Microsoft recently released its new game subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, opening access to an ever-changing collection of games for $9.99 a month. As a subscriber, you'll be getting access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles, all playable for no additional cost.

Nevertheless, even with the sheer amount of titles on offer, Xbox Game Pass isn't for everyone. Although a two-week free trial is available to test the service, you'll still be dragged into an automatic renewal after it concludes. Whether you picked up the trial or plan to cancel your paid subscription, it's relatively easy to back out from the service.

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How to disable auto-renew for Xbox Game Pass

Before canceling your Xbox Game Pass subscription, it should be noted that you'll lose access to all games offered via the service. Unless you've chosen to purchase titles permanently, there will be no way to access the Game Pass catalog (unless you choose to reinstate your subscription). Upon canceling, your subscription will run until the current paid period concludes. These are the steps to cancel Xbox Game Pass from the web. While the option to cancel a subscription on the console was previously available, this has since been removed.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign into your Microsoft account.
  3. Navigate to the Xbox Game Pass subsection of the page.

  4. Click Manage.
  5. Choose Turn off auto-renew.
  6. Select Confirm cancellation.

If you choose to enroll for an Xbox Game Pass subscription again, simply search for "Xbox Game Pass" on the Microsoft Store and complete the on-screen steps. With the Xbox One automatically saving your progress to the cloud, your game save data should also be recovered if re-joining the program.

Have you given Xbox Game Pass a whirl? If so, let us know if you're keeping your subscription in the comments below!

Updated November 24, 2017: Added new steps, to reflect new method of disabling auto-renew on the web.