How to get Outriders Scrap fast

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In the looter shooter Outriders, one of the best ways that you can build your character is to collect and make heavy use of items and equipment you purchase from vendors you can find around the world of Enoch. However, to do this, you'll need to build up a stockpile of Scrap, which is the primary currency in Outriders. Here's a guide on how you can quickly get lots of Outriders Scrap so that you'll always have the money to buy that cool new piece of armor or fancy weapon mod you have your eye on.

Sell unwanted pieces of gear

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The quickest and most lucrative way to get tons of Scrap is to sell all unwanted pieces of gear. You're going to be picking up a lot of stuff throughout your adventures on Enoch, especially if your World Tier level is high. It's unlikely that you're going to use all (or even most) of it, so if you ever find your inventory flowing with gear you aren't going to use, sell it to the next vendor you come across.

You might not always want to do this, though. Crafting resources like Iron and Leather are essential for upgrading pieces of gear you do want to use, and the best way to get those is to dismantle gear you're not using — especially ones that have a rarity higher than the basic white-colored gear. Notably, items that are Rare (blue) or higher (purple, orange) also drop modifications that you can put on other pieces of equipment when you dismantle them. Therefore, we recommend always selling off all of your common white gear, but only selling higher rarity gear if you don't need upgrade materials.

Play at high World Tier levels

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Another great way to bolster your Scrap count is to play Outriders at higher World Tiers, which you'll naturally unlock over time as you kill enemies on Enoch. When playing on these harder difficulties, there are more enemies and they do more damage, but they also have a much higher chance to drop gear and Scrap for you to collect. Therefore, choosing to play on the tougher World Tiers will net you some serious Scrap gains.

Generally, you shouldn't play on significantly challenging World Tiers until you feel that you're comfortable with your class, your gear, and the overall flow of combat. Make sure you're prepared before you commit to a challenging grind. Dying will set your World Tier unlock progress back, which is incredibly annoying.

Hunt for chests during missions

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Finally, you can get a lot of Scrap by searching for loot chests while playing through missions. These are pretty easy to spot, as they're quite large and have a distinctive light blue color that contrasts with every other part of Outriders' environment. You might also come across pieces of gear in these chests that you can use, sell, or dismantle, which is awesome.

To maximize your chances of finding chests, make sure that you explore each area thoroughly. Often times, chests are hidden in locations off the beaten path, which means that if you blitz through a mission you might miss a lot of chest spawns. Players who have a sharp eye and a the drive to explore will be rewarded with gear and plenty of Scrap.

Any questions?

Do you have any further questions about how to get Scrap? Is there a Scrap-farming strategy we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Outriders is available now for $60 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. You can also play Outriders through Xbox Game Pass. It's arguably one of the best looter shooters for Xbox available, so if you like the genre, make sure to pick it up. If you're a new player, make sure to check out our Outriders beginners guide for battling across Enoch as well as our Outriders classes guide for important tips, tricks, and info.

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