How to get Tentacles: Enter the Mind for Windows Phone right now

Tentacles: Enter the Mind was released for Windows Phone. Like the Windows 8.1 release, it's limited to specific regions until wider availability coincides with an official launch. On Windows Phone you can grab Tentacles: Enter the Mind by switching up your region to Denmark.

Did you watch the trailer above? Now you're itching to play the game on your Windows Phone. Just switch your region to Denmark, restart the phone and you'll be able to install Tentacles: Enter the Mind. Here's that sentence in bullet form for you skimmers:

  • Go to settings
  • Scroll to and tap region
  • Change country/region to Denmark
  • Tap 'restart phone' in region setting after selecting Denmark
  • Download Tentacles: Enter the Mind
  • Change region back to your original location


That's it. A few taps and a few minutes and you can enjoy Microsoft's latest Windows Phone game with Xbox support. Tentacles: Enter the Mind is a free game for Windows Phone with optional in-app purchases. There is 512 MB support available as well!

512 MB support

QR: Tentacles

Sam Sabri