How to: Fix notifications on the LG eXpo

Although the LG eXpo is a very capable device (see full review), in fact it's one of my favorites right now, it does have some ... quirks.

One of those, and we're not joking, is no email notifications. That is, there is no listing under Settings --> Sounds & Notifications for email or even SMS, for that matter.

We're not sure why that is the case, or how that passed AT&T's testing, but it is what it is and needless to's annoying. (We even had a question on during the last podcast),

To address this, I threw together the registry entries to bring back SMS and Email notifications as I know this bothers quite a few folks out there, myself included. This will enable sound, vibrate, pop-up and even LED support on the eXpo for SMS and Email.

Simply use Microsoft Tag to scan and download the .cab to your device, run it, soft reset and you're good to go. Or you can just click and download directly here. Enjoy!

Phil Nickinson

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  • Good fix. On another note how do you deal with the inaccuracy of the screen. I used one for a month and it just always seemed off. I calibrated the screen several times but it never seemed as good as an HTC device. I ended up buying a Tilt2.
  • The screen is not inaccurate by any means. But I know what you are talking about: LG basically has a more rigorous requirement for touch/action in the OS which I think is there to prevent accidental launches. Basically you have to press and hold for an extra half-sec to launch what you need to as opposed to just a tap. It is odd but you sort of get used to it after awhile.
  • Thanks
  • Interesting, We have had that tweak and a special program developed for the Expo/IG for a few weeks now. One of our Admins, Developed a cab install near 2 months ago for this too. Though, the Tweaker program, It does so much more then just that.(Credit program-Woodhole) Expo/IQ owners, Try
    [url=] Expo/IQ Forums[/url] WR
  • Sorry, I screwed up my link there, WR
  • Nice to see someone else has figured this out, but unfortunately I beat you to the punch over two months ago when I first got the phone. I have a cab posted on that will do that and restore some other options as well. Also as WR mentioned there is a program over there as well that will do this a lot more.