Hitman 2's new Ghost Mode brings multiplayer to the assassin's game

IO Interactive has today taken the wraps of a brand new mode coming to Hitman 2 when it launches in November. Ghost Mode brings multiplayer to the ever-popular assassination game, introducing a new and unique take on taking out targets with a friend.

Ghost Mode pits you and another player against each other in a race to take out targets. The winner is the first to score five points, of which a point can be achieve by killing the target first without your opponent also killing the target. The kill must also be silent, meaning no-one can see you do it for the point to count.

Each player exists in the same level as the other, meaning you can see your opponent running around and doing things in game. However, each player's "reality" is unique to them, meaning the target, all other AI, and objects are different for each players game.

Both players begin side-by-side, and you can follow each other around. You cannot interact with each other, but you can mess with the other players game. Using the new "ghost coin," players can thrown a ghost coin that affects the other players game. This is great if you're trying to distract or draw out an enemy for the other player to have to deal with.

I had the chance go hands-on with the new Ghost Mode in Hitman 2, and it's so much fun. I always thought Hitman 2016 would've been a much better game if it had a multiplayer mode, and now Hitman 2 answers those calls. While it's not multiplayer in the traditional sense, it's still distinctively multiplayer with a unique take on the idea.

Ghost Mode will be available in the level Miami at launch, and will slowly make its way to other levels post-launch. What are your thoughts on Ghost Mode for Hitman 2? Let us know in the comments!

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Zac Bowden
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