looking forward to these features.
  • No guts, no glory!
  • Haha. I spent plenty of time on preview. Till I got my 950xl which was buggy as **** till this past update. After a few days my battery is normal. 18hrs average. I'm worried mostly about battery, texting and emails. Everything else I can deal with.
  • Momma didn't raise a quitter. Posted from Pornhub
  • You guys certainly aren't encouraging lol
  • I'm still holding off. Really liked the build from two weeks ago, but it wouldn't let me launch a few of my most used apps so I rolled back to whatever updates were available to my 950 without insider. Shame really because I like all the little UI changes in notification center
  • I already had the groove music problem with my phone with the last build.
  • Same things were in previous build. Anything new. Anyways cortana is not working properly. Is she been fixed.
  • Yeah, I get erratic performance, sometimes it crashes on startup on both mobile and PC, or right after listening. It crashes too often now to be honest. A couple times I got blank text on mobile. This is what you mean?
  • has anyone gotten Accessability Apps page in settings to work? I'm supposed to manage my Band notifications there, but i just see the 'user consent' text and nothing else.   I appear to be having some very strange privacy settings interactions out side of that as well.
  • I've had with you, Microsoft!! After ruining good ol' Nokia, you are nothing but a bunch of amateurs!! Can't even write a proper code.... damn' nitwits!!! *outrageous* GTH
  • Any chance you could substantiate your comments? Would be interesting to hear how you reached your conclusion? As for Nokia, that was a disaster from day one.
  • Well, you know what they say. Ignorance is bliss. Or rather in your case, ignorance is rage.
  • Still the same old whining, haven't you geniuses figured out that this is TEST software? Load it, test it and report the bugs not listed or post suggestions for improving it, trying to use it as a daily phone isn't the intent. Time to get a clue!
  • I yearn for the day that I read the headline: "Here's what's fixed in Windows 10 build XXXXXX and nothing's broken!" *sigh*
  • That just isn't the way software development works, I'm afraid.  I *might* could write you a Hello World application with no bugs in it.  A major operating system--not so much.
  • That will never happen. These are insider builds for a reason.
  • I just switched to Slow Ring.  Hopefully the Groove bugs are fixed in the next build.
  • 14328 had been so stable on my 950 dual sim that I'm sliding my insider setting to slow ring since I can no longer change the update setting to manual. 14328 has been so rock-solid that I'm afraid to see a change. All the improvements made in 332 for mobile do diddely squat for me and aren't worth the risk presently.
  • 14328 has been rock solid for me as well... did the same changing to slow ring. I'm passing on this new build
  • "We fixed an issue where pulling your headphones out to answer a call would result in the music playing out loud once the call had ended." Was this new? My 920 was doing this when I got it in 2012. Ithought it was fixed, but I guess it came back. Now, how about the ability to turn off Cortana? I haven't used the search button on my phone in weeks because I can't turn it off. Oh, and fix that **** of a Podcasts app. I tried it for the first time today, and the audio just dies after 5-10 minutes. Happened 4 separate times during one listening session. That, or let us uninstall the pile of junk.
  • I can't update... It gives me an error error 0x80070002 after it tries to start installing in the cogs screen (after the download and preparation). Just restarts again and points to that error number... :/ Did twice. Well, now that sucks... +640
  • Now I can rename my phone and change hotspot's password again.
  • Yep. I noticed this too. Wasn't listed as a "fix" in this build. But obviously was.
  • Flickering screen when shooting a video issue still there. Lumia 1520
  • Why is Microsoft blocking older phones? Lumia Icon, Lumia 928 and more from these updates, as these phones have more capability than some of the smaller phones on their list for updates?
  • Fast Ring updates are only for phones that shipped with W10M, not sure about the Slow Ring though
  • Not true, I'm using a 930, and i got every fast ring update as well so far.
  • The Icon isn't on the update list. Speak to Verizon about that, It hasn't even been offered 10586 due to Verizon's lack of interest and their spat with MS. Other devices were left behind due to poor performance ( reported by users ) with WIN10. Most can be upgraded to 10586 on the production ring. Many of those unsupported are unable to use insider fast / slow rings due to a variety of reasons including performance issues and hardware.
  • Dialer crash on this build ...
  • Groove is dead.
  • The fm radio app is still missing nor acknowledged.we folks like our local music stations
  • Cortana speech in Australia still broken...they even remover Australia from the Cortana language options in this build
  • There is a mention about language packs in the 'whats not fixed' list.
  • Yes but not my specific issue. "Cortana does not respond to voice commands when you have region and languages successfully installed and set to Australia". That's the issue :P
  • i really wish they bring back square or toggle for contacts
  • Oh thanks for the heads up
  • How about FM Radio
  • Still no network freeze fix for dual sim phones Posted from windows central for windows 10 mobile
  • For people that are having issues syncing the band 2, I can confirm here that you need to hard reset your phone (and maybe band as well) to get it to sync properly again. After I've done so it's now synced perfectly under the newest RS build. And actually also solved a lot of other problems I had.... I know it's a pain in the arse but worth while if you plan to stay on fast ring. From WCentral App for Windows 10 Mobile
  • Lumia 830...... We can't setup a mobile hotspot error any one help...... Thanks in advance
  • Glance was broken in previous build. They removed the always on while charging option, so no good as a night clock at the moment. And don't get me started on Gadgets...
    Edit. Glance is in two places in Settings. In the old extras menu, the charge option is still there.
  • Finally fixed the music bug when we are on a call and headphones plugged in .. My feedback some six months ago
  • Just want to add, is have turned off the fast ring, as I've been an insider since day one of windows phone ownership and the last build has been the best build yet. Groove works brilliant, all other apps are happy. My phone doesn't restart, turns on when it should and my band 2 works as it should. Just don't fancy risking it for a bit. :)
  • Should add its a 950Xl
  • My 950XL seems to work fine with all my apps and everything in this build.
  • Tempted to try it on my 950XL but latest production build is very stable for me.
  • My Band 2 still doesn't sync.
  • The band 2 seems to be real fussy at times
  • Groove doesn't work brilliant at all. Only works if u are playing your own music. It's a pretty poor build
  • They fixed the camera roll issue so I can now add pictures to a LINE chat again.  I'm happy.  That's all I wanted. Ian
  • 14332 won't install in my 1520. The download it's successful but the installation stops with error 0x80070002 :(
  • Same here. lumia 830 after reboot it says install not successful
  • I have the same problem is there a fix
  • I get the same error message on my 1520 as well! Bummer...
  • I have the same problem did you fix it
  • Same on my 1520.
  • Os there a fix for this
  • Is there a fix for this
  • Feeling the smoothness of 8.1 after a long hiatus
  • but without some of the best features that a phone must have that were on 8.1
  • Like what?
  • Are u high? Quiet hours when busy in calendar for one! That's disappeared without a trace. Was the best and most useful feature!
  • Text to speech is no longer working on Lumia 1520.  Does anyone have the same issue? 
  • Yes, same on my 1520 sadly.
  • 218 for days!! Really happy
  • Crash during installation on L930, error 0x80070002...
  • you're not alone bro... L640 here Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile~
  • Has anyone noticed that since last build on the lock screen now back arrow is to pull screen down and windows key is to call Cortana. Search button does nothing. This is on my Lumia 930 and 1520
  • Does mobile data work on dual SIM 950XL ?
  • Yeah I got bugged with the action center quick toggles lol only have one now :( bummer. L930
  • I need FM app too, but now I use FM Tiles application instead.
  • I used to have issues with Mobile Data hanging issue on my Lumia 640 XL dual sim if my two sim cards are allowed to work. The mobile data would hang when I tried to switch it on from Action Centre. Before this update, i disabled one sim from working to enable me use mobile data. It seems the problem is solved as I have not experienced any freezing issue since I updated to build 14332.1001 since last night. I will report back to this forum if I experience it again Posted from Windows Central App for Lumia 640 XL
  • Hi If you restart and you have not any problem then seems that cell bug is fixed.
    Are you still with no bug?
    I have 950 dual and have the bug with the previous build.
    If you are happy I might try the new build.
  • Still no fix for the missing action buttons.
  • My 1520 is rocking this build well
  • In the People app, my Facebook feed in 'What's New' is no longer working in this build, 14332.1001. The screen is back with Showing Facebook at the top. Facebook, however, is not being shown. I have not altered any settings since updating to this build. This was working fine before updating to build 14332. It still works fine on my other 'phone, which runs on build 1056.164. Are others having this problem, or does someone have a fix?
  • Yes same problem here!
  • Same as mine 640 except missing few letters like a,w, y and sometimes m in Edges address bar.
  • Same on my 950XL
  • Reading all that lets you know they are actually working on both platforms of Windows 10.
  • PC: When you click on time then event shows 23:40 instead of 11:40
  • They seem to be having some serious issues getting the lock screen straightened out.
  • Many of the bugs in the official list are things I've been experiencing for a couple builds now, manly the Groove music bug. I installed this new build this morning and it stalled during the install, so I was forced to do a battery pull. Now edge and Cortana crash when trying to open, so does maps as it has for a few builds now. The worst part about edge not working is that it throws errors even when I click a link in an app and it attempts to launch. Any workarounds that you guys might know of or do you guys know how to roll back one build? Well. I guess only thing that has been fixed from prior builds is the syncing issue with my band 2. As I was typing this I got startled by a notification! Glad to have them back, as they're sorely needed. Bye bye 3 day battery life lol.
  • How did you get your Band 2 to start working again? Mine still doesn't.
  • It just started working on it's own. But I ended up doing a hard reset and reloaded the backup made prior to the bad install. Now everything is working great with the exception of Groove. The "this player is being controlled by another device" error is back.
  • finally the camera is up and running again thanks MS :)
  • Anyone having a problem where the update downloads on oc but doesn't install? Please share if you do From CoJo101
    Windows Central App for Windows 10
  • Closer. 930
  • I had the cellular data trouble in the last build too; I did the same reboot/remove sim/reboot/insert sim procedure couple of times to get back the cellular data (even the settings was crashing on Cellular & SIM) ; wish MS has taken note of this and at least acknowledge in the next release or even better fix it and mention it :)
  • Upgraded from 328 to 332, didn't do full reset. Untappd won't let me login!! Seriously, of all apps, the one I use the most. Uninstalled and re-installed, worked just fine. Office Lens, first launch rebooted phone. Not second most used, but I do a ton of work on whiteboards and love saving using this. Haven't seen the Groove issue. Was able to listen to a playlist on shuffle mood without it stopping.
  • The Groove "another app is controlling your sound" bug is annoying.  It seems to only affect me when using my car bluetooth.  Seems ok when I plug it in with a cord.
  • The build is smooth. But there are noticeable bugs everywhere. I'm mentioning few that are not given in "known" issues.   1. Phone doesn't connect automatically to hidden networks. Deleting and adding the n/w again fixed the problem.   2. At some point, the tiles seem to go blank, with no icon or name. Resizing the tile fixes the problem.   3. Data Usage in settings isn't complete. The graphical representation and usage statistics are not found in this build. I haven't found a workaround yet.   4. Long pressing the toggle actions in notification bar does not always take u to the settings page. Even "settings" failed to launch on the tap attempt.   5. Keyboard isn't smooth. Its like the keyboard is struggling to find what we press. There are also occasional "word flow" happening unintentionally.   6. Some apps like WhatsApp may go to infinite "loading" state after upgrade. Soft reset will fix the problem.   That’s all for now. It still doesn’t qualify for a daily driver. And Insider Fast never will.. :P
  • I have to disagree with you about insider fast not being a daily driver..the previous build (14328) is rock solid for me... no real issues for me to report other than not being able to set lock duration for windows Hello. seems like newer builds can be hit or miss
  • did anyone that updgraded to this latest update use WDRT to wipe and restore and then ugrade /restore to this latest build before testing it? worked wonders on previous build for me! (please your backups first before attempting)
  • In Microsoft Edge on W10M they removed four icons for favorites, downloads, history and reading list and put that options on the top of menu. :(
  • groove music doesn't play any of my music pass subscriptions but it plays everything else including my one drive music. The odd thing is that the web player works fine but on third party browsers and not on edge
  • Can't update
  • Can't update on lumia 1520 won't install error 0x80070002 can someone help me
  • I get a black screen during the installation wtf
  • Insider ring selection slider replaced by drop down menu
  • I am installing this build but my computer is stock at Part 3: Configurating Settings 99% complete.. It has been there for hours, I don't know what to do  
  • First build on 640 that's so bad, so broken, so many crashes, Edge problems, missing FM radio, etc. that I reset the phone back to 8.1, then 10.0.15186.218. ONLY took 3 hours on a fast internet connection (only ~10 minutes to DL 8.1 eg, but hours to install and update the OS). Highly unstable build.
  • Just realized DoubleTapToWake feature is back on lumia 830 in this buid + several settings added in glance screen option menu. Geez.. Msft they add back features and not even mention in changelog :)
  • Off topic but has anyone been able to send files from android to wp via share it?? (able to do vice versa