Here's what's new and broken in Windows 10 preview build 10532

In the new Windows 10 preview build 10532 that will be available for Windows Insiders to download today, Microsoft has put in a couple of small but interesting new features. There's also a short list of known issues with the build.

Windows Insider leader Gabriel Aul offered the details of the new features:

"We've heard feedback about the consistency of menus within Windows 10, so we've made some changes to improve these and give them a modern look at and feel. We are still working on it, but you'll see some good changes with this build. We're also further unifying the light and dark theming across the OS and are looking forward to you trying these latest changes and providing additional feedback."

Windows 10 context menu

"The Windows Feedback app will now allow you to easily share your feedback with others. You have the option to share using any application that supports the Windows Share functionality or get a direct link copied to your clipboard for pasting anywhere you like. We think this will help Insiders more easily share specific feedback and suggestions with other Insiders on Twitter, Insider forum discussions, and directly with our engineers. Naturally we would like to hear your feedback on this new feature as you use it.

Windows Feeback

"And of course, since the Windows Feedback app is a Universal Windows Platform app, it means the next mobile flight will include the ability to share feedback as well."

Mobile Feedback

Here's the small list of known issues with Windows 10 preview build 10532:

  • Windows Hello face sign-on will not work on this build with some devices; the device can still be unlocked with other methods like pin, password, or fingerprint.
  • As reported by Insiders on the build 10525, 64 bit Google Chrome will crash on launch. Google is aware of the issue. In the meantime their 64 bit Google Chrome Canary build or 32 bit Google Chrome will work on this build.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham