Hit the Australian outback in this week's Deals with Gold

Forza Horizon 3 joins other titles like Blood Bowl, Homefront, Farming Simulator 15, Grand Theft Auto V as part of this week's Deals with Gold. The promotion was announced once again by the face of Xbox, Microsoft's Larry Hryb. The week of deals will enable you to add yet more games to your Xbox One and Xbox 360 collections.

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Rich Edmonds
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  • But, of course, the DLC for FH3 isn't on-sale by itself. I'd consider buying the Expansion Pass, but I already have the main game, so I'll just get nothing. MS is so bad at sales on the Xbox Store, I swear.
  • I tend to find the Forza series is rather touch and go for sales, oftentimes when things are on sale it's part of a bundle rather than individual games. Other series don't have the same issues as often I find.