How to enable week numbers in Windows Phone 8.1 calendar

Week numbers are important in some places especially in some European countries. Many Windows Phone users have requested to see week numbers in the built-in calendar, and it arrived earlier this year. If this is an important feature, then you probably already know how to enable it. If not, we'll show you how. Follow our step-by-step instructions and/or watch the how-to video.

  1. Open the Calendar app
  2. Tap the three dots on the lower right corner and tap settings
  3. Scroll down and tick the box that says 'Enable week numbers'

That's it! You can also set the first day of the week and first week of the year. The Week numbers option has received over 5,000 votes in the Windows Phone feature suggestions. The update with the new feature was released this January. The week number appears on top of the day view and week view of the calendar.

Calendar week numbers

Why do some people use week numbers? Some businesses use them as deadlines for projects. Some schools use them for class schedules. For example, students take class A if the week number is an even number and class B if the week number is odd.

Do you use week numbers? What do you use them for? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

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  • See jake's comment below. Who's silly now?
  • I can't believe someone didn't get to the settings of an app ever i still think it's silly
  • microsoft updated calendar like few months ago to allow us to see the week number there wasnt any settings to put "show week numbers" before this update thats why ive been using chronos calendar and i know this article is good for ppl that were using this calendar before the update and didnt see the show the week number
  • Right, because people go through all the settings on their phone, all the time.  Some people have lives, and do not look at every setting possible, so it is good to have these articles.  If this was such a silly topic, why did you click on it, and then comment.
  • If you need a feature in an app you will try to find it not wait someone to talk about it on a website you should visit to read about it just a silly response you made
  • If you have no interest in the article don't read it and especially don't comment on it.
  • If you won't please don't tease. Just for somebody to waste his time to write something that will help others is enough. You think you're a smartphone genius, right? Egghead!
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  • Joe Mama is pretty silly I think. But you'll have to check her comments out yourself.
  • It is too, to think WP 8.1 has been around quite enough for everyone to know this simple setting, however, new ones get a Windows Phone everyday.
  • i myself need to know week because we in finland use weeks what kind of things gonna happen next in that week, this week and future weeks... like im a salesman and we need to know what week is going to be SALE week and other campaign week etc etc... or what we have to do in the future weeks and salesman arent the only ones who needs week numbers in finland...even kids who go to school needs week numbers like when is the holiday or when is the test week and so on
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  • The weather stop working in the calendar app for me smh
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  • +Windows10
  • Thanks for this article. Week numbers are critical to files generated for my work and I didn't realize there was an option for it.
  • Glad you know now my friend :).
  • Didn't realize this option was there either. Verizon icon users were finally upgraded to 8.1, like last week so we haven't had time to look through settings. My company deals with companies in Europe and they use week numbers so we need to know them too.
  • I've been using them for a while, my job manages everything in weeks.
  • Week numbers are used a lot in Norway. Planning holidays, meetings ('let's meet Friday of week 42, or maybe 43?'), all information from schools.
  • Spot on, very useful, I kept having to go on the net to get this was a right pain in the arse. Cheers
  • Would the alternative be a wrong pain in the arse, a left pain in the arse, or something else that I'm completely unaware of. Serious question.
  • Right as in "complete and utter". Tis a well used British expression. He's a right arsehole... etc. ;¬)
  • I work for a German company and all our plans & deadlines are based on week numbers
  • I was just looking for this feature just today, thank you so much Windows Central!
  • I have a Swedish app called Visa Vecka. Nice tile, all I need is to know which week are we on.
  • How to enable birthday stored in Hotmail?
  • Can we please do a "how to enable reset/reactivation(kill switch) on supported phone?"
  • I work early and late shifts. Week numbers are very handy for booking the correct hours off work. I did not know about this option till posted today on herr. Thanks for the info
  • Good article . I tried on my Lumia 925 . My company is project based and we use always week numbers . Hope it works also in my Win 8.1 laptop .
  • Brilliant
  • So this is weird.. I don't have the '...' at the bottom of my Calendar app. I can't load settings, I can't add dates to the calendar through the phone.   Has anybody else seen this before?
  • What device are you using? Do you know if you have WP 8.1 and Denim firmware (if Lumia).
  • Lumia 928, WP8.1 and Denim.
  • You're not the only one. I don't have the ' ... '
  • Hey I couldn't help but notice what appeared to be an LG G4, Lumia 1520, and another phone in the background. Are you guys planning a camera shootout soon?
  • Seriously
  • Rewriting the manual into "articles".....
  • +820
  • The calendar app needs to have a jump to date option too.
  • Do you think we don't know that?
  • Neat. Never heard of this, but I can see how it's useful. Just enabled it. I appreciate these kinds of articles, even if others don't.
  • So do I. Even if I know about these tips, a lot of people are new to the platform, and these articles really help.
  • Just a related question (honestly I dont expect any meaningful answer though, we are on wpcentral anyway): did the TP of WP10 receive any damn update on the stock calendar app, so that after 2,5 yrs of user complaints the stock calendar app livetile can show MORE THAN JUST 1 SINGLE EVENT , or this feature needs another 3-4 yrs for Microsoft to implement? I am asking seriously.​ ​ ​ ​
  • Nobody among those many thousands running the WP10 beta knows the answer to this simple question, or people visit this site in write-only mode, not reading others comments before?
  • Is it so weird to use them for you Americans?
  • No. Not weird. Just useless. You guys can think from week to week while we, Americans, will continue to think from year to year.
  • Thank you for this info, I don't really use it but it help me realized that there is a setting to make Monday is the first day of the week. I like to see my weekend schedule right next to each other.
  • WTF ?! How to check an option?! It's just in the settings....
    What is the interest of this article?
    This is not a beginner skill... This is a no-brain skill
  • Useful article, no-brain comment
  • I'll hope they'll show more than 1 appointment on the live tile soon :D
  • I use week numbers for payroll and deadlines at work.
  • Thanks !!
  • That golden 930 looks slick
  • Thanks! Now the calendar on WP is finally usable.
  • Nice addition but why was this ever a problem? You can just set the calender (outlook, Gmail etc.) to show week no. even if the app it self didn't support it.   But of course more options are always welcome.
  • Weeknumbers are standard in Europe. If You use them or not has nothing to do with that. Just like we use a 24 hour clock.
  • The weather forecast has disappeared. Anyone noticed?
  • Yes....also my ... ' three dots for settings disappeared
  • Still missing tasks in calendar. Is there any reasonable explanation why tasks are so deeply hidden in calendar? Is is a feature to be dropped soon? How are they handled in Windows 10?
  • Still missing tasks in calendar. Is there any reasonable explanation why tasks are so deeply hidden in calendar? Is it a feature to be dropped soon? How are they handled in Windows 10?
  • I am from India and I get US holidays in the calendar. How to enable indian holidays?
  • Great stuff!
  • Live tile frequently fails to update to present day.
  • For some reason is we uses week numbers used here in DK. I'm not aware of the reason. But it is useful for events that happens every year. As the fall holidays in 42 and the winter in 7(for most of the county).
    Fun fact: In DK the Danish school system week 6, is teaching always about sex
  • I found this option on my Nokia Lumia 930 a few days ago. :)) I have always use this option on my work when I need to say an aproximate date for my customers. :)))
  • Cam stock calender app show Chinese lunar calendar?
  • Thx for the tip :)
  • Yes very much, both in my job when I project meetings and most holidays in DK is planned by week number's.
  • Thanks, I was looking how to do it and I am done now by referring to article below.