How Microsoft can save Xbox games for Windows Phone: Part 3

The implementation of Xbox games on Windows Phone is riddled with problems. While these range from “Darn it” minor to “Holy crap!” major, as a whole they threaten the viability of Xbox games on the platform. We believe Microsoft can still turn things around and make Xbox Windows Phone a mobile gaming force to be reckoned with, hence this series of editorials.

Part One of this series focused on the problematic Xbox Live certification process, and Part Two looked at both the importance of Xbox games to Windows Phone and the platform’s need for popular game engine support. In this installment we’ll tackle the simple need for proper volume control, the ability to redownload purchased games, and the weak advertising presence of Xbox Windows Phone games so far.

Three words: Independent volume control.

Picnic Wars volume control

A Windows Phone's ringer inexplicably being lowered during gameplay

Here we have more of a generalized request, but it’s so important to the gaming experience on Windows Phone (Xbox or otherwise) that I had to include it in this editorial.

Now, independent volume control isn’t exactly a standardized phrase in the world of smartphones, but it absolutely qualifies as a basic, standard feature. It boils down to the ability to control the phone’s ringer volume independently from game and app volume. Phones that have his feature (namely iOS, Android, and Blackberry) allow users to quiet a game down without affecting ringer volume.

Despite the practicality of independent volume control, Windows Phone 7 launched without such a feature in 2010. Nor did it make the cut for the Windows Phone 8 launch last fall. At this point, Microsoft has yet to indicate the feature is ever planned for the future. If we were to ask them today, we’d get a generic “We’re always listening” response, but you can add one of those to 100 pennies and still come away with nothing more than a dollar.

How did independent volume control get left out of the Windows Phone feature set, and why hasn’t there been more of a fuss from retailers and consumers? Put simply, it’s not the kind of omission you’d notice during an in-store demonstration. Nobody gets a call on demo phones and they certainly won't alternate between playing games and receiving calls. People who only use their phones as phones would never even notice it’s not there. But for gamers, it’s an absolutely essential feature.

Skulls of the Shogun settings menu

Skulls of the Shogun has proper volume sliders, but a universal way to adjust app volume is still needed.

I don’t know about you, but I like to have my ringer turned to the maximum volume to ensure that I actually hear it. But the maximum volume (30) on the Lumia 920 and Samsung Focus I’ve owned is much too loud for gaming. It’s loud enough to overpower (or at least rival) the radio in a car, and indoors it’s bound to distract other people in the room and call unwanted attention to the player.

Some games like the lovely Skulls of the Shogun allow users to manually adjust both music and sound effects volume, but most mobile games just let you toggle sound on or off. Heck, Picnic Wars lacks volume controls entirely! This forces players to turn the phone’s volume down to comfortable levels when playing games. I tend to prefer it between 15 and 20, but sometimes much lower depending on what I’m doing.

That’s the problem though – forget to turn the volume back up after playing and your ringer volume stays down as well. I’ve missed more than a few calls as a result, and surely many of our readers have too. It’s a nuisance that Microsoft can easily fix by storing two separate volume settings: one for games/apps and one for the ringer. Adjusting the volume during a game should not affect ringer volume and vice versa. As our EIC Daniel Rubino says, this is one feature that Microsoft needs to fix right now.

Xbox Windows Phone games must be available for redownload even if they get delisted.

Delisted Windows Phone games in Purchase History

Microsoft has yet to reimburse your friendly neighborhood Games Editor for this purchase.

Once users purchase any Windows Phone game or app, that title becomes tied to their accounts. If they delete the game after buying, they will generally be able to redownload it at a later date without having to pay for it again. It works much like the purchase system established on Xbox 360 in 2006.

Lamentably, if a game or app gets pulled from the Windows Phone Store for any reason, it instantly becomes unavailable for download. Several Xbox games have been delisted so far: Crackdown: Project Sunburst, Fast & Furious, Star Wars Cantina and Battle for Hoth, Twin Blades, MiniSquadron, and PES 2011 and 2012. Users did not receive advance notification of any of the delistings.

While delisted games still show up in the user’s purchase history on the Windows Phone Store website, none of them can be redownloaded through any legal means. No one who purchased a delisted game gets an automatic refund, either. Some users have had luck procuring refunds in the form of Microsoft Points via Microsoft chat support, but there’s no simple and guaranteed way to get reimbursed.

Of course Microsoft can’t continue selling a game if the publisher pulls it or goes out of business. But when the money has already changed hands, why shouldn’t the user retain permanent access to his or her purchase? Xbox 360 allows people to redownload most delisted games (with a few exceptions), as do many well-regarded storefronts like Steam. Admittedly, iOS and Android don’t allow redownloading of games via the web. But both competing mobile platforms let users back up their purchased games on PC or other storage devices and restore them to the user’s devices at will. Windows Phone owners don’t have that option.

Even if refunds were quick and easy to get, the inability to redownload delisted software would still be a real problem. People replace their phones for a variety of reasons: the phone breaks, they upgrade to a new phone, or maybe they just use one phone at home and another at work. Or sometimes users delete a game for space reasons and plan to return to it later. If someone can’t be confident that they will always have access to their purchased games, at minimum they’re going to have less faith in the Windows Phone ecosystem. At worst, they’ll think twice before buying each new game.

Xbox for Windows Phone needs proper advertisement.

This sort of ties in with last week’s editorial about how everybody within Microsoft needs to be on the same page about Xbox Live for Windows Phone actually being an important selling point. To illustrate, let’s look at what Microsoft actually does to promote Xbox Windows Phone.

Their advertising largely revolves around mentions on their own websites, and PlayXBLA. The page is fairly robust with the latest game release highlighted at top as well as a link to all Xbox games at the Windows Phone Store. The actual Windows Phone page (opens in new tab) is tucked away under the Games tab though, and thus not especially visible. PlayXBLA’s promotion consists mainly of articles about Microsoft-published Windows Phone games. Those games come along so infrequently that you’d hardly know Windows Phone fits into PlayXBLA’s purview, but we can hardly blame the PlayXBLA staff for that.

Beyond that, Windows Phone commercials like the one above sometimes mention Xbox games as a general feature, though they’re mostly throwaway mentions and Windows Phone needs way more TV commercials anyway. Microsoft dedicated a tiny wall to Windows Phone games (seemingly chosen at random) at last year’s E3, and Xbox Windows Phone received no mention of note at their E3 keynote presentation. Major ball droppage there, because the Xbox 360 team in charge of the keynote just plain doesn’t care about Windows Phone or Windows 8.

Get more Xbox 360 owners interested in Windows Phone.

Xbox 360 dashboard with ads

Is it more important to sell The Hunger Games and Maroon 5 than Windows Phones?

Last time, I mentioned that Xbox 360 users are a perfect target audience for Windows Phone because of the Xbox Live connection. But advertisements for Windows Phone on the Xbox 360 dashboard are even more rare than PlayXBLA articles. We saw a couple of avatar prop giveaways in 2011 (both of which were targeted only at specific users and so went unseen by most users) and if Windows Phone ties into a major sale like the Countdown to 2013, it will receive a small tile tucked away within the sale’s overall section. Laura Foy's weekly Windows Phone-focused video series Hot Apps appeared on the dashboard for a while, though the series moved from the 360 to the Channel 9 website quite a while ago. Xbox 360 owners these days could be forgiven for not even knowing Windows Phone exists, let alone the virtues of its Xbox features.

The Xbox 360 dashboard’s glut of non-gaming ad clutter is reviled by pretty much everyone except for the marketing people who created and maintain that ad structure. Those same black-hearted people have no interest in Windows Phone succeeding; they just want more advertising dollars to roll around in. But think of how much better Windows Phone would sell if it had a dedicated tile on the dashboard that led to a wealth of enticing videos and resources.

Looking past the dashboard, every major mention of the Xbox 360 and its successor console (E3 keynotes, TV appearances, etc.) should include some reminder that Xbox is also on Windows Phone, and if you like one you’re sure to love the other. Use the established product to help the up-and-comer get where it needs to be.

Not done yet!

That was quite an eyeful, wasn’t it? But we still have more to come. Come back on Tuesday the 12th to for Part Four – public relations, followed on Valentine’s Day by Part Five – online features. Be assured that every important feature request (like backing up save data) will be addressed before this series wraps. If you enjoyed this editorial, please let us know in the comments below and tweet the article to everyone you think would benefit from it.

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • I am really enjoying these in-depth editorials about Xbox for Windows Phone. Hopefully someone at Microsoft is paying attention.
  • This is how they will save it... What they need to do is take the top 20 non Xbox games on WP and have the goal to make at least half of them Xbox games. As well as bring the top 10 games from ios and android 5 each to be realistic and make them Xbox games. WP really needs to have an advantage over the others I think Xbox achievements goes a long way. This will fix the game's gap and if they get a good metro style version of instagram I don't see how WP can't double there market share for next Q4.
  • They need to be more aggressive, simple as that. Last year they said that WP8 will be getting Temple Run in Q1 but who really gives a shit now? Temple Run 2 is out on iOS and Android and at what point will WP get it? These games have a big boom and have a short life where iPhone owners especially quickly move on to the next big thing. Skulls of the Shogun is a step in the right direction but it's still not fully realised without a joint marketplace and it's not even fully optimised for WP8 which is a shame considering how long that game has been in development.
  • not to be a downer or start anythin here... but i think the future of the xbox integration on WP will depend on the release of the next console.. if people are put off by these rumors of no 2nd hand gaming or always online.. they may not buy the platform and then not care for the xbox integration so people wont develop for it and it'll go downhill from thee..
    but if the next release is strong.. then we may see a surge in xbox for WP development and deployment.. assuming the WP adaptation continues to rise.
  • Knowing there won't be a fix for these issues anytime soon is depressing. But thanks anyway. None of this is rocket science but having it laid out plainly will hopefully get some positive reaction.
  • I always laugh when people argue against independent volume controls because including them would "go against the metro principles" and make things more confusing and complicated, or that we're too fussy and whiny because we need a bit more control over the volume. It's a real issue with MS' mobile operating system, one of many that keep people from using Windows Phone. Accept the fact that WP isn't perfect and that improvements need to be made!
  • Very few people will call WP "perfect", nor will the say improvements DON'T need to be made. But the constant flow if bitching is completely out of control now. That is all the focus on WP over the past few months. To hell will the GREAT aspects of it, the benefits of and the things that WP just flat out does great. It's all about the few things that aren't there that motivates people to talk. So with that I ask you which mobile OS is closer to "perfect", and hands down better than WP? And please be more creative than to do the typical "apps, apps, apps" complaining.
  • All of the mobile platforms have problems. We're just focused on Windows Phone because this is WPCentral, not Android Central. And Windows Phone, being either in 3rd or 4th place depending on who you ask, really can't afford to be inferior to iOS and Android in any controllable way. It needs to be equal or better on the whole, which everybody with any sense here is rooting for.
  • I'm glad you said that. So who in their right mind honestly sees WP as inferior to either OS? And again, I ask that you look past the app count, becaus like it or not that is the most over used, under thought misconception of mobile devices today. Because while everyone cries about apps they never mention how many apps aren't necessary because of what the OS offers. And people have taken to ignoring apps that are available to replace popluar apps that developers are refusing to offer on WP (Metrotube for instance)
    So please tell me, when you look at WP 7+ as a whole where is it truly inferior...?
  • Just look at the article you're commenting on for my answer. No independent volume control and no way to redownload or back up delisted apps. Both measurable and obvious problems that are fixable without huge investments. I'll have more points to make in the next three articles (mostly 5 and 6).
  • Paul. You know what makes me really angry. I've seen more promotions on my Xbox dashboard for Android devices than I've ever seen for windows phone. I'll admit, I've seen a few recently. But more often than not, if there is an ad on the dashboard, odds are its for and Android device.
  • I hear you... They need to step up with WP promotions on the dashboard.
  • Are these things considered "deal breakers" to you?
    To me they really aren't.
  • You are missing the point sean...not being a deal breaker isn't enough for people to switch from iOS and Android. It needs to be superior and offer unique selling points. The question is we can't afford to lack obvious common sense features.
    BTW Paul, I also see the hardware buttons as a gaming issue as they throw you out of the game constantly. There needs to be a mechanism that kicks in during games which requires a longer press.
    The UI alone isn't cutting it, after 2 years that has become obvious. You can attack people when you have 30% marketshare...not when you have 2-3%.
  • Nicely said, XB Mod. I agree about the capacitive buttons - worst technological idea ever.
  • there are plenty of things that are missing, I have not used wp8, but i hv a lumia with wp7.8, wp7.5/7.8 is an wonderful os but halfbaked, no independant volume control, fixed small font size with no option to increase, no multi select of images(this i heard is in WP8), no file explorer, no grouping of apps in folders, notification for tiles not pinned to start screen.
    SO i have not talked about apps and have given some of the missing features which frustrate users, WP7.5 was clearly short of many features but there was hope that OS would be improved but MS clearly ditched it, now even with WP8 there are many features missing and we never know MS might ditch WP and say we r bringing WP9.
    The key to WP success would be clear communication, MS cant keep people waiting forever hoping that the missing features would one day be incorporated, after its wp7.5 debacle i'm sure some people have lost confidence so the key is to send out a clear communication about the features they are planning to bring. this would restore some confidence and pull more buyers. frankly I donnt see many ppl interested in WP as an OS. Some people are buying it for phones such as lumia 920 because of the hardware excellence of that handset but you need to give confidence to the users that features that they are expecting will be brought to the OS.
  • They could start bringing back all the functionalities I had in WP 6.5.
  • Like a proper week view, ringer profiles, a silent option.
  • Excellent reporting! Microsoft could really gain some momentum if you were on their team!
  • The simple way that they could get Xbox 360 and Windows 8 gamers interested in Windows Phone is to offer a free unlock for the Windows Phone version of the game if you buy the Xbox or Windows 8 version.
    Certainly if you buy the Windows 8 AND Xbox 360 version of a game you should be able to get the phone version for free. These kinds of promotions could go a long way to making iPhone and Android owners jealous of Windows Phone.
    If you're an Android user and you constantly see your Xbox 360 games mentioning a free code for the Windows Phone version of the game you're eventually going to start thinkin "I wish I had a Windows Phone."
  • That is a great point!!! This could mean people getting tied up in the ecosystem..
    Also, with every WP purchase they could give MS points to buy off the 360 store or vice versa.
    The message should be simple..if you buy either of the products, then you should have the other one as well..
  • The dashboard used to have a weekly video show called Hot Apps that showed off Windows Phone.
  • Yeah I actually think my Xbox 360 dashboard has pushed Windows Phone extremely hard. I see ads all the time for Windows Phone and they used to run two regular shows on the dashboard that promoted Windows Phone.
  • Thanks for that reminder. I meant to include it in the article but it slipped through the cracks... Worked it back in now. :)
  • The dashboard used to have a lot of useful and entertaining videos that they decided to discontinue.  They may have been silly, but now that Major's Minute and Sent U A Message are gone, I miss them.  I even liked watching the cheesey family show with the cute hostess
  • The answer: GBA emulator. Make it happen someone!
  • +1
  • great article series !! would love these implementations and after an year or so it will be interesting to see the xbl games scenario if windows phone store and windows store unite by that could kill the issue of buying the game could mention it in your next article
  • Nice article Paul. Tweeted it to the Xbox team and Joe Belfiore. Whatever they are working on, and I am sure they are, they need to know people are paying attention.
  • Thanks man. Appreciate your support (and patience, since this ran a bit later than promised).
  • Any time Paul. I have been on Android Central, and they all think Android is the bomb. A critical, thoughtful review of things Android does poorly can never be found. Never seen a retracted article ever. Even though you are sister sites the content is night and day different.  I love wp8, but I am technology agnostic. Whoever has the best product gets my money. Keep up the good work on this Xbox series.
  • I've always said that WP advertising, as a whole, simply is just not good enough for a platform who is playing catch up.. Its sad because you would think by now that MS would have advertised Xbox on WP on TELEVISION!! TELEVISION PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! What is so hard to understand about this????
  • Hey Guys,
     I wanted to let you know that this has been a great series to read. I'm definitely looking forward to the next two entries. To add to your point around re-downloading games, one thing that infuriates me is that if I delete a game and then re-download it, I lose all of my saved information. For instance, I re-downloaded Angry Birds and now I have to go through every stage from the beginning to get back to where I was. Xbox now offers saved games via the cloud...why don't we have that here where saves can be even more vulnerable to data loss? Keep up the great work.
  • I've enjoyed reading these articles, they have consistently coincided with my own views of Xbox on WP. The thing that was presented in this installment that rings loud and clear with me is the redownloading delisted yet owned titles. This combined with a lack of game save migration has made it so I am presently gaming on 3 WP devices. My original Focus, my Focus S and my current Lumia 920. I'd love to consolidate, move forward and finally retire my old hardware.
  • You know what, I always think the product managers and programmers that produced windows phone are actually not using windows phone - how can they miss separate volume control or a proper music player is just beyond my naive mind
  • When an article like this needs 3 parts you know there are problems. I don't have great confidence in MS to fix it. Especially with a user base as small as WP and with the next Xbox coming out.
  • Another excellent article pointing out some major flaws. I only noticed the audio issues since getting the 920 because it is so loud.
  • I like that re-download option even when delisted. I actually liked twin blades and now decimation x2 is delisted and it was a great take on a classic game. The seriously need to make this happen.
  • Paul, I hope you will also list the lack of transferable saved games as an issue. It's insane that I can't bring my progress to the next phone, or restore it after a hard reset. Why is game progress not stored on Skydrive???
  • +1 my daughter accidentally deleted temple run 2 on my wife's iPhone, now we have to start all over again, restoring from a save would have saved me a bunch of time, definitely a great feature on the xbox
  • So are iphone or android users complaining about this too, or is there a back up feature that your wife didn't use?
  • You can backup your game progress on iTunes. But I'm not sure if you can get to it without a complete device restore. Think it worked this way in the iOS 2 days. Maybe they have changed it now...
  • Thanks I didn't realize that. A complete device restore would stink. It is not horrible as I don't play many games, just very very annoying. For someone that plays a lot of games on windows phone I can completely understand why this would be vital.
  • Personally, I don't have a need for separate volume controls, so I don't care either way as long as it doesn't interfere with how I do things.  But being able to download delisted games [that we've purchased] is a must.  We can do it on the Xbox, so why not the phone?! They don't give me a way to deal with my space issues and they don't give me the security of knowing that I can re-download my games, so I currently have zero incentive to make another purchase.
  • You don't receive calls or you just enjoy changing the volume back and forth?
  • I just don't change it often enough for it to be an issue for me. I almost always have it set to 15.
  • See, that's the problem. At 15 volume, I'll miss most of my calls even if I'm in the next room.
  • We all know Independent volume control existed on Windows Mobile as well. Even though it is now an obsolete OS, it should be mentioned when something like this is discussed. This tells everyone where we went backwards and took a working and used option out. I still play around with my TP2 (SEA version) running WinMo Simplicity 6.5.1 (for work) and XDAndroid (for games).
  • These editorials are very informative, thanks.
  • Talking of Independent volume control: is it just me (or my headphones) or is the overall volume-level way to high (N920)? While listening to music in a quiet room, I normaly take down the level to 1 and its still too loud. While for the normal ringtone 1 is ofc waaaay to low. So I think we not only need independent control but also more levels (maybe 50 instead of 30?).
  • So, let's look what made the Xbox 360 so popular (all the "cool kids" own one):
    1.  It had serious marketing dollars behind it.
    2.  Triple A titles
    3.  A key game that was owned by Microsoft that helped redefine a genre (Halo 2)
    4.  Did I forget to mention serious marketing dollars?
    What happened to MS saying they would help partners market WP8, and even take more of it on themselves?  Besides the same 4 commercials of paid celebs, where is the synergy from Windows 8, to WP8 to Xbox?  That "story" is a missing piece to this puzzle.  MS could very well be waiting for the Xbox Durango release to do this, but why wait?
  • Wow, these articles are great! I've already tweeted these last two to several at Microsoft and hopefully someone takes need! Its almost like you've been writing what's been in my head since the first days of WP7. I was so excited when I first learned about XBOX Live for WP with visions of Halo type gameplay and multiplayer... But now I'm really disappointed in its execution. I'm one of many, I'm sure, that find my self hesitant to pay money for a game because I'm not sure it's going to be there if I need to reset/replace my phone (I'm looking at you Mini Squadron and Twin Blades). As far as the game saves to Sky Drive goes, that should have been a feature from the beginning. I played halfway through Angry Birds and reached half of the achievements but after having to warranty my HD7S I have to play all the way thru just to be able to complete. Honestly I haven't even picked it back up because I really don't wanna deal with it. Game saves to the cloud would have been a welcome feature and I wouldn't have this negative view in the back of my head that honestly might influence me when it's time to upgrade.
  • Great editorial but you forgot to mention that we need a way to back up our app data to be able to continue a game on another phone.
    But maybe this is coming in part 4 or 5 :)
  • Precisely. :)
  • MS NEEDS to get their finger OUT!!! Its like they don't care at all! BASTARDS!
  • As for redownloading these games, why can't we still have backups of then all on our PC??? This would eliminate this problem and makes much more since.its mind boggling that I have purchased some games/apps and they devs have pulled them for one reason or another and resubmitted them to the marketplace with some tiny thing changed, and guess what? I know longer can download the app. Example? The rat bastards that made Doodle God. They charges me $2.99 when WP7 started. 3 months later, they pulled the app and I couldn't retrieve it when I tried to download it. 3 months after that, it shows back up as an Xbox Live phone game WHICH I COULDN'T DOWNLOAD. Microsoft told me tuff nuggies. Even more disgusting? Any attempt to contact the dev was unanswered or if I posted a question about their topic on facebook, they immediately deleted it. RIDICULOUS.
  • I have just gotten a hand me down iPad as my partner felt it a waste of money getting a surface and it seems as though every game gets achievement.... Microsoft invented this system and are now being left behind.they need to get the basics right first to compete.... Sort the games with this great free advice in this article sort podcast support and bring in a digital news stand... Only then will you be able to entice people to this great platform.....
  • Wordament is a great game and is now on IOS with achievements..... I think they should deserve the achievements on games to this platform only so iPhone gamers might then be tempted to switch..... Its a hook that they are not using..... Maybe me doesn't care....
  • Thanks Paul, you've touched on some of the issues that are preventing me from spending cash on Xbox games (and all others)
    1. DRM issues, I buy it I should own it but DRM says I don't
    2. I usually just turn the sound OFF due to the volume issues mentioned And off topic but touching on lack of faith in the ecosystem... 3. There appears to be a pissing order that says the money I spent does not give me equal access to updates or services that others get on identical handsets. This is driving people away from WP8, even fans. Sorry for the last point but it is really getting up my goat.
  • I forgot to say something important. I'm glad you are taking the time to write this series of articles, as one of the most prominent WP sites there is a chance that someone who can actually take action on Xbox games on the platform may actually do so. Thanks again.
  • No problem, man. Thank you very much for reading them.
  • They really do need to bin the ads, or at least make them work for them. Why are there no decent Lumia themes or gamer pictures? Just bizarre. All I get is a wealth of crud trying to flog me Netflix or some other thing I am well aware of and do not want. Why no giant Windows phone costume for my avatar or even t-shirt? They could give them away to windows phone users. I have so many friends in Xbox but I am the only one with a windows phone. Most others have a very limited awareness of it.
  • I enjoy these editorials but I think all five could have been condensed to three
  • The original plan was for 3, but it ballooned because I have a lot to say on these subjects. We have to go into a lot of detail and provide lots of examples in order to make sure non-gaming readers at Microsoft understand these points.
  • an Absolutely Brilliant editorial endeed ,, I'll make sure to Tweet the HeLL out of it .
  • Sniff....Sob... A man who takes from my own heart...Exactly my thoughts. :)
    I came from Windows Mobile 6.1/6.5 before my Wp7 device, and I miss Independent volume control, Both 6.1 and 6.5 had it. This was a MUST when listening to music or playing a game, you can keep a fairly low volume (esp if your in the bathroom at work playing a game, lol). Not sure why this was even removed, as it seemed like a feature people used.
    I think the advertising should be there but, we need the Xbox titles before we really get heavy into that... WHere is the excusive titles ? Is there a 3-D COD ? Is there a Halo ? Is there a Gears Of War ? Windows Phone 8 could handle these games (not over kill but decent games). Why ? Where is the Unreal Engine ? No support for WP8 ? Why ?
    Once we get the big gaming tititles or at least start seeing them come in or have release dates, they should do a major pushon advertising for gamers to see it as an option. I'm a big xbox guy, and the achievement points were a BIG pull for me but, I am still waiting for those kick-ass-titles that never showed up.
    And by the way...where the hell is Tentacles ? I grabbed this one when it was $4.99 and I can't STILL play it on my WP8 device...
  • the main problem is this Microsoft know thay have lost to android and apple
    android unlock 1.4 million phones everyday, apple unlock half million phones
    windows phone 7 unlocks 45.000 phones everyday,windows phones 8 unlock 2000 phones every day
    and now with blackberry phones ,, microsoft has shifted to save there bisuness enterprise
    blackberry have 80 million enterprise phones world wide , no new numbers on the sals yet
    windows phones all platforms and brand will become a small segment of there bussiness in the future
    i am verry sad about this ,, but we windows phones users can not do anything about this
    it is microsoft own fault,, thay put phones on the market that did not macth the current hardware spec
    look at samsung android phones selling like chease cake , and thay are all from 2010 , and new models in 2011 december galaxy 2 and start 2012 febuar galaxy s3
    microsoft is 4 years behind both in software and hardware, you see it in the surface rt,,
    i think it will take 3 more years for microsoft to cacth up with android and apple if thay get i right
    i will leve you all with this ,, let go back in time and get the recipe for killing the apple or android
    KEY FUTURES TO MICROSOFT succeeding is this:
    1 .competitive price points
    2. Right hardware
    3. app platform across muliple devices,tablets,phone
    4. the c64 has the same hardware, the xbox 360 has the same hardware
    5. windows phone has defferent hardware , fail ,, apple did it right same hardware, just more powerfull processor
    6. defferent hardware has the problems for developers, you see it on android
    7. make a product that works,, no volume problems,and all the othere problems with the phones, we all know this
    8. final meet this and you have the success... BUT IT THIS NOT WHAT BLACKBERRY ARE DOING NOW, ONE BIZ PHONE AND ONE PLAY PHONE
  • Yes, it definitely need more marketing. Admittedly, I did not even know there was such a thing as Xbox games for windows phone until I bought one. I would have probably bought one sooner had I known.