How to properly clean your Oculus Rift

It doesn't matter if you're the sole user of your Oculus Rift or if it's the life of the party for you and your friends and family, it's going to get dirty. Oils, grease, fingerprints, and who-knows-what-else are going to end up all over it. Or, I don't know, maybe you took it out in the winter for some cool aesthetic pictures and now need to get that inconvenience dust we call snow off of it! You spent good money on your favorite new toy, so don't let it become a host for bacteria and start showing you some issues. Keep it clean on a regular basis and you'll feel better wearing it. Here's how.

Cleaning the face cushion

The facial interface foam on the headset is soft and comfortable and almost feels like felt. Unfortunately, it's also super absorbent if you start sweating. You will need non-abrasive facial or baby wipes (anything that is safe for skin).

  1. Use your wipe to clean off all fo the rubber and plastic pieces of the Rift.
  2. Use a new wipe to clean off the cloth pieces.
  3. Allow the device to dry COMPLETELY before using again.

If you feel as though your device is too far gone, thankfully you can find replacements for these parts for better hygiene for about 49.99 on Amazon.

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Cleaning the head strap

The vertical and horizontal head straps are going to take on oils from your hair and scalp. If you have multiple people regularly using your headset they're going to need cleaning, too. The same non-abrasive, antibacterial wipes that you use to clean the face cushion can be used to clean the straps. An alternative would be to use a clean cloth, soaked in soapy warm water and wrung out extremely well; wipe the head straps down and then promptly dry them with a clean towel.

Remember to dry the system and allow it to completely dry before next use!

Cleaning the Oculus Remote

Think about the last time you cleaned your TV remote... come to think of it, have you ever cleaned your TV remote? Grease, oils, fingerprints, you name it and it gets all over the remote. A daily wipe with a dry cloth is good maintenance, but a more thorough and careful clean with a non-abrasive, antibacterial wipe would also be a good idea.

If you feel you have ruined them beyond repair you can find a new set on Amazon for about $99.99!

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Cleaning the lenses

No matter how hard you try to avoid fingerprints on your lenses, they're going to end up there. You'll need a can of compressed air, a Q-Tip and a dry microfiber lens. Do not use anything wet or with any sort of alcohol on your lenses.

  1. Use the dry microfiber cloth to start in the center of the lens and wipe in a circular motion until you reach the end.
  2. Do a final swipe of the ring of the lenses.
  3. Use your can of compressed air to gently spray the nook between the headset and the lens to release any compacted dust.
  4. Finally, use your Q-Tip to wipe away the remainder of the dust!

Cleaning the sensor

To clean the sensor (which is a pretty important part of this whole package) use a dry microfiber cloth and wipe carefully in a circular motion to remove any fingerprints, dust, or other grime that may have found its way onto it.

For cleaning the sensor stand, use a dry cloth if you're just looking to remove any dust or other particles; use a non-abrasive, antibacterial wipe if it's in need of a more thorough cleaning.

Cleaning the headphones

Thankfully the headphones to an Oculus Rift are detachable and quite easy to clean. Should they require a little wipe down, use a skin-safe, non-abrasive, antibacterial wipe and a dry paper towel.

  1. Remove the headphones from the Oculus Rift if they are currently attached.
  2. Wipe down the headphones with the antibacterial wipe, be careful not to get the cushions too wet.
  3. Go over it once more with a dry paper towel.
  4. Give the headset a good minute or two to air out before next use! If you got the cushions wet, wait until they've tried completely before use.

If you feel you have ruined them beyond repair you can find a new set on Amazon for about $49.99!

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Extra helpful tips

  • Remove any makeup before putting the headset on, especially stuff like foundation and eyeshadow.
  • Wipe your face with a skin-safe cleansing cloth and let it dry before you play. By doing this, you're not only stopping bacteria and sweat from ending up on the face cushion, you're stopping your pores from clogging with oils while you play.
  • If you plan on some intense, prolonged gameplay, wear a sports headband to keep sweat from dripping down your forehead and into the face cushion.
  • Consider buying a VR headset cover. There are several companies currently manufacturing cotton covers for VR face cushions that are removable and machine washable.


What are your favorite tips and tricks for keeping your system clean? Let us know in the commnet section below!

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