How to Cook Everything with a Windows Phone (Hidden Gems)

Hidden Gems

It's time to grow up and start cooking like an adult. No more microwavable meals. No more take-out from that Chinese place down the road. And please stop ordering Domino's twice a week. You don't need to become Thomas Keller or Gordon Ramsay, but you need to at least be able to make a week's worth of meals without breaking down.

Thankfully for you, there's an app in the Windows Phone Store that's going to help you discover the rewards of simple cooking. How to Cook Everything is a bestselling cookbook from New York Times columnist Mark Bittman. The cookbook features more than 2,000 simple recipes and has been helping folks learn how to cook for over a decade. That book is now an app for Windows Phone.

Let's take a look. And remember, if you leave a comment, you enter into our daily Hidden Gems contest to win a new tablet or phone!

What it is

How to Cook Everything ( is the app of a very popular cookbook. You're getting over 2,000 recipes that are aimed to be simple and require minimal cooking skills or knowledge. In addition to all those different recipes, you get 400 how-to illustrations and a ton of other info throughout the app. The cookbook itself came out in 1998 and quickly went on to become a favorite in kitchens across the country. Praises have been given out to the book from celebrities and folks like you and me. Just check the ratings and reviews on Amazon or check out what singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb says about How to Cook Everything:

"I learned how to cook from How to Cook Everything in a way that gives me the freedom to be creative. This new edition will be my gift to new couples or for a housewarming; if you have this book, you don't really need any others."

Endorsements run high for the cookbook. So how's the Windows Phone app hold up?

The app

How to cook everything

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find the digital version of this popular cookbook. In our time using it we've noticed a few things that you'll want to know about. It's a simple app, but does achieve its goal of being a digital cookbook. It lacks a ton of photos, but the information is straight to the point that you don't really miss them.

Here are the highlights of How to Cook Everything for Windows Phone:

  • From this award-winning book: Mark Bittman's 2,000 recipes and recipe variations—as well as his no-nonsense cooking guidance, including hundreds of how-to illustrations; equipment, technique, and ingredient information; and meal-planning ideas.
  • Easy-to-use and flexible search capabilities, as well as the ability to browse recipes and reference information.
  • Cooking inspiration: Bittman's Picks, Featured Recipe, Quick Dinners, and Favorites, which provide quick access to selected recipes.
  • All recipe and reference content is embedded in the app, which means that you can use the app even if you don't have a network connection.
  • This app is the perfect complement to the book and an invaluable reference.

How to cook everything

When you go into a recipe you'll get an overview of what you're about to make, an ingredients list, the steps and variations you can make to a recipe.

The overview page is a summary of the meal you're going to make. On this page you'll find information like the number of servings it makes, the time it takes to prepare/cook and related content. The related content are how-tos within the app that will help you make a given dish. For example, you'll find the best way to prepare onions if you're making an onion soup.

The ingredients page is straight forward and just lists everything you'll need to make a recipe. While the steps page contains all the required moves you'll make to actually be eating. We'd really like to see additional photos in this section, but that would add to the install size of the app.

The amount of content you get with this How to Cook Everything is huge. Everything is contained within the app when you first install it, so no internet connection is required to use it. That has its pros and cons. We'd really like to see more photos in the app, even if it required data. The download size is just 27 MB.

How to Cook Everything for Windows Phone will cost you $2.99 in the Windows Phone Store. You can trial the app, fully-featured, for three days. So we suggest you guys download it and take it for a spin.

You'll really want to trial the How to Cook Everything for Windows Phone since it is part of our Hidden Gems collection. Leave a constructive comment below and you can win a new phone or tablet!

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Sam Sabri
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  • Do we need to leave an article-sized comment? Or will a few lines of helpful comment be just as good? 
  • I love the fact that I can access all of the content off-line since I will be camping in Canada next week and will use this newly purchased app to make some savory campfire dishes.
  • Now if the app could just cook the stuff for you.
  • I believe the Microsoft Solitaire app might be able to, just leave it running then break an egg onto the back of your phone after a few minutes...
  • Lol that would be tres awesome! I'd pay alot for such app
  • Add more foods from defferent countries to cook
  • It would be really helpful to have a voice-controlled navigation in this app. I don't really want to get my hands on my Lumia when they're covered in dough or meat juices.
  • Fun fact: I recently sat next to Lisa Loeb on a flight to LA.
  • ...and we didn't "do lunch" when you were in LA??
  • lol haha  btw, would be better if she's famous these days. :\
  • She's STAYS famous :p
  • Is she still hot lookin??
  • Funner fact: I met the most interesting man in the world on a flight this past Monday. True story and have a pic to prove it!
  • man, everybody's bragging now.
  • Us geeks wanna know...  Did you ask for her autograph or did she ask for yours?  
  • lol, neither. I tend to not want to bother celebs on their off time.
  • I got to get up close to Norman Reedus at Mardi Gras this year and got him to sign my 521. :)
  • Whoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
  • Lol ... Its just a comment
  • Did she stay Daniel?
  • Yep, this and Epicurious are the best cookbook apps on WP. I just love how easy it is to use these apps
  • This one is pretty impressive. As a chef (once at pro level, now just private hobbyist) this is a comprehensive way to bone up on forgotten skills and methods, and definitely a great way for newcomers to pick up the skill. I've never seen on this complete. I'll have to check out Epicurious, I've not seen that one yet. If you say its on par with this one, ill definitely have to look it up too.
  • My girlfriend says it's great.
    Another reason she should switch from her iPhone. :)
  • The knife holding instructions are a big help.
  • This^^. BIG help especially if you're a guy that can't cook.
  • The holding knife instructions is totally amazing for phone app. Well organised and very neaty app. Congrats to developers. I hope more apps like that are already in the oven with soon availability.
  • Yes, this is a really cool feature. Helps people like me who are just getting into cooking.
  • HA!Finally!Waiting for this for so long.(Daniel and Sam know :P ) I'll definitely download this right now and give my review of it as a reply to this comment after I'm done :D
  • Ok, so used this app for sometime and I'm reviewing it now. DESIGN AND UI:-
    I liked the app's icon and splash screen but I would like to point out that please change the theme color to something that's more natural. Bright orange can be a bit irritating to the eyes. :)
    The user interface was very good and easy to use as well.I liked the metro feel and the animations were good but there was a slight lag when searching for dishes though. :) WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THIS APP
    -Yay! It's offline :D I love offline apps. :D
    -The categorization is very well done.
    -I've never cooked in my life but the recipe info, ingredients, and pictures looked pretty neat and detailed.
    -But perhaps the best thing I liked about this app was the search function. That was very unique and different from other apps in a positive way. :) FURTHER IMPROVEMENTS I'D LIKE TO SEE IN THE APP
    -Make the animations more smooth, there was a slight lag in the searchbar area.
    -add cross device syncing eg I favorite some recipe and voila! Is on my laptop as well. That'd be pretty neat :D
    -and voice recognition support. That would be a small but welcome addition. Not necessary though. Just for those funky people who want every thing voice automated ;)
    -A functioning live tile would be welcome as well :D
    Overall rating:-7.5/10 Yes,I think that's all but if I've made any mistake or left anything out, I'll edit this post :)
    I hope the developer finds my comments useful :)
  • So a couple times you've mentioned lag, both in searches and animations... So what phone are you using, and are you running developer preview?
  • Lag occurs mainly on 512 Mb ram devices. Please update for improved performance on 512 Mb ram devices!
  • No lag on my 920 which has 1GB of RAM.
  • How about including support for showing recipe search list in Cortana? That would be another useful improvement.
  • Downloading now... Will be back with a review soon ;)
    Although I've never cooked / prepared anything in my whole life except tea, noodles and boiled some eggs sometimes... I've almost no idea how a recipe instruction should go like but I'll definitely give it a try and let you know how i like it...
  • Alright, I’ve used the app for more than an hour now and I’ll rate it here (just as I did in my previous review) ........FIRST IMPRESSION (10/10)........ Name. Name of the app is just perfect; it’s easier to find apps like these which use common nouns instead of pronouns, making it easier for the crowd who don’t know a name / Chef already. Size. 28 MB. Not bad. Not bad at all, considering I can browse all the Recipes / How-To(s) offline. Price. I think it’s worth $2.99, anyone interested in cooking should buy it without a second thought! (P.S: I’m going to purchase it as well, from the credits I earned yesterday from GameStop!) ........INTERFACE (8/10)........ Welcome screen. Splash screen takes some time, it should be faster as in other apps. Response. It’s simple and fast. Although I’ll definitely suggest a progress indicator (The default Windows Phone style that moves beads like ( .  . . . …. . . .  . ) Umm IDK how to say it :P because I felt the app a little unresponsive when I tap the Home button after viewing a recipe or when I selected “Top 100 Fast Recipes” Scroll bar. Although, the recipes ain’t very long but I’ll suggest a scroll bar so that I can gauge the length of recipes from it. Readability. I liked dark grey text on white background, gives me feeling of reading a recipe "book" but then there's this issue, screen automatically times out and I’ve to unlock my screen to continue where I left. I can’t imagine how one would do that who’s in kitchen! (Alternative sol to users: settings > lock screen > set screen timeout to “5 mins” or “forever” so you’ve to tap lesser) Inbuilt links. I liked the way contents were represented. Specially the linked words, which I can tap to find its meaning. Brilliant idea (just as in Wikipedia) but hey its offline, that’s really a plus point! ........SHARING (6/10)........ I'm surprised to see there’s no share option in the app through which I could share the app with my facebook friends. (Please add one!) While I understand sharing of “recipe” isn’t possible but it would be great to share the titles of the recipe along with the app link via Email, Text, FB etc… I can see small “Thumbs up” icons in recipes that say “votes” but I wish I could do one. ........BUGS (8/10)........ Once I opened the app and it just showed this screen, no keys were working there. I had to restart the app and it worked fine. Please see the screenshot here. I was asked to purchase the full version of the app three times, first,  when coming back to home from  a recipe, 2nd when resuming the app from minimized status. I think it’s enough to remind only once I open the app. About page. While I was already asked a number a number of times to purchase the full version of the app, the “Purchase Full version” link in About page doesn’t look like a link. It would be better to colour it Red ;) This isn’t really a bug but a small suggestion, people may not know "Bittman's Picks" is a link, should appear like a link, as in "Most Popular". ........SUGGESTIONS........ I would love to have some pictures for the “Most Popular” recipes (only those which are most popular, among “Most Popular”) and not just “How-Tos” Addition of some videos would be really great! (Just saying because it’s there in most of the apps in its class). I possible, make it buffer from the internet otherwise it’ll add to the app’s size. It would be ice on the cake to have an option like "shopping list"... where I can tick mark the products I’ve purchased (since no options for print out of the recipe is available to carry in market). Please add a live tile if possible (even better if Transparent live tile for WP8.1 users). And you know what would be cool? To see what I’ve in my “shopping list” or “what I’ve to prepare, at what time” would be amazing to have it on a live tile. I’m hoping the app will integrate with Cortana soon. I just like to do anything by commanding Cortana over myself opening the app and look for a recipe. I’d love if the app had a special category where I could see the nutrients / calories etc for particular products / vegetables. This can really come handy when thinking to prepare something hygienic I guess ;) ___________CONCLUSION____________ AVERAGE RATING: 8 / 10 ___________________________________ As I already told, it’s a must have app for ANYONE who loves cooking! Thanks to the developer and the Chef for making this simple, beautiful, useful app. P.S: So now I know how to make “Real Pop-Corn”… Gonna surprise my mom soooon ;P And I'm sorry for the spelling errors!
  • Looks like a winning post!!! 
  • So you mentioned wp8.1, but what phone are you on? Wondering about the splash screen taking too long for you is why I ask. Also, how was fast resume?
  • I tested it on my brother's 720 (it has WP 8.1) as my 520 was running out of battery already!
    Yeah splash screen took longer than other apps. I don't think it's a fault in the code but i may doubt the time delay might be set a little higher than required...
    Fast resume didn't work very well either. That's, if i resume the app within 2-3 minutes of minimizing it, it resumes faster (as i mentioned i was asked to purchase the app on resuming each time though!) but once it's minimized for around 5 minutes or more, it takes a while... (like 3-4 seconds)
  • I wonder if the lag is due to the fact that its offline, and loading so much info, as opposed to a web based app that is much lighter in size, pulling all its data from the web on demand... Just a thought. It doesn't have much lag on my 1520, but more than average I suppose.
  • That's not impossible, you could be right on that (specially if i think of those offline dictionary apps like Advanced English Dictionary, it behaves similarly). And 1520 is a powerful device, works way better than any other WP device so there should be no lag at all. But since you're saying it lags more than average apps, I think developer needs to look into the app...
  • Yea I'm in the same boat :) so now there's no more excuses! This app will have you covered :)
  • Guess you're right! I've already learned two recipes so far... Can't wait to try them out myself (i know it's going to be non-edible though LOL!)
  • Step 1 to cooking with a Lumia: Turn on Bluetooth and just sit there. It'll set itself on fire :p I would appreciate more photos in the app since I'm REALLY bad with cooking and I need all the help that I can get. Still, it's got enough info IMO.
  • 1.)Launch Waze. Wait two minutes.
    2.)Once phone is preheated to 375 degrees, add bacon strips to gorilla glass surface.
    3.)Add cinnamon and sugar to taste.
    4.) When battery saver turns on, flip bacon.
    5.)When battery is drained, or in 3 more minutes, remove bacon and enjoy.
  • You don't need to use Waze. Anything that uses the gps function for about 2 minutes will cook things nicely :) Nokia Maps is my particula favourite cooking app :p
  • Nokia maps is a great cooking app- don't get me wrong, but it interrupts my music when it's telling me which direction to turn the food. But it does support landscape cooking on the other hand. I can see how on a 1520 this would be useful as hell
  • For high heat, use the camera module on the Lumia 1020.
  • LMAO
  • Make sure it's charging at the same time, and playing music!
  • That goes without saying lol
  • Apparently mine should have burnt a hole through the Earth. BT has been on since I got it months ago lol.
  • :-o
    How do you get your battery to survive for one day?
  • Lmao :)) interesting recipes :)
  • That's probably the best this kind of app on WP yet, quite surprised about great quality of it
  • I've noticed a big rise in the quality of WP apps lately...
  • Quality over quantity! That is what seems to be happening nowadays.
  • I know, but quantity is what matters most.. We need all iDroid fans to see that WP has the most apps.. WP needs 1.5mill apps ASAP❕ ... This is all that really matters.
  • Yes, number of apps really matters! Just building an awesome OS isn't enough. That's why Microsoft is trying to push out more alternative and easy ways for users (not just developers) to build apps. Windows App Studio is the best example here. I only wish Microsoft could promote it more and more...
    P.S: I've myself tried out App Studio and i must say it's really easy to use and loaded with features. I've created few apps and published it in store as well. I wish more people take advantage of this amazing web based developing tool for WP!
  • Well, I was kinda joking.. Lol.
  • Oh i see! I'll assume I lack sense of humor hehe... :P
    BTW it's good to see email notifications are finally workin =)
  • Yes, they are working, and it's great!
  • Downloading, will edit when i'm done
    So here it's :
    - The app is smooth to open and navigate, i like how every meal is under specific order.
    - it made me hungry
    after i downloaded the app, MOM YOU NEED IT ! "she likes to cook, she's not terrible"
  • I love that you can turn pages via the camera on that W8 app by MS. Can this do a similar thing? Via voice? Any Cortana integration planned?
  • That would be Food & Drink (formerly Bing Food & Drink).  Yes, it is handy so you don't get the screen messed up.  This app, How to Cook Everything doesn't seem to support that.  Of coarse, neither does the (Bing) Food & Drink (by Microsoft) app on Windows Phone 8.1 support it.
  • I was using Food & Drink and for the average, use in the Food side, is OK but the recipes are very generic (at least in Portuguese-Brazil) and some steps are missing leaving room for guessing.
    In the Drink side are more complete and I have received some compliments with those recipes.
  • I would love to have Cortana dictate me recipes of this app while I cook... Add this feature if possible...
  • Wow ! Amazing app ! Instruction are easy (even for a student) and recipes are good !  
  • Indeed! I like the design and how simple the instructions are. The only thing missing would be recipe videos. Other than that very good!
  • Exactly what i liked the most! It's really a good app for beginners
  • That's what I most liked about this app... Instructions are really short and sufficient...
  • Nice! This is really helpful towards my accomplishments in the kitchen :) The app itself is solid with a nice UI. Thanks WPC!
  • Really loving how simple this app is. A lot of the foodie type apps can become a bit convoluted but this does a great job of being simple and intuitive in use.
  • -Cooking App... my mom LOVE this kind of app, I'm going to use her opinions also to review this app MS = Mom said; SS= Son Said;   >What we liked: -Completely easy to use; SS and MM -Love the red theme; MM and SS -App peformance is great, and it runs smooth on my 720 and on her 625; MM and SS -'How To' section is everything; MM  -2,99$ is a good price for that. I gues she'll buy that app later;   >What we don't: -We live in Brazil, and here this basically not that usable, support for international metric (celsius, grams, etc) would be a HUGE YES to this app; MM and SS -App size for me it's kinda big, didn't knew that Cooking apps were soo big; SS -I kinda dislike Tiles and Splash Screen with too much details and text, this one enters on ugly-TilesnSplashes category; SS (mom disagreed) -Offline use of the app is good! But it's better having online content with more images and user reviews; MM and SS -Categories sub topics UI is messy, with no division between options; SS   >Suggestion: My mom used to keep her iPhone next to her when she was cooking, she always hated he fact that her phone always got dirty by food in her hands... Now she has a WP, and she said that would be incredibly good to browse recipes or so by voice, so I would suggest use of Cortana APIs for things like that eg.: "Bittman, show me recipes of Tacos"... MS
  • Nice, clear app - but pretty much useless outside the US, because it's all in pounds/cups/Fahrenheit.
  • Now that's a constructive comment... Other reviews are like... I am so nice I want to win that phone or tab... I am the nicest person alive...
  • No support for International metric system is not that making- app-useless...
  • This app is really a hidden gem.Beautiful design and easy to use even for those who are bad at cooking.I love the red theme.Tile is also good(Thank God it's not the transparent one,which makes my start screen boring).
    It would be better if they add more pictures of "how to" and also support of International metric system.
  • Or possibly deeplink to videos of "HowTo's" would be great... they could get a partnership with many YouTube channels that already offer this. Imperial measurements are a drag also... Also, there is US (Imperial) and UK (Imperial) that are both different.
  • Give the developer some feedback.. Maybe they'll make the units adjustable...
  • It's no big deal... Just telling the developer to implement an option in the app that can change units/convert units is enough
  • I'll give it a shot. Hopefully there is a dark theme option as I've become so accustom to most text based apps being light text on dark background. The techniques are what convinced me to give it a try though, that would be so helpful.
  • That's great. I'm thinking of exploring new career paths by becoming a cook. I have no education at all on the subject but I am hoping this app can help me get through the basics. I will gladly try it. It really looks nice.
  • So far I like the app with his simplicity. Also, the "recipe type" option is a nice bonus. I wish that it add more pictures and hopefully it will with some updates.
  • Yeah... I felt it too it has limited pictures
  • Interesting but a little expensive compared to what you can get for free from the allrecipies app among others
  • Bing Food is really good, and free!! But, you get what you pay for, and these apps don't cost much.
  • I've to say you're right. Recipe apps in my girlfriend's iPhone are like $7, $10 etc... This one is worth and better for the bucks!
  • Me too but then my cooking never comes out like it suppose to so having it this way is good for my confidence lol
  • I think this would help my daughter as she goes to university soon. She doesn't even know how to boil an egg!
  • Who's fault is that❔✔✔✔
  • This looks like a very feature packed app and I'm kinda digging it. I'm not ashamed to admit I suck at cooking, but this could hopefully change that! I see that the recipes are "liked" but I don't see anywhere in the app to do that. Also, I think this would be much more useful as a universal app so I can use it on my Surface Pro 2. But overall, I like the app very much and intend on buying it.
  • Really great app; is it available for Win8? Apps like this really add a lot of functionality when the sync across devices.  For example, find a recipe on my PC, mark it as a favorite, buy ingredients via my phone, then go how and make it by following directions on my tablet.
  • My thoughts as well. App looks nice, could use a bit more pictures - but I can see how that would be a difficult thing to simply implement. Over all, this would be more functional on a tablet. It's a lot easier for me to just set up my Surface to be on it's kickstand and i can glance over and reference the recipe while i'm cooking. Additionally, cooking can be messy business. I'd rather not touch my beautiful Icon with my food ingredient covered hands if i don't have to. Make this a Windows 8 app!!
  • Yes, using your phone as a cookbook is definitely not ideal as the screen will time out multiple times and if you have messy hands it can be a real shlep :) Wonderful app though and still very handy and informative for novice and experienced cooks alike.
  • I was thinking the same thing about touching my phone with food fingers, but then thought that this would be a great application for 3D Touch. Could just swipe without getting salmonella on your screen. actually, voice navigation via Cortana would be nice too.
  • This is exactly what I need.  I recently became a bachelor again and the prospect of pizza rolls and fish sticks is rather daunting.  Lol
  • So Neat LOL
  • Did you not see that you can now have a fake girlfriend ring and text you now lol
  • it would be very useful if they make it universal app, phone is not the best size for such an app.
  • I actually bought this book during an unwanted separation. The book was helpful, and our relationship is better than ever. Coincidence??? I don't think so. This book saves relationships. Facebook does not.
  • LOL
  • It must have helped you cook better for your spouse... And thus saved your r/
  • Great app!
    There is some app about that cooking chef Oliver ?
    Thank you !
  • This is a great app for a single man living alone (like me xD). Very easy to use and find recipes and techniques to cook. I really like the "how to" page.
  • Wow, this looks really nice! Beautiful interface, instructions on things like boning a chicken breast and carving a prime rib, tips on sharpening knives, tons of recipes, and pretty good drawn images to show you how to do it. Looks like a great app to me - I'm buying it!
  • Nice app, looks nice and has plenty of ideas I'd like to try!!
  • I think a timer feature would be useful for time-related recipe steps such as "leave in the oven for 30 minutes". I'd like to have a "Recent" page with recently viewed recipes. Also, because some people are vegetarians or have other preferences that exclude certain types of foods, it would be convenient to have the option to hide recipes based on what they use such as meat, dairy products, etc.
  • Now we just need this for windows rt.
  • And windows 95 please!!!
  • Windows 1 maybe...
  • Con el primer parrafo lo dijeron todo, casi casi dirigido a mi, que acostumbro a comprar comida TODOS los dias en mi trabajo, pero con esta app ya no se tienen pretextos, no se necesita ser un chef certificado, con esta app podemos salir del apuro todos los dias y porque no, quizas hasta una buena comida para impresionar a tu pareja o a tu familia y amigos.
  • As a professional Chef. It's always exciting to see more cooking apps on WP. Especially ones like this which actually teaches people how to cook! All the cooking apps I recommend to WP users: Cook with YumVy, Epicurious, BigOven, All Recipes, How to Cook Everything, Betty Crocker Cook Book and Great British Chefs
  • Yay, now I can cook something other than cereal, although that doesn't even count.
  • It would've been better if they released an universal app. My RT will be waiting for this app.
    Btw awesome methods to cook everything.
    Yummy :P
  • Nice app, definitely going to try this.
  • Nice app but... hey, I'm from "metric" part of the world. I think that building in a unit converter is not a very big issue. I will pay for it buying the app, now it is too hard to use to buy.
  • The diagrams are not just informative but actually quite beautiful. 
  • I really like the fact that it breaks it down for you! Lol basically a " cooking for dummies" book :D
  • Who you calling a dummy? ;-)
  • Finally a decent, well-supported digital cookbook app! Although a canvas of pictures detailing what the final product looks like would be helpful. Also, a step-by-step of pictures wouldn't hurt.
  • There are other great recipe apps on for Windows/Windows Phone. I think this one needs to do a little more to stand out, especially with a $3 charge. It should definitely have more pictures, make shopping lists and I'd love to see some video content in the "How To" section. There is quite a bit of good info here and I may have just been inspired to get a food processor to grind my own burger meat. 
  • The app has a great look to it but it need a lot more recipe not just the traditional stuff. Take a look for Jamaican jerk chicken and you can't find it, then I can't cook everything then can I? But the apps layout follow the windows phone panorama views very well.
  • Apart from the US measures, this one is full of really good recipes and great basics. The ability to change measurements to metric would be really useful.
  • Nice app! Make it for win8, please!
  • Even if it's made for Windows 8 we can only browse /favorite recipes when we're out of kitchen.Taking a tab to a kitchen could be a horrible idea
  • Seems to be a nice app, I will definitely try it. Thanks for the gem :)
  • First Hidden Gem app that I might actually user. I will check this out.
  • I love these type of apps, but I always default to cooking what I already know. Really need to stop being so lazy about this.
  • I've used Big Oven for a while to find recipe ideas, but this seems to include technique skills as well.
  • Does it have a recipe for a cream-free carbonara?
  • Actually I've heard some chefs say it's NOT true carbonara if you DO add cream to it. But I like it with the cream added. That's the great thing about cooking.....there are no rules.
  • That's what I meant. A good carbonara should IMO :) (and as it was originally) have no cream.
  • While you can do a carbonara with just egg, onion, parmesan, and bacon - they are usually better if you use something to bind the sauce to the pasta.  Add some olive oil, butter, or even lowfat milk with a little corn starch.  I'd bet that the residual bacon fat was used originally but even cream is healthier than that.
  • Needs a share option to send recipes..
  • LOL i don't think they'll enable one. It'll void the value of the app. I mean why would anyone buy it if one could buy and share all the recipes? But i think a share option to share the app itself is necessary which is missing. At least I didn't find any
  • Facebook and Twitter integration may help if present if not sharing recipes... Do that others know what I am cooking now...
  • It's much easier reading cooking instructions from a larger screen. A windows phone app is good for discovery and shopping, but when the time comes to get your hands dirty, it'll be cool if the phone app can send instructions to a windows 8.1 app.
  • I like cooking apps that give step by step instructions to make sure I can complete everything without too much looking in other places and this app does a great job. Nice design, could use more photos of the cooking steps, but overall really good.
  • I like the interface and the recipes are well laid out.  It would be nice if there was a quick option within the app to override the screen timeout.  Turning the screen back on with dirty/sticky fingers is kind of an inconvenience.
  • Idea: Crowdsource photos from users as they follow the recipes...
  • The headline disappointed me after I glanced at the article. I was looking forward to putting eggs on my phone to cook them.
  • This app is really well put together. It does a great job of following Windows Phone app design concepts. The price is very good. It's hard to get a whole cookbook for that kind of money. If there's one issue/recommendation, it would be that the "How-to" would benefit from video instead of just text and pictures. Sometimes, instructions are better when the learner can see it all unfold. All things considered, it's a quality app and shows how a beautiful and useful app can be made for Windows Phone.
  • I have the cook book, and this app looks great, and easier to use.  Try the Spicy cold noodles with pork.  Great summer dish.
  • A really well laid out app. Easy to follow instructions and a wide selection of recipes compared to other similar apps. Main areas of improvement would be adding settings that allow you to select metric measurements (for this of us outside the US) and also to allow temperature to be shown in degrees Celsius. Would bump it up from a three star to a four star app.
  • I'm from Uk, and so I have not heard of this guy. That said, I can't imagine that affects his knowledge. The app is very responsive, couldn't really be any faster, so 5 out of 5 for that. I assume the recipes are stored locally, rather than grabbed from the web each time. In terms of variety, I think you would struggle to find a food type that isn't covered, which is great. I am sure if I had the time, then I could really check out all the offerings. I assume the design is based on the colours and styles used in his book? And although perfectly serviceable, it does fire the design part of my brain. Not saying it is bad, it just didn't grab me. I imagine if it borrows styles from the booms, then the book regulars will love it though. The recipes that I looked at all had great little steps and suggestions for variations, which is good. One thing I would like to see is a link to youtube or something, or possibly even a downloadable video or MP3 of the steps. I followed a Gordon Ramsay recipe for Beef Wellington once, it helped massively. The dish is now my favourite. One thing I did love was the tips on correct chopping procedures, it is an area that I need a lot of help with. Good app, keep them coming.
  • So overall the app offers value for money?
  • Have it on trial at the moment. Looks good to me. Nice cookery ideas and love the variations option! I do feel that 2,99 euros is a bit high for an app, but then again... 2000 recipes! Damn thats alot of cooking!!!
  • Big foot print on my phone (28M download). I whish there was a grocery list feature (in the app or through sharing the list with Onenote). No sharing (makes it hard to agree with the menu with the GF). Impressive list and I like the guy. Food & Drink paring would also be nice.
  • I'm always looking up cooking times on various types and cuts of meats, so this is nice to have so I can quit re-killing my chicken.
  • What could be better about the app, like a majority of our apps, the UI. The text within pivots and panorama should be minimized a bit so more content can be shown. I was told that the templates that Microsoft provides to developers come like this so its not their fault I guess. Its just with Microsoft's Bing apps the small text and updated UI elements are even more beautiful and I would like to see that expand to more apps. WPCentral included.
  • Now this is a useful app that I may never have used. I love to cook and this will come in handy. Keep 'em coming!
  • A paid app in hidden gems, no fair. Come on Daniel. I know we can try the app for three days and developers do need our support but still, doesn't feel quite right. Anyway the app was very instructive, would've bought it if it was a buck but three bucks is too much for an app.
  • This just makes cooking easy with  the easy to follow instructions. Hmmm Now to decide what to make for supper.....
  • I have spent the past few hours with this app and actually made my wife something for dinner with it, from going to supermarket with the list of ingredients to cooking at home. Ui is nice and quick although would have liked to have an option to print as not really one for wanting phone to be laying around on a dirty counter (think might be an os limitation) or even a share option to send via email to friends or even yourself for was printing
  • This app is great! My favorite feature has to be the how to section. Turns out I've been cutting onions wrong this whole time.
  • So far:
    What I like: It's on Windows phone, looks nice, there is a trial.
    What I don't like: The $3 price tag.
  • Fantastic content. Easy to understand. Price is fair IMO. Made some dishes already! Only thing I wish it had was a share recipes/ingredients list option (SMS, Twitter, etc). 
  • Yikes, this app is detailed! It's one thing to tell you to cut something with a knife, but its another to tell you HOW to cut something with a knife. That's pretty awesome.
  • I like the step by step thing. Very neat application. Would like some sort of achievements though
  • Sweetness!! Pick me!
  • Love to cook. Just the other day I made chicken francaise. Some other great dishes I've made are Moroccan chicken tagine with lentils, steak au poivre with brandy sauce, oysters Rockefeller, and both a great potato soup and a killer ham and been soup. Plus I also make the best spaghetti sauce and pastafazool you'll ever have. This app is RIGHT up my alley. Good find!!!!
  • Have used this app for a bit and I like some of the things I see. I noticed that recipes have upvotes but can't figure out how to vote myself. Either way, the app seems to have a good range of recipes available although I cannot find many spanish dishes on there. Overall it seems like a useful app for those people looking for something new to make for dinner though I'm not sure it's worth the price tag with other free alternatives in the store.
  • Hidden indeed.  I love this app on my ipad, but didn't even think to look for it on the WP Store. 
  • Very intuative and I really like the how to section 
  • Went for the trial. In all honesty, its a great looking app, but if you're not a big fan of the cookbook, i'm not sure if it's worth the $3. There are some really solid apps for the phone already (but the competition is good!). I thought it was a great way to think about it as described in the article as a companion app for the book. I've found that i prefer cooking apps on Win8, not WP8. I can open up the computer and set it up whereas with a phone it's in my hand or i've got it set down and i'm squinting to see the phone while my hands are doing the cooking work. If they could port it to Win8 or make it a universal app that'd be much more convenient and useful.
  • Did this app just came out? Or was it already here? :-o
  • Looks nice but to be honest I would only use this sort of app on a tablet so I can clearly watch the tutorials while in the kitchen.
  • How did I miss the How To Cook Everything app? One word " Epic". There are a variety of foods and the preparation guide shows the best of Windows Phone "Metro" look. Any areas of improvements? I have none really other than perhaps offer how to videos? This app is awesome. Yes I'm buying it!!!
  • This is exactly the kind of app that a guy who has no clue what to do in the kitchen (like me) needs. The step by step rocks as it's hard for me to mess things up. The biggest problem I have is trying to find recipies that are good for cooking just for one person. I am a single guy in an apartment and don't necessarly have a lot of equipment to work with.
  • Really neat cooking app. I like that there is a lot of simple recepice of healthy food, but still a lot of recepices containes pre-processed engridients. I would like to "healthy-food" version of this app.  Design of the app ok but logo/Tile shoud be redesigned. Another cool thing is that recepice were collected from Mark Bittman list of recepieces, so they are possible to cook. Not just some imaginative stuff from developer who doesn't know how to cook.
  • App is super smooth and looks super expansive.  I cook a good bit, but I don't tend to use recipes for much other than breads...  Sometimes I'll browse recipes for specialty dishes to get some ideas, so these kind of apps are nice for that, but I've always found recipes to be restricting and annoying when you don't have a super well stocked pantry. haha  One feature I really like about this app is the Variations section for each recipe.
  • Great app. However I would like to see a dark theme and more recipes. I'm craving Stir Fry and thought I should look it up in the app to make it myself. Unfortunately, there wasn't a recipe for it. I know the app is from an actual cookbook, but I would like to see more recipes even if there not in the original bestselling cookbook.
  • The app, besides the good UI, dont offer international metric support, wich lives great part of the world without support.
  • +920
  • The offline compatibility is a big deal, but if the developer add the option to have a picture gallery that requires data it would be great. The gallery could be implemented adding other tab -I don't know how to call it-, like:  Feature, Overview, Ingredients, Steps, Variations, Gallery; the pics would be deleted when are not used in certain time, like cache data. Other great feature would be Cortana integration, like open Cortana and say "I'd like to eat Italian food", and then open the app with a search list showing Italian foods. By the way the app looks gorgeous!.
  • I really like your 'Cortana' idea man. :)
  • I found the design and usability very very good, even if the design could be better at some point.
    What I don't like (or would like) and has to be done: Multiple language support.
    It's really good for cooking, but I'd really enjoy cooking with this in my native language for example. So basically it's a good app/book, as long as you have no problem with the English language! ;)
  • This app is really good. I'm glad I finally found a good cooking app because usually all others have ugly layouts or horrible steps to cook recipes(sometimes both) and this one is far from that. I have no complaints so far.
  • The one feature I think this app offers over the others are the Related Content items under each recipe to show you how to do things related to that recipe such as how to mince a shallot or how to use a Chef's Knife. 
  • I see they have an iPad version. I hope that means windows 8 is in the plan. The tablet form factor would be ideal for this, like AllRecipes does
  • This is a neat app for trying out some really great recipes. Nice that it has a metro Windows phone ish design.The content is presented nicely with 'featured recipes' and 'most popular recipes'.Users can browse and search content easily. It's a must have app for couples, chefs and anybody willing to try out different recipes. Good that it has a three day trial.
  • nice app and i could use the help with cooking technique. however, this would be way more. useful as a windows 8 app. i routinely use my suface pro 2 when cooking to look up recipes. i don't really want to use my phone for this.
  • Ok, so used this aap for sometime so I'm reviewing it now.
    I liked the app's icon and splash screen but I would like to point out that please change the theme color to something that's more natural. Bright orange can be a bit irritating to the eyes. :)
    The user interface was very good and easy to use as well.I liked the metro feel and the animations were good but there was a slight lag when searching for dishes though. :)
    -Yay! It's offline :D I love offline apps. :D
    -The categorization is very well done.
    -I've never cooked in my life but the recipe info, ingredients, and pictures looked pretty neat and detailed.
    -But perhaps the best thing I liked about this app was the search function. That was very unique and different from other apps in a positive way. :)
    -Make the animations more smooth, there was a slight lag in the searchbar area.
    -add cross device syncing eg I favorite some recipe and voila! It's on my laptop as well. That'd be pretty neat :D
    -and voice recognition support. That would be a small but welcome addition. Not necessary though. Just for those funky people who want every thing voice automated ;)
    -A functioning live tile tile would be welcome as well :D
    Overall rating:-7.5/10
    Yes,I think that's all but if I've made any mistake or left anything out, I'll edit this post :)
  • Not a bad app, people who like it may also consider trying british chef app. also a great cooking app.
  • Would be nice if the measurements were in metric either printed beside the current measurements or have a billtin conversion calculator so we dont have goto outside the app for that information
  • Agree with this one. There are so many sites/apps/books with recipes, so when I am to use one I need measurements that I can use without having to do conversions.
  • Nice ans fluid! Not quiet sure about the design though... A bit boring and blocky imo. But I like how it gives me alternativ ingredients. I'll keep it on my phone! Greetings from Germany!
  • I love to cook. Maybe I can save space in the kitchen now by getting rid of all these cook books...
  • Seems a well thought out app, but it its hard to use while actually cooking. Phone apps aren't the best for this since you really need everything on one page...preferably without having to scroll at all. Otherwise feature rich and quite a lot of info.
  • Also thanks! I need to start learning how to cook for myself. About time I do so, and what better way to learn than thru my trusty Lumia Icon!
  • I really like that it has a how to section. Nothing like reading a recipe where it tells you to cut meat a certain way but have no idea how to do that. Nice to have it on the app where the recipe is. What would make it better is of they linked to the how-to from the recipe.
  • Apparently after reviewing further it looks like it does link to the how to from the recipe in the related section. Very nice
  • The app does what a cookbook should do. Detailed instructions and everything, but I don't see myself using it. I would more likely be using a tablet while leaning how to cook because of the large screen size. This app is probably nice when you are not actually cooking, maybe just reading up the recipe or shopping for ingredients.
  • Really useful app. Simple but functional UI, easy to follow recipes and it's offline! But I have to agree with Sam though, more pictures could have been added, since the app is not that bug.
  • Awsome Hidden Gem, no more Pizza Hut for me with this App!
  • I'm looking forward to trying this out. One of my biggest budget-busters is eating out too much. I do this because I'm not very comfortable trying new recipes when I cook. This just might help. Thanks for sharing!
  • Also is time for me to stop buying all my food from Costco and stay actually COOKING my food...THANKS HIDDEN GEMS!
  • I love how this app is basically a "Cooking for Dummies"... totally worn the $3 that they ate charging for it...
  • You can never have too many recipes or cooking apps.  I really enjoy this app but as others have said it would be nice to have more pictures.  I had to check out the recipe for "Boiled Water" lol.  One thing is does have that other cooking apps don't are the instructional pages for cutting up a chicken, cleaning squid, folding an omelet.  Those are great for beginners to have or if you are trying something new like "making dumplings".
  • I'm not saying it's bad -it's well designed and complete- and I'm not the kind of person who's not going to pay for the right app, but why should I pay this much when I have plenty of free apps that do the exact same thing? What this app really lacks is a "killer feature" that will make it worth the price. As of now, it's nothing special. PROS: Tons of recipes, beautiful "how to" section. Perfect for both beginners and professionals. CONS: Not enough pictures, ugly black and white drawings, no shopping list, overpriced. WHAT TO DO: Add pictures and videos. A price cut would do the trick.
  • This sounds gread for the single male! (personally i prefer cooking things with a macbook pro though)
  • Great app nice recepies
  • I am downloading it now and will report back later. Edit: I just downloaded it and here is my review. First, the app moves smoothly on the main page, which is nice. Second, their about page is well designed. Third, the recipes are unobstructed and the background is white with black text. Fourth, it is much smaller than the Betty Crocker cookbook. And finally, as far as I know, it is not a Windows Phone 7.x application, unlike the other cookbook I mentioned earlier. Some things I want to point out: For one, the recipe layout is awkward; however, it allows the app to be more useful for cooking because people only need to tap on each of the (I forgot what it's called) headings that can be swiped between instead of having to scroll down to see the entire recipe. Second, navigating from a recipe to another one via a link in the app then going back to the main screen takes a few seconds (it seemed kinda laggy to me. Could have just been my phone at that time. Seems to speed up when done multiple times.) Of course, that lag could have just been the app loading resources from disk. Another thing I want to mention, the application reminds you that the trial will end in 3 days. That is not the problem. The problem is that, when returning from the multitasking screen from another app, it comes back up. Overall, I like the app. The old fashioned pencil drawings are really neat. What's great about the offline ability is it won't cost you anything if you are stranded on a deserted island but you found ingredients for food and you want to put it together. My final word: It works actually pretty well. I recommend it. Use the trial first to tell if you can use it though.
  • Excellent and Great App for cooking!!
  • Great way to kick off Hidden Gems WPCentral. I'll first start off with what can be improved/added: More Featured Recipes! The first panorama brings me to 3 great looking dishes but I'd like to see a See More option so that I can choose a few others. Sometimes I don't know what I want to cook so browsing a pre-made list of featured/recommended recipes accompagned with images helps. Speaking of images, I'd like to see images when reading through the Steps of creating a dish. I know that would balloon the size of the app so perhaps images for critical steps would be nice. Also, a text to speech option to read Steps out loud would be great. I didn't find a Windows 8.1 version of the app so it would great if I paid one time and had the app available on both my phone and Surface tablet. Now what I enjoy about it: The UI is very well done, absolutely no complaints about that. Searching and finding recipes is great, I typed in chicken wings and there's so many recipes and variations. I also like the Labeling system FMVE so that I can narrow down what type of recipe I should cook. I found myself spending lots of time in the How To section, there's literally a How To for everything! even for dishes like sushi, tortellini, and wonton which is great. This app really lives up to its name and I'll be using it a lot to plan my cookings.  5 stars out of 5.
  • It's a nice app with different recipes but the labeling you mentioned I didn't get it. Also there some icons added before the ingredients in some of the recipes which I didn't understand either. I agree to the point if images are added to the each step we could not exactly how it looks while preparing it. I liked the quick links added within the steps for learning other recipes required for the dish you are preparing. The UI can be reworked little more has it looks more like a web wrapper.
  • looks great, will go look into it further and maybe even do the 3 day trial
  • I like how the recipes are stored in the app and not on a server. Needs a dark theme, though.
  • After a while giving this app a try, my comment (just an opinion as I'm not a chef :p):
    • Upside:
    - Simple, yet nice design.
    - Well categorized, easy navigation.
    - Short, easy to follow step-by-step instruction.
    - Favorites for quick browse.
    - Those nice pics make :p
    • Downside:
    - No Live Tiles.
    - No region settting nor filter, which help filter recipes suitable for people's tastes. (Example: If you were Chinese, you would prefer Chinese food, and ingredients are easier to find.)
    - I couldn't figure out how to vote for a recipe.
    • My idea:
    - Add Live Tile. The tile may slideshow favorite recipes' images, or some glance at recipes, etc.
    - Add some settings to personalize the app, such as region setting as I said above.
  • I suck at cooking so... this app is no use for me...
  • I made sugar cookies with the Bing Food app. Was simple enough for me.  But I could see that this app would come in handy if only I ate at home more often.
  • Do your body and wallet a favor. Eat home more often.
  • I don't cook and showing it to my wife was pretty much a death sentence.  The app interface is good, but another pivot in the panaoroma and it would be too much. I like the browse recipes pivot as it is broken down into categories and I like the featured recipes. And offline content is great. I think the recipes should have a picture of the dish or food item like the featured recipes pivot does, like that burger looks really tasty in the photo in featured recipes. Where as browsing recipes didn't have a photo to draw my attention more to a recipe. I can't really say too much else on that, but I am not too keen on that red color. One thing that should be fixed is the trial message which popped up everytime I unlocked my phone screen. And it's not really how to cook "everything" :).
  • Love the app & given my extremely limited cooking experience ... This is Gold, like someone mentioned above "Cooking For Dummies" (I qualify lol).
    - What I like:
    Love the step by step instructions, accurate ingredients & the search feature.
    With 2000 detailed recipes, a 2.99$ sounds very reasonable ... Especially compared to a physical book or an E-Book. - What I wish for:
    I wish it was a Universal app ... Add a Surface (& it's kickstand) & you got the perfect cooking partner.
    Option to change the Measurement units ... As others pointed out. - What I don't like :
    The Red & Yellow icon ... It reminds me of McDonalds lol.
    The dark red on both top & bottom on the screen ... It reminds me of the early days of WP8 where you get a white bar on top because the app doesn't scale to the 720x1280 resolution. And also when the qHD screens came out & android couldn't resize the apps to fit the whole screen. As always, good job guys! And damn it Sam, you made me hungry lol
  • Good to see this. I've been contemplating about getting a Lumia 1520 and this looks like a great reason to get one (Big screen, lots of recipes that can be stored). Really liking this series so far, keep it up!
  • Pros: +Good amount of recipes +Recipes well explained and with pictures +Reasonable price +Try option +Not only focused on recipes it has how to use a knife or sharppen it and other useful information for the newbie at the kitchen Cons: -No metric system -No way to make a shopping cart with the ingridients list -No voice control to keep phone clean Suggestions: More pictures
  • Like it a lot!
    Need to get it on the wife's phone, she can't even make toast!
  • Lol. Yeah, do yourself a favor by installing it on her phone.
  • actually pretty good.and i did put my 3 bucks on this.but metric system is a must,more photos,especially for relly begginers and some user rating,photo submitting system would be great :) but please,give us metric ;)
  • I'm trying a recipe tonight.
  • Easy to use for sure
  • This is definitely one to download for those who enjoy or want to learn how to cook. There are many reasons, first being the nice UI. This app is very easy to use, with pages for popular recipes, featured recipes, as well as browsing recipes. To browse recipes, the app includes in a list of broad categories which are broken down into smaller categories. If you have trouble finding a desired recipe, there is also a search option with several fields, allowing for a more specific result. Bittman's Picks provides the user with almost 400 recipes, and the app itself contains a diverse variety of dishes, as well. There is also a "How to" page, giving the user even more to explore, with directions on different things such as how to eat a lobster, or gut a fish. The developer even included a "like" option, allowing you to see the preferences of other users. This app is excellent for beginners due to its specific list of ingredients and its detailed instructions. An approximate cooking time for the recipe is also available, so if you're ever in a hurry and want to whip up a quick meal, you'll have exactly what you need to know. And if your guests are vegetarians, there's even an option for that in the app, further enhancing the experience. Overall, this is an excellent app. There are many more features, too many to include in a single comment, so I suggest to all you cooks out there to download this app. However, there are a few negatives. First, the price of the app, though still pretty cheap, might be a little more than users want to spend on an app. There is a free trial for a limited time before purchase is necessary for further use. This app also lacks live/transparent tile, so including those features might be a positive for the developer. Other than that, it is an excellent app that you, especially the cooks, should check out.
  • Use paragraphs man! Cant even read this
  • I love following recipes. This app will definitely help satisfy my itch.
  • I would never have known about this app if it was not for this website. Thanks!  So far I like everything that I see and it works on my poor, lonely, left out in the cold, unsupported Lumia 810.
  • App functions well on my Lumia 520, although the splash screen does linger for a good few seconds longer than I'd expect. It's US, so in US measurements with no option to switch.
  • Cool article!
  • Another great addition to 'Gems'. \m/
  • This is one of my favorite cookbooks. It is great to see it in an always handy app.
  • One thing that woudl be very helpful would be a link on some ingredients where you could click to find substiute ingredients if you don't have what they call for or can't find it where you live. could even be as simple as a link to a site that helps with this kind of thing...
  • Nice app, but as has previously mentioned, metric measurements are a must and more photos would make everything much easier.
  • Solid app. 10/10 if it impresses my wife tonight!
  • I only have's Dinner Spinner as an app for comparison, but I also use the website and Windows Store app. Things I like:
    -It's available offline, such as when I'm up at a cabin with no cell service.
    -Radio buttons in the Ingredients view when there is a choice between two or more options, though see my suggestion for improvement below.
    -Variations - I love that variations are included in the original recipe instead of being a separate entry. It gives me ideas for ways to change up a dish I already like, or see suggestions for changing a dish I'm not fond of to something better.
    -I love the techniques and how-tos (probably one of my favorite parts), but see my complaint below.
    -I like being able to click on an ingredient that has its own recipe to jump to the recipe, but see my suggestion below. Things I don't like:
    -Petty, I know, but I don't like "How To" as a heading when all of the underlying topics don't continue from "How to." For example, "How To...Bone Chicken Breast" instead of "How To...Boning Chicken Breast." Alternately, changing "How To" to "How-Tos" fixes the problem for me.
    -There are no video walkthroughs of the recipes. I've been spoiled by in this regard. Granted, the app would then require an internet connection, but I still miss the feature. How I think it could be better:
    -The radio buttons in the Ingredients view could change the text in the Steps view. For example, when I select "neutral oil" in the Carmelized Spiced Nuts' Ingredients view, it would show "neutral oil" on the Steps view instead of just "oil." Seecting "peanut oil" would show "peanut oil."
    -I'd like to see the nutritional information on the dishes somewhere.
    -I'd like a way change the number of servings and have it automatically recalculate amounts for ingredients.
    -I see "thumbs" or "likes" in the Overview of a recipe, but I don't see a way to add to the votes within the app. Perhaps clicking the thumb could up-vote the recipe?
    -I'd like a way to compile sub-recipes (the links to other recipes within some ingredients lists) into the currently viewed recipe to handle everything from start to finish in one Steps list, with the option of ignoring the sub-recipes.
  • Anything to help us eat healthier and make better food choices.  There are a lot of good FREE app and this one does require $2.99 purchase (after trial).   It seems high considering the competition.  Perhaps it shall remain a Hidden Gem forever. 
  • The recipe for The Best Burger suggests that you sample the raw meat after adding salt and pepper.  I think his cooking habits are a little dated.  Don't recommend sampling raw ground meat of any kind.   Would you?
  • Nice looking app, will look through the trial for a few days. Not sure if it's been suggested yet, but having a filter for things such as coeliac / gluten-free dishes would be great!
  • Very nice app. Well laid out. Like the How To Section. But like others have mentioned, more pics would be better.
  • After initial interaction with the app I think I am going to buy it for my wife and I.  It not only has great information but the user interface is very well done.
  • Very nice app :)
  • Yummy!
  • The app?
  • I've always prefered AllRecipes, but I'll give this one a try.
  • WHen I cook, I throw my phone in a ziplock bag so I can handle it without worrying about grease, etc.
  • The layout of the app is spot on. As someone just beginning to cook the variations option for a recipe is a godsend. Again as a beginner the How To section is wonderful especially cutting fish steaks and tacos. As this app grows the option for smoothies and or juice reciptes would be a nice add on.
  • Looks like a fantastic addition to the windows phone store... Can't wait to get into the kitchen and try some of the recipes
  • Pretty good app. UI is nice. Search is strange in that if you enter a keyword term and hit enter, it doesn't do the search - it just closes the keyboard. It's a nice way of clearing the screen actually, but it isn't how other apps work. I own the book so I was able to compare recipies, and found them similar in layout and content. The addition of ratings is good. The layout of sliding side to side for information was confusing at first - it would be great to see all at once on a single page or scroll down. Interesting how you can select a radio button for optional ingredients, but I don't see how the information is used. I'd expect it to show up dynamically elsewhere  (for example I found "Baked Country Ham, selected the radio button for "White Wine (optional)", then went to the Steps tab, but the steps still say "add 1/2 cup of cider or wine ...") This app would benefit from more screen real estate. A universal Windows app would be just the thing. I could install this on my Surface next to AllRecipies and be happy (AllRecipies and How To Cook Everything (the book) are our top two references in the kitchen).  
  • Great app, I love eating pizza or noodles but Im now bored of it!
  • You guys are such hypocrites! Check out all these amazed comments lmao. Only in the hidden gems article do you see these, that's all interested :) PS: I do think the app is cool but no bitching on wpc? Yeah right.
  • Looks like a really useful app in the kitchen.
  • Cooking apps are great, but it would be nice if they integrated with OneNote to save all your favorites. Then you can share with friends and family.
  • I like that idea
  • Already downloaded. This is one of the good apps we have where there are options for all kind of food items.
  • I am a remedial cook and so I hope this is worthwhile.   I bought it and will try it at one point.    The cooking chicken parts in olive oil looked good.    Perhaps I also need a Cooking for Idiots cookbook as it's been quite a few years since I did much more than heat up canned food....
  • Wassup guys.... reciepe app?? Al-right. I will have my girl friend write a review for me.. Mean While, I will go and checkout CHEF movie....
  • The search feature is great. Brings up endless amounts of recipes. This will be used quite a bit.
  • So far I've been counting on Bing Food & Drink for new recipes. I'm going to check this one out too, it looks very nice. Keep the suggestions coming, you guys!
  • If it works, yay...! That said, everyone past 20 ought to be able to cook their own meals to some degree, and shouldn't need an app for the basics..,
  • Blackened chicken with grilled sweet potatoes and pineapple salsa....lush :P
  • Love the 'How To' section.  I would like to see a section on how to make sauces and condiments like Hollandaise sauce or mayonnaise.
  • As a single dad, this is definitely an app I can use.  Right away, the biggest missing feature is an exportable shopping list.  One of the biggest problems I run into with many recipes is not knowing the grocery store equivalent to a recipe ingredient.  Simplicity!  I know that probably sounds dumb to some cooking pros, but I’m no pro; I’m assuming an app like this is aimed at the amateurs anyway.  My second request would be a companion RT app.  If I’m following the instructions from a cooking app, I’ll certainly want it on a larger screen like a tablet or kitchen computer.
  • This app has lots of recipes and I did learn how to cook Duck Confit (turns out to be straightforward than I had thought).  The plain look of the recipes is a little underwhelming though for a mobile app. Searching was easy enough but I'm not sure that I'd pay for an app like this.
  • Overall I Like it. Design is a little different than I expected for a cookbook app but I think it works for helping those not proficient in the art of cooking as well as the more experienced. I myself don't follow recipes as much as I use them for ideas or to refresh if I don't remember an ingredient, temperature, or procedure which it's still fine in those cases. I also like that its offline and that may be why it's short on videos. I think the illustrations work fine but they give it a bit of an old fashioned feel that videos wouldn't.
  • I've been trying to get my wife into using cooking apps but she just seems to prefer books which we have plenty of. To be fair she does use websites sometimes on her dell venue 8 pro.
  • Looks good. I'd be more inclined to buy this if it was a universal app. Would be much more useful on a tablet or hybrid. $2.99 is asking too much for this app if it's limited to my phone.
  • What an amazing book and app. Such simple techniques and even caters for non egg variants. I have allergies and finding cooking books and apps that cater for no eggs and no cheese. But this one shows simple techniques for making eggless pasta, and burgers with no eggs. Fantastic. I will happily pay my £1.99 for this app.
  • "My Secret family receipe was listed, going to have to get rid of the dog for giving it out ". Overall it is a great app the search function could use some work had trouble with it. But overall it is easy to use.
  • An offline cookbook is so smart!
  • Wonderful content! I liked the detailed explanations, the drawings and the easy to navigate interface.
    The advanced search options are also very useful. There is an almost infinite number of recipes. The sections  "how
    to" and "kitchen basics" are perfect for people that are novice in the kitchen. Certainly I will learn a lot from there. Main things missing: 1. photos;
    2. photos;
    3. more photos;
    4. Finally, photos. ... most recipes don't have a photo. We should know the appearance of what we will prepare... Maybe also one photo of all the ingredients, and also photos of the steps... The design of the app is nice too, but I don't like the color combination: yellow letters with bright orange/red background in the main screen... It makes me remember McDonald's... And I don't like McDonald's...
  • This app is great! Excellence on a plate!! What I would like to see in the future are video tutorial streams of such recipes that show you how certain things are done step by step. It seems no one has yet to do this for a recipe app and that would just rock my world! Other than that the recipes offered are simple enough for me to cook a full course meal on my own! Watch out Gordon Ramsey!! Im coming for ya!
  • This app is fantastic! I'm a cooking nerd and this is great for getting new ideas on what to try out and how to improve my skills in the kitchen... I spent an hour reading about the kitchen basics.
    That's the best thing about the app!
    The recipes are fine, but they need pictures of the dishes to go with the recipes, so the user knows what to aim at.
  • I like the shot with the phone on the bookshelf!
  • Does anyone know if this integrates with cortana/bing search? I can search a recipe and it will show results from the MS food and drink app, but that app is a little lacking. I'd like to get results like that from better recipe apps.
  • Good :
    - I really like the idea of" try before you buy", whereby I can have a feel of the apps before I decided really want to buy or not. -"How to" part is really incredible! I really learned alot of thing from this part! And I got to say thank you to developer!! And the master! -the step by step is done so well and very easy to understand look like the chef has hand holding teaching me to cook. -variation part is can't imaginable! Whereby I never see a recipe apps has provide this kind of services! And this is really helpful! -lastly I like idea of giving user to vote for the recipe , whereas this can be further understand the user like! Sad :
    -the font may be to small, is very hard to read . Recommendation :
    -why don't you provide a video of cooking step by step ? Whereas this may be more helpful than just look at words only? -other than video, or use the
    Idea of"how to" i.e. given picture of step by step is also quite good. -provide a font customization for the user to easy to read . - maybe also can provide a night mode of the apps? Whereas certain people may read the recipe before sleeping . Conclusion. This apps has alot of potential and I may really consider to buy it! Because it really help me alot!
  • Indeed a hidden gem! I love cooking and this will be very very helpful!
  • This would be great for my roommate who can barely boil water. ;)
  • Not bad app, usually delete food apps after downloading as there pretty limited but this one has more recipes and helpful hints than most. My god I even payed for the app, very rare for me!
  • I'm not leaving an opinion.
  • Really good app, its great that it does not need a connection and the info is just there. The price might be a barrier, as I would probably buy a book then have my phone in my messy kitchen while cooking. Overall not bad.  
  • I am curious if it will öfter förmigen languages in the Future. At least it would hell if someone could tell me wehre I can find a good translation Page for cooking vocabularies. German would be Nice.
  • Downloaded the trial. I love that this app doesn't require me to be online. Looks nice, will (try to) make something with it tomorrow!
  • I love cooking apps, however this one won't be for me... Only english, I'm from Portugal, and although I feel comfortable to read in english, it is different to read a recipe in english, cooking terms, names of some of the ingredients are simply different. I use Bing, although not having European Portuguese, still has Brazilian one, which is acceptable. Looking forward to have more translated apps...
  • What a great cooking app. It has a nice UI, plenty of good recipes and guides on how to prepare and cook meals. The only thing I wish this app had is the ability to switch to metric units instead of imperial and the ability to make a shopping list from the meals you select.
  • Look cool
  • Live this cookbook, included with every wedding gift I send
  • I love this app, Its great for my kids learning how to cook, with the step by step instructions.
  • This is THE book I've been searching for since learning to cook in my mother's kitchen!
  • I could actually use this as its time for me to transition to making meals at home more often. I'll give the free trial a spin and see if it fits the needs.
  • This app does look pretty good
  • But I like dominos!!!
  • I love how easy it is to find great recipes with this app!
  • Really helpful app! For those times you want to make something different to eat
  • The app is very different from other apps like "recipes" app for windows 8.1 or "epicurious" I like the general experience, it is a very good option in recipes for windows phone, also I like it has a filter for vegetarian recipes
    Even so, there are a lot of bad points in design, the black and white drawings are ugly for a food app, also the combination of that tone of red with yellow are just very ugly to me, nothing fresh, I found myself losing the appetite after a few minutes using the app. There are a very few pictures of the recipes and no videos at all, also I was hoping for a hands free option, with air gestures like the "recipes" app on windows 8.1, or even with voice like the "personal trainer: cooking" for Nintendo DS.
    Also some sharing features would be a cool addition, share to facebook so friends see what are you cooking, or even the ability to upload your own photos of the finished dish to the app, so everyone can see it. The number of recipes is also a problem, 2,000 is very very low number, for me for example that I'm vegetarian the final options that I have, are not that much.
    Despite everything I will use the app for a little longer, these 3 days, is fast, 2.99 is expensive considering other apps in the Windows Phone store, but i'll give it a try.
  • like the layout on this app
  • There's a lot to love about this app. I'm a big fan of the simple UI, the beautiful pics accompanying the recipes, and the fact that all the data is stored on the device. Best of all is the how-to section, giving me instructions on everything from how to roll a pie crust to how to filet a fish. Then of course there's the hundreds of great recipes waiting to be tried. This app will take my cooking to the next level. I just wish I'd known about it sooner!
  • A good app overall, but add metric measures, please. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Awesome, love cooking... Agree with others, Epicurus is another great cookbook
  • It would be cool to see Cortana integrate with tho app and other cooking apps because then she could say out loud the recipe. Just imagining my own personal chef just with me being the one doing the physical work. Now that would be a hidden gem alright. Cortana style
  • I do need to learn hope to cook, I can make something passable but I also tend to get things wrong more often than not.
  • I've been waiting for a great rated cooking app. Downloading it now! Thanks for the tip.
  • This app seems well built, insightful, and also helpful. I love that cooking gourmet at home has become so mainstream!
  • I'll give it a try. I used to cook alot, but I've become rather useless in the kitchen.
  • I like simple cooking apps.  I'll check this out.
  • I like it, very easy to follow, though I still really like Cooking With Yumvy's "turn-by-turn" approach to guiding you through a recipe, including timing each step.
  • Always thought that cooking with the help of your cell phone is both dangerous and uncomfortable. I think I will need to rethink this
  • Looks pretty decent, haven't used it myself but might be worth a try. Like how no internet connection is required as all info is part of app.
  • I like the layout of this app. Very nice indeed. Well designed!
  • Wow! I still have mi moms old cookbooks and my granny's handwritten recipes... Would be interesting to see if the app lives up to the home cooking prowess of my maternal line!
  • Boricua? :)
  • I searched for "How to cook everything" in the store but this app did not show up in the search results at all. After I've downloaded the app from the link in this article, I see that the recipes are quite easy to follow.
  • I might actually try this one!
  • Given the detailed comments on this page and the quality of it I reckon I don't have a chance to win. So instead, I'm off to the kitchen to make one of those delicious looking hamburgers given in the book.
  • This app is great, helps me to a great extent. But for one thing I would like to see this app in different languages. Thank you.
  • The app has very few pics because the original book is also like that. All content, no fluff. Love it. This app made my day; I bought it immediately!
  • Wish it included the hands free feature.
  • no app can make cooking anythind other than a boring chore
  • This app is really good it's user interface is great and it has a lot of details and all the recipes I can really think of and doesn't only learn you how to do the specific recipes but also a lot of basic culinary must-know actions and all of that from chopping to any other thing like that really and when you later try to prepare any recipes you'll know what you're doing really I'd recommend this to any culinary passionate person or anyone that wants a really good cooking book on their Windows Phone it's only $2.99 really do you must get it
  • nice can cook something love the updates
  • Just downloaded this app, it is pretty nice
  • My girlfriend will love this thank you!
  • I guess if your are a person who is living in the US or countries like this (who depends on restaurant food and doesn't cook) it's very helpful, but if are living in an Arabic country you don't need it at all
  • Honestly it's the most helpful and detailed cooking app I've come across. The "step by step" and the "how to" make everything so easy, even for completely clueless-in-the-kitchen people like me! More photos would be helpful as to what the dish should look like! Big plus the trial version!
  • I think that the UI is totally inadequate... It needs to be improved a lot and it needs to remove the panorama view that isn't so beautiful.
  • Very cool, althoguh I wish it had the ability to add modifications to recipes that you enjoy more and share them with everyone else, like a user-based recipe section would be really cool :)
  • Allrecipes is great for that using the comments section. People post the changes they made and you can vote on them.
  • It's nice but not something I'm going to plop down $2.99 on.
  • This is so easy to use. It helped me make flawless butterscotch brownies today that were delicious. You get step by step instructions, tips, and it even gives you variants of the recipe in case you want to try something a little different. I'm definitely going to buy at the end of the trial. Thanks for the gem!
  • This should be helpful to all especially girls or women who don't know how to cook.
  • Would be great too if it is free. HAHA.
  • 3 bucks does sound a little pricey. Would be more likely to buy the app if it were cheeper
  • Wow, a true hidden gem for me! Thanks for this. Fun fact 2: Lisa Loeb and I went to the same school in Dallas.
    ETA: after checking it out, I like it but the Bing F&D app has the edge, it's pretty awesome.
  • I have this on the iPad and I love it
  • I really like this app. The UI is beautiful, clean and uncluttered, and the recipes are really easy to follow. I like the simplicity of it. Using the trial right now, but I reckon I'll buy it when the trial runs out.
  • Fonts need to be consistent throughout the app Change background color to a different kind of red.  Add PLAY button so it can read to you. And ability to zoom.
  • My wife needs this app!
  • Love the beautiful graphics! Looks like it complies with the great Modern UI I love, so I'm loving it visually! Offline support makes it great! I use Bing Food + Drink quite a bit, but with offline support, I can see myself using this when I'm strapped for data or out of range :)
  • how to cook EVERYTHING is kinda questionable but when i viewed the app, its versatile. I couldnt just believe to cook everything. Its from US recipes. Im from different country. Hope it had some features on cooking something from the country liked. It based on preferences. But then, its a best job because its handy when its digital.
  • Came to post what sd173 said, an integrated timer would be amazing.  Nice app otherwise.
  • Posting this from a store as I'm buying a new oven. Maybe I can get the wife to cook something from the app :| hey, I know where my skills lie...
  • Excllent App. Nice to have everything available offline. I am planning to cook something this weekend using one of the recipes.
  • Looks really cool, like a real cookbook! :D
  • Me hungry!
  • Very nice UI for this app. It's clean and also just refreshing to see these types of apps in this store. Will try some recipes from here
  • This is just a quick review of the app since I've only had it one the phone for a couple of hours. My initial impressions are that this is a very well done app. I like how it is organized into Featured Recipes, Browse Recipes, How To's, Most Popular, Pittman's Picks, and Kitchen Basics. Pittman's picks is really nice because he subcategorizes his picks into essential recipes, fast recipes, make ahead recipes, and vegetarian recipes. Another nice feature is that you can mark recipes as favorites. Downside: I wish the trial were a little longer than three days though.
  • Haven't heard of the book but always looking for good recipe apps. Sounds like it has a lot of recipes which is great to add some variety. Straight forward instructions is all I need. Time to download.
  • Genial para los que no sabemos hacer ni hielo :P
  • Nothing like a great looking Metro app to get the juices flowing. Reminds me very much of the Joy of Cooking that my mom gave me when I moved out. I think this will be well worth the $3.
  • I love cooking apps that includes a ingredient shopping list that I can easily share from my phone.
  • I appreciate the how-to section, that I can view it in its complete form offline, and the popular section. It is also easy to navigate and search. I wish there were options like the MS Food app that made it easy to export or create an easy shopping list of favorite recipes.
  • Nuevamente quedan fuera los telefonos con 7.x, que mal por ellos pero sabemos que esta plataforma necesita avanzar
  • I wolud also like to recommend for a voice activation with this app since when were in the middle of cooking, we dont want to spoil our phone with oil, water etc. So a voice activation may help . For example, scroll to step 2., go to ingredients (on the selected recipe) . I dont know but this might help the chef apprentice out there to focus more on their first meal rather than busy on their phones finding the next step.
  • This app is really helpful especially for those who are beginning to cook. Features a really nice UI. It's just like a cooking book! Kudos to the developer :)
  • My thoughts so far:
    •Visually the app looks really good.
    •I don't know much about recipes but so far I am impressed by all the recipes I've seen.
    •I really agree with Sam, it could use more pictures.
    •It would be nice if they give you a quick tutorial on what everything is. For example, what do those F, M, V and E letters, at each recipe, stand for?
    •So far, I haven't seen any indication of the difficulty of the dishes. It would be nice if I have the option to see if it is a difficult dish to prepare.
    •All round it is a good app that is very useful. 4 out of 5 stars from me. I would give it 5 stars if they add more pictures and a difficulty indicator. This app along with Bing Food and drink make for a great cooking experience on WP. ;)
  • Sounds like a great app.
  • YAY!
  • Damn everyone seems to have very nice review. My only comment about the app is, it lacks of pictures. I will stick to 'Food & Drink' app for now. The overall performance and UX of the app is very good. Kudos to the developers!
  • Right off the bat I can tell you a few things I do not like about this app (keep in mind this is before I have installed it) - The font: It is just not a font that you woud consider "modern" - The logo: It's simply the title of the app squished into a square - The price: $2.99? Seriously? This better be a KILLER app *INSTALLING NOW*
  • Upon futher reading I realized that this app is based on the book "How to Cook Everything". No wonder the font is the way it is. Opening the app, I notice the bright red paired with the bright yellow. Personally, I don't like looking at that type of contrast. Going through the main UI is easy enough. There are big headers to tell the user what each section has in store for them. However, it could be cleaned up a lot more, from a design standpoint. Opening a recipie brings more issues. It's not HARD, but it's a little difficult to read the long text. Information is stuck in paragraphs that are not in my best interest to read. Moving to "ingredients" page brings the same problem. It would be nice to see each item listed seperately instead of in long bullets. Moving on to steps.. my gawd. I don't know if it's just me, but I wouldn't want to have to read all of that text while cooking/baking. Overall, an okay app. Not something I would use, but I'm sure moms around the world (using WP) will love to use this app.
  • I want more pictures. A step by step picture may help. It may also help on the ingredients section also. Im not familiar with all the ingredients as a beginner. This will help for the chef apprentice to recognize the ingredients easier. And if possible, a video tutorial may help for the most common recipes or best pick.
  • perfect for me  cause im a bad cook
  • Un postre de chocolate 
  • Seems like a great app, as a vegeterian I am happy with the number of appropriate recipes and the addition of the how-to section is really useful. Will play with it a bit more to see if it's worth the purchase.
  • So by the looks of it, its just an app version of a cookbook? I take it it doesnt hook into online stuff. Surprised at the 27 MB size. But then again I had a Palm OS dictionary at a whopping 5 MB, so I guess it works.
  • Years ago I had lunch with Dottie Pepper...
  • Cooking the app is really good to use but not as better as Bing appa it should have more varieties... But the pictures are cool
  • This is a really nice app. I might actually have to break my "no paid apps" rule and get this one! One thing I love are the recipe variations. Don't have beef and mint? No problem, use chicken and lemongrass. That's my kind of cooking! The ability to save favorites is also a good feature. Oh, and the "Espana" color theme is pleasant, as are the pencil drawings. Some commenters have criticized the lack of photos but I like the sparse look of the recipe pages. Maybe how it's supposed to look in the end is the little piece of the puzzle that's entirely up to the cook. Fun!
  • This is great to have on the phone...easiest way to have recipe's....especially she not at home
  • Well, I really can't tell you a lot about it, but my wife is totally into it. That means in return that I will probably eat a wide variety of new meals and I consider that a good thing :)
  • quick review looking at a couple of recipes. First, some text seems very small on my Nokia 822 (serving size and time). Also, some steps in a recipe i looked at were not explained. example: Chicken Marknuggets - step 1, heat oven to 200 degrees .... but then none of the steps use the 200 degree oven. i would suggest reviewing recipes to make sure they are correct.
  • Good app, can't have enough good recipes. But they should implement the ability to change to European measures.
  • I don't use cooking apps really that much so I don't see myself paying 3 dollars, it's just too much. (In my country it's like 50 pesos, too much for something Bing Recipes does for me).
  • While it is nice that the recipes are all offline, it is a fairly large file size, and it would be nice to have an even larger bank of recipes online, and choose which ones to download for offline use. This would allow for easier updating and addition of new recipes.
  • Hope app includes more Indian dishes in upcoming updates
  • I'm having difficulty deciding if idiot-proof cooking instruction (which I need) is worth $2.99 when non-idiot-proof instruction is free web-wide.  Trying the trial, though, I think.
  • Unlike any other cook books, this one is really good. This cook book has a lot of things we should know.
    -The interface is good and it has nice performance for my Lumia 920.
    -This app has lots of recipes with ingredients and tutorials of how to cook, but I think there should be some pictures or videos for each step, so that it is even more easier to cook.
    -I think I want to have it on my Windows 8.1 device, and it would be good if it is universal app.
    I'm not good with cooking, so this app help me a lot. Good app!!!
  • This app already won my heart, the first thing I saw was a tasty burger, not something complicated, and he took great care in explaining how to make it perfect. Follow the directions to the tee and viola', perfect burger!. Can't wait to try more!
  • Doing the trial, but so far the best app of it's type in the market!
  • Its an amazing app , but i actually like fast food more
  • A lovely app, my only wish is that it was also availlable in the win8 store as well. I would be much easier to read on a surface pro.
  • I'll give this app a try, I often find myself not knowing what to have to dinner in the night, this might come useful.
  • Hey there just look look look.....
    We got something to cook
  • Nicely put together app!
  • I downloaded this on my iPhone, and found it quite good for a cooking dweeb like me who has a tough time making toast. Now it's downloaded on my 1520 and maybe I'll surprise my wife with a nice dinner this weekend. She might have a heart attack.
  • Really want to try this app, but my phone is not supported, sigh.
  • I like the style, it closely matches the Book (which I have). Will be buying this app. A suggestion would be to include photos of the results though that would be counter to the book design. I like the overall aesthetic and would not change that. Speed is good. It would be nice if I had a way to print a recipe.
  • Well i installed the app, used it for a time, and all i have to say is that it is very useful for me. I'm a student far from home, 1000 miles, so i have to do my own food, and with this app, i can easily find nice and quickly recipes, with all instructions. About the app, have a nice price, that i will consider to buy, interesting, simple and minimal UI, that helps finding what we need. The search option is pretty good, so i can easily look what i want.
    When you are in one of the recipes or something like that, the home button helps a lot, so it's very easy to surf around the app. The only recommendation i have, is to put even more recipes there, because everything else is perfect, very quickly app to launch and navigate.   4 stars in 5
  • Nice app! Would be nice to see 2 things though: Categories in the illustrated 'how to' pivot. i.e. fish, chicken, vegetables etc. atm the how-to for fish are kinda scattered. an option to show measures in ml and grams instead of cups for use brits! Love the illustrations in the how to section!
  • I definitely need this app since I cant cook to save my life
  • Since switching from an iPhone 5S a couple of months ago, I've just added another app to my Lumia. This is a good informative app for a non-cooking type like me who wants to experiment a bit. The background information is great and the instructions are clear. A very good cooking app.
  • I'm a visual learner. It definitely needs more pictures. I would even go as far as saying that if the goal is to go beyond what a book can do they need to add a few animations and videos. Still, it's useful enough as is.
  • Thanks for giving me a hidden gem. I grabbed it from store already.
  • I have alot of free cooking apps, but I might actually spend the 2.99 for this one. After reading my first recipe I like the way he puts together directions. The directions are very detailed and easy to follow, a very nice flow. Your right it's so well written you don't need pictures.
  • Wow sweet illustrations. Now I might not chop my fingers of since I know how to use a chefs knife correctly haha
  • Just curious do the comments have to be constructive and about the app or can it be about windows phone and how cool it is
  • Nice lookin app, have to check it out.
  • thats prerty awesome
  • now I don't have to rely on my mom
  • i can cook food for myself
  • hope this app is not paid
  • Free is nice. Free like a bird. Free gadgets would be nice. Free as in no money.
  • Very nice app but I don't want to cook...and you can't make me!
  • I have been using Epicurious for some time now and this app is really a must have!
    -Easy to use and understand.
    -Search feature makes easy to find specific recipes
    -Also the fact that this app doesn't need an active data connection is awesome, app works a treat offline!
    I didn't like
    -The way my device acted at some times, it was kinda laggy but It might be due to windows phone 8.1 Dev preview.
    -No metric units or even a setting for converting between units
    I'd love to see
    -Sharing function (email/facebook etc)
    -Cross device favorite recipe sync
    -live tile with e.g. recipe of the day or people's recipe of the day
  • Bittman is a bit of a hack, but the basics are pretty well covered. Don't watch that guy break down a chicken. It's embarrassing. I have this app and it is easier to follow than the huge book I have as well.
  • Pretty good.  My wife,  the primary audience in my house,  didn't dig the high number of ink art rather than photos. She will 80% of the time choose a recipe with nice pictures over not.  The app is attractive and very metro-y.  Once few quirks are polished thus would be worth a couple of bucks. 
  • I haven't used the app but the book is one of the best cookbooks along with Culinary Artistry for spring boarding home cook so I'll have to check out the app now... Also kudos on saying/knowing Thomas Keller and not just saying two TV cooks
  • This app is great. If you are up for cooking a surprise dinner or lunch for mom and dad this is best app. Helped me a lot. Thanks WPCentral
  • Damn Sam.. It's almost like the first paragraph of this article is written at me. ;-)
  • Cool app, design is nice and content is very extensive.
  • I hope this app can work with Cortana voice commands. Especially when my hand is dirty and that could be really useful.
  • It has some bug tough like:
    1. It crashes if I play music and use app at the same time.
    2. When my phone rings and after talking the app closes by its own.
    3. App hangs a lot or at least not smooth enough to be smooth.
  • I'd really look forward to seeing this app!  I'm currently shopping for my first windows phone (converting from iPhone) but when I get one, I'll be checking out this app.  I already have a saved list of the ones I'm looking forward to.  
  • Hidden gems
  • The hard work of developer is really appreciate able but as i don't have a debit card so I can't support the developer by buying the app.
  • I really like the simplicity of the cooking instructions.  Great for begginers!
  • After a cursory foray into the app, I really like the how-to section for the kitchen techniques. Very informative and easy to use app.
  • This app is so simple and stuff is so lucidly explained. As usual, white backgrounds look stunning in a recipe app.. I am saying this as I am interested in creating a recipe app and this surely shows how simple can be beautiful. Especially the separation between different ingredients, which I didn't think of.
    It would be great if the app uses the phone theme and not just the reddish orange color. How about a Windows app too? And is it possible to add a timer functionality? How about a settings page?
    I would also be interested to know if the author of this app provides an api so third party apps can make use of it.
    Thank you for the recommendation, Wpcentral.. all things considered , it's a great app :)
  • To be honest, when I look at apps like this for $2.99, it really hits me how lucky we are! $2.99 for one of the most helpful cookbooks I have ever used, it's a flat-out steal. To be frank, I can't imagine there is another person as awful in the kitchen as me. From time to time, I'll try to impress my wife by pulling out one of her cookbooks and giving it a go. Every single time, it's a disaster. I mean, I could swear that I'm following the instructions; or at least what I can understand. Well, I decided to give this one a shot. After all, on my 1520, it is easy to see on the 6 inch screen and to have it on my phone is SO convenient. Well, it all made sense to me tonight. This is a cookbook that even the most illiterate cooking wannabe like myself, can easily follow the instructions; and most importantly, get it right. I honestly feel bad paying such a small amount. Well worth a buy/download!
  • Cook with propane. And propane accessories. Taste the meat, not the heat! I tell you what
  • Probably one of the best app In its category ! I didn't find any issues. Easy to use! Just thanks the dev by downloading it ! :)
  • Nice app made me want to get out the old meat grinder and try some lamb burgers.
  • I'd have preferred more photos, but at least the review warned me, prior to downloading, what I was getting into. Decent app, but I'm not sure it's worth the price tag. This is what I like about trials on WP8.
  • Gona lern some cooking throught this app....1st time..:P
  • Nice App
  • Let me win this time.
  • This is a really great app.
    The app looks quite simple, but is beautiful. It's pretty smooth & slick too.
    It is a beautifully crafted app, like I said above.
    I like it's simple desing and Orange colour theme look great. Splash Screen takes a while, it should be faster. They should also let us choose the theme colour of app, orange can be annoying at times.
    The UI in Sub-Category is kinda messy.
    They should also provide us 'Dark Background Option'
    - It has Simple, fast and inuitive interfarence, which makes it easy to use.
    - The size of the app is perfect, especially when it have that many recipes offline
    - The pictures are great & information 'to-the-point' while still being easy to understand.
    - Splash Screen looks great.
    - 2.99$ Price is perfect, what makes it more worth the price is the app's quality.
    - I like the app's 'Metro' feel.
    - Love 'How-To' section.
    - I love the fact that app is offline.
    - Splash Screen takes a while to load, it should be faster.
    - The UI in Sub-Category is messy.
    - Really few options to customise the app.
    - No 'Scroll-Bar' while not much of an issue, but still I would like to see where I am on the page.
    - No support for International Metric, which is quite stupid.
    - I would like to see options to customise the app (black background, theme's colour, live tile e.t.c)
    - I would like to see some kind of 'rating option' for recipes, for example they can add 'stars' for rating.
    - Add more pictures in 'How-to' section.
    - Add International Metric system (grams, celcius e.t.c).
    - Add option to share the recipe's name.
    - I would love to see intergration with Cortana.
    - Add a 'Tried' list where I can add recipes that I have tried.
    - Ability to add recipes as favourite.
    - Add Instant Resume.
    - I know if you afd videos in app the size will become huge, so just add video links maybe?
    - Add OneNote Integrations ao we can keep our shopping list as 'checkmark' list, so that way we can copy ingredients easily.
    - App crashes if you open it after using another app from Multi-tasking menu.
    - App lags if you are multi-tasking.
    - App crashes after receving a call.
    CONCLUSION (7/10):
    It is a solid app, for everyone who wants to cook. UI is great, the app is fast and smooth, so with proper optimization it can become top app. For 2.99$ it's an app worth to check out.
  • I really love those recipe apps, and that one have great tips, really cool!
  • Video how-to would be even nicer.
  • I liked how they put an indicator to every recipe whether it is fast or make ahead and so on. This really helps in deciding what to cook at a specific time and situation. Excellent app! And it has my favorite dish too, Chicken Adobo!
  • It is one of the best cooking information resource. Better than book
  • The app itself is great. Smooth and fluid, but the appeal is only for novice 20 year olds who have parents that never taught them to cook. As a person who is comfortable in the kitchen, the app loses its appeal with its basicness.  Bing food and drink does everything this app does and more - that's the problem. This app doesn't have a wow factor. 
  • Seems like a nice app, although I'm missing a ton of recipes, especially some of my Italian ones.
    Also it would be really nice with OneNote integration. We keep our shopping list as a checkmark list in a "shared room" in the family, so being able to easily copy ingredients to it would be awesome.
  • After using the app for a few minutes, I can say that it's very complete in terms of tips and recipes, but the lack of at least a simple photo of the food makes someone who doesn't know what that food is give up and search for another thing. The offline approach is interesting, but I think it could be better if it was all online and just download to the phone the ones you mark as favorite.
  • Finally a recipe book that actually gives you straight forward 'how to' guides. Definitely worth down loading.
  • Likes: Recipes do seem simple, nice layout Suggestions: Pictures of different stages would be helpful, picture of what the end result should look like, ability to keep phone on so can complete steps
  • Man, I don't cook but this app is really something. I guess I'll have to sharpen those knifes than. The app is light and quick. And just simple. Great work.
  • Wow, this app literally has everything someone who's inexperienced at cooking needs to get going. No more frozen burritos for me. Thanks wpcent for finding this little diddy.
  • Very Useful App and you can Use it Offline.. Has Great Teaching Way by providing pictures too..Though the instruction are very Clear!!.. I wish there's Cortana integration like "How to cook everything roast beef" also, need to add more asian and arabic meals.. Overall Great app could be better.  
  • I LL try my hand at cooking now!!
  • Nice design, quite simple to use and i didn't find anything major to complain. It will be great if it can be integrated with Cortana though, so we can use the app hands free, which is a very appealing features for a cooking app.
  • Gotta say I lost my cooking skills a bit during my college life since I was earning a doctorate I spent most days and heck even nights studying. Really got rusty with different aspects of cooking from knife utilization to even remembering recipes. Which this app teaches you how to do both of. The best aspect about the app is that its 100% functional without an internet connection. This comes in handy more often than not especially when you're showing off your awesome Lumia on a plane. :)
  • Surely I will give it a try as I am not able to cook something so it will give me a great help. Also I want to win a WP of my choice ;-)
  • How to use a chef's knife.seems that it help with all the cooking activities. I will start cooking today itself...
  • My wife uses this app on the regular. She is always telling about the new things she has found. Then before my eyes, she makes it and I eat it.
  • Sounds like a nice idea.
  • Really wish I could try this, I am like the only guy I know that uses their phone in the kitchen. Sadly my lumia is no longer with us </3
  • The App has a nice feel to it! The biggest advantage is that it's offline! This is great for users who use a 2G network and don't want to waste data.. The app is very well laid out! And this recipies are simple and really good.. The app is really very helpful for those who want to learn to cook! :D
  • I've tried many cooking apps but they all fail in some area, mostly in the imperial and metric system. A lot don't cater for conversion. I'll give this one a look and see how it is.  I would also like to see a diabetic or gluten free menu option for those people that need it
  • This is going to be extremely helpful when I head off to college after next year ;) it's unbelievable how many recipes are on here. But the way these recipes are delivered could be seriously improved upon. It follows the "guidelines," but the developer shouldn't be afraid to try something a little different when it comes to UI. Great content, but not the best method if delivery
  • This app is quite good but the number of recipes should increase.
  • This app is good.. Cooked myself a two course meal,that too for the first time(in my life i think).very simple recipes and healthy too....thanks for the great app devs..
  • I love the step by step instructions, clearly not just pulled from a random online source. Definitely helps build confidence and makes me want to try new recipes I couldn't have imagined doing prior!
  • The UI is very clean and minimalistic, completely Windows Phone-y. Like it.
  • I have used the formerly Bing app for recipes since I got my phone and love the recipes and the shop ping list it creates
  • great app
  • Hope I doesn't really mean Everything!
  • Great go to app and very useful. The only thing that's missing is more pictures with recipes
  • I love how simple the UI is.
  • Now where did I put my apron? ;)
  • Pretty snazzy 
  • Hopefully I can win any windows need
  • It's installed,.... WOW really it's a great app in the store thnx Daniel for letting us know about this app
  • Loving this app til now am learning to cook me things everyday that's very exciting
  • clean, Modern UI design with nice illustrations. wish this is available on my Win8 tablet as wel and has that "wave to turn page" feature.
  • I can't find the app, oh well
  • This app is worth using Bing search credits to buy it.
  • This was my first real cookbook used in my phone. I like almos everything in it. I have to say I have not browsed it totally through but the first impression was very promising. I liked extremely the images that are very clear. I also liked a lot of the instructions how to use i.e. cooks knife. And the instructions were in right place! I looked a Boiled Water recepie and as there was Garlic to chop, you could instantly check how to do Chopping - the insturctions were included in the recipie! Nice! Did not find fast anything to dislike. One common problem thre is anyway when using these kind of Apps. But I think it is the OS problem(?). There should be setting that the App would stay "open" so you don't have to unlock your phone with your greasy hands every 2 minutes... I like the App a lot!
  • I've never cooked before, although i can make tea, boil some eggs and cook noodles for myself haha.. but but , now with a windows phone in my hand and this amazing app installed, it might change my mood and get engaged with some kitchen things and cook some delicious recipes for myself and my family.. What more i can do is i will suggest this app to my friends, may be they love it too... thanks to WPC .. #LumiaLove #Windowsphone #Lovewindowsphonecentral #LoveDaniel
  • Okay, the app has a pretty nice first impression. I liked The featured section and most popular section..the best part was the how to section..that's a pretty useful feature..and since the app is offline that's even better. App is pretty smooth, easy to use and navigate through.
    What I didn't like is Recipes weren't categorized well.
    I know its a digital edition of the book but since its digital edition I think it can be improved easily. A simple section of vegetarian and non vegetarian would be nice, as I'm a vegetarian I would simply like to eliminate maximum recipe on the home page itself. I know there's an option in search where you can filter it out, but having it on homescreen would be great.
    Adding categories based on cuisine would be helpful too. :)
    Major way it can be improved is by adding images to each recipe, that's a major drawback, maybe its me I like to look at the food and then cook, and after just compare if it's even close to it. Those days when you don't know what you wanna cook, don't even have the slightest idea but just discover something new, those images and categories come in handy. The search feature is helpful, filters are pretty good. :)
    But honestly for 3$, I can maybe find better app. Which has more variety of food, better categorization and with photos.
    Bing food and drink will still be my guide to cooking. ;)
    But always nice to see new apps. Hope they add few more features :)
    Overall its a pretty decent app, I haven't owned the book so I can't really compare but still the How to feature caught my attention. Can still refer this app for a few occasion.
  • It would be better if it had an online rate-and-comment feature for each recipe. Ratings and reviews are usually what help me decide which recipe to cook.
  • Wow! I love this app! Pretty useful when my parents are not around!
  • This is pretty useful, it has everything
  • I will look into this app
  • Time to wear the hat!
  • will try this!
  • Now that's an app I would buy if I had the Money
  • Would be nice to have vegetarian or vegan recipes
  • Love the app <3 Maybe I can learn how to cook now xD
  • Its hard to see recepe on a smaler screen it would be great if the developer can port it to Windows 8 devices. And also add a "Hands Free" mode like the one in Bing Foods and Drinks app.
  • K, this is really awesome.  I usually just go to the web to get stuff, but I often end up having to wade through a bunch of ads and recipies from people who really have no business telling others what to do.   One critisism, however; I'm Japanese and a lot of the food I want to make is oreintal in origin.  It'd be nice if the recipies were more diverse and there were more of them.  I realize you can't fit EVERY recipie from EVERY culture in there, but just a slightly wider range would be nice. Oh, and for real struggling home cooks, a section on "Do's and Don't".  So if you're looking at cooking with wine, a list of common "Do's and Don'ts" for it.  Just a thought.
  • The link isn't working for me.
  • I love Mark Bittman and I love having this book at my fingertips at all times! I generally dislike apps which require verification of a desire to quit the app and would like to see that go away, but otherwise I love the speed, design, and functionality of this app!
  • Please change the RED color of app... it looks bad!
  • Wow, looks really good so far, though agree with some of the posters about the UI.
  • Downloaded the trial!! Loved it!! I used to subscribe those tutorials on TV to cook different things!! But this app is everything I need!!!! Things I like about it is the way they present each and every recipe. First they provide the pic then there overview then the ingredients and then the steps!!! A
  • The best thing about this app is that I don't need to be online everytime I need to see a recipe! I hated an app which was released a long time ago and it was just a web wrapper. In India most people don't have an internet connection all the time which makes this app pretty sweet to use!!!
  • Intalled the app and I'm very pleased with the easiness of searching recipes and responsiveness of the app. Contains a lot of coocking techniques as well. However, a bit more details on techniques would have been nice.
  • Simple skin.. Nice art work.. Nice UI.. & some very delicious looking recipies.. Going to try some right away. ^_^
  • Three only problem(I can't even call it a problem) is that there aren't a lot of pics to deal with people like me who try out cooking for the first time or are amateurs. But I am not complaining as their step by step method is good enough!! Loving the app! Goondas surely Buy it once my trial ends!
  • I believe the layout is great, the variations section is nice and the search is simply awesome. That said, some features that are required 1) A Shopping List.  It is a PITA not being able to compose a shopping list.  Please, export it to OneNote 2) None of the recipes I looked at tell me for how many people the recipes are for.  Are they for one serving? two servings? How many servings so I know how much ingredients I need to purchase 3) In the steps section, let me click the steps header so i know what steps I have completed.  Also, allow me to view in landscape mode 4) There is no way to add my own notes if I make changes to my own liking 5) There is no social aspects, I love to hear from other who have tried the recipe to get an idea if I want to try it 6) Given the audience for this, how about a selction of complete complimentary meals from app to dessert and the ability to have one shopping list generated for the whole meal 7) The HOW TO section is great, how about SUBSTITUTION section, sometimes you cannot always find what you are looking for in the store and there are good subtitutes for certain things, for example, you can mix Milk (just under one cup) 1 Tablespoon white vinegar or lemon juice to make a good substitute for buttermilk, especially if it is being used simply as a brine 8) There is no Gluten Free Recipes -- you should look at the facts of how many have Gluten Altergies 9) I understand that the app has a 3 day trial, what do i get extra if I pay?  Unless you will be adding content, not interested. 10) It reminds me a lot of the Cooking Illustrated website and App.  However, the section Kitchen Basic section needs work.  Yes, you can drill down the choices, but it is PITA to read.  This section needs to be more like an eBook that the drill down that is there now.  everytime I finish reading a section I should be able to go to the next section without having to go back to the main menu.  Also, you have favorites button under this section which should allow me to bookmark techniques and other items, but it does not.  I also question some of the recommendations because YMMV depending on the region of the country you are in.  For example, here in CT we have great Strawberries until the end of July because May/June are usually to rainy 11) To add value, allow me to add my own recipes that are then saved to OneDrive The app has potential, however, I would not purchase it unless I know there will be improvements as well as more content added over time -- this is digital, not a dead tree book so adding items should not be a big deal nor is correcting some spelling errors I found. I will give a recipe or two a spin this weekend.  
  • One of the BEST apps out there.. I cooked "Grilled Split chicken" served with a nice wine for my marriage anniv. My wife loved it :) The smile on her face was worth my effort !!!! Definitely will recommend this App !!!!
  • I wanted to try the app, but is not available in Mexico. It's a pity, looks nice, tho.
  • Awesome app! I am not a great cook out something but I do take a fling at it every not and then! Loved the UI. though he orange shouldn't have been that bright. It had an infinitesimal lag but not complaining as the content and the methodology of the app eclipse these cons!!
  • Lov
  • Really, not joking it's really a nice and unique app
  • Awesome app!! Loved the UI. There only downside (cant even call it that) was the extremely bright orange splash screen and an infinitesimally small lag)
  • Make it a universal app please! Were need the universal app trend so that we can see app growth for both Windows AND Windows Phone!
  • I love the fact that the app can actually work without an active internet connection, so I can understand why the app's download size is bigger than other recipe apps. The app's UI is simple and straightforward, and the search function is easily one of my favorite feature of the app. Options are abundant. However, the page for "Steps" is filled with too much text. Breakdown the text into paragraphs for easier reading. Because when we're using this app, we need to keep our eyes on the food, not just the app.
  • This perphaps the best cook book app that I have tried.   The presentation and categories are well organize.  The name of the food is very good and the step by step direction are really good.   So good that I will see if I can create one of the meals in the apps.  
  • Ready not joking it's a helpful and as well as a unique app
  • This app helps me cook about anything the family will eat
  • It's a great so but it crashed twice on my Lumia 920 running 8.1
  • * app
  • Nice app overall. But if those pivot headings were in simple case letters, I think it would look better. Speaking of the functionality, most of the things I searched are in there. So I'd recommend this app.
  • With this app if dont learn to Cook, dont try any more jajajaja
  • Its an amazingly good app for cooking lots of recipes . Keep it up and keep coming the recipe's.I am trying some of them .lets see how outcome will be.
  • Oh..!! Yet again a cookery app which doesn't have indian recipes please make any one single app for Indian im waiting for it...
  • Wow. Really a well made app, followingModern design language. My favourite part is the "how to" part of it, helping me learn few new cooking technique.
  • This app is really awesome for a foodie like me.......thank you WP central for Hidden Gems...... Never thought this kind of app ever existed!
  • wish i could cook
  • Not able to comment
  • The app is smooth, and the meals are categorized pretty nicely (^_^) ,, and also the recipes are great . But since I'm terrible at cooking, can't utilize it for the max
  • My Mom loves this app... Truely a hidden gem!!
  • Lovely UI , some easy recipes and it works offline :) .I guess I'll be doing a lot of cooking these holidays. Thnxx WP for this great app, loved it !!!
  • Just tried out the app! Seems like this is the best app for recipes out there,although I notice a little perfermance issues which could be fixed .Overall this app is a must have for cooking enthusiasts and well worth the price!
  • While I would've liked this app to function as my own cookbook as well (letting me put in my personal recipes), it's vast database of great recipes as well as how-to guides makes this an invaluable tool in the kitchen. 
  • It would be great if there is a category wherein you can select the origin of the dish.
  • Things I liked - A nice simple, easy to follow guide to recipes, a nice range for menu, great UI & best of all its offline. Areas where I feel it can be improved -   Metric system Integrating it with Cortana would be nice Cross device integration - Windows PC, Tab & Phone  Ability to export the ingredients list to one note for easier accessibility                  
  • Love this app for the black and white tutorial pictures, helped me a lot in the kitchen. The UI could be improved. :)
  • Lovely UI , some easy recipes and above all it works offline :). I guess I'll be doing a lot of cooking these holidays.thnxx WP for this amazing app, loved it!!!!
  • For a cooking app it's really missing the visuals I need, certainly when you have not the sufficient knowledge of both cooking and speaking English. There is some less common vocabulary used.
    Oh and why do I have to confirm my exit out of the app?
  • nice..
  • This app is very helpful. Pity that u have to pay for the full thing. I showed it to my sister and mom (who also have Lumia's) and they both downloaded it and are currently arguing over who is going to cook supper and try out one of those recipes tonight. Like the search feature and so far it has had all the recipes that I have searched for(although I did only have it one day)
  • This is my awesome hidden gem comment. :D
  • A very useful app. for kitchen lovers :D, it will be great if it'll be integrated with Cortana.
  • The app serves its purpose but is lacking a nice interface. I like the search menu but also feel like videos accompanying some of the recipes should be available as well as adjusting measurements based on how many you're feeding.
  • Finally I get to eat more then toast and noodles :) lol awesome app, great for people thats scared to try new ideas
  • I normally use websites or the recipes app from Bing. They are good, but there is no focus on the techniques to use. So I will give this app a try. If I have a good feeling, I will buy it :)
  • Very well done app! I like recipes are categorized so that you can browse them in a very easy and quick way. I'd add a thumbnail of each recipe at its side so users can see what the dish looks like.
  • The timing for this post is impeccable since I'm moving out of my family home soon and will need to cook food on my own if I have any hopes of surviving alone. About the app itself, I'll keep it short. Its a nice, simple app which blends right into the rest of the OS with its metro-style UI even though the colors the app uses could be slightly mellowed down and maybe replaced with something like a less saturated version of red/orange or even teal but that's just personal preference. I went through some of its feature recipes and the instructions look easy to follow, even if implementing those instructions in reality might be a task because of my complete lack of culinary skills. Just out of curiosity, I typed in names of some Indian dishes (like kidney beans and rice) in case I start missing my mom's food when I'm away from home and while it didn't give me those exact recipes, it came up with a Jamaican version of them which I can't wait to try. The experience is mostly smooth except for slight lags during animations on my 920. I think this could become my go-to app if they fixed these little things and stay true to their name and expand their list of available recipes and maybe add some Indian ones too.
  • Downloaded and installed as trial... Here's my review: The price is ok, if you are interested in cooking and need a very useful recipe tool. Theme & interface: It's very fluid but I'd like to see the option to read the recipes in black background with white characters. Maybe if you can upload in the cloud your user data and share your favorite recipes... But all the better things are off-line so that is awesome. Finally, a live tile is needed, is a must for the WP 8.1 user. The app is a 9/10 for me, it does what it says and does it well, just need to fix little details
  • I just love it and I will use it over and over again, maybe It just need more videos, I like to see cooking videos because they are easier to follow than just instructions and drawings but by far is the best food app I have ever seen.
  • Wow, now everyone is a chef!
  • The app is pretty barebones imho. Recipes seem to be pretty limited and doesn't seem to be many sources. One thing I did like was the "How-to" section about techniques and skills that most other apps, if not all others, don't have. Now make those YouTube videos instead of rips from a book (think I have a book that has those actually) then it would be much more interactive. A decent app. Learning those skills can easily be found on YouTube or ExpertsVillage/eHow and recipes can be found on other apps like epicurious or Food and Drink.
  • It's a very useful app for those of us who don't cook often. I've had the iOS version for ages. Glad to see it here too.
  • Beautify design! Great app.
  • Adjustable measuring system would be nice. I don't live in the US.
  • Loving offline access! And the 'How to' section for helping those of us with no cooking background.
  • Some kind of video integration would be cool!
  • awesome app!! Loved the simple and minimalistic UI. the only bad thing i found was an infinitesimally small lag (cant even call that a problem). Liked the way the developer has introduced each and every recipe in a proper methodological manner, the intro overview and steps.. all in all awonderful app.. never before seen on windows store.
  • Good recipes, but I think that some of the timings are off. Needs more photos.
  • Apart from excellent work that was done, I will always hate that simple bar at the bottom. A lot of good stuff, good photos, but in my opinion layout should be remade into more metro, more minimalistic and classy.
  • It made me hungry......
  • Looks like a good contender to All Recipes.
  • Great app. Laid out nicely with great cooking tips as a bonus!
  • Feeling hungry after having a look at this app.
  • The app does what it says. What I love about it: - a lot of recipes, offline available - it's way easier to use than a cook book (search function!) - it's priced cheaper than most cook books Although, I don't think it's a good idea for me to use it while cooking. My phone would get probably all sticky and dirty. :P
  • Just installed extremely helpful for me although if you could also search with ingredients rather than dishes names that would be amazing. I am using the trial and will definitely buy the app.
  • that should help my mom make some newer stuff.. must download...
  • Update- It's offline I didn't know that also wpcentral can you make your app easier to browse thru the comments lol I couldn't find my comment to edit and add this info.
  • Perfect timing
    Should help me make the perfect dinner for my mom's birthday this monday
  • More pictures would be great but the info is more then comprehensive and love the fact that it installs everything on the phone so you don't need a online connection:)
  • Proper, metro styled. I love when devs care about the design as well, very cool app!
  • Might come in handy :) Can't really cook and this might motivate me to get started, UI looks great !
  • Simply awesome app for a person like who doesn't know how to cook. This app helped me! :)
  • I love this app! Finally one of the better cooking books on Windows Phone!
  • I'm not an app buyer mostly, I often use the free stuff. But this one I will buy. It would have been even better if u could have an option to change from cups, pounds etc to deciliter, grams etc ;) thank technology for the converter!
  • another awesome thing about the app is that it even works offline!!! thats a very big plus because in india, continuous internet connection is seldom found!! another con of the app was that it didnt have a larger library of pictures for amateurs like me but instead it has "How to" section which kind of compensated it ! It'snot that big a problem but it would have been the icing on the cake !!
  • I have used it today for making snacks and i am in love with the app! gonna download it as soon as my trial expires!! thanks developer for bringing such an awesome app to the Windows Phone  store!!!! there are so many good points about the app that they eclipse all (not there are many) the problems with the app!!
  • A nice app for food lovers and cooks now you can make all those delicious things on your own
  • Amazing app, just no words.... Makes my life much easier, but one thing is low amount of INDIAN FOOD.  They should include this, because India have a lot of wp owners.......
  • Love it, although it would be great tp have a german version as well. Apart from that it is a great got-to-app for the kitchen.
  • I have never been into cooking except tea n Maggie. But after going through this app, i can imagine myself something close to professional cooks. This app provide simple,clear n lucid interface to the user. Plus 2,000+ dishes to feast on daily.
  • Its an amazing must try!
  • I recommend that to my wife.
  • Looks handy!
  • Somehow I can not find this app in the Store on my phone. It seems that there's always some problem with the search function of the Store. Clicked the provided link to get to the app.
  • Nice app although it needs the option to display weight in grams/kg instead of pounds.
  • Would love to Win something
  • Would love to win a new phone or surface, surface especially
  • The app is a good one. The menus are neat and the search is exceptionally brilliant (excluding the small lag in the search area). The thing I liked was that all kinds of recipes are available and also the various variations are also mentioned with links. The skills of cutting vegetables and meat and slicing fruits and much more is also included. Something I disliked was the excessive use of red colour in the theme of the app but that's no big deal. Something that should have been there included in the app is the timer function that can be used while baking or cooking or roasting etc. Overall the app is good and is a must have for chefs and mothers who want to surprise their customers or children with a new and tasty treat everyday.
  • + Much recipes
    + Very clear instructions
    + Recipe pages look great, good classified
    + Genius name!
    + Asks before exit
    + Favorites!
    - Not able to set off the 'Exit?' question
    - Life tile isn't alive
    - Missing an option for a transparent tile
    - Home page is a bit ugly (Featured recipes should also have the white background)
  • Seems like a very useful app. Instructions are clear. Not really a fault of the app, but as usual, a bit of adaptation is required to use in the UK - some names of foodstuffs are different, and typically the weight and volume formats are different,
  • It would be great if the app had an option for the users to send their recipes to the author.
  • Also, not ideal on the small display of the 1020. Fortunately, I just ordered a 1520, and the extra screen real estate should make using this app, and many others, much more pleasant.
  • App is great, fluid, fun and about cooking, what not to love about it? :) recommended for everyone who has any interest in cooking! :)
  • Pretty fantastic app. Although I wish more apps used the cooking with yumvy timer in-app timer system.
  • It's a nice app, and the functionality is great, but the design leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion.
  • Looks interesting.
  • or you could order something  but i like the apps simple interface
  • I'm gonna use it to cook dinner for the wife. :)
  • The app it's self is outstanding, I don't own it on my phone, But I bought it and it sits on my wife's phone. one of the few food apps that talk about rappie.
  • Great app! I have tried to cook "real beef stroganof" and I must say it was good, despite being the world's worst at cooking. The app itself looks great and you have many dishes to choose from. But I would like to have more pictures that describe the dish in the menu. I would also like to have more languages ​​to choose from.
  • No excuses now! No reason to provoke an intoxication or burn down the house in our quest to prepare dinner.
  • Outstanding app that makes moving out on your own a little less stressful. I've heard of the book and planned to pick it up but the app is just perfect for me since I dont really read books. Already made my first meal and excited for more. Its a simple app to follow, not intimidating at all
  • Ah, actually a gem. Myfriends were arriving and as being a student, don't have much to spend so couldn't order anything (esp. the end of month is coming near) :P  . Used this app to make light snack with all I could find in fridge and kitchen. They liked it. So, it goes without saying that it's helpul. My girlfriend needs this app, and same goes for my mom !  
  • App seems pretty basic, which in some ways is good. It presents the information nicely and very straightforward for a recpie and its nice to have it breakdown the ingredents and steps by swiping over and showing variations as well is a nice touch. Would be nice to have pictures with more of the recipes...its just nice to have a visual to compre the finished product to. Its also nice to have little sections on how to do things such as carving a prime rib or kneeding dough and so on.
  • Wow :)
  • Is there Kimchi? I might give this a shot if there is.
  • Great I hope I cab cook some of my local dishes with this app.
  • The How to section is a great idea. Another great idea would be to support more languages.  
  • The app seems to be really good! Though it sadly is only in English. Not that it would be a big problem to me, but many others may suffer from it.
    And what are cups size wise? I do have quite big and quite small cups ... how big is the cup they are using? Why don't you give more accurate information? Or have I missed something? :/
  • The App is quite nice because everything is really well explained (even the way of cutting something) so that anyone can cook easily. So, nice App and can really be a must have ! :)
  • It would be great if the developer made a deal with one of the phone cover manufacturers to fabricate a clear stand cover that protects your phone in the kitchen while you're reading recipes. Then brand it to match... great point of difference.
  • When I first openend the app, I thought; What a f**k load of recipes, who's going to need that? Well... Me! I really am not a great cook, but this app makes it fun and teaches you everything. It's a great app, no lag or such stuff. The only thing I miss, is that there are no images when you click on (for example) Soups -> essential soups. This is a real shame... maybe in an update?.. I know there are variations on soups listed in the veriatons page, but the pic of the basic soup? I'd like it. I use this app for a while, and it's really really worth the money. This is what you, indeed, call a hidden gem. 
  • Nice App
  • Will download it now, i like the concept
  • It has a very straightforward design. Easy to use and the recipes are well explained. The "How to" is one of the highlights because of the covered topics. As an improvement:
    - I think it needs more pictures. Cooking is a very visual process and many amateurs need some kind of visual guideline
    - In the ingredient section, it needs to show grams for wight and cl volume standards. It is a pain having to convert American standards with each recipe
  • Probably the most useful app on windowsphone for foodies so far. I am gonna give this a whirl!!
  • Also, what I just saw: There's no Celcius! Only Fahrenheit :/
    Or could someone tell me how to change it if possible?
  • App is pretty descent. Shows how to make lots of modern meals....
    I would love it if it showed how to make at least some (of course I would love all) of the local dishes in Africa, my country Uganda to be specific. #decentAppTho
  • That's a very tidy interface - particularly the steps view. Do we really need an app for recipes though? I just use google.
  • A great app for its kind. Beats its competitors easily, although the price might be daunting for some people (but seriously... it's only 3 dollars). Great price for a top quiality app. The selection of recipes is quite good too and the how to section is definitely great for beginners like me. Recommended!
  • OK so first of all I want to thank MARK BITTMAN for his great work. It's really appreciable,the way he pour all of his cooking knowledge in a book and then app, it's really really awesome. I hope that we will be seeing more of his great works in future as this app is like a mascot for people like me.                                                              _________________________________ »Now if we proceed to reviews of app then there is a lill mistake,it's not of 28 MB,it's of 33MB (for proof check the image«                                                              _________________________________ OK here we go with the things which i really LIKED about this app: 1.PRICE: YA it may sound weird but i liked it's price,in this price if you are getting those many recipes then dude you are luckiest guy on earth. 2.USER FRIEDNLY: I loved one thing about is that its very easy to operate. In India typical mom doesn't know how to use internet for recipes etc if they open net and start then they end up with a worthless topic etc but this one it's so direct and conveyable one that's a great feature of it. 3.BUTTER SMOOTHNESS: Windows platform is very new for any of developers and i came across many apps where scrolling is so clamorous which makes app to be under rated but this app it's swipe is very very smooth and that aids in it's rating from a user view. 4.CLASSIFICATION HELPS:Many recipes books come with a long list of ITEMS to be prepared so you have to go through that lists like a nursery class boy, reading every item and finding your one. That big problem got solved in this app,the way this app is organize in "Featured Recipes" "Most Popular" etc and then sub-categories like "Soups" "Salads" etc and then sub sub categories, are listed and organized that is really appreciable. One has not to roam whole country to get his desired item. Classifications like this makes it better than other apps. 5.Search Option: Although making categories in such a neat and clean way is enough but then also providing a SEARCH bar is like "icing on the cake". It not only saved user's valuable time but also helped to jump on the desired recipe. And in Search option is also categorized in many sub categories like KEY INGREDIENT,COOKING TECHNIQUE,STYLE etc is awesome,it's like even a moron can get upto a very nice recipe according to his desires and sources availability. 6.OFFLINE:In todays world where even dictionaries are coming in ONLINE version,offering a recipe book with offline feature is like boon. It's an awesome feature and aid in this app. 7. Readability: The color combo of grey text and white background has given life to this app. These colors' doesn't give pain to eyes at all, it's like reading a normal book.  _________________________________ OK so enough of praising, every coin has two faces if i mentioned so many good points then I should bring out some negative points also in highlight. Things which I DIDN'T LIKE and a way to SOLVE them. 1.SPLASH SCREEN COLOR: Concept of splash screen is nice but they must be wiser in selecting color. This much bright color seems to be good for some people but for some people (including me) it's bit uncomfortable for eyes. SOLUTION:We can't make a one single color to be liked by every type of person so why not to leave it to people them self to choose their own colors? Yeah,adding a setting option in which user can choose his own theme color which suits himself. It will be really helpful in increasing rating of app. 2.EVERYTIME REMINDING ME THAT DIDN'T BUY:One thing i noticed is that when you are using app and due to some reason if you will lock the screen or even switch app to read Hasp message or something it will show that banner on screen that "3 days trial". They can show it after 2 days or on 3rd day. Again and again seeing those notifications may irritate user who is taking trial which may result in uninstall of that app. 3.NAME? I Want it to be unique:Name is very nice i really liked it. But when i typed it in search bar of STORE i didn't get my result(proof is there on So a typical user may miss the chance to get it as he may not be that much dedicated to go for Q-Bar scanner or particular app particular address etc and result? App will loose one of it's user. SOLUTION:We can go for abbreviations like "HTCE" or something unique so that when user type in search he gets his eye on desired app on the very first chance.  _________________________________ I told problems and possible solutions but for every good app there use to be scope of becoming best. So i want to contribute my share to make this app from better to best as it really deserves it,by giving my SUGGESTIONS: 1.LET'S MAKE IT LIKE CORTANA:OK so em enjoying my cooking with this app and its so obvious that my hands would became dirty in mean time and now i want to read a particular thing in my app so what to do? Wash hands? Will it be feasible? It will be an uneasy task to do so again and again so why not to make it like cortana. Adding voice commands will not only make it hi-tech but will aid in it's features also and will make it more useful. If it comes then it will be it's starring feature for sure. 2.IT'S WP 8.1 TIME: Yeah time got moved on, now every 7 people out of 10 are having WP 8.1 instead of WP 8 so app should also move on with time,it should provide a live tile with transparency feature. That will add up to it's design properties and it's attraction too. 3.MEMORY TAKING BUT WORTHY: App i already superb in itself but why not to add pictures to it. It may take few more bytes of memory and size but it will be worthy as all of us know that pictures always attracts attention.  _________________________________ RATING: If I  have to give grades to this lovely app i would gave it 8/10 and wished for better results in future(TYPICAL LINE OF PARENTS AFTER OUR FAILURES) but I mean it that this app can go a long way with few improvements. !!!THANKS!!!  _________________________________  
  • Smarty! I see what you did there! Picking up ideas which people have already told and put it in an article sized review with a twist of your own language ;)
  • Hahaha you think i copied???? Great notification!!! I guess u need a re-read of the comments. Coz of ur comment at least i had to go thorough each comment. If un ask two different persons to say Capital of India i guess both will say New Delhi....and i dont think that that's copy instead both are saying RIGHT thing....So my comments is SIMILAR not copied. Moreover i only told that it's 33MB not 28....did i copy? I only told to change name....did i copy? I only asked to give Setting to choose colour....did i copy? Ahhh i hope judges of contest wouldnt be having mentality like u.....and if u think tyhat it's copying then go dude u can also copy and post it here....i didnt patentr my comment yet!!!! :) All th best!!!!! 
  • Did you even read my comment before typing all these? Where in the world did i say you copied? Why are your giving explanations?
  • you didnt say i copied? your line " Picking up ideas which people have already told " seemed to be like that so. But if u didnt mean COPYING by that then obviously i owe an apologiseation to . Em sory,i tok ur words in wrong way. Hope u understand that :) Sorry again buddy!!!!
  • I've had a good look through this app. It is excellent and totally worth the money. I think I will still use my allrecipe app more as I like there rating system on the variations of peoples version of a dish. This is a great addition to my cooking arsenal
  • Fact: I don't cook, but this app will make me think over it again...
    I really enjoy the hidden gems project, because you guys give developers a chance who haven't been noticed earlier.
    Therefore I'll still try this app, although I'm not a great cooker :D
  • good app. but it depends on who cooks :(. i am not too good at it. the interface is cool though. great work by the developer.
  • I am usually going out to eat. But, I do try to use the kitchen for cooking every now and then; so I will give this app a try, since it is the first app i see that actually gives you instructions on specific techniques
  • I have this app on iOS,and for someone that can burn boiling water, it has proved its worth. The UI and navigation of the Windows Phone version is even better, very clean and clear as you'd expect from Metro. The iOS version has a option for metric measures in its settings, so expect that to be "coming soon" in WP. The only thing missing from both versions is building a shopping list based on the recipes you put in Favourites.
  • How to Cook Everything is the app if you want to learn cooking or if you're just a beginner. It features a lot of handy how-to tutorials with illustrations for almost every handling in the kitchen.
    Luckily you don't need to read them all before you can start cooking. Just head over a recipe you like, and you can immediately see which how-tos you need for that recipe. You can also see how long it should take and how much servings.
    At the ingredients page you can see how much you need for each ingredient. Also if you can choose between some ingredients you can mark the one you're gonna use, however this is not reflected in the step-by-step guide. And if there is ingredient that is also a recipe (like mayonnaise), you can go directly to that recipe.
    Unfortunately there are no pictures, but I don't miss them, because the text is easy to understand.
    There is also a good search function where you can enter a keyword, and then filter by key ingredient, cooking technique, style and recipe type. The recipe type are 4 elements, fast, make ahead, vegetarian and essential. The interface is nice and clean, there is no dark background, but that would only be annoying if you're cooking.
    The app is sometimes slow, especially if you return to the home menu. So overall I think this is a must have for everyone who loves to cook!
  • This is a great comprehensive app for cooking. Like the larousse gastronomique of books.
  • this is the best cookbook apps (drawing concept for explication). 
  • Every recipe that I have made with this app was a success.Great app,I'm gonna buy it
  • from the trial version you can see it's a beautyful app. runs great on my lumia 920. lots of good cooking advices and tips 
  • love the how to section.. it would be awsome to have a spanish version
  • For me personally a taco/tortilla app would be enough but still, this does cover quite the lot.
  • I'm not much of a cook, nor do I use any kind of app for the little amount of cooking that I do end up doing, but with this app it makes things faster and simpler. So far I can't find any areas for improvement, though as I said I can't compare it to other cooking apps since I have never used any, but it seems like a way to get recipes that are useable by anyone, be you Chef Ramsey, or Peter Griffin from Family Guy, you will be able to make.... Well some food by the end of the day...
  • It really looks interesting, and better than italian equivalent GialloZafferano Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Fact: everytime i meet e person i judge him from his phone. If the phone is a windows phone then i say to my self that he/she knows very well the mobile tech and is part of big growing family. If the person has a iphone then i say to myself that he/she dont know anything about mobile tech and buys a phone that everyone has and that way he/she thinks that this is a "good phone". When the person has a android phone, i say to myself that he/she has that phone and dont really care about mobile tech and just make a random choice for his/her phone.
  • App looks good. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Damn I see a guy, gautam kabiraj is damn serious about this gems contest :P
  • App looks good. I wonder if it can be made to recognise handwaving from front camera. That way you can cook and use the app at the same time!
  • Very Good app for Cooking. I liked the pictures related to the content.  A small Suggestion from my end. How about adding Nutrition Information for each recipes. I was searching for it..
  • Nice ;)
    This app is very easy to use, with pages for popular recipes, featured recipes, as well as browsing recipes.This app is excellent for beginners due to its specific list of ingredients and its detailed instruction . This app can really come handy when thinking to prepare something hygienic I guess.As I don't have much knowledge on cooking,I asked help from my mom to help me out a little and I think it wont cause any trouble for me from winning the PROS (What I Liked) : *The app available offline, such as when I'm up at a cabin with no cell service. Its was really great for the app to be offline so that the user don't need to wait for the page to load of it was online *I love that variations are included in the original recipe instead of being a separate entry. It gives me ideas for ways to change up a dish I already like *I like being able to click on an ingredient that has its own steps and ingredients to jump to the recipe *App is excellent for beginners due to its specific list of ingredients and its detailed instructions *There is also a search option with several fields, allowing for a more specific result . *The "like" option, allowing you to see the preferences of other users *An approximate cooking time for the recipe is available, so if I am ever in a hurry and want to whip up a quick meal, I have exactly what i need to know, which is a good idea. * The Labelling system FMVE is a great feature of this app too. CONS: *I don't find a way to add votes within the app or may be its a little confusing to how to rate it. IMPROVEMENTS NEEDED: *It would be better if you could give a "TOUR" for starters to interact with the app *Other great feature would be Cortana integration, like open Cortana and say "I'd like to eat Chinese food", and then open the app with a search list showing Chinese foods *You should add the share option in the app through which I could share new and amazing recipes with my facebook friends. *It would be nice to have an option like "shopping list"... where I can tick mark the products I’ve purchased. * I’d love to see a special category of nutrients / calories etc along with the recipe to just make it quite interesting and for a good diet. *Add a new column about the "dish of the day". This could make people try a new dish every day. *You could add a live tile with transparency as it is an awesome feature on windows phone 8.1 and also to give a better look at the start screen. The live tile could give the name and Philip of the dish of the day as I mentioned above MY CONCLUSION: *After taking all my observations into account, I find much many pros than cons. That is your app is already a good one. And if you could take my suggestions on improvement into consideration and work on it. This could be the best app for helping people cook new items and help beginners to start cooking.Best of luck on this app.
  • You've copied and pasted SEVERAL lines from other's reviews. Write your own. I hope WPC notice this.
  • XALEX8888, May I know who you are?. Why do you checking peoples comment and reply I as copy pasted. ?
  • Yeah, he is really annoying. I wonder who he is and what's his achievement for commenting like that? He didn't reply to my question. Where are you XALEX8888
  • Good to see at least you admitted unlike the guy above. I read your whole new comment. I really wish you win! Good luck bro!!! :)
  • You again? I replied you, check it out. I NEVER said you copied.
    And watch your language before abusing someone!!!
  • I think, your this comment was for the other guy complaining about you and called you *#%@€<£. Right? Thnkz for wishing me luck :)
  • To Sharooq: Yup that's right! I guess there's something messy with comments...
    No problem!
  • Watch previous comment.
  • Language? Abusing?? Areee cool cool....MORON isnt a abusing word at least not for us...its like a normla word we use in anger :P ok but seriosuly sorry for that...i reay took u wrong!!! But now except apolosing what ese can i do? :) Hope u undertsand!!!! Men will be men u know :P
  • WPCentral,
    . l am sorry to say that my previous comment was not sincere, as those ideas I written was not only mine but from many others who commented this post. I knew someone was going to caught it and yes ,someone did. I made a terrible mistake and I don't feel right about it. I am sorry for this misbehave, I did it because I eagerly wanted to win this game, so I could lay down my hands on a tablet for the first time of my life. I never had a pc or laptop but I have my Lumia 525 and this phone is my life. So please forgive me and give me a chance to review about this app sincerely one more time in the rest of this comment. REVIEW
    . I have gone through the app for 15 minutes. Now ,I am gonna give you a detailed review on what I felt about this app. Forgive me if any of my ideas where already said by someone else.
    At first, the UI is great and the app has a classy look which is good for this kind of apps. At first when I opened the app ,what I saw is the " Featured recipe " page. This page has a very good look with the picture of delicious food which itself make the user to try its taste. This page is useful as it give a new Recipe for the us to cook . But don't think it is perfect at all, there are also cons about it. I have been using this app for two days. And I noticed that the Recipes' on 'Featured Recipe page has not changed. It was the same on yesterday morning and is still on today morning. My suggestion is that you should make use of internet connection on a window phone and change the recipes in the 'Featured Recipe' page daily. And there shouldn't be any dely on changing the recipes with some good looking yummy food which make the users to cook it and have a taste. . I have been switching between your app and my browser to check and review about it. And I noticed that each time I open the app after minimizing it, the notification to purchase the shows up . And it is really annoying to see this notification each time. It makes us feel like you want to make money from the app instead of helping people find more recipes and for beginners to become professionals. It is not a kind of feeling you wanna make in the mi,d of your app's users. So I suggest you to make the notification appear once or twice in a day. . Now moving on to next page , that is the 'Browse Recipe ' page. It I really great you provided this many options for different kinds of recipes. This page is really useful as gives me an idea about what I wanna make and how to make it.These categories are further di idea into many groups which is helpful. I should say that this app made cooking much simpler. Another useful feature I found is the 'Time' and 'Serve' details. In case if there are visitors to our house surprisingly i knowhow to serve them. Like , first starting with a 'Desert' then on to 'Salads' and so on. I can also take the best recipe according to to time conservation and no of visitors too. . The sliding across page is very smooth for this app. Some of the apps on the windows phone store are not having a smooth sliding which is discomfort for the users. So far I didn't find any bugs on this app. So your app is a quality built one.Now moving on to next page is 'How to' . I found about 160 how to's on this page. This could help beginners to learn how to cut and clean those meat, vegetables ,etc. Even the cooks might find it useful and could use it as a reference. It is also provided with pictures to help us understand better. The black and white drawing are perfect for the app. Now moving on to next topic, ' Most Popular' . It gives the most used recipes in a list so that we could also try these popular recipes. It comes with a 'Likes'' info just like in facebook. This helps to know what other people think about it but unfortunately I didn't find a way to vote for the recipies. I think you need to work on that. The 'FMVE' option I great as it helps us to know what kind of food it is. . On the next page, the ' Kichen Basic ' is very helpful for beginners like me to learn how to handle things in kitchen. The 'Bittman's picks' is a quick entrance to fast, make ahead , vegetarian and essential foods.
    . I like the way each recipe is described, separated pages for ingredients, steps, variations and overview. The Variation page is really useful to try variety styles of same recipe. I wonder how many moths would have taken foe the developers to built this magnificent app with more than 2000 recipes. Simply excellent work guys.
    . A very interesting idea I found in the above comments was the Cortana integration. It would be much helpful and cool to ask Cortana to open a recipe. I can give some suggestions on how Cortana can be usefull with the command's like
    * Cortana, I feel thirsty ( Open a page with Drinks preperation)
    * Cortana, what's for lunch today ( Open a best dish for noon according to the location and climate would be so great and would bring your app to the top)
    * Cortana, Make dinner arrangements for our 4 visitors quickly ( open page for dinner according to the no of serves and time required) . Oh, I forgot to mention your search specifications. One word " awesome" . This search include everything on your app. I see a great feature for this app. Nothing more to be needed on to this app. Otherwise it will become messy . So far this app I perfect. That's I then. I finish my review about this app and it took 1 and half hours because while I was writing I accidently clicked on another link . Then I had write it again from the start again . Buts it ok for me to spend time to win a big prize. Thanks
  • I do love cooking and this app has dome great tips in it!
  • I'm so happy to see that windows phone is getting more and more apps, and this one may not be the most important one, but is one of the many!
    go wp!
  • I'm really enjoying this series. Showcasing these great apps really shows how far the Windows phone store has got. Now hoping the Windows 8 store will follow...
  • I maybe able to do my own kitchen after all :D :)
  • My first impressions of this app. I only tried out the trail version and at first look there's really a lot of information in the app. The first thing I noticed are the cooking techniques, which I really like. I will use the app for making for the first time in my life homemande pasta. The app gives me the confidence that I'm able to do that and I think that's important for any cooking book, app or whatever. At first sight there are many recipes. So a good search function is important as well and I think there's room for imporvement. I liked to search for a recipe with salmon ans pasta. So I had to use pasta as a keyword and fish as a key ingredient. (Sadly enough it didn't give me any recipe with salmon, but maybe the full version will.) I think it would be an improvement to use salmon as a keyword and then you search for pasta as a category. But I most also say that having the cooking technique in the search form is very clever. I'm going to need spending more time in this app an going to try some recipes out. Will I buy this app? Well, the price is fair if you compare it to a cooking book you buy in a store. And having it digital instead of on paper gives also some advanteges, like you can easely go to the techniques when you have found a recipe that you like. But I rather have this app on my tablet instead of my phone, so I'm going to wait for a Windows 8 version.
  • Thanks for sharing
  • Looking forward to trying this out. I always seem to rely on takeaway and ready meals during uni time so maybe this app will make cooking more enjoyable for me.
  • I just wanna know how to bake.... To make a cake with tiles haha! I mean live tiles ;)
  • As a hobby cook, this is a fantastic app! I have looked for quite some time for something like this, but couldn't find it! :)
  • Looks like a good app, I especially like that it is available offline without taking too much space in the phone. However as some other comments have already said - it would be nice to support the metric system... I hope this app will also makeits way to Windows 8.1 as it would be useful to have it on there too. Also I think the price is good - you get good value for what you pay.
  • Is this app also available in German?
  • I like it! Those tutorials are really helpful but i would like to have it in german and on my surface, so if they could make it an universal app and translate it to other languages, this would be one of my favourite app (maybe change that red background to a picture of a random meal, that red huets after some time :X)
  • Superb....hunger time just takes 2.99$ to die
  • Love these hidden gems articles, they are really helpful. Especially this app, would never have thought about downloading it but it is actually really useful. Well worth a download!
  • Wow, some of you guys have some very thorough reviews!! So, i am trying this app because in like to cook a little bit myself and probably consider myself a novice cook. As most people have mentioned, the UI is very friendly. I particularly like how they split up ingredients, steps, related, etc by side swipes vs one page and scrolling down to view all of those. It got me wondering though, what if i need to charge my phone? I think all Lumias have a charging port at the bottom, so it would've been nice to be able to rotate the phone on its side and view it that way, so the charging won't get in the way of the phone standing up. An extra thought: When the flagship phones have that 3D gesture, how bout flipping the page with a hand wave motion side to side? So i don't get my phone dirty (: The content was excellent from what i skimmed through. They have many many basic recipes i can start with. They also have basic knowledge for beginners like myself. What you need, why you need it, etc. Overall, this app is great! I would certainly buy it to add to my collection to supplement the inner chef in me. I have a cook book that's similar, but would prefer this type of app
  • this competition is stupid because you have to have a windows phone to get a chance of winning a windows phone..
  • Just read that you can win pro 3 lol don't really think I will win as previous experience tells me my luck isn't that good, but still nice app
  • A functioning live tile would be useful. Other than that great app
  • Nice App :-)
  • Well, once again, and after playing with the app a good deal of time, here are my comments about it: COOL Awesome design: Includes featured recipes, ability to browse them and a how to section that comes in handy very much for people like me with 0 knowledge about cooking. You're able to look up recipes and favourite them. Apart from the steps to follow section, I found very neat to do a variation of the recipe (like adding some spice or something similar). Pizza as a category. I liked very much that when I clicked on the circles with "F" "M" "V" "E" a pop up came up explaining what it means.   LESS COOL No metric system. No settings. On the trial version, there's a pop up every time you go to the home menu that keeps insisting you to buy the full version of the app (which makes sense, I can't deny that). There are not pictures in all the recipes showing how it would look like if you do it correctly.   OVERALL So, everyone that loves cooking must have this app. Very nice UI and complete. I actually learned something and felt like cooking for a while but... nope, too lazy.
  • Good app.
    I'm not a great cook, but I'll use this app next time my friends come over.
    But I think that the price is to high...
  • Very good app, I'm currently using the trial version of it and if after 3 days there won't be any issues, I will buy it and replace the current Bing Food & Drink app. The UI is very well designed, and it has a lot of recipes which is a good sign. My favorite thing in the app is the 'How To' section, it really helps when it comes to cooking. Thanks for article!
  • This would come in very handy as I like to try new recipes!
  • The app is great. I specially love the tutorials. One thingh I can complain is measurements. I think there should be a way of converting, for example, pounds into grams / kilograms. Other than that 5*
  • My wife has the same app from ios and it costs 10bux more... BTW, it's very handy and easy to read.
  • Quite liked the ''How to'' section. Something about the sketch-style pictures feels classical and very chef-y. Pity there aren't photos to accompany the recipes. It's practically a staple of food related media that there are gorgeous pictures to complement the literature. Very informative app though.
  • Great app......really helpful in kitchen......and have almost all recipes........4/5
  • Have always liked this app get for reference and learning new techniques.
  • normally i just google recipes but sounds useful. could it be cheaper?
  • TV dinners, you know they can't be beat, (ZZTop), they have been my staple for years ( stick em in and wave em and I'm a brand new man o yeah). Now I can cook something more substantial than 30 year old chicken and mystery meat. I look forward to trying out some cool recipes. Thanks for posting a fine app.
  • I'm glad to see this app on WP!  I had it on my old old iPhone, but that's not helpful anymore since I don't own one, now.
  • Incase of the app in think lot's have been published but a Tip i would like to provide is the following. Create or find a company that make wallmounts / standards for your phone or Tablet that you can hang up in your kitchen. Using your phone or Tablet during cooking is great but it risks contact with food, water etc. Second thing could be a manufaturer that build sort of screens with a wifi connection. In that case you can sinc your recipes on screen and use it in the same way during cooking. something like this one.  
  • Wow really nice design and clean! The images are so clean and informative. I really like the F/M/etc. symbols for fast looking. The only thing missing is the ability to change the us metrics. Great app!
  • Lacking a bunch of photos is a good thing. Makes it more of a tool than a toy.
  • The 'How To' section is quite useful
  • A short question,how can I win things?^^
  • I live the tips that they give you to make your dishes. They also have helpful tips on how to prep the ingredients for true newbies like me. The recipes are also great. I will be using this for my diet needs since I just started working out. Time to have healthy home cooked meals.
  • Could have a nice countdown timer, and have thinner words. Also, a Windows app must be made.
  • Win win!
  • Great to have practical apps coming out more and more often! :)
  • The apps overview is great but i would like too see some suggestion section as i always have no idea what to cook, if it would just give a few random recipes which might be based on some favorites or some settings like vegetarian, allergies. That would be a great way to find new foods. Besides that the app looks really simple to use. Some integration with cortana would be great but than also when the app is opened it will continuously listen for words you say for example next step. This would be very usefull when your hands are full of oil or something.
  • This app is not bad, i only tried the trial but... I don't cook and my wife says she prefers to use the cookbook app on W8.1 more. I guess its due to the videos, links and extra information it provides.
  • Nice work but I don't really like the UI on this app. Seems old. Maybe modernizing the ui will be an improvement. Imho 2.99€ are a bit too much
  • I go for cooking apps on my tablet, a phone seems too small to quickly look over at whole my hands are covered in eggs and chicken juices. I'll look at the free trial though, could make me a convert.
  • i use this all the time!
  • It has already been stated countless times, but without the possibility to have the amount of a certain ingrediant in "the correct" format, it doesnt really matter how good the book is.
    It's sort of like having the best book about learning English in the world, but in order to use it, you first have to translate Everything in it from Another foreign language.
    It's just to much hazzle, and boom - there You lost a big part of the global market...
  • This is a truly awesome app. The ability to choose a fast recipe is really helpful. I appreciate that the steps don't require you to be a master, but the how-tos are there to help you become one. If there's one thing I'd like to see its the option to search for recipes with low cal options.
  • Here's another suggestion to add to my last post... The option to sort by popularity/thumbs up would be cool
  • Love the comprehensive info provided! Def gonna give it a whirl!
  • Reminds me of ratatouille..!!
  • Reminds me of Ratatouille..!!
  • I've always enjoyed Cooking recipes app. This one looks pretty polished i enjoy that kind of UI, lots of recipes. Great job. And really nice way to bring up more apps, good job WPC :D Posted via Windows Phone Central App