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Hidden Pineapple teases future update for Rowi, new application

The guys over at Hidden Pineapple have been busy bees lately. They’re the team behind popular Twitter client Rowi on both Windows Phone and Windows 8. Today they showed off some new features for the Windows Phone version of Rowi as well as a future app they’re developing.

Rowi consistently has been at the top of favorite Twitter apps for both you guys and ourselves. It’s clean UI and superfast performance being the most praised features. However, it was lacking some features that certain ‘power Tweeters’ wanted and it looks like they might be coming. Here are the big things coming to the next version of Rowi:

  • Instant Push Notifications
  • Real-time tweets for timeline, mentions, and messages
  • Updated to Twitter 1.1 API

Twitter hasn’t been the friendliest toward the developer community surrounding it. Tweetro (among others) was hit hard a few months back because of changes Twitter made with their policies. By updating to version 1.1 of the Twitter API Rowi will be losing a few features.

While not the first Twitter application on Windows Phone to have instant push notifications, Rowi claims they’ll have the best experience for Live Tile notifications on any Twitter app for Windows Phone. In addition we have a streaming mode in the next version. You can now toggle on and off a mode where your Twitter feed will refresh in real time right before your eyes! There are two videos embedded below showing off both instant push notifications and the streaming mode.

In addition to a fairly big update coming to Rowi for Windows Phone. They’re also building an application based around Rowi. They’re currently in the “beyond early” stage of development, but hope to have a similar look and feel for their application as they do for Rowi/Twitter. Additionalty they are giving out 100 invites to, so if you’re interested in joining the anti-Twitter Twitter, hit up the source below.

Source: Hidden Pineapple

  • Looking good
  • Can't wait , they have been teasing it on Twitter for a while now !
    Rowi is my favorite Twitter app , I keep switching between it & Mehdoh ...
  • Thank goodness. Rowi is by far my favorite Twitter app, but the improvement of the live tile notifications was much needed. Can't wait for the real-time tweets as well!
  • While I use gleek! as my daily Twitter app, Rowi is definitely a strong contender. The app only ever gets better. Kudos to Hidden Pineapple for the fantastic Twitter client.
  • In other news, the radio version of Daft Punk's single 'Get Lucky' was leaked!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHWWWWWWWWWWEWWWWWWW YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH (guy)
  • sweet, looking forward to client. dotdot needs some competition..
  • I dont use but now I am intrigued
  • What is Never heard of it
  • It's the an anti-Twitter Twitter. It's just like Twitter to be honest. Just no ads if you pay. 
  • There are no ads if you don't pay too. No ads. Ever. Also, it has a WAY better API so there should be way better apps too. It does a lot more than Twitter's API too. They're very focused on developers first, but will be focusing on consumers more later.
  • For me, the best app for Twitter in WP8 is MeTweets.
  • That's what I'm using, metweets is solid
  • That is quick
  • Invites are all gone! Bummer...
  • There are more now. Head back to the blog post. :)
  • "By updating to version 1.1 of the Twitter API Rowi will be losing a few features"
    what will be losing?
  • Mostly stuff around retweets (most of the columns are gone and there is less information on tweets about retweets...just a count now). We're adding in a handy link to, but you have to login for that to really be useful.