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HP All-in-One Printer Remote now a universal Windows 10 app

Earlier this year, HP announced it was jumping back on the Windows Mobile train with the ground-breaking HP Elite x3 due later this summer. Geared towards enterprise, it should not be surprising to see HP begin to update – and add – apps to the Windows Store.

Evidently, the HP All-in-One Printer Remote has jumped to being a Universal Windows Platform app. Not only does it have a very Windows 10 design, but it can also be installed to your phone now too for remote printing.

From the app description:

" With the HP All-in-One Printer Remote app, you can print documents and photos, check the status of your printer, and perform maintenance tasks. You can also order original HP printing supplies and get help from HP support. Some features might not be available with all printer models."

Like all remote printing apps, we are confident there will be some variation in success with the technology. Regardless, it is still neat to not only see such an app come to Windows 10 but the same functionality on Mobile as well.

Download HP All-in-One Printer Remote for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

Thanks, Roy C., for the tip!

QR: hp

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  • Nice!
  • Welcome Dextor! What is cooking in your laboratory?
  • Great but the windows store is not opening up... The store is down? :(
  • No, the Store is open.
  • Store isn't down for me, works just fine. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
    Proudly rocking my Lumia 1520!
  • Same Sent from DOS
  • With this app is it possible to tell my printer to scan a document using a mobile device?
  • Yes.
  • I thought it was always universal?
    ​I have been using it and for months, well not using it, but it gets installed in a new computer whenever someone turns that printer on. I guess it's old new news :P but good app, useful. HP Scan and Capture is the one that should become universal though!
  • This is true but it was technically labeled BETA which it still is on my Windows 10 phone, no update shows when I check and the link they put in the article above only works for my Windows 10 desktop, it fails for my phone.
  • The Beta one is different from the UWP one. Both are there in the store. The UWP one is there for a long time. However, printing quality from the app is a bit poor.
  • I disagree. Ive been using this since December for my 125nw and the printing quality is just fine.
  • Well, images quality is ok for me, but not the texts :-(
  • My guess is not ready to release for phone yet seeing as the listing on store talks of a windows phone 10
  • @FarStrider2001. Microsoft, themselves refer to Windows Mobile 10 as Windows Phone 10 under Compatibility :P.
  • Need this for epson!
  • You can try using PrintJinni app :-)
  • Cool.
  • i have had this for a few weeks. using 950xl with insider the app accesses printer and can even initiate a scan, however the print button is grayed out
  • Very nice!
  • It won't let me download on 950xl CDB
  • Awesome! We need apps like this in the store. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Use brother devices in my office and it's about time brother updated their poor, poor and very poor app!
  • How about mobile ?
  • Pretty sure its been there for a while now but anyway
  • Nice but because of Build 14925 I can't do anything. Also I don't wanna erase everything on my phone with recovery tool (WhatsApp messages, musics...) Posted on Lumia 930 with
    Windows 10 Mobile
  • Hmmm. Also already had this app for a while too. The what's new section does say that it was optimized for Windows 10 (Ver59.0). Installed on my 635 (512mb version) with latest Windows 10 build and the HP app worked great. Printed and scanned docs with no problems. It also worked on the SP3.... cool, great app.... thanks HP!! What other phone would you be using beside the L640?.... I'm just sayin...
  • Wish Cannon had a app
  • They do. It's just not compatible with W10M right now.
  • I swear I've had this app with w10 design and all for about a month now. Both on mobile and desktop
  • you're not alone, I had that on my phone too, I know it was UWp, since it support continuum.
  • Earlier this app was supporting to wp8.1 phone also. But now they have removed it and just supporting windows 10 mobile and pc.
  • Well, then I don't have to ask can it print now from 8.1? I've had this app for maybe over a year, but its only useful to scan something
  • I get a lot of calls from folks that have jammed up their print cues, etc. etc. on an on. I usually end up forcefully clearing the cue using a ridiculous procedure that no average consumer would bother to memorize. It involves clearing the C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS​ folder while shutting down the spooler in the Services App, and then restartintg the spooler (for when you try to clear the cue and nothing clears). I am amazed that over the years they can't work fixes like this into the software. There should be a freaking button to do this. I should not have to do this for people. Ridiculous at this stage of the game. I have been opening the HP AIO app since Win 8 to try and find something useful in there. I will try again, but my expections are low.  
  • Same
  • Hopefully we can get a universal app from Brother too.
  • cant donwload it on phone...i get ""currently not available""
  • Wish Epson would release an app, as even their windows desktop apps are like something from vista!
  • Epson has really been lagging it lately. Brothers' apps are even worse.
  • Me too. I can scan and print using the Epson printer apps for both Android and iOS but can't even print directly from my Windows phone. Even drivers in windows 10 mobile don't support printing to my Epson printer. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Been using this for a little while now. It's a handy little app. Interestingly, the Canon app doesn't seem to be compatible with my phones yet.
  • Just in time. I want to upgrade my dinosaur of a printer. I'll look into this printer due to the app. Cheers.
  • I used this to scan from my phone.  Pretty neat stuff Universal Apps.
  • most of HP recent and future printers supports W10M printing natively already. but somehow since the lack of supporting apps or file types, it is nice to have this installed too. I hope Brothers will catch up too.  
  • Works nicely from my 950XL and my wife's L640XL with .164 on it to a HP Photosmart 6525. Scanned a picture and a document to our phones. Printed a picture and a pdf from our phones as well.
  • Haven't used the HP for a long time because of these issues. The new HP apps works very well. Nice to use Continuum like features on the phone.
  • Printers... My arch nemesis!
  • My original Surface works perfectly with my HP Deskjet F4583 both directly and through the app. The mobile version detects the printer but treats it like "not connected" (grey colour). I have not still found any workaround. Every suggestion will be appriciated.
  • A little late for me as my oj AIOs sheet feeder is shot & tried printing today & there wasn't much ink left. Good thing found a nice(but sometimes annoying) Samsung multi laser printer open box at wherehouse sale maybe a year or so ago just needed add new black toner but was wating for the ink in the hp to run out
  • Wow, awesome...going to try to print from my Lumia 950XL
  • Just downloaded this app on my 950 and it does look very professional.  I'm using an HP Officejet 6300 printer which is some years old and it works wirelessly through my LAN network plugged back to my router.  The app says the printer is offline but interestingly I can print to the printer.  Strange!
  • unavailable
  • same on 930...unavailable