'Hitman Trilogy' launches on January 20, directly into Xbox Game Pass

Hitman Trilogy Game Pass
Hitman Trilogy Game Pass (Image credit: IO )

IO Interactive revealed a range of updates for Hitman 3 as part of its Year 2 season, including ray tracing on PC, new targets, a new map, a new Freelancer mode, and more, as part of its anniversary stream. However, the developer also had a major update for Xbox fans, revealing an all-new Hitman collection heading straight into Xbox Game Pass.

On January 20, IO will unleash Hitman Trilogy, directly into Xbox Game Pass, while bringing Hitman 3 to Steam for PCs for the first time. Hitman 3 will also grab VR support on PC, alongside various other enhancements.

Hitman Trilogy on Xbox includes Hitman 1, 2, and 3, alongside all existing content. Hitman already sports a unique UI that allows players to roam seamlessly between games, but bringing all of the titles into one package creates something of a monstrously large stealth puzzler, offering potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay.

HITMAN 3 arrives on Steam to coincide with the start of Year 2 and will have full support for PC VR and all of the technical improvements that we mentioned earlier, such as Ray Tracing, XeSS and Variable Rate Shading. We're working on support for Steam Achievements and Trading Cards too – plus we'll be including the Trinity Pack (the HITMAN 3 pre-order bonus) for free with all editions of HITMAN 3 for the first 30 days.The HITMAN Trilogy will be available with Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate on January 20, giving you everything you need to jump straight into the World of Assassination. We're excited to welcome a wave of new players to enjoy the full trilogy through new platforms and services.

IO Interactive is also expected to be working on secret Xbox exclusive with Microsoft, codenamed Dragon, although we've yet to see an official announcement about this as of yet.

The inclusion of Hitman Trilogy in Xbox Game Pass will no doubt bring the game to a whole new audience. Hitman is one of those rare modern games that enjoy large ongoing updates without gouging players with annoying freemium elements, too. It's well-worth checking out.

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  • I have the first two games on Steam but haven't played them yet. I figure I'll wait and play all locations through the third game now. It's a nice feature to be able to do that.
  • The question is: VR support???
    I have 2 and 1 on Steam.
  • On Xbox? Of course not.
  • Given that they have the first two on PC and Xbox doesn't support VR, the question is presumably about PC.
  • Given that Xbox doesn't have support for VR, wasn't it evident that I was talking about PC? Additional information to contribute to your knowledge: Of the games on Game Pass that support VR, about half work normally, and the other half have the VR option cut. Happened with Myst, more recently, also with others like Thumper, etc. Those games who do support it just leverage the SteamVR framework. It's not like the developers had to implement a new VR solution unique to Windows/Game Pass. This is way it's a source of frustration to see how the devs/publishers just didn't care enough to offer the full product on Game Pass. It similar to what happens with online multiplayer games on Amazon Gaming. It gets cut out.
  • How is it evident when they said "Xbox Game Pass"? I thought PC was now called "PC Game Pass"? Also, the mention of PC game pass was far down in the article. I'm sorry I missed that part.
  • It's pretty insane the kinds of games I can play for $1. Looking forward to this Trilogy. Halfway through ME2 in the trilogy so far so this one might have to wait.