How to enable a Precision Touchpad for more gestures on your laptop

Windows trackpads are one of the biggest criticisms that users have when it comes to modern laptops. Much of that disapproval is alleviated if PC manufacturers just utilize Microsoft's Precision Touchpad drivers as we routinely mention in our Windows Central laptop reviews.

Today, I'm excited to show you how to install and enable Precision Touchpad drivers on what should be any laptop that uses Synaptics or Elan drivers. Originally spotted on Reddit this quick guide will breathe new life into your premium Windows laptop.

To be clear, we are talking about a bit of a "hack" and not an official solution, so make sure to do a quick backup just in case.

What we are doing

Before we begin, let me explain how this all works. Precision Touchpads are a combination of a multitouch physical trackpad and the drivers that power the gestures and movement. Most high-end laptops use glass/metal trackpads with multi-gesture support.

Where they vary is the driver choice. HP, for instance, uses Synaptics for its Spectre series of premium laptops. Razer is using Synaptics on the 14-inch Razer Blade, but have switched to Precision drivers for the new Razer Blade Stealth and Razer Blade Pro. The same for MSI who use Elan drivers on its Stealth Pro line of gaming laptops.

All we are doing is installing the Microsoft Precision drivers and replacing the Synaptics or Elan ones. The drivers come from Lenovo (Synaptics) and Softpedia (Elan).

Why do it?

The rule of thumb is Microsoft's Precision drivers are made for Windows 10 and customized by Microsoft themselves for the "ideal" trackpad experience.

Most users consider the sensitivity, movement, and gestures of Precision to be better than Synaptics or Elan.

What have we tested this on?

We have verified that this trick works on Razer Blade (2016 and 2017 editions) and HP Spectre x360 13- and 15-inch models. We've done it multiple times across five different devices, and all worked.

Others have confirmed it is working on the Dell Alienware 14 (2013), HP Pavilion 15, some Asus laptops with Elan, Acer Aspire M5, and more.

What you need

For most users, just getting the drivers below is all you need.

For Razer Blade owners, however, I recommend having a wired or wireless mouse on standby as the process temporarily kills the trackpad (you can, of course, still navigate via keyboard).

First, to figure out which driver you need – Synaptics or Elan – just do the following:

  1. Right-click on Start
  2. Choose Device Manager

  1. Double-click Mice and other pointing devices
  2. See if it says Elan Input Device or Synaptics HID TouchPad

Once you know which drivers you currently have you can grab the ones you need:

Save these to the device you in which you are replacing the drivers.

How to install Precision Touchpad drivers

Now it's time to install the driver. The entire process should take no longer than five minutes.

While there is no permanent damage from this guide, I do stress to make sure you follow the directions correctly to ensure that you do it right. If this doesn't work for you, there is a good chance you did not precisely follow the instructions!

Installing Precision drivers

  1. Unzip the downloaded drivers to a temporary directory and make a note of where they are.
  2. Right-click on Start.
  3. Choose Device Manager.
  4. Double-click Mice and other pointing devices.
  5. Right-click on Synaptics/Elan device.

  1. Choose Update driver.
  2. Click Browse my computer for driver software.

  1. Select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

  1. Pick Have Disk….

  1. Choose Browse… and navigate to the folder where you extracted the Precision drivers.

  1. Select Autorun.inf from the directory of Precision drivers.

  1. Select Synaptics Pointing Device (or Elan) and then Next.

  1. On the Update Driver Warning choose Yes.

  1. Let the driver install and restart the PC to enable

That should be it.

For Razer Blade owners doing the above will kill the trackpad. Don't worry! Restart the PC and then repeat steps one through six above. However, instead of step 7 in its place choose Search automatically for updated driver software. The OS will now search Windows Update and grab a newer driver and install it. Once installed your trackpad will kick back in and you are all set.

All users can do the above to ensure the latest Precision driver is installed – it won't hurt it.

With all completed you can navigate to Settings > Devices > Touchpad, and it should now say at the top Your PC has a precision touchpad. Below should be many new native Windows 10 gesture options and configuration abilities that you may want to tinker with, e.g., cursor speed, touchpad sensitivity, etc.

For more on Precision Touchpad settings read our guide "How to customize 'Precision Touchpad' settings in the Windows 10 Creators Update".


Like all unsupported modifications, there could be things we are missing, so take note. For instance, on two (out of three) of our Razer Blades the touchpad stops working when it resumes from standby for unknown reasons. Our HP Spectre x360s, however, have had no issues.

Using the same steps above you can roll back the trackpad driver to the previous one, or just use your manufacturer's drivers to install over the Precision one. However, we think most of you will stick with Precision since it's just better.

Thanks, Adam Legge, for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • This is a super neat trick, but be careful! For some reason my Razer Blade is having issues with the touchpad not working when it comes back from standby. Mark's Blade, however, is just fine.
  • is there a real touchable and tangible improvement? I have the razer blade too
  • of course, it's huge.
  • Hey Dan, I rarely have good cause to leave comment but this actually worked for me. I confirm it works on my positively old HP EliteBook 8470p. Thanks for the tip! Would try see if it works with my Inspiron 14 7437.. Thanks again
  • Sounds cool. Any chance there's a driver out there that would work for the king of PC touchpads, the ultra-precise Logitech T650? I still can't find a decent touch pad for a W10 desktop PC that comes anywhere close to the description 'precision' on sale anywhere except this one, so waiting for Windows 10 to finally catch up with Windows 8 and work properly with the only precision touch pad available is becoming a bit of a hobby.
  • Daniel, the Elan driver from Softpedia does not have an AutoRun.inf file.  Which one am I supposed to select?  There's ETD.inf, ETDMiniPTP.inf, and ETDSMBus.inf.
  • Huh, I don't know lol. I'd go with the first one.
  • I got impatient and tried the first one almost immediately after I asked (ETD.inf) and it worked!  My Aorus X7 v6 now has Precision Touchpad settings!  Hopefully my two-finger scrolling speed works more consistently across applications now.  The Elan ones had different scrolling speeds in Edge vs Chrome/Start Menu/etc.
  • <p>the ETD.inf for complete install, MiniETD is incomplete and will cause your touchpad stop working after reboot</p>
  • Hey, Daniel. I also have a Razer Blade and also have the same problems you have the touch pad won't work after standby. So how did deal with it? Did you retrieve back to the old driver or you found a way to get it work without restarting?
  • How about for Alps touchpad?
  • Thanks for this article.  Working fine so far on my Razer Blade 2016 1060.  Going into and out of Sleep, or rebooting, is no issue - still working.  Note that I had started with the latest touchpad drivers downloaded from the Razer website several months ago....   One thing to keep in mind is that Razer Synapse DOES impact the touchpad in some ways.  I can clearly notice this when I have not logged into windows yet, and then after I log in, the pointer acceleration is different.  I have have an external Raaer mouse that I sometimes use (haven't in a month or so), which seems to then enable Razer Synapse affecting the mouse driver. One problem I had (not sure yet if it has changed with the Precision driver) is that the DPI setting in Synapse also impacts the touchpad acceleration.  This annoys the heck out of me, as it should be a totally separate setting. For now I will avoid using an external mouse to see how stable the Precision touchpad drivers continue to be for me.  So far, I like it  a lot.   I noticed also that the Synaptics icon in the System Tray (which was a feature of my older Synaptics driver) no longer showed the touchpad response (which is fine).  I removed that from the system tray.  However, I still get a Synaptics tab in the mouse setting control panel (the one in the old desktop interface - not the modern control panel) although it doesn't really have any settings other than allowing enabling/disabling of the touchpad.  I am not sure if that came over with the new Precision drivers, or is a leftover from my original drivers....
  • Agree. Seems exclusive to Windows, as well. On my Mac, each mouse uses a native acceleration, so the Sculpt Comfort and Razer Naga mice have faster acceleration, similar to windows, but Synapse only affects the Naga and macos settings gs seems to control the Magic Mouse and (to a lesser extent) the sculpt. But when I boot camped Windows on it, Synapse seemed to take control of everything. I was used to using different mice for different things, but suddenly the acceleration in everything was way too high and I basically had to start micro managing it. I eventually just deleted the boot camp partition. Trying to edit images, etc. with acceleration that's too fast is very unfun. Trying to game with too low acceleration is awful. I like just grabbing a different ouse depending on the task 😀
  • Following up my previous postsing (why am I not allowe to EDIT ?!?!?!?), turned on my Razer Blade 14 (2016 1060) today, and while the mouse pointer was visible, the touchpad would not respond at all.  Tried rebooting and it did not resolve.  I could even get the trackpad physical buttons to respond, but not the touchpad itself. Luckily my Razer Blade has the QHD+ touchscreen, so I was not SOL in navigating around windows. I removed the driver from Device Manager, tried removing the device altogether, tried drive update and Windows Update... nothing would bring the touchpad back. Eventually I downloaded the original Synaptics drivers from Razer's site, installed, rebooted, and got the original Synaptics drivers back installed and working. Very sad after enjoying the Precision Drivers for at least two reboots before the driver failed.  No idea why it stopped working.  And now having had a tase of the Microsoft Precision Drivers, it is really tough to go back to Synaptics....    
  • it does not seem to work on the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 even though it has Synaptics, I did everything like showed and it even says you have a precision pad but at that point I just can't get the trackpad to work, once it works again, the precision settings are gone. What I don't understand though sometimes after the boot a synaptics enhancement software promts and ask to be opened or not since smart screen prevents it, do I need to allow it or now and why does smart screen seem  to have a problem
  • ok got it now, thanks it's so much better now
  • Sounds a pretty safe way to enable the function. Cheers!
  • Works great on my HP Envy 15 and it's 5 yrs old
  • Thanks ever so much for this Daniel! I have been a little annoyed with the synaptics driver on my Spectre x360, and I am very happy to have a precision touch pad now. This has been very helpful!
  • Works on my XPS 15 9530, but second reboot needed. And disable built in gestures in dell touchpad panel first!
  • The XPS already has precision.
  • Sadly it does not work on my HP Probook 450 G3 (Synaptics) :( but the funny part is all the multi touch gestures seems to work, but no point when you can't move the cursor. :3
    If anyone manages to get it working on a Probook please let me know :)
  • Me either. Tried to install on Probook 430 G3, but the Precision setting still not showing up. After trying to update the driver (steps mentioned for those Razer laptops), the cursor not even showing up.
  • Sorry but I have to ask the obvious question. Why doesn't the HP Spectre ship with these drivers installed? Seems a bit dumb to not have them installed from the get go. Having said that they installed and are working fine on my Spectre x360. Thanks for the tip
  • Just got it to work on my Yoga 2 Pro, and so far, it's been working really well. Thanks for finding this Daniel! 
  • How did you get it working on your Yoga 2 Pro?? I've tried it few times, but it just kills the touchpad, it doesn't work at all. I apply the additional step for Razer, and it updates the driver, but the toucpad still stays dead.
  • Has anyone tried this on an MSI GT73EVR-7RE? I'm away from laptop at the moment, so I can't try it yet...
  • FYI I can report that this worked great on both my new MSI GT73EVR-7RE and my old HP EliteBook 8560w. The MSI stock track pad drivers were really bad. These drivers work really well. Still a little shaky on two finger scrolling, but everything else works good.
  • Can confirm that it works on a Lenovo Ideapad (specifically a Flex 4). Great driver!
  • I've been eagerly awaiting this since the podcast today.  Going to give it a shot.  What's the worst that could happen? :D
  • Reinstall Windows 🤣
  • Actually, yeah, that's about worst case scenario. But it should never be that bad.  If it fails, just go to Device Manager and roll back the driver.  Or uninstall the touchpad, and install it again with the correct drivers.
  • Thankfully, all went well, and it's a pretty noticeable difference with the precision drivers.
  • I do own an Asus UX303LB (simillar to LN, LA). It does have a Synaptics Touchpad as far I know and depends on Asus Smart Gestures for two finger scrolling previously. I can install the drivers as described. Now appear in the settings the options for two finger scrolling but it does not work. As all other multi-finger gestures. It only works as a standard touchpad like it does withouth Asus Smart Gestures installed. Has someone it working for him or figured out a way to rely on the Precision Touchpad driver?
  • Might try this on my Yoga Book. It's annoying that the scrolling is reversed and there's nothing I can do about it.
  • You know what they say once you go precision touch.. I really can't live without it on my laptop even when using a mouse, I'll still use it for show desktop or switching apps .
  • I do something much better..I use a mouse 🤣
  • I prefer a mouse myself (Logitech MX Anywhere 2 is amazing), but the "much better" part is a matter of personal choice no? But I think you already know that. I'll see your ROTFL and raise you an FWSTWE. 😜
  • Thank you! Worked like a charm on my Alienware 13r3, which fixed one of my biggest pet peeves with the laptop.
  • thank you!!!
  • in case of elan there are three .inf files, there is no file named autorun.inf. Which should i use????
  • It doesn't matter, because it will find the appropriate one automatically.  No matter which one you click, it's actually only choosing the folder. But for the record, it's etd.inf.
  • Wow. Noticeable difference with my MSI GS63VR StealthPro.  I'm not super aware of trackpad performance normally, so I'm quite surprised how nice it is.  Much smoother, especially multi-finger operation.  Thanks, Daniel.  Super helpful tip! Any other tips on getting these MSI StealthPros tweaked to run better?  The pre-installed apps and some drivers seem to cause a lot of problems.  The forums agree.
  • Hi Frett, I also have an MSI GS63VR, however, I am unable to install it, it ends up losing its function. Any recommendations or steps I am missing? Do you still use it or have you reverted back to original drivers? Thanks!
  • Got this working on my flex 4 15. 
  • As expected, works like a charm on my Lenovo flex 2 which is Synaptics and came with Synaptics drivers
  • Only problem is that I can't get right click to function. Two finger tap works well, but just clicking the right bottom corner of the trackpad doesn't work anymore, even with this option enabled in the settings...
  • Great! thanks. So Precision touchpad is not a hardware technology, but rather software layer... Now on HP Spectre x360 13" gestures in MS Edge works again. (Original Synaptics drivers from HP was screwed somehow)
  • Does this require a device with Synaptics/Elan drivers? I was wondering if it would work on a MacBook running Windows 10 on Bootcamp.
  • I have a HP Spectre x360 kaby lake model. I tried but it didn't work, I got the precision options in settings, but the touchpad wasn't working.  Instead of Synaptics HID I have Synaptics SMBus. Is that it? Any workaround? Also, when I installed it, it installed some synaptic software... was this the problem? Thanks!    
  • I just experienced the same thing on the 2017 HP Spectre x360 15"
  • I chose Synaptics SMBus on my machine, and it seems to have worked.  That said, I was never super unhappy w/ the stock x360 trackpad.  So, I'm not sure if the possible increase in responsiveness I'm seeing right now is placebo or not.
  • It was my bad, I schemed the tutorial instead of reading it through. In the Spectre you're not supposed to update the driver after installing, only rebooting the machine after installing it. Man, the difference is very noticeable about responsiveness. In Synaptics the scrolling and zooming seemed always having a tiny delay from the input, now it seems like I'm using the touch! Unfortunately I can't make the scrolling to be more sensitive so now eventually takes more time to scroll around a document, but it's a small price to have more configurable gestures and a better precision in the input! Thank you so much Windows Central! Now my HP spectre x360 is perfect! 
  • I had successfully updated to the precision driver yesterday, then this am tried to update the driver by "searching online"; a new driver was installed, and the track pad stopped working. Any trick to updating the precision driver?
  • You only update online if it doesn't work. Daniel, maybe you could change the text and put it in bold or sth so people know it's not to update online in case it doesn't work... 
  • what about Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad ? does it count as Synaptics HID TouchPad ?
  • Also Master of Orion galaxy zoom now finally works!
  • Does this work on Windows on MacBook too? Bootcamp drivers are horrible
  • I doubt it.  Macbooks hardware messes with all NON apple software to try to make it Apple software...I have 2 different versions of linux on my macbook,  and using both,  the macbook tries to force the Linux system to use it's terrible User interface with having to touch the pad a certian way to get right clicks...etc....HORRIBLE.   I would just sell the macbook and get a real device...
  • I updated the driver again after the first reboot, but this time by choosing Search automatically for updated driver software. After the second reboot the one-finger swipe doesn't work but multi-finger swipes work well. It is a pity.
  • Don't update online. This step is only for the razer and if it doesn't work after installing the drivers ;) 
  • Is there a chance for this to work on a Dell Inspiron 5559 signature edition? i5 8gb ram 1TB here.
    An answer will be very much appreciated
  • Works great on a Lenovo Yoga 900 after doing the driver-update-second-reboot procedure! Make sure to go into the Synaptics panel afterwards and s=disable gestures so you can use just the Precision ones.
  • I tried on Samsung Series 7 Chronos (has Elan touchpad) , otherwise works fine but single tap stops working after about 20 minutes. Anyone knows a workaround for that?
  • I too wonder why this is happening.
    After complete reboot did the function came back to normal. But it happens again after a while, (sometimes after several hours)
  • I am using Asus ROG G550jk laptop and I had the same issue. I tried newer drivers and it seems it fixed my problem. Article points to ELAN Input Device for WDF Driver version But after a quick search on google, I found ELAN Input Device for WDF Driver version on windows catalog website. It seems this newer driver is smoother than version and I haven't exprienced lost of the single tap function or any other problem yet. I've been using this driver for only one day and maybe it is too soon say this but so far so good.  Maybe it works for you too.
  • Could you show me how to download this driver?
  • go to microsoft update catalog site, search "elan wdf" then download the latest, follow the instruction in the passage(choose ETD.inf), NOTICE do NOT install the dpinst.exe or setup.exe, they re just another copy of the ****** elan original driver.
  • you are right, but after the windows 10 fall update, the driver rolls back to the original ugly useless version, and it takes me few hours to rework it(touchpad wont even respond after the install) but I finally made it by luck.unfortunately I noticed that the problem of single tap not working poped up again even with latest driver installed although not so frequent, this needs more investigation.
  • It didn't work on Dell Inspiron N4110.
  • Using the precision driver on a Spectre X360 15 is like getting a new computer!
    As mentioned above, don't "search online" to update the precision driver once installed (unless you have a Razer). Thanks to all on this site for advice and help.
  • using Asus A46CB (2013), works flawlessly with Elan Drivers, even 4 finger gestures is working, happy to see precision touchpad on my laptop
  • Thanks! Works with a Lenova Flex 4.
  • I instatled the precision drivers on my 2017 Spectre X360, but I prefer the synaptics drivers. I am a fan of one finger and ChiralScrolling which cannot be enabled in a precision touchpad. I also found the touchpad with the precision drivers to be a bit unresposive and jumpy.
  • Thanks, Daniel. Handy tips like this is one of the reasons Windows Central is my go to site for Windows devices. Keep up the good work. Love listening to the podcasts. You made the experience on my Spectre x360 so much better. It's pretty much perfect now.
  • Sadly didn't worked with Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro (20266)
  • It worked perfectly on mine. The screen at step 9 looked a bit different, but I was able to continue on by selecting the PS/2 mouse from the list instead of synaptics touchpad. I then selected the have disk option and followed the directions. The precision drivers are much better than using the Lenovo custom ones. Send me a message if you need a hand. Boa sorte.
  • I just realized right click does not seem to work on my Yoga Pro 2 :(
  • Yes, I know I'm talking to myself, but I did find out that a two finger tap works the same as a right click.
  • I can confirm it works on my Inspiron4500 series, thank you Daniel! I only had to update the Dell drivers right after and it now works flawlessly.  
  • I was so happy to see that my lowly dell 2 in 1 has precision touchpad enabled from dell!!! Thank you dell.  Another reason I love this machine.  It was inexpensive, upgradeable,  and has alot of features!
  • fanpanzy downvote...thanks...I will enjoy calling you out...please post so we know who the baby is....You will never say who you are though because your to big of a panzy...instead of clicking minus one,  or something...come on man up.  be a man and put your big boy pants on....
  • I affirm that this method works on the ASUS X455L Series via Elan drivers since ASUS Smart Gesture is a rebrand from the old Elan Touchpad. Works flawlessly.
    Update: Fn + F9 (Enable/disable touchpad) does not seem to work. Anyone knows what workarounds that can solve this?
  • Worked like a charm on my Lenovo Yoga 710. It has Elan drivers but after installing this, trackpad became much more responsive and all of the gestures became customizable, making the use of trackpad enjoyable. I would suggest to do this if you use a lot of Adobe Products, because it solved some issues with zoom, dragging and scrolling.
  • Anyone tried this on a CHUWI 14.1 LapBook yet? Since that was one of the big dings against this insanely cheap/otherwise amazing laptop, it'd be interested to know if it works or not.
  • Softpedia? Im out... I dont trust that site.
  • I think for most people this may be an awful idea. The stock Synaptic drivers (and updates from Windows Update) already supports almost everything on my Windows Notebook. All the gestures work, and this notebook predates Windows 10. My guess is that the OEMs have already been loading and pushing out updates to drivers to enable much if not all of this already. I think in many cases, the difference people are seeing is merely placebo. I don't feel a difference between my laptop and a Surface Book as far as the TouchPad is concerned. All of the multi-touch taps and gestures work literally the same, and my laptop predates Windows 10.
  • Chutya
  • Sound very tempting but it is a little irresponsible to show how to make this hack without having retoring steps by step as well in case someone without many knowledge find himself or herself having a premium $2,000 device with a messed up TouchPad.
  • UPDATE 2: Is there anyone here experience the sudden unable to tap to click o double tap to secondary click after some time? Please reply...
  • Go to google, and search for "windows update catalog".
    Then you'll be directed to some 90's looking website that is actually a web version of Microsoft's official repository for windows updates. Search for "ELAN wdf", then sort them by the version number. Download the highest version, which is much higher than what the OP link has on softpedia.  Install this, then the problem will most likely go away.
  • I will try this out...
  • Works on my HP Pavilion g7-1219wm, even though I got a warning when installing that my hardware may not be compatible. That's a Walmart Black Friday special from about five years ago, so it's not exactly a premium device. Haven't tried waking it from sleep or anything yet, so don't know if that will be an issue, but so far so good.
  • Works on Asus F200CA/X200CA (ELAN) with the newest MS Update catalog version, but it seems to crash half-way when using multitouch-zooming. The kinetic scrolling (continues scrolling when stopping to touch the pad) and tap-to-click stop to work until i reboot. I disabled Zooming in PTP settings and the bug is gone. Don't need zooming anyway. Works on Acer V5-171 (ELAN), but didn't test possible stability issues.   Thanks a lot for this guide, i tried a lot in the past, but this is a new dimension!
  • It helps to type in cmd: (after putting DevManView.exe in sytem32) if your touchpad driver seems to crash or some functions get unresponsive: DevManView.exe /disable "ELAN Miniport PTP Driver"
    DevManView.exe /enable "ELAN Miniport PTP Driver"   You can create a bat-file too, if you desire. I made a bat file and created a shortcut so i don't have to restart the whole machine but just have to press three keys.
  • Bug is still there after a while :/ Hope there will be a fix soon...
  • Thanks for this information, I actually unplugged my mouse on my MSI 72VR and started to use the touchpad!  It actually works and no delay like the default Synaptic driver, thanks!
  • It was working on my 2017 Spectre x360 a couple weeks ago.  But today, my trackpad stopped working altogether.  I didn't update the Touchpad Driver when I was prompted by the HP assistant, but perhaps a different update messed things up.  I tried to reinstall the precision driver as well as tried to just let the laptop search for an updated driver, but neither worked.  For now, I uninstalled the device and restarted, and it is back to Synaptics for me until I figure out what happened.
  • I had the same problem with my spectre x360 (oled). The problem is: there was a windows driver update for the trackpad. best way to fix that is to google how to disable auto-driver updates. then uninstall the the trackpad drivers. reboot. install the original hp drivers. and then install the precision drivers again.
    it was really difficult to find out what happens, cause it worked normalyy after reboot, until i use the physical mouse buttons of the trackpads.
  • I tried for my ASUS X756U(Q) It uses ASUS Smart Gestures, but after resetting the device, that software went poof. I tried installing ELAN, reading a comment somewhere on this page, that Asus smart gesture was the new ELAN, however: It did not work. After replacing the drivers and restarting, the touchpad stopped working. So I went and updated the drivers via WU, and then I was back at square one.
    Finally, I downloaded and reinstalled the Smart Gensture drivers from ASUS' website.   That was the story of my failed attempt at upgrading to Precision Touchpad 😜
  • Sadly it didn't work on my Spectre x360. Had to restore to original driver because the touchpad didn't allow any customization. While I would like all the functionality to be intergrated into windows settings, Synaptics currently offers the same experience, albeit through 3rd party software.
    Maybe there's something I need to change, would love to hear other Spectre x360 users that have had this work.
  • too bad after the fall creators update my touchpad stopped working with the precision drivers and only the buttons are working. I had to revert back to normal drivers.
  • For HP spectre x360 user: After installing the precision driver, I find that it seems the Synaptics driver is colliding with the built-in Windows precision touchpad function. For instance, when I swap desktop using four-finger swipe, the desktop does swap but then immediately jump back to the previous one. After the latest Win10 update, the scrolling does not work very well either. After digging into the registry, I tried disabling the synaptic driver oem bit and seems it does fix the problem. Here's the fix: 1. Follow OP and install Lenovo driver first, 2. then In regedit, HKLM/software/synaptics/oem/touchpad 3. Look for the dword "DisableDevice" Change the value from 0 to 1, 4. restart machine. That's what I have done and its so much better than before. Pls try and lemme know if this work for you as well. For info, I had the HP Spectre x360 2015 and latest Win10 home.
  • Hey, I tried your suggestion as I was having problems with certain apps like the news app scrolling up and down seems to make te app go crazy and flip through articles also sometime edge stops scrolling unless I exit than reactivate the window. But alas the registry trick didnt seem to solve that. Also when swiping four fingers up to go to task view u have to be really gentle or else it 'll show the task view very brief and go back to the app u were in already. These are minor issues I can live with for now. At least scrolling works in Bitwig with the precision drivers where it didnt do a darn thing with the synaptics drives. Im on a x360 13 late 2017 btw. thnx guys On a side note off topic but is anyone running a UAD Apollo thunderbolt audio interface(music/audio production) with the hp spectre or any new windows machine with thunderbolt 3. Its supposed to work but when I connect the device and I move the mouse audio(all audio e.g. spotify, groove not just daw) starts rattling with clicks and pops. Have searched all over the web for a solution to no avail. Have been in contact with UAD for a while now trying to solve it with Latencymon, latest drivers/bios, power settings to performance all to no avail and HP seems to only respond to costumers by phone(have mailed them fb-ed them.. nothing) and I dont really think theyll be able to solve it by phone. Its very offtopic I know but I also know that if there's a windows community that can solve this its you guys😁. All audio works great on the standards speakers/headset and all my usb audio interfaces like the scarlett 2i2 and everything connected to the thunderbolt ports(docks, monitors) works, just not the apollo audio interface. So if anyone knows anything Id be glad to hear.  Btw. The problem lies not with the audio interface as it works perfect with macbooks😢.  
  • Before everything, thank you for this amazing article to have a precision touchpad enabled. I tried this on a Thinkpad T450 trackpad and it does work, but i lost my trackpoint buttons that are above trackpad. I can't make them work. Anyone knows how to make them work again?
  • -edit-
    Just update to the latest driver that solved all my problems with SynTPenh.exe and no gestures after sleep on my spectre x360.
    You will need to run the exe and unpack it to a directory of your choice, then select the SynPD.inf in the Device Manager.
    Follow all the steps from this article but replace the driver with this newer much more stable one. Solved everything.
    I found the driver in this thread:
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