HP introduces new business machines to the Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas usually makes way for a plethora of, well, consumer electronics. Hewlett Packard has decided to go the other route this year and rolled out a new collection of business machines; the company doesn't have the largest market share when it comes to the enterprise world, but their latest collection of machines from the company is promising to excite. 

Among the new machines HP is presenting includes a new all in one touch screen device, The HP Slate 21 Pro. The new Slate 21 Pro runs Google's Android OS, so we won't be focusing much on it here, but the unit will be available for purchase starting at $399 with a mouse and keyboard.  

On the Windows side, HP is trying to improve its collection and make businesses turn their heads away from competitors such as Lenovo and Dell. Two all in one units, the ProOne 400 and the HP 205, will both ship with the Windows 8 operating system.  

HP Slate 21 Pro

The ProOne 400 is set to be the higher end machine and will ship with both 21.5 inch-touchscreen and 19.5 inch non-touchscreen displays. The larger touchscreen unit will feature a full 1080p display, while the non-touch variation will feature a 1600x900 resolution display.  

The HP 205 is aimed at a lower market and wishes to appeal to small business users as a machine that starts at $799 with a touchscreen or at $649 without a touchscreen. Both units feature a 18.5 inch display with a low 1366 x 768 resolution.  

While the desktops were the main focus of HP's rollout for business users, a few mobile units were announced including the HP Pro x2 410 and a new 300 series selection of laptops. The Pro x2 410 is an 11 inch detachable 2in1 device, while the new 300 series brings cheap spill-resistant keyboards, anti-glare panels, and fingerprint readers to the market - starting at only $399.  

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Source: NDTV Gadgets 

Michael Archambault