For Honor's latest trailer shows you how to make your hero your own

Ahead of its February 14 launch, For Honor has picked up a new trailer that takes us through all of the progression a customization features for game's heroes. In all, there are 12 heroes to choose from, each of which has its own progression and customization systems that let you alter gear, appearance, and abilities. Take a look at the systems involved in the trailer below:

If you're unfamiliar, For Honor lets you pick from warrior archetypes like the knight, viking, or samurai as you fight against others for supremacy. There's obviously a heavy focus on melee gameplay with distinct skills and abilities to take advantage of. Along with a story campaign to battle your way through, there are also several multiplayer modes that look to offer some deep gameplay.

If you want to get an early look at For Honor, the game is currently in open beta (opens in new tab) on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. And if your interest is piqued, it's also up for pre-order now at Amazon and the Xbox Store.

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  • Have to say, I wasn't feeling the beta.
  • I'll wait and see. Some elements look good, others....need a bit more development.
  • Mindless hack'n'slash. No thought put into it whatsoever.
  • The game is very far from a mindless hack'n'slash there is no way to just go and spam moves like in other fighting games, you actually need to develop some skill to fight otherwise you will just die everytime, so far the game feels really well balanced apart from the really annoying P2P. Why do you think there is no thought put into it?
  • This game is really well buit and feels really balanced with regards to its mechanics and gameplay its all very fluid, and it forces you to actually think and plan every move you cant just go in and spam moves or try to mindlessly hack and slash your apponent becuase you will come off second best. The only issue i have is the P2P at the moment its very hit and miss and hopefully they will have it sorted out soon just like they did with Rainbow 6 Siege.