How to find Diamonds in Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth
Minecraft Earth (Image credit: Windows Central)

Minecraft Earth Early Access is steadily rolling out across the globe, bringing the hit blockbuster to life via augmented reality. Diamonds return among the game's most valuable resources, crucial to crafting high-performance gear. Get rich quick with our tips for locating and using diamonds in Minecraft Earth.

How to find Diamonds in Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth places a heavy emphasis on Tappables, serving up randomized item drops in the real world. However, while ideal for essential resources and mobs, many of the rarest items are obtainable through other means.

Adventures are currently exclusive to Seattle (WA), New Zealand, and Iceland. Expect wider availability as the Early Access rollout continues.

Diamonds are exclusive to Adventures at launch, Minecraft Earth's dedicated quest-style modes. Adventures drop players into a curated buildplate, host to valuable minerals, hostile mobs, among other sought-after items. They're high-stakes, high-reward encounters, promoting cooperative experiences for shared bonuses too. Unlike Tappables, adventures are commonly found in public spaces like parks or landmarks, drawing nearby players into these open areas.

Before joining Adventures, you'll need to secure the required gear. An iron pickaxe is required when extracting diamonds, constructed using iron ingots and wooden sticks. We also recommend swords or bows for protection from threats that lie below. Equip this to your hotbar before joining to avoid leaving trusty tools behind.

Diamonds are only found underground on lower levels and stored in ore like other minerals. Once the area is safe, mine the diamond ore to populate your inventory automatically. As your hotbar is cleared upon death, stay safe until the adventure concludes, and you've got yourself a valuable reward.

Uses for Diamonds in Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth currently features a limited range of craftable items featuring diamonds. The iconic quartet of tools is obtainable: pickaxes, axes, spades, and swords. Diamond blocks are craftable too, using nine diamond pieces. Other applications are currently barred, without armor or enchanting systems at launch.

All diamond-based items in Minecraft Earth sit in the crafting menu. Once mined, diamonds fall from their ore, removing the requirement for smelting beforehand.

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