Heroes Reborn: Gemini game for Xbox One and PC will tie into NBC's superhero TV series

This fall, NBC will revive their classic superhero TV series with a 13-part "event" series, Heroes Reborn. The show will also get two tie-in games, including one for the PC, Mac and consoles like the Xbox One called Heroes Reborn: Gemini.

The game will come from Imperative Entertainment, which was co-founded by Heroes' creator Tim Kring, and developer Phosphor Games Studio. It will use Unreal Engine 4 for its graphics:

"Expanding on the television story arc of "HEROES REBORN," HEROES REBORN: Gemini is a next-generation first-person adventure PC/console game that brings players into the dangerous world of Cassandra, a young woman who is determined to solve the mysteries of her past while discovering her new powers."

The game will share some characters and events with the mobile-based game, Heroes Reborn: Enigma. A teaser trailer for both games will be released on July 12 as part of the Heroes Reborn panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

Source: Comic Book Resources

John Callaham