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Minecraft Dungeons melds Microsoft's blocky franchise with the action role-playing space, providing an accessible dungeon-crawling experience, akin to Diablo. The game's focus on leveling and loot pushes players to explore every lane of its sprawling levels, with the cooperative multiplayer elevating its broad range of class-building systems. Gearing up with friends highlights the best of the experience, formulating synergies, and enjoying the adventure along the way.

Developer, Mojang Studios, has detailed plans to support cross-platform multiplayer via a free update "in the near future." As of launch, players remain bound to their respective platforms on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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However, Minecraft Dungeons cross-play appears partially functional behind the scenes, with an easy glitch unlocking cross-play, despite its absence at launch.

How to play Minecraft Dungeons cross-play via PC

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While cross-play appears a little way out for Minecraft Dungeons, one Reddit user has found a way to seemingly bypass its restrictions, with support already present behind the scenes. The glitch allows Xbox One and PC players to party up together — and we're currently testing with Nintendo Switch. All it requires is some brief menu navigation, as outlined below.

  1. Open Minecraft Dungeons on PC.
  2. Sit on the Main Menu.
  3. On Xbox One, have a friend send a Minecraft Dungeons game invite to your Xbox Live account.
  4. Press the Win key + G.

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  5. Click the on the social widget notification to accept the invite. The "This invitation is no longer valid" error message will display.
  6. Click OK.

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  7. Press the H key to switch hero.

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  8. Press the S key to change your skin.

    Source: Windows Central

  9. Click DONE. You will now enter the Xbox One game session.

The glitch highlights the foundations of cross-play already implemented within Minecraft Dungeons, likely launching over the coming weeks. In our limited testing, we were able to party up in the camp and embark on missions as a group, between Xbox One and PC.

Minecraft Dungeons mandates an Xbox Live account for online play on PC, and cross-play leverages this shared network already present across platforms. While the game seemingly queues up games in behind the scenes, the glitch bypasses a likely temporary block until officially launched.

With the final pieces assumedly coming together for full cross-play between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, expect more updates on official support shortly.

Minecraft goes full RPG

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft grows up and reaches out.

Minecraft Dungeons is the next saga in Minecraft's story, and it looks like Mojang and Microsoft are hitting another one out of the park. Minecraft Dungeons combines the familiar world we all grew up on with an injection of Diablo, a whole lot of fun. Available on every platform you're on, for a ridiculously attractive price, what's not to love?

Minecraft Dungeons


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