Herms Software: There's an App for that

The iPhone may have its "fart" app but Windows Mobile has its "flushing toilet" app. We ran across an interesting website with a few addictive gaming apps along with a few apps that contribute absolutely nothing productive.

Herm's Software is a collection of free apps ranging from a dog whistle to a magic 8-ball app to 99 cent gaming apps that include a version of scramble and coin toss app.

The flushing toilet app is interesting but I personally enjoyed the dog whistle app that drove my two dachshunds nuts. The Magic 8 Ball application (requires a WinMo phone with g-sensor) was the only program that had stability issues. After answering my first question, the 8-ball locked up.

Scramble is a entertaining way to pass the time. You have to race the timer to find as many word combination's in the scrambled letters. Find ten words and you get time put back on the clock.

Herm's Software is an interesting site and if your looking for a time consuming game and a few nonsense Windows Mobile apps it's worth a visit.

 Via Fuzemobility

Phil Nickinson

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