The HP DeskJet 3700 is the smallest consumer all-in-one inkjet printer ever

HP printer on shelf
HP printer on shelf (Image credit: HP)

HP has announced the DeskJet 3700, which it claims is the smallest consumer all-in-one inkjet printer ever made. It goes on sale later in June for the price of $69.99.

The HP DeskJet 3700 is supposed to be half the size of other inkjet all-in-one-printers. It can be accessed by the company's mobile apps on Android, iOS and Windows, and with its Wi-Fi Direct feature, people can print from their smartphones and tablets without connecting to a home network.

Consumers can print, share and design custom photos from Facebook, Instagram and Flickr or directly from a phone's camera roll with the free HP Social Media Snapshots application. HP also offers fun 4x5 sticky photo paper tailored just for the Social Media Snapshots app and perfect for decorating a bedroom, locker or sharing with family and friends. Using HP Printbot, Facebook Messenger users can print content effortlessly from a Facebook Messenger conversation. In addition to easily printing photos and documents, the bot allows users to add printers, print from the printer's history, and order replacement supplies.

The printer will come in a number of different colors, such as Electric Blue to Sea Grass Green and Stone.

John Callaham