For Honor 'Marching Fire' expansion launches on Xbox One and PC

For Honor is a third-person fighting game where you have to utilize skillful combat to dispatch foes. The title focuses on a number of historical warriors like the Vikings and Samurai, as they fight for resources in an alternate reality. Aside from providing a short single-player campaign, the multiplayer modes are robust and present quite the challenge.

Today, Ubisoft released the "Marching Fire" expansion. The download has to be purchased separately and adds a lot of new modes, as well as a Chinese martial arts faction. This is by far the biggest change For Honor has seen in recent years.

Marching Fire relaunches the title for current and new players alike with the largest update so far, including... new features and a complete graphic overhaul. For the first time, Marching Fire also introduces an all-new faction, inspired by Chinese martial arts – the Wu Lin – with four new Heroes who will completely alter the combat experience on the battlefield.

While "Breach Mode" is your standard castle-defense arena, where you protect a high-value target, "Arcade Mode" is a more drastic departure in terms of gameplay. Arcade Mode pits you against various computer-controlled enemies in endless challenges. You move from level to level, each with its own modifiers, in order to ensure combat is varied and challenging.

The graphic overhaul is not that noticeable, but the lighting seems to be better now. It's unclear what the exact changes are, but the game still looks better than before.

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Asher Madan

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