How to cancel Xbox Game Pass for PC

Xbox Game Pass for PC was revealed in full at E3 2019, granting access to well over one hundred great PC titles from across the gaming spectrum. Starting at $1 for the first month, Game Pass for PC is a great deal, but once that $10 billing cycle kicks in (after the $5 beta period is over, that is), you may find yourself wanting to end the subscription. Thankfully, it's quick and easy to do so. Here's how.

How to cancel your Xbox Game Pass PC subscription

It's quick and painless to cancel your Game Pass for PC subscription, here's how to go about it.

  1. Open the Xbox app. The fastest way is to simply type "Xbox" into the Start Menu.
  2. In the top right corner of the Xbox app, select your profile picture and click on Settings.

  1. From here, you'll be able to select Account, and then Manage to access your subscription settings. A web page will open.

  1. Find your Xbox Game Pass subscription, and select manage.

  1. Now you can select either Cancel or Turn off recurring billing. Both have the same effect.

  1. A final confirmation box will open, select Cancel.

Once you've cancelled, you'll have to set up a new subscription (opens in new tab) if you want to regain access to the games as part of Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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  • Because once the $1 offer ends, they'll be charging 10 bucks/month. Many people got into this service to try it and because it's just $1. People can forget to cancel the subscription later on so it's good that they can cancel it in advance.
  • Well if you're a cheapskate I can see you 're not gonna want to spend any cent. But if someone tried it for free, they have seen how many good games it has, and frankly, it's a really good value for the cost. I've spent over a year paying it for basically just Sea of Thieves. Then they kept adding other games like Forza 4. And right now it's finally what it was meant to be. So for anyone interested in playing games, this is a cheap way to get a LOT of games.
  • What bs! Not everyone is like you. There are different people. I would think there are WAY more gamers who won't play SoT for over a year than those who will.
    Do you know what's the meaning of try? If paying $10-15 /month to RENT mostly smaller arcade games AND still needing to buy major popular 3rd party games like FIFA, Cyberpunk, RDR2... is not worth it for someone than he'll want to cancel. Nothing to do with being a cheapskate. You sound like a salesman trying to sell a product. This is not for everyone. Not everyone wants to rent games, not everyone wants to mostly play smaller arcade games, not everyone wants to be told what to play... A trial version is a way to see if this is for you or not. If at the end of say one year, did you play enough games to justify paying $120? Also consider that after one year and paying that $120, when you end the service you don't get anything when you stop the subscription. (besides maybe a reduction to actually buy the game again).
  • There's a lot of different people, but this is still a solid collection of games. Of course there's people who will only play Fifa, or Fortnite. And there's people who just pirate games. But objectively this is a pretty good deal. The price probably adds up well if you take into account prices for AA games. Only with Exodus you have already worth half a year of Game Pass PC. Also, the whole "renting" content seems to be working well enough for Netflix, Spotify, Office 365, Photos hop, etc. I think it's an old point, "owning" things vs content as a service. Unless you want to stockpile on boxes of physical games for the nuclear apocalypse, it's how things are done, period. Also in case of a nuclear apocalypse or worldwide blackout most of your physical games aren't going to work. So yeah, we're "renting" content, so what?
  • "But objectively this is a pretty good deal."
    No it's subjective. Because it's just an opinion. For me, $120 to rent mostly old arcade games is absolutely not worth it. I would think something like humble monthly is far better because you buys the games.
    Again just because you think it's amazing it doesn't mean it's a fact. Other people will feel differently. "So yeah, we're "renting" content, so what?"
    I don't know why you put renting in quotes. You are renting games. And it's not the same thing as buying a game.
    You get NOTHING once you end the subscription. If you want to play a game that's removed from the service, you can't. Since you're paying for a subscription you need to keep paying the games MS gives you to play. "Of course there's people who will only play Fifa, or Fortnite. And there's people who just pirate games."
    Actually I see it the other way round. This isn't really for everyone.
    This service is more for:
    1) people who don't mind renting games and that you get nothing once you stop paying.
    2) if you are buy most if not all XB games at launch and you don't mind renting them.
    3) if you like trying new games you wouldn't usually buy for $120/year. This is not like movie/music renting services because we don't consume video games the same way an average family would movies or music. But anyway, here we're moving out of topic. Just to end it: Who would cancel it?
    Let's just say this is not for everyone is like you. Some people prefer to buy, some people don't think $120/year to rent mostly older arcade games is worth it. Can cancel it.
    Or if people are just trying it and don't think it's worth the price they can stop it.
  • Your last paragraph sums it up perfectly. This is exactly why these types of 'trials' exist in the first place. It's not difficult to understand. If they didn't let people use the service for a time, most people wouldn't put the full price for the first month unless they REALLY wanted to play that one game. This may result in possibly more people canceling when the first full price rolls in, but some may find it a great value and stay. Some of these people (myself included) would have never joined in the first place.
  • You'd have to be MAD to cancel Xbox Game Pass for PC. It's a crazy good value. You could spend your life just playing the games in there. And more and better titles keep being added.
  • Yeah it's an awesome deal! But all those subs can add up... I can see someone wanting to cancel stuff like this, Spotify, Netflix, etc, if they want to save money in a pinch.
  • Yeah, it's a problem of this age. But most are still a better deal than buying X movie tickets/bluerays, physical/digital games or albums/songs. It probably gives you more content even than you can consume. Same happens with cable TV if you think about it. And if you're a game collector it's Stiller a serious boost to the games you can play.
  • If you are a if you're a game collector you collect games you don't rent them.
  • Wow, I can't believe what I am reading. Maybe they like collecting downloads that may not launch at a later date? 😜