Windows Phone Hacker as returned to an earlier project called Dynamic Background with some significant updates previewed in his latest video.

The app brings a feature that will be present in Windows Phone 8—the ability to automatically change and update the Lock Screen wallpaper via at least two sources: your own arsenal or Bing’s daily image. The new version now has an update interval selector and quite a nice UI, ensuring that users should get the most out of such an app.

Of course like all amazing homebrew efforts, this one requires root access, not just a developer unlocked phone. That means only a small set of hardcore users will ever get to experience this feature. On the other hand, come early November you could just pick up some new Windows Phone 8 hardware and get the Microsoft solution.

We also know that the HTC 8X/8S will feature HTC’s own wallpaper sources too. Natch.

Dynamic Background 2 should be out in a few days and we’ll follow up when it goes live.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker