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HP introduces all-in-one Envy Recline; wants you to take your desktop off the desk

All-in-one desktops don’t seem like an area that need much revolutionizing; they are essentially monitors that tilt and feature an integrated PC – features stop at folding the monitor down flat to use as a tabletop PC. HP believes they can take all-in-one desktops PCs a step farther by bringing them off your desk and into your lap.

The new HP Envy 23 and 27 Reclines are beautifully designed PCs from Hewlett Packard that pack up to an NVidia GeForce GT 730A, 16 GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i5 processor at 2.9 GHz under a gorgeous 23 or 27 inch 1080p 10-point capacitive touch display.

The monitor sits on a tilting hinge that can be kept upright as a normal desktop PC, flattened as a table PC, or brought forward and down over the edge of the desk.

The new machines will go on sale September 6th and will start at $1,349 for the 23 inch model and $1,399 for the 27 inch – a cheaper model of the 23 inch is expected to arrive in late September.

The unit comes in standard gray or if you are wishing to show off some Beats Audio pride, you can pick it up in a special red and black variation.

Source: The Verge

  • Interesting
  • Glad the holidays are coming soon...
  • HP is the reason Apple has thrived, throw Dell in that boat.
  • Wish this comes to India. It will be a revolution.
  • The 27" needs to be higher res like the Dell XPS.
  • The concept is innovative. We don't have anything in the market that provides that sort of flexibility - sometimes a laptop just isn't enough. Albeit it does resemble the imac, I think it can be quite useful in the workplace and even schools. 
  • Interesting but ...  1080p at 27"?  That close to you?  Those are going to be some big pixels.  A 27" display should really be 1440p to be on par density-wise with typical low-density (~100 DPI) PC displays when viewed at a normal distance.
  • This is the kind of stuff needed to boost PC sales.  Most people have dual core (or more) PC's that they barely use the power of now.  Few people need a new PC anymore because Windows 7 still runs smooth on their PC they bought quite a few years ago.  Something like this may get people to move to a touch screen and Windows 8.
  • Neat idea but I cannot really think of any pracical applications for this design. Not at that price range anyway.
  • Maybe it can be used at reception desks, so they won't have to hide monitors under a glass table. Or maybe at "Who wants to be a millionaire" show. Wait...that's not a lot of uses. :)
  • Seriously? Not even one? How about a more comfortable touch screen PC experience? Reaching above your keyboard to your screen isn't all that comfortable now. With an onscreen keyboard and this orientation, using Modern apps in Windows 8 will be a lot more natural.
  • Nice idea and design.The 23" seems a good deal.
  • Great idea for Elementary schools...ever see lil Jimmy with his head cranked to the ceiling trying to use an iMac?(Right up until lil Jimmy blows chunks all over the screen...)  
    Other than that, I could see this being of great use to a lot of special needs folks in wheelchairs, or elderly folks who just need a screen down at their level.  Honestly, I'm interested.
  • Thank you for that lovely imagery.
  • Sorry, I have an elderly Grandmother who's very proficient at email & learning FB...and who also has osteoperosis and this would be great for her.
    And, well, 'lil Jimmy happened last year when parents were invited to attend a technology class with their son/daughter.  There's always that one parent who sends their kid to school even though they have a fever and feel sick to their stomach.  On the plus side...they had to buy a new keyboard for the school!  
  • Lil' Jimmy...hahaha.
  • That just looks so silly, lolol. I know it will have it's uses, but seriously? I'm trying no to use the word "Ghetto" . . . ooops.
  • This I dig a lot.
  • Dat bezel...wait!
  • I5 and 1080p on 27 inch. Disappointing...
  • How does it not topple over? The center of gravity seems off the edge.
  • gorgeous 23 or 27 inch 1080p
    I lol'd.
  • I currently have 23" all-in-One Dell Optiplex 9010's issue at work and I had to position them on the left or right sides of the desks diagnally because the ladies in our courts & utility billing departments can't see over them when sitting; they need to be able to see the payment windows when a customer walks up. If these hindges are adjustable at various levels, i have a use for them.
  • Thought those were Macs at first.
  • All HP envy procucts are Apple iMacs and Macbooks rip-offs.
    Yes, someone needed to say. 
    Hate this kind of "competition"... seriously.
  • i was under the impression that all the modern mac computer products take cue from intel's design for the metro laptop, prior to voodoo envy 133 and the first macbook air (when macs are still on powerpcs, glossy white finish and really rounded design)
  • all these all in one win 8 desktops makes me want to throw my regular desktop haha
    looks good
  • Not seeing much point in that fancy hinge. It is interesting indeed to interact with the screen at such close range, but pixel density is one problem, interact with WHAT is another. For a PC, the user always has keyboard and mouse nearby, and that's handier than touchscreens in most tasks. This AIO needs support for digitizer/styli/Wacom pen, or whatever it's called these days. Then it can be adopted as very nice drawing boards for artists. Without that, I doubt if anyone will ever want to fold it into such shape. And it's no different from Dell's XPS if the hinge is not utilized fully, save for better specs maybe. And the back side of the machine looks terribly like a Mac. And am I the only one worrying about the machine tipping over? Weight distribution doesn't look very good, unless that base is super heavy...
  • Interestingly, my wife urges me to get this Envy Recline 23 from Costco during Xmas. It is a best counter-top appliance for her to watch online TV during cooking! Oops...what a niche market!