How to extend your Oculus Rift cables for about $20

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Whether you want to keep your gaming PC in a different room than where you use your Oculus Rift, or you just have a large space to cover for your room-scale VR activities, you might be looking to extend the cables on the headset and to the external sensors. Luckily, it'll only cost you about $20 to get everything ordered for the headset, and about that much again to extend each sensor.

How to extend your Oculus Rift headset

Your Oculus Rift requires an HDMI extension cable and a USB-A extension cable to connect to your PC. In this case, we're using a 6-foot HDMI extension from Monoprice and a 6-foot USB-A extension from UGREEN.

  1. Plug the male cable ends from the Rift into the female ends on the extension cables.
  2. Plug the extensions into your PC.

You'll have now added six feet to the reach of your Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

How to extend your Oculus Rift sensors

Extra sensors purchased after the initial Oculus Rift package come with a 16-foot extension cable, but you can also extend your original sensors with the 15-foot active USB-A extension from Monoprice.

  1. Plug the male cable end from the sensor into the female end on the extension cable.
  2. Plug the extension into your PC.

Your sensor will now have an extra 15 feet to work with, which in most cases should be more than enough when setting up a room-scale Rift experience.

Our top equipment picks

Here's the stuff you need to complete the steps in this guide. These cables have been tested to work with the Oculus Rift.

Suggested by Oculus and tested by plenty of Rift users, this 6-foot HDMI cable from Monoprice should have no issues with your headset. It's the same length as the USB cable we also recommend, so there won't be any mismatch.

The Monoprice cable we originally suggested went way up in price, but luckily UGREEN makes a 6-foot USB-A extension as well that's been tested and confirmed to work with the Rift HMD.

It's cheap, it's suggested by Oculus, and it's been tested to confirm it works with Rift sensors. It's also about 15 feet in length, which is no doubt more than enough to hit the back and corners of your VR room.

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