The HP Elite X2 is a Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet made for business

HP will launch a Windows 10-based 2-in-1 tablet that's been developed specifically for the business market in January 2016. The HP Elite X2 will be priced starting at $899, with pre-orders beginning on November 23.

The tablet looks almost identical to HP's previously released Spectre X2 tablet that was made for the consumer market. Both have 12-inch displays with a built-in U-shaped kickstand. However, the Elite X2 has some extra security measures for business and IT users:

"Security and manageability are top concerns among IT decision makers as they enable greater mobile productivity for their users. To address these needs, the Elite x2 is the first tablet designed with the unique combination of BIOS-level security with integrated HP Sure Start, manageability featuring HP Touchpoint Manager and an optional Intel Core M vPro processor, and easy onsite maintainability."The Elite x2 comes with a host of built-in, not bolted on, security capabilities, including HP Sure Start with Dynamic Protection, HP Client Security, TPM, and an optional fingerprint reader or smart card reader, all working together to protect the device, data and user identity.

In addition, the HP Elite X2 comes with an HP Active Pen stylus:

"Based on industry-standard WACOM technology, the pen has integrated pressure sensors to help control the width of lines when writing or drawing onscreen. The pen also includes App Launch, a programmable Bluetooth application launch button to quickly launch OneNote or any other favorite Windows application.

The tablet will also come with the thin HP Travel Keyboard, with an option to purchase the HP Advanced Keyboard, which contains an NFC sensor in the touchpad and a smart card reader.

Pre-order the HP Elite X2 starting Nov. 23 at $899 (opens in new tab)

Source: HP (opens in new tab)

  • Not an attractive design even though for business.
  • I disagree as i find this really beautiful.  I'm really happy to see this form factor getting some traction.
  • Indeed. Sadly there will probably be lots of bloatware preloaded like always with HP devices ...
  • shouldn't be on the business lineup.
  • Good point. Haven't thought of that.
  • HP devices are lame. So lame that they release pool of laptops with different set of configurations and they'd hope for one or two to be a hit.
  • I find it attrative indeed, but for consumer market. I wonder how would that be received in the business. Seems top quality and that keyboard seems amazing. 
    Pro: HP chain logistics go way deep into the world, reaching almost any country. This may be the first Surface-like device to be sold in Brazil, for instance.
    Cons: What were they thinking with the Intel Realsense on the back? Should be at the front! And this would make even more sense at companies.
  • That video seemed so try hard to compete with the Surface Book. Kinda feel sorry for HP when MS are getting so much attention for their devices and with HP it's like "yeah another HP, whatever". Shows that MS can do things right and market their products.
  • I wish they opted for the i5/i7 processors and Windows Hello.