Bounce your way to victory in Hop! for Windows 10 Mobile

The game is a fun way to see how well you can handle a constantly changing environment. It has you bouncing a ball down tiles that randomly shift left or right. The goal is simple: travel as far as you can before the ball misses a tile. Graphics are also simple, gameplay offers a nice level of difficulty and overall, Hop! is a fun game to choose when you need a little help passing the time.

Hop! opens up to a modest main menu that displays your high score and a tutorial of sorts that illustrates game controls. To start a game, you tap the screen, and the bouncy ball begins its journey across the tiles.

To control the ball, you slide your finger across the screen to the left or right. This steers the ball's bounce accordingly to where it can safely land on a tile and continue its journey. As you bounce across a tile, you earn a point. The longer you survive, the faster the game's pace becomes.

There are also gems that can be collected as you travel down the random path of tiles. I'm not sure what the gems can be used for, however, but they could be in place to unlock additional features that are in the works.

In between games you can view the game's leaderboards and stats. Hop! includes online and local leaderboards, with the ability to create custom "gamertag" names. By default, Hop! assigns you a generic gamertag, and to change it you tap the profile icon on the World's Top Scores page.

The gaming experience with Hop! is fun and slightly addictive. Along with competing against your score, Hop! displays a random player's score to compete against. The score you are battling against displays in the upper right corner of the game screen. This friendly competition generates your win and loss records, which are displayed on the game stats screens.

Hop! is from mobile-game-developer Ketchapp Studio, who also brings you the likes of Stack! and Circle!. It is an appealing addition to the developer's portfolio.

The game's graphics are simple, with just enough color to give it a little pop in appearance. The difficulty level keeps you on your toes and only increases the further your ball travels. There isn't much to this free, ad-supported Windows 10 Mobile game and while the game may not fill your need for marathon sessions, it fits the bill nicely for shorter bits of time.

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George Ponder

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