Windows 10 password change

The default method to sign in to your Windows 10 PC is with your Microsoft Account password. But did you know you can change the password to your account inside Windows 10 without ever going near a web browser?

In this beginner's guide we'll show you what you need to know.

Before proceeding, do note these steps are to change your Microsoft Account password only. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Click on the Start Menu.
  2. Open "Settings."
  3. Then click on "Accounts."
  4. In the left hand pane you now want the option labelled "Sign-in options."
  5. Under "Password" click on "Change your account password."
  6. You'll be asked to authenticate that it's you with a PIN, password or Windows Hello depending on what's set up.
  7. The box that appears will prompt you for your old password, a new password and a confirmation of a new password.

Now, you've changed your Microsoft Account password. Just remember that you'll need to use this also on any other devices you login with this account on from now on.

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