How to enchant in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

Late-game scenarios in Minecraft, including boss battles and Nether trips, often require you to add some pizazz to your items using an enchantment table. Here's everything you need to know about enchanting in Minecraft: Windows 10 and Xbox One.

How to craft an enchantment table

The first thing you need to do on your road to enchantment is craft an enchanting table.

Enchantment table

You will need:

  • Obsidian: Created when water touches lava, and can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe. You will need four blocks of obsidian.

  • Diamond: Found only deep below the surface, mine diamond ore blocks with an iron or better pickaxe to get diamond. You will need two diamonds.

Book recipe

  • Book: Craft a book using three pieces of paper and one piece of leather.

Advanced enchantments

Using an enchantment table on its own allows for enchantments up to level eight. To go higher — you definitely don't want to stop at level eight — you need to craft bookshelves and place them near your enchantment table.

Bookshelf recipe

Each bookshelf you place will raise the maximum enchantment level by two levels, up to level thirty.

Enchanting area with bookshelves.

Bookshelves must be placed no more than two blocks away from the enchantment table, and there cannot be any blocks between. Bookshelves must be at the same height or one block higher than the enchantment table to apply their boost.

How to enchant an item

Now that you have an enchantment table ready to go, it's time to enchant an item. There are a few things you'll need before you can begin.

Lapix lazuli

  • Lapis lazuli: This blue ore found deep beneath the ground turns into lapis lazuli when mined. You will need a healthy supply, as each enchantment can take up to three pieces of lapis lazuli depending on the level.

Experience bar at level 32.

  • Experience: The green bar over your hotbar fills up with XP when you mine some ore, kill monsters, and complete certain other tasks. Your current level is displayed in the middle. Enchantments take various levels of XP.

  • A decent tool: There's not much point enchanting wooden tools — wait until you have at least iron tools before you start enchanting them.

You have all the resources needed — here's how to enchant an item:

  1. Right-click the enchantment table.

    Right-click the enchantment table.

  2. Place the item you want enchanted in the left slot.

    Place the item you want enchanted in the right-side slot.

  3. Place lapis lazuli in the right slot.

    Place lapis lazuli in the right slot.

  4. Mouse over the enchantment list to see what the enchantments are. Click an enchantment to apply it to the item.

    Mouse over the list to see the enchantment.

  5. Place the enchanted item in your inventory.

    Place the sword in your inventory. If you're not happy with the list of available enchantments, you'll have to enchant a different tool first or enchant a book to get a new list of enchantments.

Enchanted books

Books are enchanted the exact same way you enchant tools. Place the book in the left-hand slot, place lapis lazuli in the right-hand slot, and click an enchantment.

Enchanting books is especially useful when you don't want to use any of the listed enchantments on, say, your pickaxe, but don't have any other worthwhile tools to enchant.

Enchanted books can be saved for later when you finally find enough diamond to finish your set of armor or finish making a new set of tools. Enchantments can be combined at an anvil using an enchanted tool and an enchanted book.

Anvil recipe

To enchant an item with a book, you need to use an anvil. Craft one from three blocks of iron and four iron ingots.

  1. Right-click the anvil.

    Right-click the anvil.

  2. Place the item you want to enchant in the left slot.

    Place the item in the left slot.

  3. Place the enchanted book in the middle slot.

    Place the enchanted book in the middle slot.

  4. Click the name and type to change it — this is optional.

    Change the name of the tool.

  5. Click the helmet in the right slot and place it in your inventory.

    Click the helmet and place it in your inventory.

You can add multiple enchantments to the same item by placing the enchanted item in the left slot and a new enchanted book in the middle slot. As you can see, this helmet will now have Aqua Affinity I and Thorns III.

List of enchantments

Not all items can be enchanted — here's a list of enchantments and the items they can be applied to

Enchantment Description Item(s) Max level
Aqua affinity Faster underwater mining Helmet 1
Bane of anthropods Extra damage against spiders Sword, Axe 5
Blast protection Protects against explosions All armor 4
Depth strider Faster underwater movement Boots 3
Efficiency Faster mining Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel 5
Feather falling Reduced fall damage Boots 4
Fire aspect Set monsters on fire with sword Sword 2
Fire protection Reduced fire and lava damage All armor 4
Flame Set monsters on fire with arrows Bow 1
Fortune Chance to get more blocks from mining Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel 3
Front walker Turns water to ice so you can walk on it Boots 2
Infinity Bow has unlimited arrows Bow 1
Knockback Monsters fly backward when hit Sword 2
Looting Mobs drop more loot when killed Sword 3
Luck of the sea Better chance of hooking treasure Fishing rod 3
Lure More fish will be caught Fishing rod 3
Mending Repair tools, weapons, and armor with your XP Tools, Weapons, Armor 1
Power Bow does increased damage Bow 5
Projectile Protection Reduced damage from all projectiles All armor 4
Protection Reduced damage from all sources All armor 4
Punch Adds knockback to your bow Bow 2
Respiration Breathe underwater Helmet 3
Sharpness Increased damage Sword, Axe 5
Silk Touch Mine blocks without breaking them Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel 1
Smite Better damage against zombies Sword, Axe 5
Thorns Damage is dealt to your attacker All armor 3
Unbreaking Raises durability Armor, Tools, Weapons 3

How to repair enchanted items

If your enchanted item gets worn down, don't fret — you won't have to make an entirely new item. You can use your anvil to repair the enchanted item.

  1. Right-click the anvil.
  2. Place the damaged enchanted item in the left slot.

    Place an identical item in the middle slot.

  3. Place an identical item (unenchanted) in the middle slot.

    Place an identical item in the middle slot.

Take the repaired item from the right-side slot. The unenchanted item used in the repair will disappear.

Your enchantments

Do you regularly use enchantments? What is your strategy; do you hoard enchanted books in case you die and lose XP, or do you directly enchant tools? Let us know in the comments section below!