WMExperts Podcast Episode 89

Mal and Phil talk up the latest Windows Mobile 7 rumors in what likely is our last podcast before Microsoft officially announces it. Plus, your e-mails and voicemails!

Windows Mobile recap

Hardware news

  • Sony Ericsson Aspen announced, is first official Windows Mobile 6.5.3 device
  • Sony Ericsson Aspen caught on video
  • Xperia X2 update schedule announced
  • T-Mobile HD-2 rumored for March 24

Software news

  • U.S. T-Mobile HD2 to feature Swype
  • Foursquare coming to Windows Mobile
  • Verizon Navigator goes v5.0, adds social networking, roadside assistance
  • Amazon Unbox brings its videos to Windows Mobile


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  • Sorry about the lengthy voice mail, guys. i rushed home from a 12-hour shift in hopes of making the podcast and downed even more sinus medicine than recommended. Not a good combination when sound judgment is required.
  • lol. No worries, it was a great listen!
  • Mal, Phil -
    I liked the comment about Dieter's experience with FourSquare in his small town in Florida. Yes, if there aren't many FourSquare users there, it'll be easy to become mayor. I use FourSquare in NYC. Because there are so many FourSquare users I think the experience is richer, and its really hard to become mayor of popular places like Starbucks, or Barnes and Nobles. I think FourSquare is an interesting app/idea for a large concentration of smartphone users in cities like NYC or San Francisco. It's fun, and the alliance with Bravo may make it even more interesting. I was excited also by the news that Amazon's video on demand can be synced to Windows Mobile phones. I used that on my old Nokia N97, and thought it was awesome. I sold my N97 and looking for a new media heavy smartphone. My Blackberry's cool, but it's not great at playing videos. Wonder what watching movies on the Touch Pro 2 would be like? Maybe, I should check Craigs list, and see if I can buy a second hand one... Hmmm.. As always, fun podcast. Malatesta, good luck with the move!
  • Phil,
    Take plenty of notes of Mobile World Congress! Like everyone else, I am on pins and needles about Windows 7.0. I have to say, I was a Zune user, and lover when it was small and unloved. Safe trip.
  • This is something that can make a huge difference if you are a regular podacast user and fan of it. I am pleased to get this.