How to customize the Halo Keyboard on the Lenovo Yoga Book with Windows

The Lenovo Yoga Book features a pretty interesting keyboard, and that's because it doesn't have one. Well, it does, but it's not a physical one. The Yoga Book is rocking a "Halo Keyboard" that lights up and can transform into a dedicated inking environment for drawing on Android or Windows, and it looks like something from the future. Lenovo offer a few customization options for the Halo Keyboard on the Windows edition of the Yoga Book, here's what you can do.

Open the Halo Keyboard settings

  1. Click the Start Button found in the bottom left of your screen.

  1. Type "Control Panel"

  1. Select the Control Panel option, this will open a new window

  1. Select Appearance and Personalization in the Control Panel window

  1. Select the Halo Keyboard option
  2. This will open the Halo Keyboards settings window

How to enable or disable the touch-tone

  • To enable, check the touch tone checkbox
  • To disable, uncheck the touch tone checkbox

How to enable or disable typing vibrations

  • To enable, tick the vibrate on keypress checkbox
  • To disable, untick the vibrate on keypress checkbox.

How to adjust the timeout for the Halo Keyboard light

  • Select the Sleep drop-down menu
  • Select a time from the drop-down menu

How to adjust the brightness of the Halo Keyboard

  • Select the slider next to the "Brightness adjustment" option
    • To lower the brightness, slide left on the slider
    • To raise the brightness, slide right on the slider

To save or discard your changes

  • Select OK to save changes
  • Select Cancel to discard changes

Zac Bowden
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