Tentacles: Enter the Mind launches for Xbox on Windows Phone with a limited release

Good news and bad news, folks. The good news is Tentacles: Enter the Mind, a game that has been on Windows 8.1 for some time is also on Windows Phone. Even better, the game is an Xbox LIVE title with Leaderboards, Achievements, and Highscore. Because the game is a universal app, you also get one of the first instances of cloud saves and being able to continue your game on multiple devices. All of that is filed under 'awesome'.

The bad news is like the Windows 8.1 game, the Windows Phone variant, for some odd reason is region restricted. If we hazard a guess, Press Play and Microsoft are easing out this game to see how all of those cloud saves and newfangled universal features handle in the real world. In addition, they were also likely waiting for the Phone counterpart to launch to 'go big.'

Regarding the availability, all we know is Tentacles: Enter the Mind is not available in the US, but it is available in Denmark (where Press Play is headquartered, natch). Since the Store does not designate which regions, we leave the testing for availability up to you, so make sure you note your country in comments if you succeed. The game was announced back in May.

Back to the game itself, which you can see in the above trailer, you get the usual wacky mad-scientist story from the original Tentacles game:

"Play as the adorable and fantastical creature, Lemmy, and tap or click your way through the layers of Dr. Phluff's outrageously bizarre mind. Dispatch enemies, collect eyes and secret eggs, gain powers and abilities, and play against your friends. And when you get to the end: survive as long as you can. The Doctor has gone mad from the creatures and only you and Lemmy can save him!"

Sounds good to us. The original Tentacles (review) became a slow-burning hit on Windows Phone, but it disappeared from Windows Phone 8 due to resolution-compatibility issues that so far are unresolved.

The official website touts the game for Windows 8 and it coming to "various Windows devices early summer 2014." It appears this new Tentacles is exclusive to Windows and Windows Phone initially, which is always a nice nod.

Try to your luck and download Tentacles: Enter the Mind for Windows and Windows Phone. The game is entirely free with optional in-app purchases. Thanks, Elan G., for the tip and Bharat for 512 MB testing!

We will, of course, report when the game goes global, which should be soon.

QR: tentacles enter

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Not for UK :(
  • Was about to comment the same thing! Cannot believe as a fast growing Windows Phone market here in UK we're still left behind at times!
  • Yeah its a right pain in the bottom! They need to fix the original Tentacles to work on WP8!
  • Soooo agree on this. I tweeted something about it back in Dec and they replied, "Then you'll really like this year!" I thought that meant they fixing it. I guess they were just referencing the new title.
  • Not for Seattle :(
  • • Change your region to Denmark
    • Download.
    • Change the region back to the original one.
    • Enjoy.
  • Thanks a lot man!
  • You the man!!! TNX! lovin it :D
  • Just change region to us , download then switch back to UK , as simple as that ...
  • Did you even read the article? It's not available in the US.
  • Not for India
  • Just be happy with your new Pizza Hut app... Lol❗❗❗❗ ........ I know.. That was wrong. :-)
  • Not for US too So you just stay connected to your Cola app...
  • U r ri8 my friend !! Us users just use ur COLA app !! LOLLLL !!! Don't mind i m joking they will make this game available for all Countries tooo Zzz
  • Lol cola app? At least try making 'some' sense while trying to be humorous!
  • Lol!!! Good one!! Yall know I'm just joking right❓ Yall are my Indians from another... Freindian??
  • Just change region to us , download the app then go back to india
    As simple as that ...
  • Yaar kabhi article padh lo :P
  • Not for India
  • Not for DR
  • Well, kiz my gritz❗❗❗ .. The damn game is back❗❗
  • Well, not really.
  • No?
  • Hey, a rare app/game that's available here in Denmark, and not lots of places EXCEPT here! Cool and sad at the same time...! :-P
  • Because you guys are home to the awesome Press Play games! Can't wait to play this game as well as their upcoming Xbox One game, Project Totem.
  • Hurray Another Game for me after Hungry Sharks....Now a days it keeps me believe that MS is easing Xbox certification process....Hope the day when 70 percent games comes with Xbox...Learn Gameloft......
  • You're the home of LEGO. That alone is cooler than any WP game ;P
  • Thanks (:
  • DJCBS❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • Not for Italy...
  • Just change region to us , download the app then go back to
    As simple as that ...
  • Not in India '_'
  • Just change region to us , download the app then go back to
    As simple as that ... H
  • Not for Argentina =(
  • Not for Sweden
  • Just change region to us , download the app then go back to
    As simple as that , yeah
  • If we download the xap?
  • You would have a XAP file that you can't use.
  • What if I change my region?
  • I tried, it says "unavailable" :-(
  • The top border with the XBOX branding on the tile looks weird. Its too small.
  • Try Denmark store? 
  • OMG, I love this game!! Daniel, can we expect the former Tentacles to get WP8.X compatibility?
  • I tweeted Press Play about this two weeks ago and their response was "we get that request a lot...[but] that would be a lot of work". Doesn't seem very likely at all.
  • Not for Ireland
  • Not for Germany :(
  • Just change region to us , download the app then go back to
    As simple as that ... Bb
  • I'd like to download the old on my 1020
  • Not in Brazil, but this time I can't complain. :P
  • Not for Brazil
  • not in brazil
  • I still can't even download the Windows 8.1 version which is supopsedly in my country (Canada). Weird because last article said it was available here. Eagerly awaiting the WP version though!
  • I'm in Canada and I downloaded it for Windows 8.1, but it tells me not available on my phone. Why region restricted one and not the other, so much for universal.
  • Not for India :'(
  • Change Region to Denmark, supports 512 ram =)
  • Well, Tentacles was way better than Tentacles: Enter the Mind. I don't like this new look, way of gameplay etc.
  • Not for Portugal. (Time to change regions...)
  • Not the US
  • Just change your region to Denmark and download the game... Worked for me in Honduras
  • I changed region to Denmark am i just download the Game..
  • Available for me in Pakistan :/
  • Both of them??? Which device do u hav?
  • Yes! Both are available on 520 but not on 1520
  • Which region,,?? I've changed mine denmark n Pakistan both but still 1st game is not available
  • Both games are not available in Pakistan. And the second game is only available in Denmark
  • PH :(
  • Not available in the Philippines... Once again though... This proves that devs (Gameloft in particular) is just too lazy to have their game certified as an Xbox LIVE title...
  • Neither available on Lumia 920 UK. Nice to see another Xbox game though.