Here's what's fixed and what's broken in Windows 10 Mobile preview build 14356

Microsoft has released a list of what's been fixed, and what issues remain, in the just launched Windows 10 Mobile preview build 14356 for Insiders in the Fast ring.

Here is the long list of bug fixes in the build, according to Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar:

  • We fixed an issue that was resulting in high battery usage when using the Microsoft Health app.
  • We fixed an issue where the 75-85% battery icon was not very accurate, and made it look like you had more battery left than you actually did.
  • We updated the UI for rearranging Quick Actions in the Settings app to now show a visual confirmation of readiness on press and hold, and to show the other Quick Actions reflowing while you're dragging the Quick Action to its new spot.
  • The Settings app will no longer crash when you are re-arranging Quick Actions resulting in the loss of Quick Action slots.
  • We fixed an issue that caused the Brightness Quick Action to appear missing.
  • We updated thumbnail generation logic to now only create the small thumbnail automatically after taking a picture, and create a larger thumbnail on demand. This saves SD card space for people who take a very large number of photos.
  • We have made improvements to the Glance screen. We fixed an issue that resulted in the Glance screen clock occasionally not being up to date. The Glance screen will now "Always show Glance screen when charging" as the default behavior. And we fixed an issue resulting in Glace screen possibly showing an unexpected and extremely large badge count.
  • We fixed an issue where the Alarms & Clock app might not update corresponding to a time zone change, resulting in an alarm going off at the wrong time.
  • We fixed an issue where the Camera app wouldn't launch from the hardware key for certain devices if the Flashlight Quick Action was active.
  • We decreased the size of icons used in notifications from 64×64 to 48×48 – maintaining the visibility, while improving the use of space in the Action Center.
  • We fixed an issue where the solid black rectangle of the keyboard could sometimes be seen for a second after entering your pin on the Lock screen to unlock your device.
  • We fixed a few issues causing the keyboard not to come up with various UWP apps like the Messaging app, Microsoft Edge, and Cortana.
  • We fixed an issue where diversity emoji might show up as two characters (emoji and diversity modifier) in certain apps, including Messaging.
  • We updated backup logic to also include Start tile transparency percent, so that backups created from Build 14356 onwards will restore preferred transparency.
  • We fixed an issue that resulted in PCs failing to connect to the phone's mobile hotspot with the error "Can't set up network".
  • We have updated app names on Live tiles to now reflect Ease of Access' Text Scaling setting.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the Brightness Quick Action not doing anything on certain devices after setting brightness to "automatic" in the Settings app.
  • We fixed an issue that resulted in Groove crashing when swiping to open the hamburger menu.
  • We fixed an issue that resulted in the Settings app sometimes freezing for a bit when moving a very large number of apps to a SD card.
  • We fixed an issue that resulted in Continuum having extremely fast scrolling inertia with certain TVs.
  • Fixed an issue where Glance screen might show stale badge counters for a few seconds immediately after Glance appeared
  • We have updated the Mobile Hotspot settings page to give clearer error messaging when setting up a hotspot fails due to no SIM being connected.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in Reminders not showing up at the correct time after upgrading.
  • We fixed an issue that would result in Cortana not showing any results if you started the mic and didn't say anything, and then typed out the query.
  • We improved the reliability of Cortana listening after tapping the mic button.
  • We improved the refresh time of Wi-Fi data usage breakdown under Settings > Network and wireless > Data usage so it will more quickly update to reflect your usage when you open the page.
  • We fixed an issue where the navigation bar buttons for certain devices might be mapped incorrectly when the phone was locked leading to press and hold on back button invoking one-handed mode, and press and hold on Windows button invoking search.
  • We fixed an issue that resulted in not being able to turn off Bluetooth above the Lock screen without entering your pin.
  • We fixed an issue where certain apps, such as WhatsApp, were not displaying a detailed status on the Lock screen.

There is also a brief list of known issues in the build:

  • We are continuing to investigate battery life issues impacting certain devices. We have fixed a few bugs that improve battery life but we have more work to do here.
  • We are investigating data issues with some Dual-SIM devices where cellular data doesn't work correctly with a second SIM. Several issues relating to cellular data with Dual-SIM devices have been reported by Insiders with the last two Mobile builds and we're investigating these reports.
  • In some cases, the new Cortana features highlighted above may not work. Restarting your phone should fix the issue and get the features working
John Callaham
  • Wow! That's a long list of improvements. Keep up the good work.
  • Long fixes list took lot of time for me to read them all aaannnddd coming to issues it took seconds
  • Thought the same here. The fixed list went on and on.. I just wanna play with the new features already, but here I am scrolling through fixes :P Using Lumia 950XL Dual Sim
  • Yeah the fixes list addresses all the issues I was struggling with, since I use Microsoft Health app all the time I'm glad they fixed the battery issue with it should give me back a few hours of charge now. Posted from my Lumia 950
  • Is it known whether the MS Health battery issues was affecting connected Bands too, i.e it was running background sync too often? I got a new Band 2 and the battery seems to drain quicker than the original model - That could possibly just be down to the more granular way the percentage is shown on Band 2 though - On the original it only goes up/down in blocks of 10%
  • Pretty much fixed everything that was bugging me about the last build. Glance charging especially. Great work! Wordflow seems better too.
  • So glad to see the Glance Charging in as a "Fix" as it was not listed as a Known Issue at any point AFAIK. I was a little worried the option would be dropped / forgotten about in the move over to the main settings menu. Huge thumbs up for it
  • Just had my first "keyboard not appearing" moment after replying to a text on notification screen (which still send multiple times) Sigh...
  • Glad to hear WordFlow is improved, I've found it worse than with 8.1. Looking forward to putting this build on now.
  • This is actually getting a bit beyond a joke now, there shouldn't be issues to fix anymore! When i switched to windows phone when the 920 came out I kept an old iphone 4 as my backup device for the odd app i needed. This year i upgraded my 1520 to a 950xl and decided to upgrade the iphone to the 6splus, and they have come on such a long way in the same time, the iphone has now become my main handset, even though the screen is lower quality and the camera isnt great, the software just works. :( Which does mean a lot of piss taking from my friends for the years i was pushing windows phone at them. 
  • That's really not how development work. There will always be bugs to fix and the same is true for all platforms. Microsoft is more open about it though whereas Google and Apple just brag about fixing the most serious bugs. The last update for Ios had to be rolled back since it left Ipads bricked.
  • Well I guess you right about the development stage, but why on earth is such a ****** os (bugs wise) released to the masses! That's why it hasn't made it big yet on the mobile side of things. I'm looking at these bug fixes, and of cause it's normal for now, but I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for the general user that just got him or her a 950 with all these ****** issues and ultimately that's what it comes down to. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The general user, who just got his / her 950, isn't on the fast ring. He / she is on the production build, which is quite stable, and hasn't any of these issues. The purpose of the fast ring is to test newer, beta versions of the system, with new features, but also with bugs too. Just like if you install the developer preview of an upcoming version of android on you phone. And MS even warns you, that you will install beta software, when you enroll in the insider program ;) Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on Lumia 535
  • It isn't ******. It's actually very stable and not many bugs. Android has more than 40.000 bugs and some go back 3-4 years. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • It's beta software (not even beta actually) of course there's issue to fix. It's similar when Apple has release previews for iOS. Once they get to a final point release the bugs (let's hope!) will be ironed out and you'll be back to your 950XL and stop using the iPhone so much. Agaisnt MS though they should have gotten to a stable release a long time ago. But for them (or against Apple) iOS has had more incremental changes and while it works well, it still is just a basic grid based OS so isn't as useful.
  • If you think ios doesn't have any issues than you're sadly mistaken.
  • King, I know how you feel, I'm using a Huawei P8 now, and I made my whole family get lumias lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Seems MS shows more interesting in Cortona n Continum than the improving the existing features. How many of phone users need Cortona N continuum is the million dollar Q.
  • I use both every day... and I'm sure lots of others do too (or at least will soon)
  • Cortana i use serveral times a day. Continuum i used only 3  times in the last view weeks, in the Hotel. Next business trip on Monday  i will give it the ultimate trial and leave my Surface 3 in the suitcase and wait for reaction of our business partners. I know their setup is Continuum compatible (HDMI Projector and power plugs at the table). I'm curious about the reactions, especially because one of them is Apple-Fanboy. I expect a big "woahhh".
  • Please do tell us after attempting that feat!
  • After 3 hours with it: First reaction was "you work without notebook today?"
    Then i put the dock and keyboard on the desk and plugged it to the projector. I started the excel with ToDos from last time. Eye went bigger and bigger. Then i started our app (full UWP Client) and after some connection issues to the test server (damn Firewall ...) and showed them some demo how their process could work. I took my Lumia out of the dock, and said "and now we continue in the warehouse, to check some stock directly there". Now I'm afraid they won't let me go with the dock :-(
  • This seems very exciting. So continuum is doing its wonder!
  • Cortana is a vital part of the future of Windows 10 as a whole, that should be pretty clear by now. Not as a "virtual assistan" or a gimmick, but as the nexus of the integration of features, based on AI.
  • Good luck getting Cortana to work outside the US.
    Weird how the US has ditched WP but in the rest of the world it was gaining traction nicely, yet all efforts go into the US market ignoring the rest of us.
    Maybe MS should reverse roles, focus on the rest of the planet who do give a fk and put the US in the too hard basket, no offence intended.
    Would get much greater traction if they did.
    Seems a case of the 80/20 rule applying here.
  • Couldn't agree more! Everything about Cortana has been USA centric while the major customer base which is NOT USA centric is totally ignored.Months to get speech packs downloadale and then Hey Cortana doesn't work with them. WTF? Not a single reponse on any MS forum including #WindowsInsiders. They don't care, like most Americans, they're not even aware there's a "rest of the world" who just happen to comprise the bulk of their mobile business.
  • Major userbase is US. The US has the most users. Market share percentages aren't everything.
  • But US people don't buy Lumia's. While the rest of the world does. Sent from Lumia 950XL
  • In the big picture, not a lot of people anywhere are buying Lumia devices...anywhere.  Still, the US has more Lumia owners than any other country.  I'm not saying that this means they should ignore the rest of the world, but I wouldn't use userbase as logic for ignoring the US in favor of other countries.
  • Android and Apple don't ignore us, just MS, why is that?
  • Cortana isn't just on Windows 10 Mobile though, there's a lot of Android users that can be targeted in the US, as well as iOS when they put some focus back onto Cortana Preview on iOS (Makes sense effort is on Android over iOS due to ease of integration)
  • But general userbase is in the world, and general trumps major.
  • True. This and their cut on onedrive storage let me leave the lumia in the drawer for the next 2 years until it's mature. I am happy with my iPhone now. 
  • I was surprised when I got a 100GB bonus with my purchase of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge but only 5GB available for my wife's Lumia 650! What's the competitive edge here? Agreed that both phones aren't on same level but MS needs a rethink about a lot of these little things. Posted from my Lumia 930 using the Windows Central App for Windows 10 Mobile
  • You should have got a 950 for your wife and you will be getting 1TB of onedrive storage!
  • Well, I thought so too but didn't want to commit much to the hardware going by many reviews. It was like a huge pain to go Android with the s7 edge honestly.
  • But why is that an issue? Just change your region to US and cortana works.  I am in Pakistan and use cortana all the time on my phone and PC.
  • This.
  • Yes, Cortana would work that way but after doing that store location would also change. Payment issues. Store > Cortana.
  • I just leave one of my devices in my home region. I have Win 10 on a few devices. Make store purchases from it and then download to other devices.
  • Ohh I didn't think of that. Wish I'd known that. Now on my PC I'm back on Windows 7; can't do that anymore.
  • I did it when it wasn't available in Spanish. I don't want to have Cortana speak in English. For one, it screws the reading and sending of messages from my car's bluetooth, which is a major use for Cortans in my life. This means that if I get a message, Cortana reads the Spanish words and pronounces the with english phonetics. Also, it means that when I dictate a message to reply, I only can do it in English, which my recipients aren't fluent on.
    As you see, it isn't a good use scenario beyond asking her to so thing or searches.
    Besides, Spanish Cortana is pretty close for me, but my complaint goes beyond my needs, even when with Spanish Cortana I end up having to pay apps in euros, which is more expensive than my country's currency
  • Because Mericans can't spell properly so keyboard is a nightmare :-)
    plus the store is then in US dollars and doesn't function correctly.
    How about they just fix the damn phones!!
  • Cortana at least in Europe works quite fine. I speak of Germany, Hungary, Romania and Ireland. Czech, Italy, Austria and Switzerland too according to colleages also. BeNeLux-States missing a lot of features.
  • In the UK too. Works great.
  • In the UK too. Works great.
  • In the UK too. Works great.
  • Hmmm, unlike your posting prowess
  • There's actually an adapted Cortana for each of those european countries? I didn't think so.
  • Hungary? Cortana isn't even available here in Hungary. I love Windows 10 on PC and mobile too, but it would be much better, if Cortana was available here :D Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on Lumia 535
  • 4 weeks ago Cortana was working in hungary (with and German MS Account) with local services.
  • Yes, it works if you change your language and region to any of the supported ones (German, English U.K., English U.S. etc...) but it doesn't work if your language is set to Hungarian or your region to Hungary.
  • on the recent W10 PC Insider builds you can use Cortana even if you are living in an unsupported country! I don't know about the state on Mobile though
  • MS should allow users to choose US Cortana over the localized version, and also to use it when there is no localized version.
  • THIS ^^^
  • This is not that big of a issue anymore imo. On these 'Redstone' builds you can enable Cortana as long as you have a (Cortana) supported language set as your display language. It's not tied to your region anymore.
  • 100% agree with you. In Europe because Microsoft are so focused for the US market they forgot the rest of us. In the UK wo was growing got to almost 15% market share and in Italy it was close to 20%. Now look what they have gone and done, destroyed everything Nokia achieved in this part of the world. I always remember seeing Lumia adverts on TV here in the UK especially for 820 and 920 it was constant, even HTC had adverts for their phones, now nothing.
  • Thats know as the Nadella factor.
  • Funny that you said "Mericans can't spell properly..:), yet you just wrote "Thats know as the Nadella factor" I think you wanted "That's known as the Nadella factor"... Just saying... Coming to you from my Nokia Andryod Phone
  • Wait, are you saying I live in the usa? Because I use Cortana every day and it works just fine. I also thought I lived in the UK. Weird. Guess I'm a yank then.
  • Cortana being a main feature of windows, id say its extremely important to a large amount of users. Continuum is important too, not to as many users, but still necessary.
  • Agree Continuum is important. I really don't want them to lose focus on it because other companies WILL catch up on this front if Microsoft don't put significant effort into pushing it forwards. Apple and Google obviously have the skills and expertise needed to do something similar but MS jumped on it first, they just need to make sure it doesn't stagnate (Get in app snapping for example - Which isn't a quick and easy thing to do) The updates they've made so far are good like Ethernet and Xbox One Controller support. One advantage Windows 10 Mobile has is the way drivers can work across Mobile and PC at the moment - I can plug in many things to the display dock inc. USB headphones we use for the phones here and it just works.
  • The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is already feature-complete, so one can only expect bug fixes from now on. These Cortana news are simply a welcome bonus. Sent from my laptop on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview
  • True, I think refining the Notification Sync is pretty much one of the last things they will be doing. Probably getting close to the build that will go out for Anniversary so I expect we'll start to see more fixes to existing builds rather than who new build numbers.
  • For those interested in Continuum we'd like to see MORE improvements to it. I'm really hoping we'll see significant additions like app snapping across the OS or at least in Continuum before the next set of phones come out. Here's hoping new Continuum features come to the 950/XL and they don't come up with a Continuum Gen 2 for these things. Changes they've made so far are appreciated like Ethernet Adapter support and Xbox One controller support
  • Every time I read about new features in the fast ring, I want to switch back to it, but I must resist and wait for the official anniversary update.
  • Same here.. I always regret it days after switching back to fast ring
  • I eventually move to the fast ring but after each public release I go onto Release Preview for my main device temporarily, always have at least 1 test device on public/GA and one on fast as well
  • I think the same thing and I'm on the slow ring. I can't wait for the Microsoft Health drain to be fixed on slow ring.
  • This might be one of those times it is worth switching from slow to fast, updating, and then back to slow. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Wow i am impressed with the new build fix list i think this build is pretty stable there are only some minor issues ms need to solve.....keep it up ms
  • Yup. The quick actions rearranging bug, the capacitive navigation buttons issue and the black rectangle issue were quite annoying. Known issues down to just three, as of now. Amazing! I hope the music playback doesn't crash while skipping tracks. ~Sent from L830
  • Well now i can use the notification centre still i was expecting a fix for dual sim data issue
  • Microsoft should also resolve the GPS issues in lumia 730 dual sim devices. It is sometimes frustrating to use the GPS in lumia 730. Location point on maps still remains static position when I am in moving bus.
  • Due to this issue I have been thinking of buying 650 instead. Couple of days ago I drive onto wrong highway as the location got stucked midway.
  • They didn't mention anything about the fact the last build loved to crash all the time.....
  • No it didn't, lol. It never crashed once for me. Sounds like maybe you had a bad update or maybe it's a device specific issue. Did you report it? They can't fix what isn't reported.
  • It could be a 950xl thing. I don't think it was a bad upgrade for me or anything. Its been two builds in a row and multiple people have reported it. I have reported it through feedback hub and when they ask the question "how often does your device crash or freeze"
  • I have the 950 XL. I use it heavily for work. I'm a delivery driver and use GPS constantly. It has never once crashed on me in the last month. heck, the only restarts i have done were from these updates. I leave it running 24/7.
  • I have never had a crashing problem till the last couple builds. Not sure what it could be then. I know a lot of people were complaining about it when they releases the small update for battery issues. If this update doesn't help then I'll just to a reset and see what happens
  • I have a 950xl as well; It definitely crashed a great deal for me, particularly when using Bluetooth for messaging when connected to my car. Otherwise, it was actually a really good build.
  • It was a great build except for the crashes.
  • So, other than it not functioning it was great?   /s
  • Are you on a Dual SIM variant? They seem to have their own unique issues / crashes so maybe that's why you are seeing crashes and others aren't
  • Oh no.. Still they are investigating Dual sim Mobile issues..
  • Yeah hopefully i will be able to survive till the fix comes. Its fine so far hope this new build doesn't bring the issue back after upgrade From MS Lumia 435
  • I'm happy to know they're working on improving battery life. I was starting to worry if they would do something about it at all.
  • Tell me everything about Cortana fixes, fellow victims of her many crashes.
  • I've not had crashes, but I can't see the interests/cards (they are invisible) on last few builds (affects PC too for me) Applying this Mobile update now and hoping it's fixed that issue
  • Wow this might just be the best and most informative change log I've ever seen!!
  • Wow... Happy to see bug which i reported to be addressed in this build.
  • Impressive laundry list of corrections. Good job to all involved. Cheers!
  • What about fixing the fact that responding to SMS messages using Cortana causes a reboot every time on the Lumia 950 (I and my wife experience this on both our devices)?  What about fixing the frequent freezes and random reboots?
  • This does not happen to me on the 950 XL.
  • This reboot happens to me as well (950xl) - it almost always happens if I respond "ignore" when Cortana asks me how to handle a text when connected to bluetooth. I've noted it in feedback to MS several times.
  • I haven't been brave enough to try fast or slow ring. The official build is stable, reliable and
    Biggest problem is typing, compared to 8.1, 10 guesses and inserts the wrong word 9 times out of 10, makes for frustrating typing.
  • Happens to happens to my 950xl ever since the last couple builds
  • How about responding to SMS from the notification screen sends them twice?
  • Is your wife enthusiastic about tech too? (I ask as it sounds like you are both on the fast ring) My wife is interested in it and how it can apply to her job/life but she'd never be interested in preview software - But it must be a nice bonus if you guys can discuss/debate tech enthusiastically - Just don't get into a debate about Tabs v Spaces ;) (Silicon Valley Reference)
  • Awesome sauce! Loads of fixes. Installing now. I hope the issue with Cortana perking up randomly is quashed.
  • Apps crash is fixed? Someone please confirm if spotify not crash when login using facebook. So I will switch to redstone again :)
  • One of my own (WP 8.1) apps was crashing on the last build, so I'll see if that's resolved once the update has applied. If it's a general issue with WP8.1 apps it could be the same thing affecting numerous apps
  • More fixes than bugs wuhuu. Looks like windows 10 is finally getting there. Keep up the good work
  • This update 10.014356.1000 retains battery power. After one and a half hours of heavy battery usage on the web, music playing at the background, WhatsApp chat, Instagram and Facebook feed, I only lost 11%. Using sample pictures for background now works. But the mic still fails to type after listening. The screen getting hot after 15 minutes of usage on the older build 14342.1004 has long stopped on this build. The problem unlocking the screen while turning up or turning down the music volume has been solved on this build
  • Does the dual sim data problem does not occur, when second sim is not in the phone?? Using lumia 730 dual sim
  • No it works fine with single sim
    From MS Lumia 435
  • Do u mean that if i use only one sim card in my 730 dual sim phone and update to fast build, i shouldn't have problem with the data bug??
  • Update will be fine Sim has nothing to do with it.
    The issue is when you have two sim sometimes the cellular data will not work and the setting will also hang and crash. If you are using only one sim it will work just fine From MS Lumia 435
  • performance of this bulid on lumia 435 ? any issues ?
  • Some battery issues still there, didn't notice outstanding good or bad performance wise, though groove crashed when i asked Cortana to play music From MS Lumia 435
  • The problem is on a few selected phones
  • Which phone do you have? Using the browser on my 950XL drained loads of battery in a short period. If they could fix that then it would be awesome Sent from Lumia 950XL
  • What phone do you have? Because if the issue is fixed, I'm switching back to my lumia. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android... I'm sorry
  • Will any aspects of these Redstone updates (eg. Language packs downloading properly) be available before anniversary update, or must we wait for anniversary update? It's not that long to wait, just wondering
  • You'll have to wait. TH2 has been feature-locked since what, late September 2015? Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • Thanks, good to know, I can wait, there's nothing too serious that is missing
  • Thanks, good to know, I can wait, there's nothing too serious that is missing
  • Thanks, good to know, I can wait, there's nothing too serious that is missing
  • Thanks, good to know, I can wait, there's nothing too serious that is missing
  • Except replacing your phone with the 950. I have one waiting in store for you. :p Past: HTC Mozart, Lumia 800/925/930/1520/640
    Present: Lumia 950 & 950XL (fast ring)
  • Freebie? Send it over! Waiting for surface phone...
  • Hah, I couldn't even wrangle a freebie for myself...
  • Other than random multiple postings you have no issues :)
  • You can blame the WPC app for that!
  • That is frustrating, Cortana won't work for me as a consequence.
  • I'm interested in the hardware camera button issue. I just bought a Mozo cover after the last update, and before going on vacation without the stock cover, after I few days I tried the camea button and when it didn’t work, thought I'd need return the case when I get back, now I'm hoping the update will fix it!
  • Uhhhhh the case is certified and that makes zero sense. Do yourself a favor and pull the cover off and poke the button with your finger nail. Camera won't start because it's not the case. That or your blocking the front sensor on the phone which disables the camera button. Lol.. Don't return the case -_-
  • We fixed an issue where the solid black rectangle of the keyboard could sometimes be seen for a second after entering your pin on the Lock screen to unlock your device. This! And We fixed an issue where diversity emoji might show up as two characters (emoji and diversity modifier) in certain apps, including Messaging This! Yay Now lets try for faster unlock after entering pin
  • The version number changed to 1607, which means it is approaching the release version.
  • It still hasn't fixed the flash problem on camera of lumia 535 540 and so kn
  • This seems like a really solid build. And I've noticed builds are downloading faster. That's great, one of the issues I have with Windows 10 is updates take ages compared to other platforms.
  • I was waiting the new build just for the fix of Cellular And Double SIM bugs but still should use the 2nd cellphone. :(
  • Edge really needs some attention, to inconsistent, be it loading/refreshing..
  • Woe.... That's s super long list of fixes... Great job!
  • Voilà great work boys!
  • I'm also affected by the dual sim data not working correctly. I have to switch my data to the second sim in order to send a pic from said sim. Looking forward to that fix as it's annoying. Nice improvements though. Keep em coming!
  • Does the data bug is resolved when only one sim is used in dual sim devices???
  • Yeh it does From MS Lumia 435
  • How's the battery life on the icon after update
  • Did they fix app crashes though?
  • Is this the anniversary update?
  • No
  • It is a preview of the anniversary update.
  • Can anyone tell me if phone numbers are links to the phone dialer in mail and calendar app?
  • This is called stabilization.. Keep up the good work - Sent from Future Human Robot
  • Sweet update.
    Maybe it is time to try it out?
  • Great update with lots of fixes. They still have not fixed "Hey Cortana" and the "Gadgets" app.  Just installed on my Lumia Icon, will have better idea on the battery life in few hours.  I need to try the text message with bluetooth as with previous build, the Icon used to reboot after sending message!
  • And camera flash isn't available on lumia 540
  • So? the Hey Cortana still dead? I wonder what took them soo long but still without any fix, it's been there about 3 build ago which is more than 3 months with no fix nor update. Lots of useful features getting screwed example the Living Image >30% (mean 3/7 photos) won't have it...
  • So two issues for me that I hope are resolved. Cortana reads my texts in my car no matter what setting I choose. And I am not getting sms notifications its horrible. Might have to roll back.
  • That battery life issue of theirs is a real pain for me. At 55% my 1520 would overheat and crash then refuse to start again because it thinks it has no battery life left. Good to see it is now being prioritized.
  • Translator seems to be fixed as well!
  • The Store's check for updates doesn't seem to work.  I found out there were update to some of the apps by clicking on the them.  Not sure if this happened in builds before, but it looks like they got made apps like Food, Travel, obsolete.
  • Oh, the app switcher sometimes doesn't list all the running apps.
  • Did anyone try this on his/her BLU Win JR LTE? How does it perform and how is the battery drain.
  • I had to re flash my 1520 back to 8.1 because windows 10 kept getting worse and worse at the simplest task. I couldn't take a picture and share it on anything, not even a text message. It was getting so annoying that I just gave up. Been a windows 10 insider for 2 years now and I just had to give up. Even the blocking phone calls didn't work. Two things that I have to have, and no amount of posting to MS was getting it fixed. I miss being able to see the web on my phone like my tablets but my phone should be able to send mms at minimum.
  • Hi ... I have been using NL1520 & facing issue with the rear cam
  • Is'nt 14342 the latest build released on the fast ring? Edit: Nevermind me :)
  • Sooooo tempted. Should I update from release preview.
  • Noticed following bug in my L1520. Quick acton buttons are at the default order after this update. However, when I arrange the buttons according to my preference, they do not change in the actual quick action table. When I go back to the settings, they are in the preferred order. So, for some reasons the order does not change even if it says so in the settings. Anyone else faced this problem? Otherwise looking really good! The annoying keyboard not showing up in Edge and missing screen auto brightness setting are fixed!
  • +1 I've the same issue, and aslo the 2nd/3rd row seems to be on the top.
  • Setting shows 1st, 2nd, then 3rd row, and Quick Actions shows 3rd, 2nd, then 1st. This is OK for me as only 1st row is shown when collapsed.
  • Didn't notice that at first. So the workaround is to swap the 1st and 3rd row in the settings. Perfect!
  • Store app seems to be broken. Checking updates not working. Lumia 650.
  • Same here checking updates on Lumia 650 not working
  • " We fixed an issue resulting in the Brightness Quick Action not doing anything on certain devices after setting brightness to "automatic" in the Settings app." - NO, this still remains broken. Lumia 1520 - Windows 10 Mobile preview build 14356. - Notification action center arragement isn't proper, it strats from the second row to be at top.
  • Hi .... Can anyone plz help me fix the rear camera issue? .... After the last update the rear camera has been giving me blank/black screen with the options on the side of the screen
  • I guess I can let Microsoft Health run in the background again...
  • Cortana hasn't worked for me for the last couple of builds. My live tile is showing latest news but when I press it, I just get a blank Cortana screen saying something like "What's on your mind?" With no interests underneath!? Any ideas? I'm in the UK with a Lumia 930
  • I had this on my 930. Also in the UK. I heard that there are problems with Cortana on Redstone builds outside of the US. 'Hey Cortana' can't be activated either. I went back to TH2.
  • I wish you add some cool font to the device i will look great....!
  • Is anyone else getting an issue with constant prompts to restart because of SIM update? Restarted 4 times in a row so far.
  • Blu Win hd LTE x150e is not picking the updates last update it got is 14342.1003  It doesn't pick 14342.1004 and 14356 which is latest Did anyone updated BLU win hd LTE to this build?
  • My x150q did pick this one up...I was shocked to be honest.
  • So far so good.
  • Battery life is better after the update in my Lumia 830
  • Thanks!
  • I wish they would fix Cortana. She can't even takes a reminder, keeps searching word "reminder" instead of setting it.
  • Good news for Lumia 535 users.... As the games and apps are in full screen and no black screen at the bottom for navigation bar ☺
  • deleted
  • Wait, all those were known issues with w10m until now?!
  • Well, with the Redstone builds (.14), not with production/release -Vigor
  • I have experienced serious bugs that have made me to go back 8.1 using Recovery Tool.Below are some of the bugs that made it imposible to stay onboard the new build. I have only had the build for less than Messaging app could not receive messages but could send. Mobile and Sim was not accessible making it hard for me to access Sim toolkit which is very important (MPESA- Mobile money for Safaricom Kenya) The store would not update any app.
  • Finally! Hope it comes quickly to production release. -We fixed an issue where certain games developed for Windows Phone 8.1 might not scale correctly after the navigation bar had been hidden and would result in a black bar at the bottom of the screen on devices like the Lumia 535
  • The battery life is what ms should most concentrate on when fixing bug and adding new features
  • Voice dictation still broken on WhatsApp Viber Skype ..... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Phone stuck at migrating data :( Anyone else with this?
  • Yup! 
  • Another great build. Battery on my 950 is very good. Only 16% on 6 hours. Running very smoothly en so far only problem I discoverred is the "check for update" button in the store app doenst have the spinner when pressed.      
  • My phone and battery lasts just 2 hours with wp10
  • Not even this build solves the problem with speech. When I get to the speech section I have an empty page. Any solution?
  • Anyone installed this build on lumia 435 ?
  • Downloading..
  • performance of this build ? any issues ?
  • This build is much cleaner on my Lumia icon. The one issue I am having is with text rendering on particular websites (set text size to 120& then go to
  • battery performance and heating?
  • wonderful build,,, FIXES THE LOCK SCREEN.......STABLE AS 8.1 WP LOCKSCREEN
  • Rockin it on my Lumia 640.  I swear it's a lot snappier.  It's too early to comment on battery life, but so far loving this install.  I'm a big Microsoft Health/Band 2 user .. thank God no issues there.  The only issue I'm seeing is some apps crash upon opening.  I've had that before.  It is now less, but still there.
  • Is the message app and phone app live tile been fixed? Because these two apps live tile weren't smooth and there would always be delay in updating the message or missed call count and these two live tiles weren't as smooth as Windows Phone 8.1 live tiles. Are they now as smooth as Windows Phone 8.1 tile?
  • Fastest, best build yet. All the animations and app opening are listening fast and buttery smooth. So far no major issues too and fixed loads of bugs. We're getting pretty close!
  • Try setting Cortana reading text messages to ON.  It no longer works, regardless of choosing Always, headphones or bluetooth.  Also, when connected to a car stereo via bluetooth you either only see the text of the song title (and it's not always the CORRECT title) and UNKNOWN for the artist, or you see the song title and the ALBUM title instead of the artist.  What a flipping mess.
  • Still need to fix the bug in grove music when it comes to detecting if earphones are in or not. The rest all looks good tho
  • I'm happy the cellular issues have been noted and work is ongoing for that. Most times I have to restart my phone continually for hours just to get the cellular working which always affects my data. I usually get frustrated when my phone reboots or go off randomly because the cellular data will not come until after several hours of restarting. Sent from Windows Central App from Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM
  • So far, everything is working well. Battery life is great! No noticeable issues yet. Still loving my 950xl.
  • Still no DTtW for 950/950XL.
    Still no USB Audio Class 2 support.
    SMS to vehicle handsfree system still broken (afaict).
    WiFi N band connectivity issues still exist (950XL).
    *sigh* Seriously, at this stage of W10M we should be reading "Here what's fixed. Period.", not "here's what's broken in addition to...".
  • when they fix the mail googleaccount bug wake me up. Because that's seriously annoying.....
  • One pair that I'm having with 342 build is that my sim deactivated automatically after sometime. Then i have to restart the phone to correct it. It happens couple of times during a day.
  • Wake me more up when WiFi doesn't all of a sudden resist to connect to a known WiFi spot unless I restart my 930....
  • Has anybody tried Cortana's "Send this photo to my PC"? It works from my 950 XL to both my notebook and my SP3. BUT ... I don't see where it lands on my PC and tablet, unable to retrieve it. Where is it supposed to go, which folder, Cortana notification?
  • anyone else notice Skype sync missing from the messaging app?
  • Yeah
  • Most of my apps show as blank squares in the app list & the tile too. Most of the apps that use location data crash immediately after the app begins to search for location. Switched location off & it loads fine but taxi hailing apps etc. will not work without location enabled.
  • Am just gonna wait for the official build.
  • Wait coz it worth it this build has no stability
  • Lumia 950 xl dual sim crashes everytime I want to enable data. also dual sim options won't open
  • Just installed the latest update on fast ring on my lumia650. And can't check for updates in the store, it just doesn't work.and can't manually update the apps either.anybody else got this issue
  • Yes I was just sayng this in my comment. I must not be alone, the store bug is back from its first release for some maybe that it's not updating properly. 
  • Yeah apps are not downloading as well Lumia 540
  • So I was pretty excited since the last build was running pretty well on my Nokia Icon that I went ahead and installed this, and factory resetted. Not so smooth now. The Store itself won't update like it was doing on the very first store release. Hitting the button to check for updates does nothing and it's crashing a lot. Then I dropped about 3 calls in a row in a good service area. I had to pull the sim and fire up my Nexus 6P for the day. Anyone else having issues on the Icon? There was a lot fixed on this build, I might try to revert to 8.1 and upgrade from there later. 
  • When new update is coming for official windows 10 mobile.?
  • The new build is for new lumina phones,the other phones seem to be left out on the last few builds. I have a BLU WIN HD LTE that has not received a new build in a while, it's still on 14332.1001  and so far I had to reset the phone 3 times, because of problems. I sent feedback on those problems. I'm hoping the next build will fix the problems i have encountered.
  • Why Cortana not work in my l532. Every time I touch the mic icon she says something went wrong..........
  • Camera issue still isn't fixed for Lumia 830.Am fed up of this...Error is 'Something Went Wrong'.
  • Big surprise, Microsoft AGAIN broke Cortana's ability to announce and read text messages aloud.  I'm so sick of these idiots going back and forth on this. Why can't they STOP breaking features while trying to add/repair others?  I have little use for a smartphone that I can't go hands-free.  Microsoft never learns.
  • They bring back notification icon's color in this build.
  • Oh boy no heating but battery is draining out too fast. Even while simple browsing the articles 40% spent in just an hour.
    Last night i let it at 70% in the morning after 6 hours it was down to 45%. Need to fix this asap MS :)
  • i am facing great issues to this build. whatsapp is not working. apps is not downloading and updting. 0x8020002e plz help. i tryed 2 times soft reset
  • i just updated my lumia 730 to this build and now i m not able to download anything from store. the store just freezes when i open any app. can anyone help me in fixing this.?????
  • My store become freeze after this update.
  • nice battery life with this build. the previous 3 really shortened the battery life on my Lumia 1520. much better now. little by little shaping up nice. Redstone is my daily driver now.
  • In this build 3G only network selection is doesn't working????and what's happening Microsoft when your developers officially launched windows 10????
  • Everything seems not working correctly with this update,my background pix can't change .notification doesn't appear on my lock screen on my L730. I can't update some of my apps it keeps giving me error
  • Try a hard reset, its working fine for me. Wait for the apps to update, it takes it's own sweet time. And to avoid data connection bug, put in only one sim in the phone
  • I have a 735 and if you turn on the narrator feature it causes the phone to freeze and get hot. Mannaged to get narrator turned off so best advise is don't turn this on until MS figures out what the problem is. PS: I'm using the latest windows 10 build.
  • A lot more is broken than that! Such a **** version. So shut in fact that I'm now looking for a replacement phone.. Such a shame but damn..
  • Build 14356..on windows 830
    If anyone is thinking of using this plizz don't. I repeat DO NOT upgrade to this build 14356. There's are so many issue that could make you smash your phone on the ground. Talking of apps freezing and not working. Everytime I use phone app it will have to freeze the phone at the end of the call. Lemme list for you the apps that ain't opening and if they do then they wont load and if the load then they will shut down in seconds and if they don't shut down then they will freeze the phone and you have to reboot it. Ok here's the list;
    Windows central
    And many more but those are the major apps i use. I can't wait for another build. Am now using windows 8.1 on my old Lumia 930 that got a battery damage dues to these updates
  • I reseted my lumia 640 xl and everthing is ok. but my only problem now is that whenever I plunge in my earbuds it dose not seem to recognize it so it plays threw the speaker is this still a bug?
  • All great except we're back to square one again with store unable to check for updates. Cortana now displays my headlines etc. instead of blank screen from last build. Battery seems better but only marginally so