How to build a good (and affordable) gaming PC for younger kids

Building a gaming PC for your kids is a big step, but it's also important to maintain perspective and remember that you're not building it for yourself. So, stop looking at that RTX 2080 Ti! Generally speaking, a good budget build is a way to go for kids, something that's capable enough to play games like Fortnite and Minecraft without costing a lot to put together. These are some of the best parts you can use for such a build, with a total spend coming in under $450.

Gaming PCs don't have to be expensive

When youngsters are starting out with gaming, they don't need a big flashy graphics card or an eight-core CPU. Exactly what they do need depends on the games they're interested in playing, but everything here will play some popular titles, including the ever-present Fortnite. If your kids are going to stick to Minecraft, older titles, and indie games, you can probably even leave out the graphics card entirely, to begin with, and keep the budget even tighter.

The AMD Athlon 200GE is a worthy heart, though. It may only have two cores, but it has hyperthreading, only a 35W TDP, and even when overclocked will run cool and quiet with the stock cooler. It's based on the same Zen architecture as some of AMD's Ryzen chips, and the integrated Vega 3 graphics is good enough on its own to play a bunch of less demanding games.

Getting the best from the Athlon also requires a motherboard that can overclock it properly, a process still officially not supported by AMD. But it's perfectly safe to do, and with the help of the ASRock B450M-HDV motherboard, you'll be hitting 3.9 GHz in a jiffy. It's only a micro ATX board, but it'll still look nice wrapped in our case of choice, the Phanteks P350X which is a compact, yet stylish and easy to build in mid-tower.

Richard Devine
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