HP is bringing VR and Windows Mixed Reality to the workplace

HP HMD (Image credit: Windows Central)

Windows Mixed Reality and VR have already staked a claim on the consumer space, but each has the potential for myriad professional uses as well. HP is looking to take advantage of that fact with a set of VR-related announcements for the workplace, included in a new Windows Mixed REality headset, updated workstation PCs, and a VR Launch Kit to help people get up and running.

The biggest addition for most Windows watchers will be HP's new professional version of its Windows Mixed Reality headset. However, the headset is more of a minor iteration over its consumer counterpart. Both feature the same specs, but the professional edition packs replaceable faceplates that you can remove and clean. In an environment where many people may be using the same headset at different times, the swappable faceplates should help to keep things clean. The HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset Professional Edition will be available in March for $449.

On top of a new headset, HP has upped the game for its Z4 Workstation. Now, you can get the workstation PC with Intel's powerful X-series Core i7 and i9 processors. HP is hoping, with the new processor options, the Z4 Workstation can give VR developers and other professionals a solid foundation, particularly when combined with dual GPUs. The Z4 Workstation is available starting at $1,499.

To help developers get started, HP has also announced a VR Launch Kit in collaboration with Epic Games. The kit is designed to simplify work for VR developers in Unreal Engine, and should reduce the amount of time it takes to develop and optimize for the platform.

Lastly, HP now supports Device as a Service (DaaS) for VR products. With DaaS for VR, companies can cut costs with plans that give them the hardware and support they need, ranging from HP's workstations to its Windows Mixed Reality headset, for all their employees.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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